The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims
And ET Reverse Engineered Technology

PART I: June and July 2007
PART II: October and November 2007

© Researched and Written
Starfire Tor

PART I - Page 7

Part of the fun, of watching the earlier Science Fiction TV shows, was to figure out what ordinary objects were repurposed as Science Fiction props. In those days production budgets were tight. To compensate for the shortage of production funds, creative prop builders took ordinary objects and turned them into futuristic and alien looking gizmos and gadgets. Whether it was a tricorder on Star Trek", a device that controlled a giant seaweed creature on "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea", or an alien pod on "Lost In Space", ordinary objects were turned into extraordinary props. Of course, it was the prop builders intent to create a prop that didn't resemble the ordinary thing it was built from, because that would ruin the illusion of the prop passing for an object outside of our world and time line.

The 'aerial drone' and 'anti-gravity generator' objects are props that were crafted from ordinary terrestrial objects, with some added digital manipulation. The initial 'aerial drones' are basically crafted from - but not limited to - the parts from various wheel rims, toothed gear rings, gaskets, spokes, wire whisks, and pipeline pigging parts. 'Isaac's' rings and discs are the same as the 'aerial drones', minus the wire whisks and spoke extensions. 'Isaac's' 'anti-gravity generator' was basically envisioned and constructed from modular pipeline pigging parts, and the arched 'I-beam' parts were basically made from cut down wheel rims.

In these next photos, I show some of the type of ordinary ring and disc parts used to build the hoax 'aerial drone' and 'anti-gravity generator' props. Note the ordinary toothed gear ring, and one of 'Isaac's' so-called ET reverse engineered discs. This is the same disc used to create part of the hoaxed 'aerial drone' images. Look at the interior circle of the gear disc, with its evenly spaced teeth. Then look at these same interior gear teeth clearly visible on 2/3 of the interior rim of 'Isaac's' disc. This toothed gear ring gives away the disc's terrestrial origins, and is there for one of two reasons: either the builder thought the gear teeth looked good sticking out; or the builder hoped to use the gear ring to make the prop rotate. Since the initial 'aerial drone' images were digitally inserted into an outdoor setting, the so-called 'aerial drone' witness - who claimed that the object slowly rotated - may have been setting up a scenario for a moving video image of the 'aerial drone' prop.


For purposes of comparison between the hoax anti-gravity generator, the hoax aerial drone, and authentic man made manufactured parts, above are photos of the hoax anti-gravity generator and the hoax aerial drone.  Photos of authentic man made manufactured parts follow below. 

Photo of one of 'Isaac's' hoaxed ET reverse engineered 'aerial drone' disc parts. Note the interior teeth on the manufactured gear ring, and the same type of gear teeth clearly visible on 2/3 of the interior rim of 'Isaac's' disc. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo:Gear Rings]

Photo of a motorcycle wheel rim, similar in design to the type of wheel rims used to create the foundation of the initial 'aerial drone' disc parts. A cut down wheel rim was used to create 'Isaac's' hoaxed 'anti-gravity generator I-beam' arches. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Wheel World]

Photo of wire whisk kitchen utensils, of which there are hundreds of designs in varying shapes and sizes. Similar wire whisks were used to create the odd metal cage extensions on the initial 'aerial drone' hoax props. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photos: Crypto Peerless, Kitchen Masters]

Photos of a few of the thousands of manufactured rings, discs, gaskets, and gears that can be used to build 'UFO' props. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photos; Bike 2 Build, Gasket World]


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