The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims
And ET Reverse Engineered Technology

PART I: June and July 2007
PART II: October and November 2007

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PART I - Page 6

'Isaac' continued his tie in to computers, with his explanation of the character symbols found on the 'aerial drone' photographs, and his own presented photographs and documents. He likened the character symbols to a form of software execution. The bulk of his focus was on the function of the character symbols, followed by a focus on an ET reverse engineered anti-gravity device. This was yet one more tie in that had me wondering if the 'aerial drone' hoax was a viral marketing campaign for Halo 3, or some other game or product associated with computers

Here is how 'Isaac' describes how the supposed 'ET' based character symbols function:

"But their technology is different. ... They had something akin to a language, that could quite literally execute itself, at least in the presence of a very specific type of field. The language, a term I am still using very loosely, is a system of symbols (which does admittedly very much resemble a written language) along with geometric forms and patterns that fit together to form diagrams that are themselves functional. Once they are drawn, so to speak, on a suitable surface made of a suitable material and in the presence of a certain type of field, they immediately begin performing the desired tasks. ... I worked with these symbols more than anything during my time at PACL, and recognized them the moment I saw them in the photos. They appear in a very simple form on Chads craft, but appear in the more complex diagram form on the underside of the Big Basin craft as well. Both are unmistakable, even at the small size of the Big Basin photos. An example of a diagram in the style of the Big Basin craft is included with this in a series of scanned pages from the [mistitled] "Linguistic Analysis Primer".

While 'Isaac's' described character symbol function may seem authentic and original sounding to some, the system he describes will sound very familiar to fans of the Science Fiction film and television series "Stargate", "Stargate:SG1", and Stargate:Atlantis". What 'Isaac' has described is a variant of how the fictional stargate works.

The Science Fiction show's stargates come in the shape of large rings, which are marked out by nine chevrons spaced equally around the circumference of the ring. There are 39 character symbols displayed on an inner ring on gates in the Milky Way Galaxy, and 36 symbols displayed on the inner ring on the gates in the Pegasus galaxy. The stargates act as artificial wormholes, which act to transport people and objects across vast distances around the cosmos. A main part of the stargate wormhole process is known as 'dialing' an address, which connects one stargate wormhole to another. Addresses are dialed up by touching or engaging the correct sequence of character symbols, which in turn relate to constellations and more local destinations. Stargates are created from, and powered by, a special Science Fiction heavy mineral called "Naquahdah". As each character symbol is dialed, the chevron "engages" or "encodes" as an ordered string.

Here are some photographs of the Science Fiction movie and TV series "Stargate", "Stargate:SG1", and Stargate:Atlantis" stargates and dialing platform, with character symbols. After viewing these stargate rings, look at the rings that compose the first series of 'aerial drones', and then the similar rings that 'Isaac' displays on his web site. As an extra connection to Science Fiction themed rings, the Halo 3 series also incorporates rings as a major part of its story line. 'Halo' refers to seven enormous ring worlds that are scattered across the galaxy. When activated, the rings become weapons of mass destruction. Larry Niven's "Ringworld" book series, from1970, featured enormous space rings. FYI, the "Stargate" movie was not the first Science Fiction project to feature a ring shaped wormhole literally called a stargate which, like the "Stargate" franchise, connected earth to a distant home of ancient "gods".


For purposes of comparison between the hoax anti-gravity generator rings seen above, as found in the pages of the fake Palo Alto Caret Laboratory Inventory Review, the hoaxer borrows from the popularity of ring shaped devices found in Science Fiction movies, TV series, books, and computer games that feature time travel and wormhole travel through space, time, and dimensions. Also above, similar rings can be seen as part of the design of the hoax aerial drone. Photos of popular Science Fiction ring devices follow below. 

Photos of the "Stargate:SG1" stargate rings, and the "Stargate:SG1" dialing device, with character symbols. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photos: Stargate]

Photos of the seven activated halo rings, from the XBOX 360 "Halo" computer games. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photos: Bungie]

Photos of Larry Niven's first edition book cover for his 1970 "Ringworld" book. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Amazon]

If the 'aerial drone' publicity was part of a viral marketing scheme, even if it wasn't for Halo 3, there is plenty to tie the 'aerial drone' claims and material to computers. Based on what 'Isaac' wrote, including his claimed history working in the computer industry and then the DoD [Department of Defense] in the United States, the foundation for the ET reverse engineering project he worked on was tied to the strange character symbols. These are the character symbols seen in his photographs, and on the 'aerial drones' in the first series of hoaxed photographs. If the 'aerial drone' and 'anti-gravity' material was connected to a viral marketing ploy, then this connection would become clear in time.

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