The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims
And ET Reverse Engineered Technology

PART I: June and July 2007
PART II: October and November 2007

© Researched and Written
Starfire Tor

PART I - Page 8

I had never heard of pipeline pigging, before this investigation. As it turns out, pipeline pigging is an incredibly important part of keeping the infrastructure of the modern world running smoothly. Once part of my investigation trail lead me to pipeline pigging, I sent copies of 'Isaac's' 'anti-gravity generator' photos to pipeline pigging experts. I asked them if they could identify the item as having any connection to pipeline pigging parts and devices. I did not give these experts any background on the ET reverse engineering claim.

Yes, confirmed the experts, the object in the photo is mainly constructed of modular pipeline pigging devices and parts. They had never seen pipeline pigging exactly like the one in the photo, but explained that this type of modular pipeline pigging was what a design would look like of someone mixed and matched modular and individual parts. According to the experts, there are hundreds of pipeline pigging modular parts, with potentially thousands of unique designs possible. Just to be sure, I asked these same experts if anything about pipeline pigging involved anything super secret or anything involving ET reverse engineering. After they stopped laughing, the answer was of course: no. Pipeline pigging is very terrestrial. They got a big kick thinking that someone was trying to pass off pipeline pigging parts as ET technology.

I've since gotten a good education and admiration of pipeline pigging. As one site describes it "pipeline pigging is a device that moves through the inside of a pipeline for the purpose of cleaning, dimensioning, or inspecting". There are over 500 different types of pipeline pigging, starting from the very simple to the highly complex. Some are so sophisticated that they come equipped with signaling antenna and satellite links. Pipeline pigging parts include antenna, discs, and all manner of pigging shapes. Different pieces and parts can be put together like an erector set, and are called multiple disk stacking. The experts thought that a pipeline pigging horizontal clamp ring type quick opening closure looked very similar to the 'dragonfly drone' body part. They also thought that the pigging pipeline device on 'Isaac's' site had a pipeline pigging signaller antenna on the end, along with disc segments and extended roller guides.

One site describes their pipeline pigging devices, called 'Intelligent Pigging' like this: "Modern pigging systems are highly sophisticated sets of equipment that consist of a standard 5-6 finned pig with an intelligent transmitter that has a global positioning system fixed on it to tell the exact location of the pig inside the pipeline while it is on the move. Along with the GPS positioner there are a host of other instruments like the internal camera that takes live video of the pipe condition inside while the pig is moving, the thickness gauge that constantly measures the thickness of the wall of the pipe as the pig moves.

Another site describes their sophisticated pipeline pigging like this: "Our pigging has an advanced, high-res MFL inspection tool combining magnetic field sensor, residual field sensor, geometry inspection, IDOD determination, and INS/GPS survey data.

Here are some good web sites supplying information and photographs of pipeline pigging. Pipeline pigging photographs, found below, originate from these web sites.


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