The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims
And ET Reverse Engineered Technology

PART I: June and July 2007
PART II: October and November 2007

© Researched and Written
Starfire Tor


PART I - Page 2

In the Spring of 2007, Whitley Strieber showed me a series of photographs and documents that had his interest, but also had him puzzled. The photographs had been dubbed 'aerial drones' or 'dragonfly drones', and were making the rounds of the internet and the UFO community. He asked my opinion of the photographs, and the written material that accompanied them. I had many questions about the 'aerial drone' evidence and claims, including the disclosure presented by a character calling himself 'Isaac'.

Here are some if the first 'aerial drone' photographs, as presented to the public in 2007. Some photographs, in this report, have been sized for publication purposes.

Photos of the first series of alleged 'aerial drones', as presented to the public in 2007. The top two photos were claimed to have been taken in Big Basin, California. The bottom photo was claimed to have been taken in Capitola, California. Starfire Tor has determined that these 'aerial drone' images are digitally manipulated, making the images deceptive.

According to 'Isaac', those 'aerial drones' - including the photographs and documents he promoted - were the product of a black ops anti-gravity project involving ET [extraterrestrial] technology that was reverse engineered at a place he called the 'CARAT Laboratories' in Palo Alto, California. And how did 'Isaac' claim to know all of this detailed and classified bombshell of information? According to 'Isaac', he was an insider with hands on involvement in the 1980s black ops project, and used his position of trust to steal copies and originals of the top secret material he was now presenting to the public.

Here is what 'Isaac' wrote about his self proclaimed ET reverse engineering work, and his theft of classified documents from that project:

"I'd often take upwards of 10-20 pages at once. By the time I was done, I'd made out with hundreds of photocopies, as well as a few originals and a large collection of original photographs."

I always find it ironic, and ethically troubling, that a person claiming to be in a position of trust - who breaks that trust by supposedly stealing what does not belong to him - now expects the world to trust him with the extraordinary claims he is making. This type of paradox always poses a conundrum for an investigator. This theft scenario, while ethically troubling, does not always mean that the claimant is a liar operating a hoax. There have been whistleblowers, in many jobs throughout history, who have broken the company trust to get important truth to the public. However, an investigator must always keep this trust issue in mind. To ignore its implications, that the claimant and his claims are untrustworthy, only serves to hinder the integrity of the investigation. This trust issue with 'Isaac', which my investigation determined was a valid issue, was only one of many red flags attached to 'Isaac's' claims and material.

Based on my first look, at the material he showed me, I told Whitley Strieber that I had never seen those particular 'aerial drone' images before, nor had I ever come across the pages of documents I was shown. I advised caution, pending a more in-depth investigation into the source and authenticity of the photographs, the documents, and the people making claims under the umbrella of independent 'aerial drone' witnesses and - in the case of 'Isaac' - a participant in an ET reverse engineered 'aerial drone' and anti-gravity black ops project. I advised that the photographs needed to be scrutinized by a an expert in photo imaging and special effects, including CGI. Once completed, the analysis would determine whether the 'aerial drone' photographs had or had not been digitally manipulated.

There were other considerations, in testing the veracity of the first series of 2007 'aerial drone' photographs from California and Nevada, such as whether any of the photographs were created through the use of strategically positioned physical props. In the early days of non digital special effects film and photography, a constructed life size or miniature 3-D prop was often placed into a real scene for a realistic look. Likewise, a real item or person could be placed into a constructed scene, to effect the illusion of authenticity. With the use of green and blue screens, a person or prop can be inserted into various backgrounds and scenes. Likewise, images of real people can be digitally inserted into a 3-D scale model of something, such as "Harry Potter's" Hogwarts castle or "Star Trek's" Enterprise spaceship, thereby creating the illusion that real people are in fantasy places. Therefore, even if the 'aerial drone' photographs were proven to be free of image manipulation, including tell tale special effects artifacts, I advised Whitley Strieber that this alone did not prove that the 'aerial drones' were as claimed. More research was needed.

To better understand the 'aerial drone' and 'anti-gravity' ET reverse engineering back story, here are links to the initial main web sites supplying photographs, documents, and initial commentary about the 'aerial drones'. These web sites include 'Isaac's' CARET Q4-86 Research Report and photos, George Noory's Coast To Coast, Linda Moultan Howe's Earthfiles, and Whitley and Ann Strieber's Unknown Country.

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