The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims
And ET Reverse Engineered Technology

PART I: June and July 2007
PART II: October and November 2007

© Researched and Written
Starfire Tor

PART I - Page 3


Shortly after Whitley Strieber introduced me to the 'aerial drone' mystery, I was approached by a group that wanted me to investigate the authenticity of the 'aerial drone' and related claims. I took on the task, and this report is an authorized abridged version of my confidential in depth report on the 'aerial drone' and related claims of 2007.

As the investigation progressed, many red flags arose with all of the claims, photographs, and documents presented. 'Isaac's' CARET report, in structure and content, did not pass professional muster. It did not read like an authentic science and technology laboratory internal document, especially one involved in classified and/or cutting edge research and development. It wouldn't have mattered whether that document was associated with a black ops ET reverse engineered anti-gravity project, or a human sourced R&D project involving cutting edge technology. Had the CARET project been authentic it would have been compartmentalized, and the report would have reflected that. The report is not only lacking in standard compartmentalization, and other standard security features that deter leaks and espionage, the report's content is composed of superficial and scientifically questionable material. Likewise, 'Isaac's' personal work accountings point to the lack of standard compartmentalization that this supposedly ET reverse engineering project would have had in place. 'Isaac's claims, and his CARET report, read like a Science Fiction story. For purposes of promoting a hoax, it was a Science Fiction story intended to fool the public into believing that the story was real.

The first series of 'aerial drone' aka 'dragonfly drone' photographs made their public debut in the Spring of 2007. Alleged witnesses with photographs, who identified themselves as 'Chad', 'Chad's wife', 'Rajaman', 'Jenna', 'Ty' and 'Stephen', came forward through the use of e-mails and internet sites. The alleged witnesses claimed to have taken their photographs at various times and dates in Bakersfield, California; Big Basin, California; Capitola, California, and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 'Isaac' joined in with his own claims, including photographs that displayed various sized discs and rings and a black cylindrical object he called an 'anti-gravity generator. These discs and rings, in particular, looked to be design components found in the first series of 'aerial drone' photographs, which feature images that combine discs, rings, wires, and spokes.

'Isaac's' self insertion into the 'aerial drone' mystery, with his detailed photographs and documents, are what provided a back story and connection between his material and the first series of 'aerial drone' photographs. 'Isaac' pointed to the odd character symbols, appearing on his 'ET' reverse engineered 'anti-gravity generator', and noted that these same character symbols also appeared on some of the surfaces of the first series of 'aerial drone' images. These shared character symbols presented an important piece of evidence, which would turn out to be significant in exposing the hoax. 'Isaac' used this connective character symbol evidence to support his suppositions, including providing proof that those first series of 'aerial drone' images were connected to the ET reverse engineered black ops project that he claimed to have worked on in the mid 1980s.

Besides the possibility, that the character symbols might be deciphered and traceable, I knew that they meant something else as well. I knew, that if 'Isaac's' claims turned out to be a hoax - which my investigation confirmed they were - then the character symbols were part of that hoax. Therefore, anything carrying those character symbols would, in high probability, be a hoax as well. As the investigation progressed, the shared character symbols proved to be the evidence that connected all of the 'aerial drone' and 'anti-gravity' ET reverse engineering claims to the same elaborate hoax.

Investigating the 'aerial drone' and 'anti-gravity' ET reverse engineering claims included a critical study of the material on 'Isaac's' web site, as well as the reports and photographs of the alleged eyewitnesses to the first series of 'aerial drone' photographs. It didn't take me long to detect, what had the earmarkings of, an elaborate and classic 'gatekeeper' scheme. In such a scheme, the gatekeeper - in this case 'Isaac' - is the person claiming to possess fantastic information that is known and controlled by him. The other players, in the scheme, are generally the set-up players who pave the way for the 'gatekeeper' to make a public entrance. The most convincing hoaxes successfully blend lies with known facts, thereby creating a plausible scenario that lures people into believing that a lie is the truth. It's an age old formula for deception.

Set-up players, and the 'gatekeeper', are sometimes played by the same person. In other hoax scenarios, the set up players and the 'gatekeeper' are played by different people working together to shape public perception. In this particular type of 'gatekeeper' scheme, the set up players initiated the public buzz about the 'aerial drones', while maintaining that they were independent witnesses who had nothing to do with 'Isaac' or a hoax. If one person is playing all of the roles, then the goal of the master player would be to quickly fade out all of the set-up players, thereby leaving only the primary 'gatekeeper' to advance the scheme. If there is more than one person, playing the roles, then this allows the individual set up people to continue their part to support and advance the scheme.

After studying the material, I took the first series of 'aerial drone' photographs, as well as the photographs 'Isaac' provided, to computer image rendering experts who work in the film and television special effects industry. The photographs, with their tell tale special effects artifacts, are the easiest and most obvious hoax clues to deduce. All of these experts reported that the first series of 'aerial drone' images had been manipulated, and weren't especially good in their execution. Among the many discernable rendering artifacts the experts cited were: unnatural grain repetition used as area filler, such as the sky area; mottling in the shadows of the aerial objects, where there should be a smooth transition without unnatural modifications; lines and lighting and shadows that appear unnatural, including the relationship between the aerial object and a telephone pole; the unnatural termination fade of the 'whisk wires', and the lack of appropriate motion blur on the 'aerial' images.

The special effects experts showed me how quickly and easily they could create hoaxed UFO images, similar in execution to the 'aerial drone' hoaxed images. They also showed me how they could take the faked 'aerial drone' images, do some creative modifications, and insert the 'aerial drones' into other scenes that could be either a static photograph or a moving video. In the way of proof of authenticity, it is not relevant if the original 'aerial drone' images can be duplicated and hoaxed. Authentic objects can be duplicated and hoaxed. What is relevant, is that the original 'aerial drone' photographs themselves are hoaxed.

The imaging experts then reviewed the photographs presented by 'Isaac'. The cylindrical and curved black objects, which 'Isaac' identified as anti-gravity generator devices, were deemed to be photographs of actual 3-D objects. This didn't prove that these specific objects were what 'Isaac' claimed they were, only that the images were based on photographs of actual 3-D objects. 'Isaac's' ring/disc-like objects, which looked like disassembled parts from the first series of 'aerial drone' photo images, were deemed to be based on photographs of actual 3-D objects ... although they detected many artifacts in the photographs. This meant that those ring/disc-like images had undergone some form of image manipulation.


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