The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims
And ET Reverse Engineered Technology

PART I: June and July 2007
PART II: October and November 2007

© Researched and Written
Starfire Tor

PART I - Page 1


I am a firm believer in the existence of extraterrestrial craft and technology, as well as the existence of the intelligence behind those craft and that technology ... whether the origins are off world, interdimensional, alternate timeline, or even of ancient or future earth origin. I am also an analytical thinker, and demanding researcher, when it comes to claims of the fantastic. This is because I know that it is possible for the fantastic to be a realistic and essential element that interacts with the structural foundation of planet earth, the human experience, and the multiverse. What seems fantastic may, in fact, provide a vital key to unlocking and understanding even greater hidden, lost, or suppressed core scientific truths.

Therefore, just because someone promotes a UFO and related story - complete with ET reverse engineering claims, photographs, and documents - as the 'aerial drone' claims do - doesn't mean that I am going to automatically accept that story and evidence as truthful. Such a claim should not be automatically accepted or rejected without a sincere and intelligent investigation. There is too much at stake. Either the 'aerial drone' claims are genuine, and the UFO community has been given some much needed smoking gun evidence, or another UFO related hoax has infiltrated and corrupted the field of UFOlogy.

When a fantastic UFO and related claim is presented with sincerity, meaning no intended deception is involved - regardless of whether there is physical evidence or only anecdotal testimony - it has the potential to bring the human race closer to solving the core mysteries of planet Earth. But when a claim turns out to be a hoax, that hoax has the potential of contaminating and obscuring the truth about the planet's core mysteries. It's hard enough for sincere and well intentioned UFO and related researchers and experiencers to share their information and get respect, whether that respect comes from family and friends, the public, the scientific community, or the news media. Hoaxers and their hoaxes only serve to reinforce why genuine UFO related researchers and experiencers find respect so hard to come by. So in effect, and regardless of why a hoax is foisted upon the public, hoaxers are saboteurs and their hoaxes act to destroy the credibility of the entire field of UFOlogy.

I am also keenly aware that there is a thriving black ops industry, where secret human sourced technology is often mistaken for something not of human origin. The black ops community rarely plans for it's black ops projects to be witnessed by outsiders, but readily uses the 'alien/ET' misidentification as a cover for misdirection away from their black ops projects. This same cover works well, when what is witnessed is actually something genuinely unknown or extraterrestrial that the black ops community has nothing whatsoever to do with ... and has no control over.

Such is the game of black ops smoke and mirrors, as many a dedicated and principled UFO investigator has discovered. But this isn't all that a dedicated and principled UFO investigator has to contend with, as they try to make sense of the maze of smoke and mirrors positioned between them and the truth. Thrown into the mix, as possibly the greatest misdirection of all, are the UFO hoaxes that pollute the field and derail the journey to truth. Although I'm sure that a handful of hoaxes and misdirections stem from the black ops community, most UFO and related hoaxes stem from the minds of people who are not connected to the black ops community. Whatever drives such independent hoaxers, whether it's some psychological need or some perceived financial pay day, their dishonest games make it even more difficult for legitimate and ethical UFO researchers to search out the truth and gain credibility. The black ops community views such independent corruptive hoaxes as a boon to their own mission to keep their secrets a secret. For the black ops community, independent hoaxes achieve their goals without costing them money or project and personnel exposure. Hoaxes are rampant in the UFO and related community, and in some cases, drive the belief systems of many of those interested in the UFO field.

Therefore, when an incredible black ops - reverse engineered - UFO - alien drone claim emerges in the court of public awareness, that claim should be investigated for possible authenticity. It isn't even so much whether such a claim could be true, because the elements in the 'aerial drone' claims don't even approach being exotic, at least compared to the fantastic yet authentic information that defines the extraordinary and multidimensional world we inhabit. The real challenge is whether this particular series of 'aerial drone' claims, with all its intricate parts, is genuine or a hoax. If it's genuine, then the claims should be supported and further researched to wherever the truth leads. But if it's a hoax, then those responsible should be exposed, and the fake claims tossed into the trash with every other hoax that has contaminated the field of sincere and beleaguered UFO and related research.

What follows is an abridged edition of my investigation and report, and my findings into whether the 2007 series of 'aerial drone' and related claims are genuine or a hoax. The conclusion: The 2007 series of 'aerial drone' claims, which include the first series of 'aerial drone' photographs followed by 'Isaac's' claims and evidence, are all part of an elaborate and connected hoax. However, there is more value to this investigation's conclusion than only knowing that a hoax was perpetrated. Just as important, as the conclusion, is gaining an understanding of how and why this hoax was foisted into the public arena, and how the hoax was uncovered.


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