The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims
And ET Reverse Engineered Technology

PART I: June and July 2007
PART II: October and November 2007

© Researched and Written
Starfire Tor

PART I - Page 11

Here is a photographic grouping of some of the known authentic aerial drones, also called UAV or unmanned aerial vehicles. These drones have either been declassified or never were classified. The flight technology the public sees today has secretly been in development and/or use for at least 30 to 40 years before being introduced to the public. The same goes for other technology. There have been times when secret flight technology has been inadvertently witnessed by unanticipated and uniformed outsiders. The batwing B-2 stealth bomber is a good example of this type of UFO misidentification situation. In flight, depending upon the angle the B-2 is viewed from, the stealth bomber can literally look like a flying saucer. But because of its stealth design, the B-2 has a near zero radar signature. This means that an eyewitness can catch a glimpse of the B-2 in flight, but radar equipment cannot see the B-2 on the scope.

This in no way means that all 'UFO' sightings can be explained away as a misidentified black ops project, because they can't. It means that the most competent UFO researchers are the ones who are educated in a wide range of 'UFO' misidentification parameters. This education goes a long way to weeding out both misidentified 'UFOs' and intentional hoaxed 'UFOs'. Only with this weeding process can a legitimate 'UFO' sighting gain credibility

This means that any aerial drones, not available to the public and part of a black ops project, would have capabilities and designs well beyond the actual aerial drones seen in the following photos. Keep this fact in mind, as to whether an aerial drone has been reverse engineered from ET technology, or human invented and built on its own


For purposes of comparison, to the variety of authentic aerial drones aka unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), here is a photo of the hoax aerial drone.  Photos of authentic unmanned aerial vehicles follow. 

Photo of UAV CL-327 Guardian. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: US Navy]

Photo of UAV Cypher. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Sikorsky]

Photo of UAV Gyrodyne QH-50D, built from 1946-1969. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo:Gyrodyne]

Photo of UAV microdrone. Researched by Starfire Tor. {Photo: UK Police]

Photo pf UAV X50A Dragonfly. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Boeing]

Photo of UAV Westland Recon Drone. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Westland]

Photo of UAV Navio. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Navio]

Photo of UAV Dragon Warrior. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Sikorsky]

Photo of UAV Aerohawk, from Sky Technology. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Sky Technology]

Photo of UAV Darkstar. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Lockheed Martin]

Photo of UAV Predator B, from the US military. The predator is used on the battlefield, but also to view natural disasters and guard borders. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: US Air Force]

Photo of UAV drone X45c, which takes its design from the piloted stealth B-2 bomber. The X47 version has wingtips that fold up to gain space, when parked on aircraft carriers. The ultimate goal of this UAV is to not only be a stealth weapons and surveillance UAV, but to be able to take off and land on aircraft carriers. Researched by Starfire Tor. [Photo: Boeing]


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