Starfire Tor has been writing and lecturing about her "Time Shifts", "Core Matrix", "Co-Existing Timelines", and "Unified Field Theory of Psi" discoveries for many years. Her cutting edge research, and concept-shattering knowledge, has been the inspiration for both scientific advancements and science-fiction story-lines. Starfire Tor understands the transformative nature of her revolutionary work, and her down-to-earth and easy-to-follow explanations makes the 'awareness upgrade' accessible to everyone.


Starfire Tor returns to Dreamland in one of her most powerful interviews. Listen as Whitley Strieber talks to Starfire Tor about their upcoming Discovery Channel show featuring the Magic Castle Time Slip event, and Starfire Tor's in depth and historical investigation. Afterward, Starfire Tor shares important information about time travel related truths and hoaxes, including her ground breaking research that proved that the Philadelphia Experiment is and always was a hoax.

Click on the links below for background material on topics discussed in this interview, and the upcoming Discovery Channel show on Time Shifts, Time Slips, and Time Travel.

Starfire Tor 3-20-2010 Dreamland Interview with Whitley Strieber

Time Line Anomaly At The Magic Castle Experienced 7-15-06

The Philadelphia Experiment Hoax Report

Starfire Tor and Whitley Strieber Dreamland Chat, Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Starfire_Tor has joined.

animalspirits: Hi newcomers!

Madd_Matt: And we're now on Tor!

Starfire_Tor: Hello

Jeremy: Hi Starfire

Mama_Shine: Hello Starfire

Starfire_Tor: So this is what a lobby looks like.

Madd_Matt: Couldn't resist that one, sorry.

SueGallenstein: Hi

JohnTrue: Hello Starfire, Whitley, all

Madd_Matt: We had the marble redone last month...

fontaine: So glad you can be here Starfire!

Mama_Shine: Hi Miaree

fontaine: Hi to everyone!

miaree9: Hello, dear hearts.

cetacean: Hi Starfire!

Jim_Boyle: Hi Starfire

animalspirits: Hey Starfire and Miaree!

Starfire_Tor: Hi friends

miaree9: Thank you for joining us, Starfire.

anna: Hi Starfire! Welcome to our time slip

Mama_Shine: Did I say hello animalspirits...hello :-)

Starfire_Tor: Anyone interested in Time Travel?

animalspirits: Sf: Yes

Starfire_Tor: Does anyone think that actual Time Travelers are on earth right now?

whitley_strieber: Starfire Tor is with us tonight and Anne and I had a phenomenal time slip today--as if in preparation.

SueGallenstein: Time Travel...a fav subject of mine!

animalspirits: Yep

whitley_strieber: I will get into it in a sec.

anna: Starfire, I have had more increasing experiences of seemingly random odd occurences

Starfire_Tor: Whitley - what time slip?

Jeremy: I'd doubt there weren't any time travellers at the moment.

anna: Do tell Whit????

cetacean: Kewl.

Jim_Boyle: Maybe yes and maybe no can we verify?

Starfire_Tor: my life is a random odd occurance

anna: Yes!

animalspirits: So is mine...from birth

Jim_Boyle: especially given time shifts?

animalspirits: one after the other

anna: I think it took some time for me to notice things, excuse the pun

Kerman: I'm very interested in time lines because I can feel them change and shift, sometimes. Sometimes I wake up and the world has changed, the future is different, and even the plants are thirsty and the animals are hungry.

cetacean: Life is an odd occurrence. Can't explain it. Just gotta live it.

SueGallenstein: I lost some time...but I think it had more to do w/the wine...

Starfire_Tor: Verify? study Time Shifts

Madd_Matt: Re; The mysterious truck crash, if you look close in the video, the 2nd truck is coming through the wall from another section of the tunnel, probably running parallel to the one covered by the camera. Before the crash, you can make out some of the supports, and after the crash, the hole made by the truck can be faintly seen, although covered by a fair amount of dust. Just what I can glean from the vid, anyhow...

whitley_strieber: But why are the trucks identical?

Y-Files: Time Travel. My sense is that are brains "time travel." Maybe UFOs do, as well. Do I think there are people in jump suits from the human future here as part of an organized future government--it's not a thought I give much credence

Madd_Matt: Are they?

Starfire_Tor: That truck vid still needs to be vetted. Has anyone here done that?

Y-Files: our brains--mine is tired
cetacean: Sue, try marijuana. You'll lose more time with no hangover.

anna: I think physics seems to be showing less and less separation between "realities" and perhaps some overlaps?

Jim_Boyle: I mean how can you verify if someone is an intentional time traveller if the time shifts he or she could verify might not exist in your timeline?

Marty_Cohen: past present and future happen all at once there in a sense no such thing as time

JohnTrue: I would like to see that truck video verified before I can go any further on it.

anna: Those gray areas, most interesting

Mama_Shine: I have dreams of time all happening at once
cetacean: The fact is, our government has doggedly protected the American public for decades against a vital medicine and a harmless recreation.

SueGallenstein: lol thanx Cetacean

Starfire_Tor: There is a way to verify and I've been developing that criteria, it's not possible to fool is someone is the real deal

Madd_Matt: John, go into the "Out There" section, and look near the bottom of the page

Marty_Cohen: it slows time down

Kerman: Starfire, are you the sister of Laleh Bakhtiar the sufi author?

animalspirits: Mama, me too

Starfire_Tor: no one's sister

JohnTrue: for what, Madd_Matt?

Kerman: Ok thanks,

Jim_Boyle: Starfire...has there been any self proclaimed time travellers who could not be verified by your protocols, but you still suspect might be authentic?

Starfire_Tor: Part of my research involves determining if Time Traveler have anything to do with Time Shifts. I believe they do.

Y-Files: Do folks time travels--or are there distortion fields that people enter or observe--i think there are some photos of a roman soldier from Britain--on the BBC website a few years ago--seemed less a ghost than a time line that overlapped--sort of like an interference between his timeline and ours

Madd_Matt: The Truck video

whitley_strieber: What happened to us tonight actually started yesterday. We took a walk we have been taking for years. It involves a dogleg. Yesterday, I thought we'd made a wrong turn because the dogleg was at least a hundred yards longer than it has been for the past 4 years. Today, we immediately noticed how long it was And, I counted four houses that were not there before, and that we have not previously laid eyes on. So where are we, Starfire? Are you even in this timelinel, or what? It is probably the most spectacular timeslip we've ever had.
whitley_strieber: I meant 200 yards.

JohnTrue: I saw the vid Madd_matt, I mean see verification on it. the authenticity of the video, the layout of the area, etc.

Starfire_Tor: The Roman soldier one and many cases of phantom soldiers is probably time slip activity

fontaine: Yikes Whitley - that's very strange!

Kerman: Just before some big even, like going to war or major elections it seems the time line is cut and pasted and stretched and patched together like an old quilt. Does any one else feel that?

Y-Files: If I am very tired--my brain can skip like a record into some strange places

Madd_Matt: John, I see what you mean.

anna: I think sometimes our perceptions can just be strange, but not inaccurate

animalspirits: whitley are they hallucinations or time shifts? Maybe you see time in a different way now and that frequency will continue to accelerate the more of them you have..imo

Sparky1: Whitley...did you happen to google earth the location to see if there were any changes in the location you were at?

Starfire_Tor: Whitley - There have been a series of Time Shifts that are so extreme and obviously that I'm hearing from people who never experienced them before. I'd like to know more about your TS. Maybe on scene

cetacean: We've all heard of the Philadelphia Experiment?

Kerman: It does feel like there were some major shifts in the past two weeks, maybe two of them

Starfire_Tor: Got a call from a friend who went to rescue a dog and the dog vanished into thin air

Mama_Shine: Yikes

Kerman: Wow the dog just disappeared?

anna: Poor owner, how awful

JohnTrue: I would also like to know more about your experience, Whitley. You seem to have a lot of them and are aware of a lot of them!

cetacean: According to the gents allegedly involved, they travelled to the future from 1940-something and thereby collapsed our timeline to one in which they travel to our distant future.

Y-Files: Bush v. Gore seems like an obvious fork in the road--where the other reality was so available that it probably ended up existing some"where"

Starfire_Tor: The houses appearing sounds like my Time Shift article about the appearing barn houses

cetacean: We are locked to their destiny.

Starfire_Tor: Or the appearing buildings TS

mikec: Animal Spirit - I had a funny day (an ongoing pattern)

Jim_Boyle: Might not things or people appearing or disappearing have more to do with dimensional shifts rather than (linear) Time shifts?

animalspirits: Mike, me too. Strange and moving...

Starfire_Tor: Time Shifts mean that events in time lines have been altered. Does anyone think the health care bill went down in a most peculiar way?

Madd_Matt: Just compared the trucks on the video: the first one has a light-coloured cab, and the second one has a darker cab, although by the time it comes into frame it's pretty squished, so we can't tell if their configurations are similar. Too bad there wasn't any noticeable markings on the back.

Kerman: So does your average metaphysician make the world better by using spiritual powers to move to a different timeline/reality?

Jim: What do you mean ST?

JohnTrue: I think the health care bill went down weird! I was so sure it was dead and now, boom, it's being signed? and with now repub's in the room? and ... and .. just strange!

Starfire_Tor: Dimensional shifts are really Time Shift generated.

animalspirits: John, some things changed and it got passed.

cetacean: Healthcare was signed on 3/22. Them is Skull N Bones sacred numbers.

Sparky1: John the health care bill has been plain nasty....who knows

Jim: There was no Rep. support. None.

Jim_Boyle: Ok, thanks Starfire that makes it clearer

JohnTrue: and Starfire Tor has used exhaustive research to proves that The Philadelphia Experiment never happened. It is a hoax.

Marty_Cohen: nazi numbers also

Starfire_Tor: Time Shifts are not linear BTW
cetacean: Some great actors in the video I have then, if Philadelphia is a hoax...

Kerman: Time shifts generate dimensional shifts so? raising your vibration/consciousness changes the time line?

Madd_Matt: Cetacean, S&B doesn't have a patent on those numbers, they're old sacred numbers.

animalspirits: Starfire: Nope they aren't at all. Have know that all my life. Got laughed at a lot, but hey didn't stop me

chevydog56: Starfire any comment on Andrew Basiagio's claims?

cetacean: Matt, do tell!

Starfire_Tor: Right about the Philadelphia Experiment. It's an important marker to tell if someone is trustworthy in their Time travel claims

mikec: Question to Starfire: I was at the conference in Joshua Tree in Oct '09. I spoke to a fellow with some Very unusual time experiences. Gained time events, repeated time events, Very interesting. Did you meet him? He was a former police officer.

cetacean: I know that 7/22 is Pi

JohnTrue: She has written up a brief, but detailed, report on her web page about the Philadelphia Experiment being a hoax, a story made up by a delusional person.

whitley_strieber: I have a comment on Basiagio's claims. They seem completely ridiculous. But that's just me.

Starfire_Tor: Whitley and I discuss the Philadelphia Experiment in our current interview and you can read the report on my Webby.

anna: My Dad, was in the Navy, thought he'd heard the Philadelphia Experiment was real

Sanctorum: I've always been fascinated with the Philadelphia Experiment

Starfire_Tor: Basiagio's claims make no sense at all. I've studied them and so have my researchers including John T whose here tonight. The man talks about Time Travel being linear and it's not.

animalspirits: He doesn't understand time.

anna: My odd experiences were not "linear" either

SueGallenstein: I'm thinking time is a human linear construct anyway

Sanctorum: isn't time a man made thing?

cetacean: Really bizarre DVD I have on the Philly Experiment, in which three persons allege to have directly participated. Wild story. So idiosyncratic it has the ring of truth - except their promised photographic proof doesn't really pan out.

Starfire_Tor: Co-existing time lines are never linear which is how the Magic Castle time slip happened to us.

cetacean: I'll go see Starfire's web page.

mikec: I suspect that certain elements within the government would like certain researchers to *think* the Philadelphia Experiment was real. And I suspect there are dubious documents out there that hint (incorrectly) of it's reality. Adding to the confusion.

Kerman: Is there a group for people who feel the shifts in the time line?

JohnTrue: I have seen evidence that proves Basiago's claims do not hold water. The main evidence against him is that he bases them on a single linear unalterable timeline .. and that his story is found in Sci-Fi stories and known hoaxes.

chevydog56: Starfire, if I interpreted something you wrote correctly, sometimes 'ghosts' are actually people in a time slip who appear and disappear, i found that fascinating.

whitley_strieber: I think Starfire has proved that the Philadelphia Experiment never happened. I went out to Montauk back in the eighties and went to the Nike site where the Montauk Experiment supposedly happened. There was clearly no underground base there at all. Just gulls and rusted barbed wire. I also went through the local newspaper archive looking for stories from the fifties about disappeared children. Back in those days, Long Island was not so populated, and even one kidnapped child would have been a sensation, much less the hundreds that were claimed. I found one in ten years.

whitley_strieber: Me, too chevyd

cetacean: Isn't "timeline" kind of a misnomer? The only thing linear about it is our experience of it.

whitley_strieber: True, John True!

Jim_Boyle: I am not sure the paper trail not leading to The Philadelphia Experiment is proof that something didn't happen. You could also disprove Roswell by following the Govt.'s own paper trail? Or you could also disprove any conspiracy presently claimed to go on within our Govt. So. I really am still undecided.

JohnTrue: hehehe, Whitley ^_^

Y-Files: I can't go with the Philly Experiment being a touchstone--maybe like King Arthur--there is some truth behind the legend--though claims have been layered upon over the years. Maybe there was an experiment that underlies the legend. maybe there was an experiment and the legend is unrelated--but it the legend still resonates because somewhere in the collective mind the reality of the experiment(s) still resonates

cetacean: Collapsing of quantum probability foam...

contactee: as long as we are living here in 'this time' we still have to wait for bread dough to rise, for babies to grow in their mom's wombs, and for kids to grow up as well. As much as we know that time can go backwards and forwards and we can slip into time warps....we all still have to set our alarm clocks each day to get up for work at a certain time and spend so many hours at work.

Mama_Shine: Hi tomkowt

anna: Jim, I was thinking the same thing...

Starfire_Tor: Time Travel and real and I'm rather sure the Govt has been involved for a very long time. But never with the Philadelphia Experiment. However, yes the real TT people use the Philadelphia Experiment as a misdirection - and it's one they didn't have anything to do with.

anna: Cover ups happen

Mama_Shine: No joke Anna

Marty_Cohen: the time is always now!!!

tomkowt: "getting and spending...we lay waste our powers."

chevydog56: I wonder why the Philadelphia story was created in the first place though....

mikec: - the above link is a Very strange story about an alien who explains time travel to the writer. There is some wonderful imagery, and it was posted today, just a few hours ago.

Sanctorum: Marty, heh reminds me of a Charles Manson quote "now is the only thing that's real"

Y-Files: What's the point of time travel?

JohnTrue: Y-files. It is important to take the time to look at things properly. The Philadelphia Experiment is a hoax, and many people use it as foundation for their stories. This is why it is important to realize it is not real, it never happened. It was made up by a disturbed mind.

whitley_strieber: I hate these people like Basiago, the Montauk Project and Philadelphia Experiment people, the Wingmakers, the Serpo people, the Alternative 3 people, etc., etc, who create these silly fictions around some very important realities. And either we went to the moon or Edgar Mitchell is a world-class liar.

kyle: Has the Govt in any way ever tried to contact you Starfire?

cetacean: What's your URL please Starfire?

Starfire_Tor: Every Co-Existing Time Line is a program that goes through our brains. That program dictates how we perceive reality. Things go weird with reality when there's a glitch in the Core Matrix programming that streams the Time Lines.

Mama_Shine: Mitchell ain't lying

BearingTheDark: Don't forget Daniel Pinchbeck...i absolutely hate his guts.


Sanctorum: I don't doubt we went to the moon

animalspirits: Bearing: Lol. Me too

whitley_strieber: He sure ain't Mama. Listening to him tell me personally what it was like to go to the moon was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.

BearingTheDark: The Moon is where the ghosts live...

tomkowt: Yes, and we've been to Mars

Madd_Matt: Bearing, why hate Pinchbeck?

JohnTrue: I hate how the truth is clogged up with deceptions! It's hard enough finding what is true without this. Starfire Tor says "we have no truth gene." er, I mangled that quote, what is it, Starfire?

Sanctorum: to Mars with remote probes

BearingTheDark: Because Pinchbeck is an absolute %%%.

BearingTheDark: that's why

Starfire_Tor: Yes Whitley about those hoaxes. The truth about Time travel is far more fantastic than those hoaxes. And those hoaxes keep people from knowing the truly fantastic and essential

mikec: Hey Jim Boyle - The link about the time-travel being explained is from Anya Briggs. You listened to our podcast!


chevydog56: this all makes me wish i had an activated radiant body so I could go out and find the truth myself

Y-Files: John True--hear what your saying but I just can't agree on the importance of it. I don't care about the P.E.--maybe it is the product of a disturbed mind--maybe Lovecraft's novels are the product of a disturbed mind--but they may still reveal a deeper reality--or Not.

Jim_Boyle: Either Roswell happened or Mitchell is a liar also...but the official story remains...documents are "lost" and the truth lives on only in the actual participants and witnesses...

miaree9: Pinchbeck has an exaggerated sense of his own importance.

whitley_strieber: Gurdjieff believed that the moon was where the souls of people at a low level of consciousness congregated. I suspect that the world of conscious energy is far more compassionate than that.

Sanctorum: that's part of our purpose here I think, to find the truth, that is if we can handle it

tomkowt: the only timeslip I can recall had something to do with a missing ham sandwich, no kidding

whitley_strieber: Has Mitchell denied Roswell, Jim_B?

animalspirits: Whitley: Absolutely!

anna: chevydog, there's always "ways" to do that

Jim: I got a lot out of Pinchbeck's 2012 book.
Madd_Matt: Bearing, what did he do? Other than get into a hypocritical argument with Whit on-air?

whitley_strieber: If so, he's wrong.

JohnTrue: it is important to be brave enough to divorce ourselves from the easy deceptions in order to learn the hard truths.

animalspirits: Whitley: Where is Anne? Miss her tonight

Jim_Boyle: Thanks Mike

BearingTheDark: What I heard on air was enough for me...even his voice irritated me.

whitley_strieber: Pinchebeck is like many good writers, excellent at what he does, not so good at what he is.

Starfire_Tor: I have never been harassed by any Govt agency that I'm aware of. I know it's sheik to tell tales of that but that's not my life. I believe I'm respected although maybe not.

Madd_Matt: Tom, most of my timeslips are that mundane too. *sigh*

whitley_strieber: Hopefully, I am not such a writer.

Sanctorum: John, indeed... but my nervous system is overloaded lately

mikec: Yes - Where is Anne?

cetacean: "time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening all at once"

Marty_Cohen: The Past is over the Future is ahead of us all one has is the present moment

JohnTrue: I think, that is To each their own it is a journey and you cannot do people's homework for them. We all have to do it ourselves in our own time and way

Starfire_Tor: It only takes 1 time slip event - mundane or not - to start your brain into awareness mode.

tomkowt: Madd Matt, we have to pay more attention. and I'm not that focused on food!

Sanctorum: I need to be careful not to be imprinted with negative things during this time

animalspirits: John, I believe that as well.

chevydog56: in the time slip in the women's washroom, could the woman who appeared have actually 'beamed' into Starfire or Anne's body?

Madd_Matt: Whit, you're better at what you are than what you give yourself credit for.

Jim_Boyle: No Whitley I mean the opposite ...he and other participants at the time are our only truths - not official documents. Might not the same be true for the Philadelphia Experiment on some level?

Y-Files: Whitley--I've always been interested in Gurdjeff's statement about the moon--how do you think those statements tie in with the idea that moon recently arrived in its orbit of the earth, it supposed hollowness and those big magnets they discovered in it. Also, I assume an object so novel and strange would affect time slips in a profound manner.

Mama_Shine: Starfire...thanks, I believe that

whitley_strieber: Anne is busy tonight. We are taking a short vacation tomorrow, and she is attempting to be sure that something--anything--that I pack makes some sort of vague sense.

Eric_in_Madison: I wonder, is it possible to direct your time-slips? That would be a door to taking a lot of these historical mysteries back for ourselves...

mikec: Request to Whitley - Will you please continue posting your audio comments about The Key. I found those audio insights So rewarding!

Starfire_Tor: Actually with real time everything is probably happening all at once!

anna: Tell Anne we said hi!

tomkowt: I believed once that Whitley is here to be our collective consciousness' guinea pig

Sanctorum: it's fascinating how some states of mind can make it seem to drag on forever or go by at the speed of light

Madd_Matt: Tom, I thought that was Our job?

tomkowt: haah

Y-Files: Starfire--what do you make of Eternal Recurrence or the Peter Pan/Battlestar Galatica axiom that all of this has happened before and will happen again?

Starfire_Tor: I also recommend learning about my research called The Time Shift Living Dead. Once you have this experience your brain knows that time lines are in flux.

Jim: I experienced what may be a TS -- a conversation I has with one person was picked up by another person with whom I didn't initiate the conversation (in a nutshell).

whitley_strieber: The moon did not arrive recently. It came about as the result of a primordial collision. I was taught this in the Secret School, and it has been corroborated in recent years. The collision left a rather large crater. It is now called the Pacific Ocean.

animalspirits: Mama, once that time thing happens once, you can't go back to not having them. You are changed and for the better I believe. Been that way all my life

Starfire_Tor: You can read about the TSLD on my Webby or join my Inter-dimension research list on yahoo groups

animalspirits: Starfire, already belong to your group

Mama_Shine: As...that sounds right

Starfire_Tor: Isn't it great to get a corroboration from that Secret School. It just shows you have to live long enough.

Sanctorum: how do I get involved in the yahoo group, do a group search?

Jim_Boyle: Starfire or Whitley.- The Visitors have told many people that they don't experience time like we do or they live outside of time or some other cryptic you think they have anything to do with altering timelines for us? Is it just a commonplace technology to them like particle acceleration or something?

Marty_Cohen: The 60's Band Chicago said does anybody Really know what time it is

cetacean: I met Ed Mitchell as a kid. Can't imagine a lie crossing his lips.

Y-Files: Whitley--thanks--the recent arrival of the moon theory always bothered me--but I know it's out there--i suspect they have evidence of the tides that go way back

whitley_strieber: That is so true, Animals. We really value our friendship with Starfire because it helps us become more 'unstuck' in time, and aware of the actual flexibility of the real world. It expands consciousness.

kyle: Starfire, do you feel that pets enhance or diminish time slips or have no effect whatsoever?

tomkowt: Timeslips vs. Parallel Universe Slips>>>>what's more common?

Sanctorum: starfire, what is the name of your yahoo group again?

BearingTheDark: In 'The Key', Whitley, you stated that: 'He (motk) also suggests that evil is a necessity in human life, "without which you would not be able to discern good." However, this is also a brilliantly Satanic defense of evil, and the dark side of the master cannot be ignored." By stating 'Satanic', who were you referring to?

Mama_Shine: good question tom

whitley_strieber: The tides go back to the beginning of time. You can find tidal lines in the most ancient sands on earth.

Starfire_Tor: Peter Pan thing you mention. Because of the nature of co-existing time lines, some time has a tendency to loop

cetacean: "unstuck in time" ... Vonnegut's phrase from Slaughterhouse Five...

animalspirits: I love being unstuck in many possibilities, so little time.

tigerlibra: Woke up one night, I went from seeing my childhood bedroom, to my college apartment then finally my current bedroom..was that a was Very unsettling!

mikec: Question to Starfire - Have you read a book Visitors From Time by Marc Davenport. He addresses a lot of the "odd" issues surrounding UFOs and uses a distortion of time as his central idea.

Jim: "Doing the Unstuck" -- a song from the Cure

Mama_Shine: I'm uncomfortable in linear time *blush*

allan: that's great as I really like that

Starfire_Tor: If anyone is causing Time Shifts, then they would have to remain outside of the influence of the Time Shift - or they'd be subject to the same brain assimilation as everyone else.

whitley_strieber: Satanic? I was referring to a guy with horns, a tail and a forked tongue who tempts Popes to conceal pederastic priests and ruin the church.

animalspirits: Mama, that because you know it isn't true.

whitley_strieber: I am being tangentially facetious.

Y-Files: ancient tidal lines--proof of the moon's long presence, I would say. Just as the mirrors the astronauts placed on the moon are proof of the Apollo missions

BearingTheDark: Whitley, I thought you were referring to Anton

Kerman: Thanks Starfire. So your Yahoo group will have other people who feel the time shifts?

Jim_Boyle: Assuming their brains aren't wired completely different

Sanctorum: Satan is supposed to be beautiful isn't he?

Starfire_Tor: I think I have the Davenport book but have never read it. I have thousands of research books with many in line to read.

[............ missing text due to browser crash ...............]

mikec: I'm curious if David Bowie could play Tmotk

anna: Whitley, do you remember When John said that would happen? Next 30 years or?

whitley_strieber: For sure, chevydog!

tigerlibra: @chevy..excellent choice
cetacean: Hmmm yes Ben Kingsley...

BearingTheDark: Wasn't Pope Benedict part of the Hitler Youth?

Starfire_Tor: Animals experience time slips galore. I'm sure you all know that animals can sense ghosts and spirits. But did you know that many ghosts are actually time slip people who are very much alive in their own co-existing time line. Plus animals dream, and the dreaming brain is the interface to the Core Matrix

whitley_strieber: He did not give a date. We'll have him on in July and ask him

Sanctorum: yes he was

Kerman: Pope Bennedict was Hitler Jungen

Sanctorum: I think all kids during that time had to be in it though

animalspirits: Mike C. Interesting casting. would be good I think

Jim_Boyle: OK it's settled...someone get Kigsley's agent on the phone

Marty_Cohen: See Ben Kinsley is Shutter Island soon !!

anna: Or Patrick Stewart as Motk, "make it so!"

cetacean: I wonder if temporal lobe epileptics not only experience time slips but cause them...

chevydog56: Whitley have you ever had the sense that you could draw the Motk to you again for more questions and answers?

BearingTheDark: Oh mein Gott, Es ist Der Hitlerjugen!!! *runs*

whitley_strieber: Animals can certainly see the visitors. They used to see them in the house when we couldn't. Our cats. They would get totally puffed up.

SueGallenstein: lol anna

Mama_Shine: Patrick Stewart more like it

Jim: I thought the Motk was in a piece-meal shroud of a body?

whitley_strieber: I have tried chevy, but no success.

Y-Files: Starfire--do you think the brain is the source of the time slip or the interpreter of it?

Jeremy: I believe it. My cats are very jumpy sometimes for no reason. Sometimes creepily so.

whitley_strieber: No, Jim, he looked normal.

tigerlibra: Starfire: I woke up 2 summers ago and was absolutely lost..i saw my childhood bedroom, then My college one, until finally recognizing my 'current' room. Was that a timeslip or just disorientation??

mikec: David Bowie already has The Hunger under his belt, it would be nice to see him do another film based on a book of Whitley's

Starfire_Tor: John - I still don't have absolute knowledge of who those people were. I only know that they never came back - at least in my memory. I'm not okay with that.

Jim: I'll have to re-read that then

anna: He's now Sir Patrick Stewart, good for him! In Hamlet soon on PBS...

Mama_Shine: I thought Motk was a short person

BearingTheDark: I think he was 5'7

Eric_in_Madison: Bowie would be good as Lewis Crew... alas, probably no movie

BearingTheDark: or so I read

BearingTheDark: 5'10 here

animalspirits: Whitley, my animals are so used to my Guide and all the other spirits, that they just don't react. Never have over all these years. Maybe because I am not scared of them and act like they belong here.

Sanctorum: I think I'll remember Patrick Stewart for his role in "Life Force" the most

Pharaoh: Hi group

Marty_Cohen: The Man who Feel to Earth Good Bowie Flick

Mama_Shine: Oh, I'm 5'!" he is tall

Starfire_Tor: Animals should indeed perceive 'visitors'

Jim_Boyle: mentioned the health care bill being odd. What do you think happened?

tribalgem: Hello Starfire - i just got into the chat and read your reply to animals time-slipping but wanted to ask about ghosts - you said that some are people in co-timelines slipping in here, and I thought - if someone passes here, do they also pass in existing co-timelines or are they still alive there and slipping here which is why they appear as ghosts? with the person who is passed on being not the ghost we are seeing, but the co-exister?

Madd_Matt: Ian Mckellan might make a better Motk...

whitley_strieber: He may have been mama. I remember him as looking about 70. He was slight, but not unusually so. Maybe 5-9 or 10, 175 lbs?

BearingTheDark: Ian Mckellan doesn't have the pointy face...

Sanctorum: I don't like how we are forced to buy insurance or face a penalty

mikec: Feel to earth? The sensitive version of The Man Who Fell to earth?

Sanctorum: otherwise I think it's great

Mama_Shine: I think I'd recognize Motk

whitley_strieber: Distant explosions here. Hope its fireworks.

cetacean: How about Ben Kingsley as Motk W?

animalspirits: Mike and you are going to ask me questions?

JohnTrue: :/ That's too bad, maybe? If they were "guides" or whatever, wouldn't they contact you every once in a while to check up on you at least? Only one "chance" at a big question like that is also not fair, not without experience. And, why ask such a question if you didn't feel you knew what was possible in that person's life? That is ... disturbing.

mikec: About the Motk, did he have any accent? A Canadian accent is such a subtle blend of American and British.

whitley_strieber: You would recognize him if he talked, Mama.

Starfire_Tor: Healthcare? All of the oddness happened in the midst of verified Time Shifts. So I'm studying the matter, as well as certain political people who died or left office

whitley_strieber: I do not recall mikec. Nothing noticeable.

anna: Starfire, interesting, an increase in shifts right now?

Starfire_Tor: I heard and felt that explosion and we're not even in the same city

animalspirits: John, they do know what is possible in one's life, but is often forgotten when the soul comes back here or there...whichever is chosen

Sanctorum: I definitely feel a huge change coming

chevydog56: Anyone remember Star Trek TNG where the Enterprise gets in some kind of time ripple and keeps going into different time lines? That was really fascinating.

Y-Files: Motk--eh--great White North--eh--Stanley Cup

Mama_Shine: Robert Butts drew a picture of what Seth looked like

Starfire_Tor: I thought it was the beginning of another quake

Eric_in_Madison: "You went to war with God, eh! You Hoser!"

SueGallenstein: chevy dog///i do, I do!!

mikec: I'm thinking about the casting of the role. The Motk is described as someone sort of slight and unassuming, not a booming Shakespearean presence.

daximil: *chuckle* @ eric

SueGallenstein: lots of Enterprises

BearingTheDark: Yes, we went to war with God and Lost...
BearingTheDark: now we are in hell

cetacean: Do you suppose Motk plays "beer hunter"???

anna: Hosers! on the 12th days of Christmas, 12 cans of beer!

Eric_in_Madison: Lol

Sanctorum: nature is cruel

Starfire_Tor: Anyone know what that explosion was?

Pharaoh: Mamashine, do you keep up with the Seth material group?

whitley_strieber: he was no fallstaff, mikec

chevydog56: anyone see What the Bleep Do We Know- it discusses being in more than one place at the same 'time'

BearingTheDark: I get the feeling sometimes that all of us are Fallen Angels.

animalspirits: I believe the Motk will cast himself. he will show who is to be him

kyle: If Ben Kingsley is Motk I say we finally get Dan Aykroyd to play Whitley!

anna: I love those guys... ah second city...

tribalgem: Starfire - re your answer about animals time slipping and the ghosts - if someone passes here, are they passed in the co-existing timelines and if they aren't and slip here, is that what we are seeing sometimes, instead of the person who passed, are they gone? But the co-exister is who we are seeing not the passed on person?

Madd_Matt: Nature is just. Man's outlook makes nature seem cruel

Jeremy: Do you think children experience time shifts Tor? I know that as a kid I'd constantly be confused by how time worked or looking for toys that I would get months later on my birthday.

Jim: Five golden touks!

whitley_strieber: What the bleep was terrific. Anne just loved that movie.

mikec: Canadians are so wholesome - a whole country full of very nice people.

Sanctorum: madd, the nazi scientists could use the same logic

Mama_Shine:, I should, I guess

Jeremy: Come to Quebec mike Maybe you'll change your mind

whitley_strieber: I was hoping she'd get back in time to join us, but I don't think she'll make it.

chevydog56: Thanks Mikec I am a Canadian

Madd_Matt: Jim, that's Touque.

Y-Files: The water stuff is what fascinated me about the Bleep movie

JohnTrue: Starfire -- If some can create Timeshifts without being in them, could they also figure out how to Time Travel without getting trapped in another Timeline? I mean go visit other Timelines or maybe the future/past of particular Timelines And be able to return to, or simply choose, a TL (and time therein) of their choice?

anna: Bob and Doug, retired somewhere up north, the far north, sigh....

Ziggy: bring pepsi's and joe louis

Jim: No time to spell check at this break neck speed

Sanctorum: what is it, pure science has no morality

SueGallenstein: All three of the Canucks I've met are great folks!

BearingTheDark: I know I experienced a time shift in which my consciousness went back in time 2 whole mins. I looked at the clock and it showed 6:13, the next minute it was 6:11!!!

Jeremy: Breakfast in Quebec Zig

Starfire_Tor: Just because someone or animal dies in one co-existing time line doesn't mean they did in other co-existing time lines. That's how we get the Time Shift Living Dead event

Marty_Cohen: Ben K is Gandhi !!

Eric_in_Madison: They should just find Andre from "My Dinner with Andre", and have him play the Motk. Kind of similar when you think about it

animalspirits: John True: Yes

Pharaoh: Bleep movie = good.

JohnTrue: Or are most, if not all, Time Travelers, doomed to be lost once they make the first trip?

Jim: Bleep movie left me with nothing to work with

tribalgem: thanks - I've downloaded files from your site but haven't had a chance to get to them yet, that's tonights reading after chat. : ))

Starfire_Tor: Temporal Time Travel happens all the time because the dreaming brain is interfacing with the Core Matrix.

chevydog56: I appeared to someone in California when I was about three thousand miles away, funny thing is I have no idea how I was able to do that.

Sanctorum: makes me want to watch that dark Disney movie "The Black Hole" again

cetacean: Eric! Andre! Perfect!

Madd_Matt: Sanct, I was talking about nature-nature, not man's nature

Jim: at least nothing original

BearingTheDark: that's interesting, Tor

Marty_Cohen: Great Movie about life and time called " Mindwalk"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mikec: Yes - I know, I am perpetuating a myth about Canadians. I am still trying to cast the actor for a film (or - better yet) a stage play of The Key.

Sanctorum: madd, I believe we are a juxtaposition on nature

tomkowt: Whatever happened to Paul Lander, Whitley?

BearingTheDark: What is the Core Matrix?

tribalgem: Starfire - I've just had a thought, don't know if you've covered this before, but is it possible for events to time-slip as well as people and animals, etc....

JohnTrue: I think I traveled forward in time in my dreaming brain to see the Blue Angel plane crash months before it happened?

whitley_strieber: No idea Tom

Mama_Shine: Chevy...i have appeared to others like that

Jeremy: Tor: When I was a baby I remember walking in my playroom and expecting to find toys that I wouldn't get until months later on my birthday. Think kids get time slips?

whitley_strieber: I think he moved to Hawaii.

daximil: sanc, please explain.

BearingTheDark: If my consciousness could go back in time, I would choose to live my life all over again and start new.

Sanctorum: daximil, I don't feel we belong here

mikec: Yes - I liked Mindwalk, that was where they had the conversation while walking in an old castle, and a cool scene in the clock works of the castle tower

tomkowt: Lander had some fantastic insights about UFO propulsion...

Starfire_Tor: Bi-location is real

Marty_Cohen: yes Mike C !!!

Sanctorum: I don't know why

allan: Bearing the same thing has happened to me twice in the last month one for 9 min and the second time for 17

Mama_Shine: Yet I wasn't aware of it

SueGallenstein: Bi-loacation...didn't one of the famous priests of the past do that a lot?

animalspirits: Tor: What do you mean by bi-location?

tribalgem: Starfire, can events time slip/time shift too?

Y-Files: Star--like the Matrix talk--does anyone use time shifts to create a "bullet time" for themselves
Pharaoh: Aren't most time slips accidental? Wouldn't it take a very skilled person to intentionally slip timelines?

BearingTheDark: my time shift happened in Nov of 09

Kerman: Sufis talk about bending time

whitley_strieber: What was it bearing.
chesserw: Whitley and Starfire, Consciousness is the key, Yes or No?

BearingTheDark: scroll up Whitley...

allan: have had missing time but do not recall ever a time forward

cetacean: Bi-location is a bar for guys and gals who swing both ways ...?

Pharaoh: animal... being in two places at once

Starfire_Tor: Events can time slip because time slips are an end product of a Time Shift. All Time Shifts are about the editing of events.

Mama_Shine: cet lol

JohnTrue: hahah, scroll up, in a chat like this, funny!

whitley_strieber: I wish I could control timeshifts and shift only into times that are great for me and mine.

Kerman: There are reports of sufi mastes being seen, and physically being in two different places simultaneously.

Eric_in_Madison: Is there anything that comes along with time-slips/bilocations in time? A feeling? A time of day? Anything we can use to try to find a systematic connection?

tomkowt: Consciousness is everything, at least that's what I believe nowadays

mikec: I went to the Laughlin UFO conference, and when I got home to Idaho, my laptop clock was 37 minutes slow.

Starfire_Tor: Time Shifts cannot be controlled

BearingTheDark: Whitley, my consciousness went back in time 2 whole mins

whitley_strieber: What worries me is that my events are being edited by a bastard.

Starfire_Tor: by people . But I can and do teach Reality Shift Manifestation.

Jim: Can I request that the webmaster allow you to scroll up and stick to where you've scrolled?

JohnTrue: mine too, Whitley! I'm sorry about yours

BearingTheDark: I wouldn't have noticed it at all had I not looked at the clock.

animalspirits: Well, I can bi-locate...always have been able to do that, but my brain was different from birth. Could do things others couldn't.

47patriot: Starfire...please comment on divine intervention

tribalgem: Starfire could you elaborate on that a little

Mama_Shine: Starfire thank goodness

tribalgem: Events timeslipping

JohnTrue: I have been able to reality shift with Starfire's protocols and teachings

Pharaoh: where did you go in 37 minutes, mikec?

Starfire_Tor: All of our events are being edited. But my knowledge of Reality Shifts can be helpful

daximil: Bye Starfire.

Mama_Shine: Too much control in this lifettime

whitley_strieber: Its the software Jim. It can't work that way, not if it's going to scroll for everybody else.

JohnTrue: Many have.

SueGallenstein: my brain is hurting...

animalspirits: Starfire: Have you always understood this? since birth?

Jim: Man!

Starfire_Tor: Divine intervention is a tricky subject. I want to believe but I just can't say. There is too much pain and suffering.

animalspirits: Sue, just hang in there. it will be fine

cetacean: Whitley, not so much a bastard as a hard %%% edits your life, methinks...

mikec: Pharaoh - I am perplexed. I had a Very strange set of events, but I don't know at all what happened to the 37 minutes, or when it was exactly

tribalgem: Reason behind my ??? re events time slipping is I wondered if some of the quakes happening are time slipping to other parts of the planet after hitting in first location

BearingTheDark: Whitley, I often feel that my life is also controlled.....and the more that I fight it, bad luck starts to happen for me.

fontaine: Reality shift vs. time shifts....a quick explanation?

Starfire_Tor: I have always understood this, but only discovered the source decades ago

SueGallenstein: Again, thanx animal

Sanctorum: I had sensory overload, got up made a bagel and cream cheese

Kerman: Isn't metaphysics or Science of Mind, that sort of thing where you program your mind to expect a different reality and your spirit to evoke it, aren't those ways, however imperfect, of shifting the time line?

Eric_in_Madison: @WS - just polished off _The Path_, you ought to do a big poster of the Lay of the Path, with excerpts from the book by each card. That would be awesome. That artwork is in the public domain, right?

Pharaoh: interesting, mikec

daximil: In my own life, pain leads to growth. I'm not so sure pain and suffering are bad.

whitley_strieber: If God didn't leave the world alone, free will would end. Therefore, there will be pain and suffering. But there will also be a chance for ecstasy.

Starfire_Tor: I was born with a knowing. I was adopted into a family that didn't want me to excel and wanted to hide me

47patriot: Starfire ... does everything happen for a reason?

tomkowt: The Path: never grasped it.

Sanctorum: daximil, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger eh?

JohnTrue: I think we need tender loving care of this Reality. Too much damage and misuse for too long. We need to love it back into shape! We have separated ourselves too much from reality, "nature", and "god" whatever "god" aka "devine" is. My opinion ... .... ...

cetacean: Eric, I think that to learn the Path it's important to lay it out yourself.

animalspirits: Starfire: understand. me too. just haven't researched it, but used it

chevydog56: According to Gary Zukav, this is the earth school and it is tough.

Eric_in_Madison: @cetacean - ooh, hadn't thought of that

Sanctorum: I feel I'm being tested, in a big way

Starfire_Tor: Happen for a reason? Yes, but not on a spiritual level. I think that's a coping mechanism and I don't like it. It stops people from getting to the truth

Pharaoh: starfire, you mean the old "children should be seen and not heard."

Sparky1: Whitley I never thought of God that way... wow interesting

animalspirits: I'm not one that is big on proof or research. takes too much time for me for various reasons

Sanctorum: either that, or I'm running into a string of very bad luck

mikec: Starfire - I was born to parents who "didn't want me to excel and wanted to hide me"

Mama_Shine: As and Starfire they do that cause they fear..

Jim_Boyle: Starfire - What is the benefit to an individual or humanity as a whole of controlling Shifts? Whitley says he notice them more and more after meeting you , but how does noticing or controlling shifts help a person live a happier life?

Starfire_Tor: I'm hoping to be able to teach my knowledge of Reality Shift Manifestation on a global level. I think it can help

daximil: Sanc, up to a point, yes. But not just strength. It also causes change.

mikec: They wanted me to Excel in "their" vary different definition than mine!

cetacean: Eric, I copied the Tarot and laid the path out on my wall for a while.

cetacean: It really helps.

SueGallenstein: Thanks to all..I'm going to rest my brain now!

cetacean: Just to ponder it at odd moments.

Kerman: Please say more about your knowledge of Reality Shift Manifestation

kyle: I agree Eric_...would love a poster of The Path!

used_to_think: Good evening everyone.

chevydog56: Starfire if your adoptive family did not want you to excel, according to the Motk, that would be evil because it would prevent you from thriving. (or try to)


Eric_in_Madison: @cetacean - cool idea

Sanctorum: daximil, indeed yes... though I think most people change whether they want to or not, since change is evolution and life... stagnation is death

animalspirits: Starfire: I hope you can do it. Humanity needs all the help it can get

JohnTrue: I'm sorry for that, Starfire. I do not think I was adopted (they acted as if I was theirs) but my family also tried to tell me I am crazy and wrong and psychologically unstable so I went to some psychologists and not a one ever diagnosed me with a single thing, not even depression! My family just wanted to hide me and make me into their vision of me because they closed themselves from reality.

daximil: Hehe. May your brain rest enough but not too much, Sue.

Starfire_Tor: I believe we are the sad recipients of a broken world that came with no instructions or blue print. The ability to control shifts would demand that people understood true and unsuppressed knowledge and history. That's a huge leap forward for humanity

daximil: Sanc, I agree completely.

Mama_Shine: Chevy..deny someone's right to thrive is evil

tigerlibra: Tap into the love consciousness and it can be done

Starfire_Tor: I was talking quantum physics as a child. It drove people crazy.

Kerman: The Traditionalists are putting together quite a bit of the lost wisdom, don't you think?

Pharaoh: What if someone shifts who may be dangerous in another time? Does that serve a purpose? What if they just want to have fun for the sake of fun, and end up hurting someone?

whitley_strieber: Last night I saw a Hubble image of the Sombrero Galaxy with 800 billion stars. And there are more than a thousand billion galaxies in our universe, and a nine billion light year gap that suggests it is being affected by another universe somewhere out there in the vastness. Reality is beyond imagining. God is beyond imagining.

tigerlibra: i was crying about the environment and animals as a child

Starfire_Tor: What I really wanted to do was sing the songs I wrote.

mikec: Do these hour long sessions just zip by? Whew!

JohnTrue: The truth leads to the truth! But we are programmed now to accept lies as truth -- which is why we get assimilated. How can you assimilate otherwise? You get a person to be programmed to see reality not as it is but as you want them to see it.

Marty_Cohen: Thuman was A 32nd Degree Freemason and he dropped the bomb on Japan , what up with number 32??? Health Bill passes on 3-22 . Bonesmen number is 322

animalspirits: I was smart enough not to tell a soul what I could see and what I could do. I only began talking about this about 5 or so years ago and on mostly on UC. I knew they would have put me out to farm if I said anything, but I am close to 70 y.o. and that was how things were done back then.

Sanctorum: yes they do

Starfire_Tor: Individual people don't Time Shift. When a Time Shift happens it happens to everyone.

chevydog56: 800 billion stars? cannot imagine...

daximil: Starfire, did you discuss it in a classical sense, or more like someone who just intuitively knew?

whitley_strieber: I thought that there might be places out there with summer nights and love, out there in all that immensity, and I felt the presence of God, very close.

JohnTrue: Listening, Starfire. *hugs* you sound like an amazing child!

cetacean: Ya gotta wonder, in all that vastness of our Universe, the delivery food must be amazing...

47patriot: Starfire ... please read my memoir, which concerns what can only be understood to be divine intervention, as I am the sole survivor of a 13 man squad of Marines entitled Flashback:VietNam:Cover-Up:PTSD by Alan C. Thomas

miaree9: As. some people still don't talk much.

Pharaoh: Supposedly, Andromeda galaxy will one day affect us very much.

mikec: Animas Spirit - When did it happen, your coming forward - do you have a year? (I am truly curious)

Starfire_Tor: I didn't know not to share, as a small child, until I learned my lesson.

Pameka: Starfire: Does time shifting tie into reincarnation?

whitley_strieber: I did not realize that Starfire, as much as I have listened to you and read your site! Thanks for saying that, it clarifies things a lot.

daximil: Pharaoh, if merging is called "effecting us very much" then yes.

chevydog56: i have considered that 'looking' for ET craft flying around in the universe does not make sense if they are in wormholes and bending time and space, or cloaked, we would not 'see' them

whitley_strieber: Interesting question, Pameka!

Sparky1: animal I do have to compliment you on the interview that you gave Anne. Man the possibilities!

animalspirits: Mike: about 2004 or so

animalspirits: Sparky, Thank you for your kind words. I had fun

cetacean: Let's do a discussion group for The Path. Anyone?

whitley_strieber: That interview with Anne was so great.

mikec: Whitley - I've been going back and re-reading a lot of Mac Tonnies work. A bittersweet experience.

BearingTheDark: The way the galaxies are clustered in the universe by dark matter is similar to the shape of a neutron cluster in any brain.

whitley_strieber: I will discuss the Path at any time!

Eric_in_Madison: @ animalspirits - I forgot to mention, that was a fantastic interview ! ! !

tribalgem: I'm up for that cet

used_to_think: Whitley I took a picture of the huge telescope that is down my valley that I can see out my kitchen window, the light was just hitting it right, it glowed. I will somehow send it to you. So far have not heard anymore about the black cars.

Sanctorum: so, I would imagine it would be possible to time slip during meditation?

tigerlibra: We all have gifts, we just have to let them shine

Mama_Shine: As talks southern like me lol

animalspirits: Thanks Whitley. Anne is a jewel to talk to. I really enjoyed it.

Starfire_Tor: Yes there is a close connection between Time Shifts and reincarnation

whitley_strieber: We are going to be interviewing Mikec about Mac Tonnies soon.

mikec: Yes - Animal Spirit has a very wonderful story to share, I found it perfectly uplifting

BearingTheDark: neuron cluster*

daximil: Yes. That was a fantastic interview.

JohnTrue: Thank you for telling us more of your childhood, Starfire. I have always been curious but didn't know how to when to ask. It is nice to hear.

chevydog56: animalspirits what's your name

animalspirits: Yep, you know I am really from the hiding that one. Lol

Kerman: Whitley, thank you so much and thank Anne for getting Starfire on the chat and thank you so much Starfire jdcomegys

whitley_strieber: She is here and says hello all, she will be back with us next week. Anne

animalspirits: Chevy....diana

cetacean: Great W! It seems to me that the spokes should be five cards each, leaving the Mage and the Fool to form an axle, with the Mage facing the High Priest and the Fool facing the High Priestess...

chevydog56: Hi Anne

Sanctorum: hey Anne

Mama_Shine: I'm more southern talking than you As lawds

BearingTheDark: Hello Anne

Pameka: Kudos to Animals and Anne. This interview was awesome!

JohnTrue: Hi Anne

Starfire_Tor: Why doesn't Whitley play the character in the Key?

Jim: Perfect

cetacean: Whitley has to play himself!

Madd_Matt: I'm a Northern-speaker, me-self!

Sanctorum: my relatives in Kentucky make rednecks here sound like city slickers

Mama_Shine: Starfire..that would be good

animalspirits: Starfire, great idea!

whitley_strieber: The Path is about how to see the Tarot in a hidden language that the gospels are also written in. I am going to do a subscriber sec. talk about this for Easter.

JohnTrue: great idea, Starfire!

Starfire_Tor: My childhood is a very strange one. Maybe one day I will tell.

tribalgem: Starfire - one day I had to go to a town about 5 hours away from my home. The drive down took longer because I went the scenic route. When I returned home, I got back in a time frame that is physically impossible to do - even had I been speeding at 40 km over the limit on the highway, I still could not have gotten home in the under 3 hours it took me to get here. Yet, the whole trip was normal in every way. my husband nearly fell over he was so shocked, and was convinced that I had called from much closer to home than the end point of my trip away.

mikec: Animal Spirit - I have seen a pattern, and the winter of 2006/07 seems to be a time when a Lot of people came forward - a curious pattern - and they all seem to describe it as being *compelled*

Madd_Matt: Starfire, never cast a person to play himself in a film. It never really turns out quite right.

Eric_in_Madison: @ST - the Whitley Character? I would like that because there would be no uncertainty in how he pronounced the dialogue. There's things that just don't come across in print.

cetacean: Can't wait for that W!

chevydog56: i am if anyone wants to write to me thanks all nite

Starfire_Tor: Whitley can play his current self

Kerman: Right, The Key is an explanation of the Tarot which is simplified Qabbalah

tomkowt: good night everybody. "He who would be serene and pure needs but one
thing: detachment"

Pameka: Starefire, do you remember your past lives?

animalspirits: Mike, interesting as I was compelled. No stopping or looking back. Knew I was protected somehow.

tigerlibra: madd: is your interview done?

mikec: Starfire - Please share your story. All of us would find it helpful to understanding the bigger picture.

Pharaoh: Some instruction on personal interaction with the Path cards would be very helpful, as some of us don't know/understand the symbologies involved.

Mama_Shine: Night Tom

Starfire_Tor: I recall other lives

whitley_strieber: Gad, it's already eight! What a wonderful hour, and Starfire, thanks so much for coming. You were, as always, intensely interesting.

animalspirits: Tiger: Anne said last week we would love Matt's interview. Hope it comes next week. can't wait.

BearingTheDark: I have a past life memory of a high school right out of the's only a passing image in my mind.

miaree9: Thank you again, Starfire. Good night, dear hearts. I've got to run.

Starfire_Tor: Yes, I think I could help others who were suppressed like I was. Salem witch trials it was

digi: an hour not long enough

cetacean: The Path is great - it actually contains wry jokes - e.g. I believe the devil depicts a nuclear family, with the child as the devil, all mouths, all needs...and mom and dad look at each other reproachfully for having given up their freedom to a kiss...

tribalgem: Starfire - took a trip to another town that takes 6 hours to go and then came back in under 3 - which is physically impossible, even if I had sped over the limit by 40 k on the highway, still could not have got home that fast. Was that a timeslip?

tigerlibra: me too

kyle: Any more information about The Path is greatly appreciated Whitley!! Very much appreciated!

Pharaoh: Thanks, Starfire.

Mama_Shine: I gotta go too...nite ya'll

animalspirits: Thanks Starfire!

Sanctorum: thanks Starfire and Whitley for the discussion

Madd_Matt: Tiger, yes a few weeks ago. Anne hasn't mentioned when it'll be posted...

animalspirits: and Whitley....

Sanctorum: and everyone

tigerlibra: awesome, dude

animalspirits: gotta go too....doggie trips outside as usual.

whitley_strieber: She will send you an email about the posting.

Starfire_Tor: Thanks to everyone for this wonderful speed typing experience. Good night.

used_to_think: I draught when I was 3 and never was the same after that, must be why we are All Drawn Together

cetacean: Pharoah, let the symbols speak to you.

Sparky1: Thanks Starfire and night all!

JohnTrue: Thanks for this, it was quick and .. quick but very informative!

anna: Time shifts gave me a whole other take on reincarnation...

tribalgem: Goodnight Starfire

Jeremy: Good night Tor

Sanctorum: night

tribalgem: thank you so much

cetacean: Thank you

BearingTheDark: night Starfire Tor

47patriot: Thanks So Much For Another Wonderful Chat!!!!

whitley_strieber: Goodnight, all. And thanks again, Starfire!

cetacean: Starfire

anna: Nite, nite...

Pharaoh: night Starfire

mikec: thanks everyone

whitley_strieber has left.

Jeremy: Night Whitley

Madd_Matt: Night Tor

BearingTheDark: night whitley

JohnTrue: Goodnight Whitley, you guys have a fun and safe trip

daximil: Night to everyone who's leaving.

JohnTrue: Good night Starfire

fontaine: Night Starfire

Starfire_Tor has left.

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Starfire Tor encourages the sharing of her material, found on her website, in free sharing zones. Starfire Tor's material is copyrighted, and if shared with others must include the full title of the material, Starfire Tor's name as author and researcher, and the Starfire Tor web page of origin from this web site. Sharing Starfire Tor's material, without proper acknowledgement as stated, is an act of plagiarism. Please report any infractions, with URL, to Webmaster - Sharri Lorraine