Starfire Tor

Starfire Tor is a respected time anomaly expert, psi researcher, scholar, author, experiencer, and television and radio personality who is the discoverer of The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi. As an extension of her discoveries and research Starfire Tor has developed applied Reality Shift psience including Reality Shift Manifestation and Reality Shift Healing.

Starfire Tor's discoveries have enabled her to understand the actual and ever shifting Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Time Line Nature of Reality, and its impact on Life and the Human Experience. This includes solving the mystery of the Dreaming Brain, and identifying the interfaced relationship between the Human Body, Brain, Soul, and The Core Matrix.

Starfire Tor has appeared on The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Unknown Country and Dreamland with Whitley Strieber, Coast To Coast with Art Bell, Coast To Coast with George Noory, and more. Starfire Tor can currently be seen in The Discovery Channel series "Weird Or What?", featuring her experiences and research into Time Shifts, Time Slips, and Time Travel. Also starting in 2010, on The History Channel, Starfire Tor can be seen in the William Shatner series "Amazing Stories", where she is joined by Whitley Strieber and Anne Strieber to recount their group Time Slip experience at The Magic Castle.

Starfire Tor has created "The Whale And Dolphin People Project", her well researched and forward thinking plan to save the lives of whales and dolphins by changing their status from animal to people. To raise global awareness of the campaign, Starfire Tor has set up "The Whale And Dolphin People Project" on FaceBook and MySpace. The campaign includes getting at least 1 million people to join "The Whale And Dolphin People Project" page in a show of support. Please join by going to this FaceBook and MySpace link and clicking 'like'.

Starfire Tor is well known for her documented precognitive and psychic ability to accurately see future events, using her OBE, psychic dreaming, and psi data download techniques. Whenever possible, she uses her psi ability to help those in need. In an effort to maximize her ability to help others, Starfire Tor has developed psi protocols ­ including Reality Shift Manifestation and Astral Tagging - that have been successful in helping to resolving dangerous conditions, as well as bringing justice to an unjust world. Starfire Tor's most far reaching, and empowered Reality Shift Manifestation protocol, is a global mission she calls The Vortex Peace Prayer. Starfire Tor is also a writer, producer, composer, and singer specializing in both science and science fiction. She was the chief brain of a private think tank, the head science writer for Quest Magazine, and has published many of her scientific investigations including her Time Shift, Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Line, and Unified Field Theory Of Psi discoveries. Besides The Whale And Dolphin People Project, Starfire Tor is also working on "Earthquirks", a multi-media television, internet, dvd, and book series that features and integrates her pioneering research and discoveries.

Starfire Tor has many areas of interest, which interconnect with her many discoveries, research projects, and experiences. They include Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, The Unified Field Theory Of Psi, Time Anomalies, Time Slips, Time Travel and Time Travelers, Unidentified Flying Objects, Ancient and Advanced Flight, Space Travel and Exploration, Ancient and Advanced Science and Engineering, Biology. Medicine, Human and Animal Origins and History, Extraterrestrial Origins and History, Extraterrestrials and Human Contact, The Human and Animal Abduction Enigma, Extraterrestrials and Human and Animal Hybrids, Astronomy, Quantum Physics, Black Holes, Psychic Experiences, Telepathy, Extra Sensory Perception, Precognition, The Dreaming Brain, Psychic Dreaming, Prophecy, Out-Of-Body and Astral Experiences, Near Death Experiences, Remote Viewing, Remote Negative Influencing, Mind Control, Miracles, Earth Origins, Earth Enigmas and Anomalous Events, Ancient Mysteries, Archaeology, Paleontology, Geology, Ooparts, Crop Circles, Religious Beliefs, Mythology and Folklore, Paranormal Events, Psychic Protection, Psychic and Energy Vampires, Spirit Entities, Spirit Possession, Angels, Demonic Entities, Thought Forms, Telekinesis, Bi-Location, Doppelgangers, Poltergeist Activity, Apports, Ghosts, Hauntings, Reincarnation, and Soulmates.

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