Starfire Tor

Starfire Tor is a respected scientist, scholar, visionary, futurist, and experiencer who discovered The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, The Time Shift Effect, Co-Existing Time Lines, Time Line Edits, and The Unified Field Theory of Psi. Due to her pioneering discoveries, and years of dedicated research and public outreach, Starfire Tor is recognized as a leading authority in the paranormal, psychic phenomena, precognition, the dreaming brain, out-of-body episodes, near death experiences, reincarnation, earth mysteries, UFOs, ETs, otherworldly beings, time travel, and time anomalies including time slips, reality shifts, alternate realities, and dual time line memory conflicts.

Starfire Torís, many pioneering discoveries, have enabled her to identify and understand the true - yet heretofore - secret nature of reality. Not only, does this unveiled truth include the many changing time lines that we simultaneously co-inhabit, but in relationship to this information, Starfire Tor has also discovered the root science behind everything psychic and paranormal. This unprecedented collection, of hidden knowledge, has given Starfire Tor a unique and invaluable insight into how these secret workings impact the planet, as well as the many levels of the human experience. Starfire Tor, did not just uncover the greatest and most deceptive secrets in the world, she also discovered a means of utilizing this knowledge to benefit the world. To this end, Starfire Tor has created the powerful and effective protocols of Reality Shift Manifestation, Reality Shift Healing, The Astral Tagging Truth Reveal, and The Vortex Peace Prayer.

Starfire Tor is well known, for her documented and accurate pre-cognitive and psychic abilities, with which she can psi-see past, current, and future events. Whenever possible, she uses her specialized psi skills to help those in need. Starfire Tor has also created The Whale And Dolphin People Project, her well researched and forward thinking plan to save the lives of all cetaceans by rightfully changing their status from animal to non-human person.

Starfire Tor has been featured in various television shows, radio broadcasts, internet podcasts, books, magazine articles, and other published works. This includes appearances on The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Dreamland with Whitley Strieber, Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell, Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, Life Magazine, Quest Magazine. and more. She has also been a principal speaker at select conferences, and has an established presence on social media. Her scientific discoveries have inspired many in the entertainment industry, and because of this, her knowledge and coined phrases have made their way into many television shows and motion pictures. Starfire Tor, herself, is an accomplished and avid writer, producer, composer, lyricist, and singer. She enjoys integrating, her scientific knowledge with her creative gifts, so that both her science and science fiction and fantasy projects can benefit from her many talents.  




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