Starfire Tor has been writing and lecturing about her "Time Shifts", "Core Matrix", "Co-Existing Timelines", and "Unified Field Theory of Psi" discoveries for many years. Her cutting edge research, and concept-shattering knowledge, has been the inspiration for both scientific advancements and science-fiction story-lines. Starfire Tor understands the transformative nature of her revolutionary work, and her down-to-earth and easy-to-follow explanations makes the 'awareness upgrade' accessible to everyone.


Starfire Tor returns to Whitley Strieber's Dreamland chat room - Wednesday, May 26, 2010 from 7pm-8pm. If you want to participate please go to the http//www.unknowncountry.com website and log in to the chat room.

If you do log on, please let me know that you're on the Inter-Dimension list.
That's aleays a bit of extra fun for me.

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Starfire Tor and Whitley Strieber Dreamland Chat, Wednesday, May 26, 2010

(May 26-18:52) Starfire_Tor has joined.

(May 26-18:54) unfettered: Ms. Tor, would you like to have a computer inside your body, wired to your nervous system?

(May 26-18:55) Sanctorum: I certainly don't want a prototype machine wired to my nervous system

(May 26-18:55) veiledvisitor: I think that many people think they would like to have a computer chip in them, but I think it will never work because I Think it will make you very sick. In the end days, people will wish to die and be unable to. They will beg for death that does not come. I think this is because there will be some sort of nano technology. So imagine being tormented but unable to die.

(May 26-18:56) animalspirits: veiled: it isn't gonna matter. Gaia is going to take us all out

(May 26-18:56) Sanctorum: both thoughts don't appeal to me

(May 26-18:56) just_me: I'm still hoping the end of days is a happy ending

(May 26-18:56) unfettered: you may be right, VV

(May 26-18:56) BearingTheDark: Hello our mysterious Starfire Tor...

(May 26-18:57) animalspirits: don't believe she's here

(May 26-18:57) veiledvisitor: I don't think Star is here just yet either

(May 26-18:57) fontaine: Starfire will be back at 7pm sharp (10 EST)

(May 26-18:57) BearingTheDark: it says that Starfire_Tor on the chat list

(May 26-18:57) veiledvisitor: She set up the chat but she isn't there

(May 26-18:57) unfettered: it lies!

(May 26-18:57) BearingTheDark: ah

(May 26-18:57) animalspirits: yes, but she can sign in and leave

(May 26-18:57) animalspirits: not pay attention to the posts yet

(May 26-18:57) Madd_Matt: The avatar's on but nobody's online...

(May 26-18:58) BearingTheDark: time slips are so 2009...

(May 26-18:58) animalspirits: bearilng, yes

(May 26-18:58) fontaine: Bearing - no, they're so 2029

(May 26-18:58) animalspirits: yep

(May 26-18:58) unfettered: i would like to know how many here have seen greys

(May 26-18:58) BearingTheDark: LOL

(May 26-18:58) Whitley_Strieber has joined.

(May 26-18:58) Oouthere: Even'n everyone

(May 26-18:58) BearingTheDark: Whitley!!!

(May 26-18:58) just_me: hi Whitley

(May 26-18:58) just_me: two minutes early

(May 26-18:58) miaree9: Hi, Whitley.

(May 26-18:58) cetacean: Evening Whitley!

(May 26-18:58) veiledvisitor: yay

(May 26-18:58) Madd_Matt: Hi Whit

(May 26-18:58) fontaine: Hey Whit!

(May 26-18:59) cetacean: Greetings to Starfire too!

(May 26-18:59) IDerJohnTrue: Good evening, Whitley

(May 26-18:59) cetacean: And Anne S?

(May 26-18:59) animalspirits: Hey Whitley

(May 26-18:59) Whitley_Strieber: Hi, Starfire.

(May 26-18:59) miaree9: Starfire, thank you so much for joining us.

(May 26-19:00) veiledvisitor: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/10158517.stm

(May 26-19:00) veiledvisitor: Millions of frogs

(May 26-19:00) veiledvisitor: Ok that link was to the millions of frogs in Greece

(May 26-19:00) veiledvisitor: They sense something

(May 26-19:00) animalspirits: lol

(May 26-19:00) Whitley_Strieber: Yes, Starfire, thanks!

(May 26-19:00) cetacean: Have there been any psychic predictions of the BP Gulf oil blowout?

(May 26-19:00) Whitley_Strieber: None that I know of Cetacean. I have looked. Not a thing.

(May 26-19:00) Starfire_Tor: Hi Whitley

(May 26-19:00) Starfire_Tor: Hi everyone

(May 26-19:00) just_me: she's back!

(May 26-19:00) Madd_Matt: Yo Tor

(May 26-19:00) Sanctorum: I sense more oil in the future

(May 26-19:00) fontaine: hi Starfire - Welcome Back

(May 26-19:00) Starfire_Tor: yes

(May 26-19:00) IDerJohnTrue: Hi Starfire

(May 26-19:00) Starfire_Tor: thanks

(May 26-19:00) cetacean: Thx Whitley. Ya gotta figure some remote viewer somewhere would have stumbled on it.

(May 26-19:00) veiledvisitor: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orange/os-frogs-lake-apopka-20100526,0,1660315.story

(May 26-19:00) veiledvisitor: This is a link to the millions of frogs in Apopka, Fl

(May 26-19:00) Anne_Strieber has joined.

(May 26-19:00) BearingTheDark: Starfire_tor, I am a Facebook friend. so there...I've said it.

(May 26-19:00) animalspirits: Hey Anne!

(May 26-19:00) Anna: Hi Whitley, Anne and Starfire

(May 26-19:00) just_me: hi Anne

(May 26-19:01) Starfire_Tor: Hi Anne

(May 26-19:01) fontaine: Hi Anne!

(May 26-19:01) IDerJohnTrue: Hi Anne

(May 26-19:01) Starfire_Tor: Thanks for the FB wave

(May 26-19:01) Lakewood: I'm an ID member

(May 26-19:01) fontaine: Welcome to the IDers

(May 26-19:01) Anne_Strieber: I am here! Remember everyone: Next week's chat is on Thursday.

(May 26-19:01) unfettered: "I'd rather be locked in a room with a good thinker than a good speller" --Mark Twain

(May 26-19:02) IDerJohnTrue: I am an ID member too, that's why I have IDer before my name

(May 26-19:02) cetacean: Their you are Anne. Hi!

(May 26-19:02) Starfire_Tor: thanks for the ID wave

(May 26-19:02) Whitley_Strieber: Great quote, unfetered!

(May 26-19:02) just_me: um, Whitley, Anne, when you announce "no chat tonight" on your website, don't forget that a few regulars continue to chat from time to time

(May 26-19:02) Whitley_Strieber: What is ID?

(May 26-19:02) Oouthere: This is a question to other abductees that are being trained.....does anyone really think we'll use our training?

(May 26-19:02) veiledvisitor: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/10158517.stm Whitley this is the link to the walking computer virus. A man is implanted with an RFID chip. The chip has a virus in it. The man can use his chip to sabotage equipment. This was an experiment for learning purposes, the implications of this are very frightening.

(May 26-19:03) chesserw: ID member here too

(May 26-19:03) IDerJohnTrue: ID stands for Inter-dimension list, Starfire Tor's e-mail list :p

(May 26-19:03) Starfire_Tor: I saw that man-comp virus story

(May 26-19:03) Anne_Strieber: You're Welcome to chat without us--in fact, I hope you do! We were at Esalen (I'm going to write a diary about this) where you can only use wi fi for a few minutes every day.

(May 26-19:03) Whitley_Strieber: There will be a story about that chip deal on Unknown Country soon.

(May 26-19:03) Madd_Matt: Oout, I constantly use mine... more of a state of being that I employ constantly

(May 26-19:04) Starfire_Tor: did anyone see that Art Linkletter died today? He's a Time Shift Living Dead person

(May 26-19:04) cetacean: I've wanted to check out Esalen for decades now!

(May 26-19:04) IDerJohnTrue: :o He died again? I missed that!

(May 26-19:04) Oouthere: Madd, how are you trained? I cannot use anything unless "they" are around....

(May 26-19:04) Starfire_Tor: Lena Horn was a Time Shift Living Dead person a couple of weeks ago

(May 26-19:04) animalspirits: I knew he was alive all this time. Why is he a living dead person?

(May 26-19:04) just_me: Starfire_Tor, what I've seen about time so far is that regarding spiritual events, time is very expandable and contractible, and sometimes completely irrelevant

(May 26-19:05) Starfire_Tor: Yes he died again and again and again. This time at 97

(May 26-19:05) Anne_Strieber: Tentative plans for the festival: showing of the rough cut (audience comments welcome) of a film about Life After Death that I'm in. Also, the film maker wants to do a film about UFO contactees next, so he'll set up a room in which to film interviews of anyone who wants to participate.

(May 26-19:05) animalspirits: Same with Lena Horne. They are just old and people expect them to be dead

(May 26-19:05) miaree9: ID John True, that's what I thought when I read about his death.

(May 26-19:05) Whitley_Strieber: Esalen is absolutely amazing. If you ever want to be fed deeply, it's a terrific place to go. I'd driven past it, but never really knew what went on there. We spent the week with a group of movie types and the founder, Mike Murphy, and his wife. Mike wrote Golf in the Kingdom, one of the seminal books of my youth. I'm re-reading it and boy does it ever hold up! Such a joy, a fabulous experience and a magnificent place.

(May 26-19:05) veiledvisitor: If you watch the BP oil spill and look at the oil coming up, sometimes it looks like demon faces in the oil.

(May 26-19:05) veiledvisitor: I know the human mind is trained to see things but it is freaky

(May 26-19:05) Whitley_Strieber: Anne is terrific in that film.

(May 26-19:06) Madd_Matt: Oout, I suppose me state-of-being is moreover something I might have developed myself, but with their help. But they taught me what I'm capable of, and knowing that usually helps me through pretty much everything.

(May 26-19:06) animalspirits: Whitley and Anne: I am so happy you both got to go. You both deserve such a break

(May 26-19:06) Mama_Shine: I had a terrible vision that I saw oil in my canal an hour ago...i screamed like a banshee.

(May 26-19:06) Anne_Strieber: The patriarch of Esalen, Mike Murphy, who started it all 40 years ago, came to spirituality through golf, which just goes to show that the Buddhist ideas of "chop wood, carry water" can be applied to Many situations!

(May 26-19:06) Starfire_Tor: He's a TSLD because he's been reported as having died a number of times, and it's documented. Read my TSLD report on my website. It's one of the big pieces of evidence that a Time Shift has happened. Big stuff

(May 26-19:06) just_me: Mama_shine, where is your canal?

(May 26-19:06) animalspirits: Starfire: He was sick, not dead. Loved the man. Kept up with him. Sorry gotta disagree

(May 26-19:06) cetacean: @veiled: There are pix of the burning WTC buildings which seem to have a large happy demon face in the smoke...

(May 26-19:07) Mama_Shine: my backyard in New Orleans area

(May 26-19:07) veiledvisitor: Whitley did anyone ever look at that UFO picture? It was probably a bird anyway but I'd like to know what anyone thought.

(May 26-19:07) animalspirits: Mama I am so upset about your canal....

(May 26-19:07) Oouthere: Madd, I'm beginning to think "they" just like observing us....we are shown so much but it is becoming difficult to believe the "activation" will occur.

(May 26-19:07) IDerJohnTrue: animalrspirits ... in many time lines he has dies already. Now he is dead again.

(May 26-19:07) Madd_Matt: Aw... there's nothing like a happy demon face to brighten your day!

(May 26-19:07) unfettered: looked to me like a Billy Meyer UFO

(May 26-19:07) animalspirits: Starfire: Reporting someone died happens in the media all the time, and is often wrong.

(May 26-19:07) Starfire_Tor: Sorry We've got the obits on him documented in the archives

(May 26-19:07) Anne_Strieber: We get a few CDTs, but most of it is nice.

(May 26-19:08) IDerJohnTrue: it's documented deaths

(May 26-19:08) Starfire_Tor: I know it's a shock but there you have it. Please read my research

(May 26-19:08) Anna: CDTs?

(May 26-19:08) Starfire_Tor: thanks

(May 26-19:08) IDerJohnTrue: oh, what Starfire said

(May 26-19:08) Whitley_Strieber: Does it really, Animal? Seems quite rare to me.

(May 26-19:08) animalspirits: I know your research. I am on your list

(May 26-19:08) Starfire_Tor: it's ok to help me out John!

(May 26-19:08) Anne_Strieber: Starfire, does this mean that the person died in another parallel universe, but not in this one? P.S. CDTs are Christian Death Threats.

(May 26-19:09) Anna: thanks Anne

(May 26-19:09) Starfire_Tor: I'm happy to say that Boylan's pathetic quake predictions were proven false.

(May 26-19:09) Madd_Matt: Oout, I've been minorly "activated", although I'm anxious to get to the Big one. Being held back at the moment, something about a bigger critical mass being needed..

(May 26-19:09) animalspirits: I believe people don't pay attention to the older ones. They get sick and get reported as dead when they aren't. That's Hollywood, always ready to declare a death.

(May 26-19:09) Whitley_Strieber: CDTs are Christian Death Threats. Jesus Christ will strike you dead!!!!!! That kind of thing. Not my Jesus Christ, but we have to watch out for that other guy, I guess...

(May 26-19:09) Starfire_Tor: I can imagine him [Boylan] wishing that the lot of us suffered terribly so he could make a name for himself

(May 26-19:09) Anne_Strieber: Boylan is just an opportunist. Alas, too many of those in the UFO biz.

(May 26-19:09) Oouthere: Madd, "they" told you a critical mass is need or is this your theory?

(May 26-19:09) animalspirits: Matt you will get there, just be patient with it

(May 26-19:09) Whitley_Strieber: I am feeling incredibly dissociated lately. Like I am here and not here at the same time.

(May 26-19:09) Starfire_Tor: I don't like to see people [like Boylan] preying on Abductees

(May 26-19:10) Anna: Someone posted a link to my old site that "Alternative" (Orgone Energy) stuff was "New World Order", HA! I emailed them, never heard back

(May 26-19:10) cetacean: The fightin' Jesus!

(May 26-19:10) Whitley_Strieber: Boylan is hopeless, poor man.

(May 26-19:10) unfettered: an effect of white powder gold?

(May 26-19:10) Whitley_Strieber: You got that right, Cetacean

(May 26-19:10) Mama_Shine: My neighbor said Jesus would come off the cross and kick my azz

(May 26-19:10) animalspirits: Mama I seriously doubt that

(May 26-19:10) animalspirits: maying predictions is a slippery slope

(May 26-19:10) Whitley_Strieber: Mayan?

(May 26-19:10) chesserw: Lol ceta, the Notre Dame fight song in the background.

(May 26-19:10) Anne_Strieber: One reason they [Boylan-et all] prey on them is that they are ignored or derided by "official" science, so they are fair game to the nasty folks who do this sort of thing.

(May 26-19:10) Anna: They posted that if we were "God" and could heal ourselves that was NWO

(May 26-19:10) IDerJohnTrue: I prefer Buddy Jesus myself :p

(May 26-19:10) Starfire_Tor: Yes, Anne, an opportunist who had his license yanked because of how he messed with possible Abductees

(May 26-19:10) cetacean: Anyone hear of the Church of the Subgenius? Their "joke" is a great manual on what seems to really be going on,...

(May 26-19:11) miaree9: I have, cetacean.

(May 26-19:11) veiledvisitor: If you weight 200 pounds and over the course of your life you somehow got 200 pounds of white powder gold and you ate a little every day, would you like...levitate one day when you are eighty years old?

(May 26-19:11) Lakewood: Hail Bob!

(May 26-19:11) Madd_Matt: Oout, It's what they indicated. They're [the Abductors] trying to get more people ready, so when it happens it can be taken advantage of by more folk.

(May 26-19:11) unfettered: Jesus Christ will strike you dead, eh? if that isn't projection i never heard of it

(May 26-19:11) Starfire_Tor: predictions are right or they are wrong. I'm tuff in that regard

(May 26-19:11) Whitley_Strieber: Abductees get desperate. You have this thing and it is aggressive and it is in your face and the result is, you're laughed at or told you're crazy, and you know otherwise, and that is a holy terror.

(May 26-19:11) cetacean: Miaree, have you read the books? Do you get the gist of "Bob"?

(May 26-19:11) Whitley_Strieber: She is, for sure.

(May 26-19:11) Oouthere: Madd, thanks...just losing hope I suppose....

(May 26-19:12) Anne_Strieber: People used to come up to me at parties, drink in hand, and tell me I was going to go to hell when the rapture came. I write about this in "My Adventures with the Green Man."

(May 26-19:12) Lakewood: Wow Bob Wow

(May 26-19:12) veiledvisitor: Only God decides who goes to heaven or hell so one should not say that.

(May 26-19:12) unfettered: Mr. Strieber, do you have anything to say about why some are treated roughly by visitors and some are treated very gently?

(May 26-19:12) blue: Anne, CLD have been real -- or just street theatre (people who are paid to do stuff like come up to you and say stuff like that)

(May 26-19:12) fontaine: It's a full moon as of tomorrow and Mercury is retrograde - very bad for communications

(May 26-19:12) IDerJohnTrue: Inter-Dimension list members are great at assisting Starfire in her efforts to sort the real from the unreal predictions and finding who is a hoaxer like Andrew Basagio.

(May 26-19:12) miaree9: I'm not sure I got the gist of 'Bob,' but I did read some of the books. It's been a while.

(May 26-19:12) BearingTheDark: When I die, I expect to haunt all the people who've pissed me off.

(May 26-19:12) animalspirits: Whitley, you have to not care what others think of you. It is all in how confident you are in what happened. If you maintain that confidence, they will grow tired and leave you alone sooner or later.

(May 26-19:13) Mama_Shine: yes full Moon tomorrow

(May 26-19:13) just_me: very important not to stand in judgment

(May 26-19:13) cetacean: I think maybe all visitors that look alike may not be alike...

(May 26-19:13) Whitley_Strieber: Lakewood: Bob? I have not seen a Bob in here.

(May 26-19:13) chesserw: Good one Bearing!

(May 26-19:13) Anna: not in my reality, my mercury is good

(May 26-19:13) Starfire_Tor: we do a lot of research on Inter-Dimension.

(May 26-19:13) Anne_Strieber: If there Is a hell. I think it's a human concept, myself. And the horned Satan figure is a misuse of the Wiccan horned god (who is not a bad guy).

(May 26-19:13) Whitley_Strieber: They do not look alike. They are very different.

(May 26-19:13) animalspirits: Bearing: That is what I tell my family if they don't do exactly what I want done with my body when I die

(May 26-19:13) fontaine: Ya - who's Bob?

(May 26-19:13) blue: i think they can't tan and so they tell us all to wear sunscreen

(May 26-19:13) BearingTheDark: Sorry to say, but I have a horrible vengeful streak in me.

(May 26-19:13) miaree9: That's from the Church of the Subgenius, Whitley. All Hail Bob.

(May 26-19:13) Lakewood: Bob is a fire spirit, whatever That is.

(May 26-19:13) Starfire_Tor: If there is a hell isn't this it?

(May 26-19:14) Whitley_Strieber: The MOTK [Master of the Key] has a very human definition of hell, as I recall. It is a choice made in life.

(May 26-19:14) Anna: Anne, did you watch the end of Lost?

(May 26-19:14) veiledvisitor: I'm hoping for ultimate reconciliation. I know it isn't written any place in the Bible but I'm hoping God finds a way to save even those who do go to hell. Eternity is a long, long time. I just don't see how there is absolutely no way to save anyone.

(May 26-19:14) sandkoo: Starfire is Art Linkletter a Time Shift person. my wife and i both thought he died a while back

(May 26-19:14) Anne_Strieber: I'm about to post a very important story about sunscreen. It turns out that lots of them have vitamin A in them and this actually Encourages Melanoma.

(May 26-19:14) BearingTheDark: lol animalspirits/

(May 26-19:14) blue: no hell is a lot worse - but its coming to a world near us very soon

(May 26-19:14) cetacean: "Bob" is J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, the Messianic Salesman of the Church of the Subgenius. "you'll Pay us to tell you what you really want"!

(May 26-19:14) animalspirits: Anne: I posted what my Visitor Guide's eye look like in the Contactee thread. Totally unbelievable. Took my breath away

(May 26-19:14) just_me: Starfire_Tor, I don't see the "Earth Walk" as I call it hell, though it can be annoying

(May 26-19:14) Whitley_Strieber: Vengeance is mine, saith the Bearing!

(May 26-19:14) IDerJohnTrue: This place feels like hell, we keep getting put into punishing horrible Time Lines Or at least the land of the dead, full of greedy power-hungry overseers.

(May 26-19:14) Starfire_Tor: He's [Art Linkletter] a Time Shift Living Dead person meaning in this current Time Line he died, in another Time Line he died much earlier

(May 26-19:14) cetacean: Please note that in British parlance, "Bob" means a con, a dupe, a fraud...

(May 26-19:14) Whitley_Strieber: I have to find out about the Church of the Subgenius.

(May 26-19:14) Lakewood: "Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds, 'Fire, Walk With Me.'"

(May 26-19:15) blue: you move into the Time Line you are attracted to ...

(May 26-19:15) Anne_Strieber: I never got "tuned in" to Lost. All my favorite shows get cancelled, showing that my taste is not that of most folks. I loved "Numbers," "The Unit," and "Saving Grace."

(May 26-19:15) Oouthere: Have a good evening all

(May 26-19:15) Starfire_Tor: There's also the Church of Subwoofer

(May 26-19:15) animalspirits: your earth walk is your soul learning process..either you learn the lessons or you get to come back and try it again

(May 26-19:15) cetacean: Whitley, you will love it once you get it. www.subgenius.com

(May 26-19:15) Anna: Did anyone watch the end episode of Lost, with it's twist?

(May 26-19:15) Starfire_Tor: Lost? yes

(May 26-19:15) unfettered: the Church of the Subgenius is a very repetitive joke

(May 26-19:15) blue: i think i have found a definition of "World" and how it differs from Earth and Universe -- Worlds are Alternate Time Lines

(May 26-19:15) veiledvisitor: Bart Simpson thought the whole of Lost was a dog's dream

(May 26-19:15) Whitley_Strieber: I recall the Process Church of Final Judgement. Pretty final sort of a place.

(May 26-19:15) veiledvisitor: I never watched Lost

(May 26-19:15) animalspirits: I did not like Lost. It was so obvious from the beginning and bad plots if you figured it out

(May 26-19:15) Anna: Spolier Alert- they were dead and had created a "place to be together"

(May 26-19:15) just_me: Starfire_tor, I haven't directly perceived Shifts in Time Lines, but I do have some of those half-remembered things you mention

(May 26-19:15) BearingTheDark: Whitley, was that a taunt? *eyes begin to close slightly*

(May 26-19:16) Whitley_Strieber: No, Bearing...

(May 26-19:16) BearingTheDark: ah

(May 26-19:16) Whitley_Strieber: It was a recognition of your statement.

(May 26-19:16) BearingTheDark: lol

(May 26-19:16) Madd_Matt: Oout, don't lose hope, we've won the war. Basically, there's a psychic Manhattan Project that's off the books, so to speak. Basically, a chain reaction of triggered awareness started by a key few individuals that spreads like falling dominos across the planet's population. At least, I hope they're not pulling my leg on this...

(May 26-19:16) blue: i spose i should say Planet/Moon -- not Earth

(May 26-19:16) Madd_Matt: Doh! Too late..

(May 26-19:16) blue: oh yeah - matt

(May 26-19:16) IDerJohnTrue: I never watched Lost. I saw like one episode :p

(May 26-19:16) IDerJohnTrue: I watch Fringe, though!

(May 26-19:16) just_me: but I can say for sure that in regard to spirit, time is very flexible, and often irrelevant altogether

(May 26-19:16) Starfire_Tor: Those half remembered things can be memories of other time lines, or even dreams

(May 26-19:16) Anne_Strieber: I suspect that "dog's Dream" really means "God's Dream" (dog spelled backwards).

(May 26-19:16) Anna: I liked the show, lots of twists, physics and redemption...

(May 26-19:16) Anna: I love Fringe too

(May 26-19:17) animalspirits: I don't like the term Time Slip. They are just movement through Time for people that are able to do it. It is quite easy and not anything special

(May 26-19:17) blue: in one world I'm in a coma and I'm gonna wake up and find that this is all a dream

(May 26-19:17) Lakewood: You know how you could leave the island by turning the frozen donkey wheel and you end up in North Africa? I thought it would be cooler if you turned up in Glastonbury Grove in Ghostwood, Twin Peaks

(May 26-19:17) animalspirits: Anne, I believe you are correct

(May 26-19:17) Madd_Matt: Animal, listening to "Lost" fans talk about the plots sounds like the writers were just throwing in story elements at random...

(May 26-19:17) Whitley_Strieber: The psychic Manhattan Project had better do something about that oil spill, because it is raining oil tonight in Orlando. http://tl.gd/1gkbdh

(May 26-19:17) BearingTheDark: I know enough about vengeance to say that it is utter poison.

(May 26-19:17) unfettered: Mr. Strieber, I find it improbable that you have not connected Hudson’s white powder gold with the beverage given you by the Master of the Key. Is it not obviously the same thing--perhaps with differences of quality and efficacy

(May 26-19:17) blue: we can do it, Whitley -- but will we?

(May 26-19:17) animalspirits: Matt: yes, it wasn't that well written.

(May 26-19:17) Whitley_Strieber: If a storm should move through the Gulf, it will rain oil all the way into Canada.

(May 26-19:17) IDerJohnTrue: I think Starfire said that the dreaming mind has less fettered access to the streaming of the Core Matrix, our Real-World worries don't need our attention so we can access the Core Matrix focus on it more.
(May 26-19:18) Anne_Strieber: We just posted a cool story about the oil spill--turns out the whole problem was caused by cement.

(May 26-19:18) IDerJohnTrue: cement? don't you mean seamint?

(May 26-19:18) Whitley_Strieber: Ah hahahaha, JohnTrue. Love a pun!

(May 26-19:18) Whitley_Strieber: I mean, a hurricane, or a big tropical that rolls up the East Coast.

(May 26-19:18) veiledvisitor: This is so depressing. I want a light body and get out of here.

(May 26-19:18) chesserw: Starfire, have you considered a cut and paste of the Time Line for the oil spill?

(May 26-19:18) Starfire_Tor: Yes yes correct

(May 26-19:18) BearingTheDark: Halliburton is really starting to annoy me...

(May 26-19:18) Whitley_Strieber: That Unknown Country story is excellent.

(May 26-19:18) animalspirits: Whitley, you are correct. and it is going to happen very soon as the gulf water temps are rising and that means storms

(May 26-19:18) Mama_Shine: if the storm hit the oil my house will be covered

(May 26-19:18) Sanctorum: United Viscous States of America

(May 26-19:18) cetacean: Sanctorum: Lol

(May 26-19:18) veiledvisitor: Can you make a light body if you are depressed to the point of despair

(May 26-19:18) BearingTheDark: no

(May 26-19:18) Starfire_Tor: Yes I have considered a Reality Shift Manifestation concerning the oil disaster

(May 26-19:19) chesserw: And.......?

(May 26-19:19) Whitley_Strieber: Do it, Starfire, something has to happen!

(May 26-19:19) Anne_Strieber: Veiled, keep in touch with William Henry's writings and DVDs. That's what he's exploring. He's in the UK right now--he's in love and he's getting Married soon!

(May 26-19:19) animalspirits: Anne....aaawww. that's cool

(May 26-19:19) Madd_Matt: Hopefully the BP disaster changes the way oil is thought of in the same way 9/11 changed (in)security measures.

(May 26-19:19) Lakewood: Ah, the seamint and gum mint.

(May 26-19:19) Anne_Strieber: Starfire, can you fix that cement?

(May 26-19:19) animalspirits: they are liable to put anything down that hole to stop it

(May 26-19:19) Starfire_Tor: There are many challenges to it because of so many people involved in deep corruption. What I did psi see was an incredible submarine that's currently black ops. It can stop the gushing. That's what I hoped would arrive.

(May 26-19:19) Madd_Matt: Veiled, yes, you can, but it's a Lot harder.

(May 26-19:19) cetacean: Oh veiled! I am sorry if you are feeling heavily down...i just keep reminding myself that the possibilities of this world are greater than my imagination...

(May 26-19:20) cetacean: Of course, that cuts both ways I guess...we are in the worst trouble we have ever been in regarding the environment, because there is nothing left to try.

(May 26-19:20) Starfire_Tor: This black ops sub I saw can use lasers to stop the gushing.

(May 26-19:20) Mama_Shine: But Louisiana, my coastline is dying

(May 26-19:20) blue: the earth will close it

(May 26-19:20) Anne_Strieber: A black ops sub, that's fascinating. Hope it does the job.

(May 26-19:20) just_me: this spill will change so many things for a very long time

(May 26-19:20) animalspirits: Whitley, nope and it is going to take days to complete this latest attempt

(May 26-19:20) Whitley_Strieber: Deep corruption. That is So True!

(May 26-19:20) Starfire_Tor: It's not been called in. But I can see it

(May 26-19:21) Starfire_Tor: It may be a USO

(May 26-19:21) cetacean: Seems to me if they put anything in that hole, it will burst the blockage and leave the hole bigger and messier and harder to deal with...

(May 26-19:21) IDerJohnTrue: There are many layers to the corruption isn't there? In BP and in how governments allow corporations free reign and don't really oversee them?

(May 26-19:21) just_me: Mama_shine, dear heart

(May 26-19:21) Whitley_Strieber: The earth will not close it. The only hope after this will be relief wells, if they can even be drilled.

(May 26-19:21) Anne_Strieber: Whitley, didn't you tell me that the oil spill could affect the environment in the same way that the gulf stream dropping down can?

(May 26-19:21) blue: There were a lot of things that happened that were ignored by officials in all three companies -- cant be just a coincidence

(May 26-19:21) cetacean: Especially if they bomb it, as even Bill Maher was suggesting last week../

(May 26-19:21) blue: bad idea - a bomb

(May 26-19:21) Starfire_Tor: I read the BP contract and they claimed that there was little concern about a problem happening. Outrageous

(May 26-19:21) animalspirits: Starfire: it is coming because I don't believe this try will work and the military will come in. they cleaned up the gulf after the first Iraq war when there was inches of oil in that gulf.

(May 26-19:21) Anna: I've been flooded with rain and cold

(May 26-19:22) miaree9: Now that's a scary thought, Anne.

(May 26-19:22) Anna: not normal May weather, cold and wet

(May 26-19:22) veiledvisitor: The world is dying around me and all anyone can think of is that I am 32 years old and living at home with my mother. I do have Aspergers and I just don't feel like I belong any place in the world. All my sister cares about is Celebrity Gossip. Everyone is asleep around me, no one cares what is happening in the world.

(May 26-19:22) unfettered: how is the WPG Gold thing going?

(May 26-19:22) Starfire_Tor: Claiming that there is little concern means that they don't have to provide a ready backup plan

(May 26-19:22) Lakewood: So when do we start talking about Starfire Tor and the Discovery Channel show?

(May 26-19:22) Whitley_Strieber: No, Anne, what it can do is change the Ph of the ocean and the gulf stream, with unknown consequences. The oil is already in the Gulf Stream, and will be off the Eastern Seaboard in about 30 days. In time, it will show up in the English Channel.

(May 26-19:22) Anna: unfettered, who are you asking?

(May 26-19:22) just_me: it breaks my heart, veiledvisitor

(May 26-19:22) Madd_Matt: Anne, a large oil slick can affect the amount of sunlight reaching lower levels of water, so it has the potential to affect currents

(May 26-19:22) blue: the old world is dying - like leaves falling off of the trees

(May 26-19:22) animalspirits: they brought in super tankers and sucked it all up. separated the oil and water and returned the water. those tankers are full of oil waiting to be sold instead of being send here to clean this up

(May 26-19:22) Whitley_Strieber: I am not doing WPG now.

(May 26-19:22) cetacean: John True: It's not so much corruption as the fact that the US is misidentified as a republic when actually we are ruled by a crypto fascist oligarchy. Government for the corporations by the corporations of the people.

(May 26-19:22) blue: like the snake shedding its skin

(May 26-19:23) Starfire_Tor: I wonder if Obama knows about the sub I speak of. It has an incredible crush depth well below anything publicly known

(May 26-19:23) BearingTheDark: Veiledvisitor, you belong with us.

(May 26-19:23) blue: like the chrysalis, small, hard and gray

(May 26-19:23) blue: from which the butterfly

(May 26-19:23) blue: comes forth and flies

(May 26-19:23) Anna: I just finished doing WPG, got the "hum" in the ears

(May 26-19:23) Anne_Strieber: Veiled, read my diary "Are the Visitors Autistic?" It's about Temple Grandin, world's most famous Autistic. BTW, Asberger's is not considered a form of Autism any more, just a different expression of Normality.

(May 26-19:23) just_me: Starfire_Tor, may I ask, how do you see things like the sub?

(May 26-19:23) just_me: what is your method?

(May 26-19:23) Whitley_Strieber: BP has two objectives: keep as much secret as possible and pay as little as possible.

(May 26-19:23) animalspirits: I got an amazing gift today: a Crow's wing feather. so beautiful.

(May 26-19:23) unfettered: WS, but I'll listen to anyone on the subject. WS said in the Joe Farrel interview he'd be using Hudson's WPG in preparation for a Hudson interview

(May 26-19:23) Anna: My energy level is a lot different than several years ago when I used ORMUS a lot, so maybe that why I didn't see a big change

(May 26-19:24) animalspirits: Whitley, yep

(May 26-19:24) Whitley_Strieber: How, animals

(May 26-19:24) BearingTheDark: BP = typical fatcats.

(May 26-19:24) blue: cool, animalspirits -- the birds leave feathers for me too

(May 26-19:24) Whitley_Strieber: I could not get a response out of Hudson.

(May 26-19:24) animalspirits: Whitley How what..confused as usual

(May 26-19:24) Anne_Strieber: I'm afraid I find crows annoying (read my diary "The Birds"). There were fabulous Mountain Jays at Esalen. If you left them some bread crumbs, they would hop right over to you.

(May 26-19:24) Anna: I think Hudson went underground

(May 26-19:24) Whitley_Strieber: How did you get the crow's wing feather?>

(May 26-19:24) cetacean: Payment is not enough. BP exec's must be jailed for criminal negligence. Also Transocean and Halliburton

(May 26-19:24) veiledvisitor: I saved a bird from our Chimney Flue today. Took apart two screws and unscrewed the U bend. I saved a birds life, but all my stepfather cares about is money. He thinks I broke the chimney. But I love animals and he loves money.

(May 26-19:25) animalspirits: I found it on the ground right where I take the Dogs outside.

(May 26-19:25) Lakewood: I heard that William Shatner will be hosting a version of "Weird or What" for Canada or something. Maybe there's still a Chance to get the producers to do more of an interview with Starfire to include her research???

(May 26-19:25) just_me: If I were a top BP executive right now, I would have a very hard time enjoying my wealth

(May 26-19:25) Starfire_Tor: I psi see the sub because I can. I have the gift of seeing things, the future, the past, and other stuff

(May 26-19:25) unfettered: wasn't your brother doing something along the same lines?

(May 26-19:25) Mama_Shine: BP Is Going To Pay!!!

(May 26-19:25) Whitley_Strieber: Too few like you veiled. Unless we learn to love the animals, the money won't mean a thing.

(May 26-19:25) miaree9: AS, the great tailed grackles around my house leave presents for me, too--all over my car, and it's not feathers.

(May 26-19:25) IDerJohnTrue: There's been poor government oversite on corporations. They can get away with things so that this horrible tragic BP oil spill happens. Isn't or Gov. supposed to be of the people for the people by the people? I'd like to see that again in the Vortex Peace Prayer Starfire Tor created ...

(May 26-19:25) veiledvisitor: And I swear I saw the bird fly away with its mate after I let it go

(May 26-19:25) just_me: thank you, Starfire

(May 26-19:25) animalspirits: Just_me: they have no morals

(May 26-19:25) Starfire_Tor: You can check out my website and my precog section

(May 26-19:25) blue: veiled -- try to imagine your father as more understanding -- its a bit hard at first, but if you really want him to be that way -- you will.

(May 26-19:25) Starfire_Tor: it explains it and has examples

(May 26-19:25) huff: Great interview with William Henry, Whit you chaps are on it dude!

(May 26-19:25) Anna: Starfire, do you see any upcoming big quakes?

(May 26-19:25) Madd_Matt: Veiled, the you know better. "stupid is as stupid does". Let him think what he want's to think, you don't have to share in his misery

(May 26-19:26) unfettered: there are too many people.

(May 26-19:26) Anne_Strieber: There wasn't enough of Starfire in that segment However there was a lot of real science in it that was very impressive. This is rare for a "paranormal" show.

(May 26-19:26) fontaine: My visitor has arrived and I have to go - bummer! Good night All!!!

(May 26-19:26) just_me: animal spirits, they are only fooled by their delusions, their ego self

(May 26-19:26) Anne_Strieber: Visitor or "visitor?"

(May 26-19:26) huff: Did you ever make up with Pinchbek?

(May 26-19:26) animalspirits: Anne: Did either of you talk to the woman and ask her where she was from?

(May 26-19:26) Starfire_Tor: Yes, Bill Shatner will be hosting a new version of Weird or What in Canada and worldwide

(May 26-19:26) unfettered: there is essentially no wilderness left in N. America

(May 26-19:26) Starfire_Tor: it will premier sometime in 2010

(May 26-19:26) Whitley_Strieber: So true John True, and it looks like we are about to give the country to the Tea Party movement, which is about total abandonment of government and total corporate control even though they say otherwise. As matters stand, we need a government strong enough to regulate these jerks. If not, they will eat us alive and this will end up a dead planet dotted with bunkers full of CEOs.

(May 26-19:27) Sanctorum: William Shatner has his own social website now

(May 26-19:27) Sanctorum: myouterspace.com

(May 26-19:27) unfettered: you to Alaska, and you see hikers in the mountains

(May 26-19:27) Anne_Strieber: That's another cancelled show I really miss: Boston Legal. Shatner was great in that.

(May 26-19:27) huff: BP = Bye Planet

(May 26-19:27) Anna: Starfire, do you see any upcoming big quakes?

(May 26-19:27) boyf: Hi Madd_Matt, I've been thinking "But it will all be fine" at the end of my doubtful thoughts ever since I hear you interview with Anna. Thanks!

(May 26-19:27) animalspirits: Anne: I loved that show. so good

(May 26-19:27) Anne_Strieber: I suspect he just played himself.

(May 26-19:27) cetacean: Well spoken W! Hear hear!

(May 26-19:27) just_me: there is some wilderness in Alaska

(May 26-19:27) veiledvisitor: BP = Bye Porpoises

(May 26-19:27) BearingTheDark: When you act, God acts.

(May 26-19:27) Starfire_Tor: Quakes. Yes. Check out my 2010 predictions and precogs

(May 26-19:27) BearingTheDark: Let's see what God does in the near future.

(May 26-19:27) Anne_Strieber: Just posted a story about a Big One coming.

(May 26-19:28) Whitley_Strieber: We all talked to her, animals. She was a photographer working there that night.

(May 26-19:28) Starfire_Tor: 6 months in and 80% have come to pass

(May 26-19:28) Anna: Starfire, Do you have a link?

(May 26-19:28) Whitley_Strieber: They are now saying that the Pacific Northwest is a lot more unstable than had been thought.

(May 26-19:28) Starfire_Tor: Big one? when Anne?

(May 26-19:28) animalspirits: Did you ask her what the year was?

(May 26-19:28) veiledvisitor: I read Revelations 16 and then after that comes the solar flare

(May 26-19:28) Madd_Matt: Boyf, glad it could be of use! Usually these things just wind up being entertaining stories.

(May 26-19:28) Anne_Strieber: We described her to Brandon and he recognized who she was immediately and led us to her.

(May 26-19:28) veiledvisitor: Oil first, then flare

(May 26-19:28) IDerJohnTrue: Did anybody see the Strieber's / Starfire Tor's segment on Weird or What? I wish I could see her story in full, they made it seem like a time traveler mystery when that wasn't it at all!

(May 26-19:28) Whitley_Strieber: Did you see anything about the spill, Starfire, and do you see anything now about it?

(May 26-19:28) Anne_Strieber: I think I mention that in my diary "magic."

(May 26-19:28) unfettered: so where to go in case of earth crust displacement?

(May 26-19:28) boyf: Ha! No much deeper than that I feel.

(May 26-19:28) animalspirits: I saw it

(May 26-19:29) cetacean: What happens if that spill catches fire? Oy!

(May 26-19:29) veiledvisitor: Boom I guess

(May 26-19:29) animalspirits: unfettered, very good question. Nowhere as it won't matter

(May 26-19:29) Starfire_Tor: I did not see the spill when I published my 2010 predictions on 12-31-09. I saw the spill when Obama announced oil drilling

(May 26-19:29) Mama_Shine: Starfire do you see a major hurricane hitting the oil?

(May 26-19:29) huff: i love your voice Starfire

(May 26-19:29) Anne_Strieber: I'm not sure if that real, despite doing a Dreamland about that.

(May 26-19:29) veiledvisitor: How do you do a send love to the world meditation?

(May 26-19:30) cetacean: If what is real Anne?

(May 26-19:30) Anna: Starfire, Do you have a link? for your predictions?

(May 26-19:30) veiledvisitor: I tried to imagine putting a bandage over the oil spill

(May 26-19:30) Whitley_Strieber: There is a huge coronal mass ejection coming from the sun, due to hit tomorrow. If so, the stock market should go down Friday or Monday, and there will be other big events.

(May 26-19:30) animalspirits: It is highly unlikely that one won't hit the spill given all the predictions

(May 26-19:30) blue: just do it

(May 26-19:30) Anne_Strieber: Earth crust slippage.

(May 26-19:30) Starfire_Tor: the oil will be around for a long time. A hurricane will eventually get to it

(May 26-19:30) blue: whatever way feels right to you

(May 26-19:30) BearingTheDark: I don't mean to be a conversation deflector here, but Whitley, can you tell us more about your out of body experience?

(May 26-19:30) Starfire_Tor: Coronal masses and Time Shifts go hand in hand

(May 26-19:30) Sanctorum: poor sealife :/

(May 26-19:30) Anne_Strieber: And blow it onshore? Whitley read a twitter that said it was "raining oil" in Florida.

(May 26-19:30) IDerJohnTrue: the sun is connected to Time Shifts sometimes, can cause them

(May 26-19:30) veiledvisitor: There is a lot of the oil under the water because they put the dispersant on it and that makes the oil sink so no one can see how much oil there is

(May 26-19:31) IDerJohnTrue: hehe, we said it at the same time, Starfire! :p

(May 26-19:31) Whitley_Strieber: If a hurricane gets to it, a great large area of the US will be hurt bad. Mostly the old south, ironically the heart of the movement that does not believe in Gov't regulation.

(May 26-19:31) Madd_Matt: Veiled, it's pretty simple: just put yourself into a state of love. You wind up broadcasting that to the world whether you intend to or not.

(May 26-19:31) Starfire_Tor: I haven't seen that oil rain twitter thing yet

(May 26-19:31) Anna: Whitley what's the correlation to the CME and stock market???

(May 26-19:31) boyf: Loved your recent post Whitley. I was wondering, what more of a gift to the human race can you give the knowledge that the soul and body are indeed separate.

(May 26-19:31) animalspirits: no rain here. will watch for it. am in Tallahassee and only 17 mi. from the coast

(May 26-19:31) Anne_Strieber: Dean Radin spoke at Esalen and correlated coronal masses with the stock market.

(May 26-19:31) Starfire_Tor: Weather can be modified

(May 26-19:31) cetacean: They are talking about blocking the mouth of the Mississippi with sand bars to keep the oil out. Big river. Hard to imagine. And likely to do as much damage as good, IMHO

(May 26-19:31) veiledvisitor: I Think we need to form some sort of thing like that so we can do a mass meditation on trying to fix this somehow (May 26-19:31) Mama_Shine: The oil will surge my house just like Katrina did :-(

(May 26-19:31) Whitley_Strieber: Oil rain twitter thing repost: http://tl.gd/1gkbdh

(May 26-19:31) veiledvisitor: if it even helps a little bit

(May 26-19:31) BearingTheDark: I live near the Gulf, I would not want to see any oil rain on my yard or anyone else's.

(May 26-19:31) Lakewood: Whitley mentioned a CME hitting tomorrow. Have a link to a news story? Apparently CMEs can vary quite a bit...from not so bad to Ed Dame's "killshot"

(May 26-19:31) IDerJohnTrue: *nods* weather can be modified

(May 26-19:31) Sanctorum: isn't Hurricane season in the fall?

(May 26-19:32) Anna: How's the correlation done?

(May 26-19:32) huff: maybe it will burn up al the banksters

(May 26-19:32) blue: anybody consider that some organization might be trying to depopulate the Gulf area to make it more vulnerable to invasion?

(May 26-19:32) Whitley_Strieber: It won't be a killshot, just a biggie.

(May 26-19:32) Mama_Shine: Hurricane season starts June 1

(May 26-19:32) animalspirits: no, it begins June 1 and ends Nov. 30th

(May 26-19:32) Whitley_Strieber: Hurricane season starts in June and ends in October.

(May 26-19:32) BearingTheDark: Invasion from whom?

(May 26-19:32) cetacean: Modification of weather would be rather like trying to straighten a rumpled tablecloth. One tug removes one wrinkle and creates three more...

(May 26-19:32) Sanctorum: oh

(May 26-19:32) BearingTheDark: that's an even bigger question

(May 26-19:32) Lakewood: How does a biggie compare to a smallie (or a Big Mac)?

(May 26-19:32) blue: a lot of prophecies about China

(May 26-19:32) Whitley_Strieber: Good example, cetacean!

(May 26-19:33) Anna: anybody consider that some organization might be trying to depopulate the planet?

(May 26-19:33) Anne_Strieber: There are a lot easier ways to commit terrorism (see Whitley's novel Critical Mass).

(May 26-19:33) BearingTheDark: China would attack from the West Coast...

(May 26-19:33) Starfire_Tor: thanks Anne

(May 26-19:33) Whitley_Strieber: A biggie would drive auroras down as far as southern Canada.

(May 26-19:34) Lakewood: Red Dawn started here in Colorado with paratrooping Cubans

(May 26-19:34) BearingTheDark: Exactly my point Anne.
(May 26-19:34) Whitley_Strieber: don't worry about China hitting the West Coast. China is not interested in conquests beyond what it regards as its traditional sphere of influence.

(May 26-19:34) Starfire_Tor: I'm tough on predictions. Vague doesn't do it

(May 26-19:34) Sanctorum: Red Dawn was a stupid movie to me, for some reason

(May 26-19:34) Anne_Strieber: We wrote a Ya novel together called Beresford, which is a great love story.

(May 26-19:34) just_me: tough is good

(May 26-19:34) Sanctorum: I just laughed at it

(May 26-19:34) huff: Ancient Aliens is fun

(May 26-19:35) unfettered: well and if China attacks us, who will buy their junk?

(May 26-19:35) just_me: Starfire, but how do you know if the prediction pertains to a Time Slip situation?

(May 26-19:35) cetacean: China is so wrapped up by internal problems they are not likely to seek territorial expansion...

(May 26-19:35) Anne_Strieber: That takes courage, Tor. It's too easy to make vague predictions.

(May 26-19:35) blue: perhaps it seems so, Whitley, but many prophecies disagree w/you

(May 26-19:35) BearingTheDark: the movie Red Dawn was meant to shed light on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

(May 26-19:35) animalspirits: you young whippersnappers are just used to CGI effects

(May 26-19:35) Sanctorum: with as many gun owners that we have, I doubt any army would have an easy time here

(May 26-19:35) Whitley_Strieber: The idea that any other country could successfully invade the US is absurd. The One possibility is what I outlined in Critical Mass, which is us being held hostage by nuclear terrorists.

(May 26-19:35) IDerJohnTrue: Too many people make vague predictions on earthquakes and plane crashes, odds are one will happen around the time they say and they claim it as their prediction. There has to be documented evidence they wrote it before it happened and has lots of specific details that make it just that one.

(May 26-19:35) Starfire_Tor: Over many years of knowing my own skills, I get a feel for what sticks to the dominant Time Line and what I psi see doesn't

(May 26-19:35) Anna: Sanctorum, you're kidding right?

(May 26-19:35) Whitley_Strieber: True, True.

(May 26-19:36) blue: but we are very divided -- and the mainstream media seems determined to make us more divided than ever

(May 26-19:36) Sanctorum: Whitley, yes, that is a real possibility

(May 26-19:36) huff: John Lennon sang imagine no country, was he an NWO guy?

(May 26-19:36) Sanctorum: I haven't read that book though, sounds interesting

(May 26-19:36) blue: my mom (a history teacher) said "nations are not conquered from without; they fall from within)

(May 26-19:36) unfettered: imagine trying to send troops through Texas. you thought Viet Nam was bad....

(May 26-19:36) Anne_Strieber: Speaking of predictions, we're going to hold John Hogue's feet to the fire soon. Would you like him to join the chat after we post that show? Starfire, You ought to join the chat that night, you would be tough on him!

(May 26-19:36) Whitley_Strieber: Starfire is good with documentation. Also, Anne and I have personally experienced Time Slip events around her and because of her.

(May 26-19:36) Starfire_Tor: Right John. If you guys go to my precog section you'll see how specific I can get. Check out my Sept 11 precog.

(May 26-19:37) Anna: Guns will be useless if you medicate the population first

(May 26-19:37) miaree9: Unfettered, I live in Texas, and you speak the truth.

(May 26-19:37) chesserw: I would love to have John in a chat room!

(May 26-19:37) unfettered: Anna good point

(May 26-19:37) Madd_Matt: Huff, the ideals behind NWO stuff is actually good, it's just that the people that would be running it can't be trusted

(May 26-19:37) Sanctorum: Anna: flouridation

(May 26-19:37) boyf: Do you think that mankind will realize that the body and soul are separate during 2012?

(May 26-19:37) veiledvisitor: I had a dream the other night that I was walking down stairs and I looked down the stairs at the Television. It was late at night. The newscaster was interviewing someone. He said "I envy the people still in bed and blissfully unaware of what has taken place. Virtually a whole city has been destroyed." Then I saw the image of a white and yellow warhead. Then I looked out the window and it was snowing and I saw something in the sky. Then I woke up.

(May 26-19:37) Starfire_Tor: I posted my Sept 11 precog on Sept 10 and specifically mention the WTC and other hits

(May 26-19:37) Anne_Strieber: Starfire, give us your website URL where all this can be found.

(May 26-19:37) Whitley_Strieber: The danger of the NWO is not takeover by some other country or government, it is domination by huge world corporations, and that is a danger that is very real.

(May 26-19:37) animalspirits: I always wonder about predictions and what good they are. i prefer to just live and let things happen when they are supposed to. that is why i am able to move in multidimensions. i was patient and my Visitor Guide taught me well.

(May 26-19:37) Anna: Starfire, where's your" precog section"?

(May 26-19:37) just_me: veiledvisitor, makes me sad

(May 26-19:38) BearingTheDark: Texas would Destroy any invading army...we Texans are very fierce bunch.

(May 26-19:38) animalspirits: whitley, yep. you are right

(May 26-19:38) Sanctorum: but I don't think we have the PPB that the Nazis used in the water of their occupied territories

(May 26-19:38) just_me: agreed, Whitley

(May 26-19:38) IDerJohnTrue: That is how you can know Starfire Tor is the real deal. She has evidence to back her up

(May 26-19:38) Anna: Not fluoride, think valium in the water

(May 26-19:38) huff: Absolutely Whit and MaddMatt my sentiments exactly

(May 26-19:38) BearingTheDark: "don't Mess with Texas" is a very accurate statement.

(May 26-19:38) Anna: or poison

(May 26-19:38) just_me: even power and wealth above the corporations

(May 26-19:38) blue: my mom says "knowing the future helps you to change it if you need to"

(May 26-19:38) Whitley_Strieber: Starfire, could you tell us how to get to your material?

(May 26-19:38) veiledvisitor: I actually usually dream very happy stuff. In my dreams I am usually almost always happy to be there. But that was one of the more vivid and scary dreams I have had lately.

(May 26-19:38) Starfire_Tor: I can't seem to copy paste. But if you go to http://www.starfiretor.com and click into the main table of contents, the precog section can be seen near the top

(May 26-19:38) animalspirits: Bearing, no one wants to mess with Texas.

(May 26-19:38) cetacean: Madd Matt: I kind of agree. It's one world, and getting smaller. We need a world government to deal with world problems. The question is, world government on what terms, with who in charge?

(May 26-19:39) Anne_Strieber: There were a bunch of Texans at Esalen (the conference we spoke at was run by Rice), but they weren't the gun toting kind.

(May 26-19:39) Anna: Can anyone tell me where Starfire's precog info is?

(May 26-19:39) blue: anyone catch the C2C show about the Builderberg (sp?) group?

(May 26-19:39) unfettered: if the danger of out-of-control corporations is eliminated, then the opposite danger, out-of-control government will fill the vacuum.

(May 26-19:39) IDerJohnTrue: And her research theories are also backed up with evidence, more and more as time goes by. The Strieber can attest to the proof of Time Slips from the Magic Castle Incident!

(May 26-19:39) Anna: Thanks

(May 26-19:39) BearingTheDark: That in itself tells you something.

(May 26-19:39) cetacean: A government can only be as good as the citizens watch dogging it...

(May 26-19:39) Whitley_Strieber: I am from South Texas. A hard country, a tough people.

(May 26-19:39) just_me: Starfire_Tor, I love the fact that the face you post of yourself is a no-nonsense face ... no absurd smiling

(May 26-19:39) unfettered: the "out-of-control archetype" will not be denied

(May 26-19:40) Madd_Matt: Cetacean, that's precisely what I mean.

(May 26-19:40) Anne_Strieber: Not enough jobs. It also has Bamcee, the rehabilitation center in San Antonio (see my diary "gone for Soldiers").

(May 26-19:40) BearingTheDark: I agree with you Whitley.

(May 26-19:40) Sanctorum: I'm in central Oklahoma... man those tornados last week freaked me out

(May 26-19:40) Starfire_Tor: My website is going through a redo, so everything isn't back up yet. Along with my precogs I'll be adding my list of how to tell a genuine precog from a guess. Also I'll be re putting up my instructions to law enforcement on how to utilize genuine psychics.

(May 26-19:40) huff: Texans are very friendly folk i find, playing darts with a Texan the other night at the pub, he was so well mannered

(May 26-19:40) BearingTheDark: you're right Anne, about the part of not enough jobs.

(May 26-19:41) Whitley_Strieber: Did you see any of them Sanctorum?

(May 26-19:41) BearingTheDark: Well we Do have manners too, huff.

(May 26-19:41) Sanctorum: had one go through the middle of town, good thing it didn't touch ground until out on the road heading out

(May 26-19:41) BearingTheDark: sheezz

(May 26-19:41) Anne_Strieber: Starfire, Be Sure to let me know when it's back up (and send me the URL). I'll want to post an announcement in our newsletter about that.

(May 26-19:41) blue: doesnt law enforcement already utilize genuine psychics?

(May 26-19:41) animalspirits: no jobs anywhere. my grandson has been out of work for 4 months

(May 26-19:41) Whitley_Strieber: Texans are just as friendly as can be. Just don't tread on them.

(May 26-19:41) animalspirits: blue: yep. Marla works with them some

(May 26-19:42) Anna: Huff, did he take his hat off? I find it annoying when men, whose mamas didn't teach them manners, never take their hats off indoors (unless they're doing chemo)

(May 26-19:42) Starfire_Tor: My pix? That's probably because my smile Is absurd!

(May 26-19:42) huff: no doubt, remember the Alamo

(May 26-19:42) just_me: hahaha

(May 26-19:42) Anne_Strieber: Marla Frees has worked with the police many times, both in La and NYC. She's done a segment for Syfy with the medium who inspired the TV show "medium," where they solved a lot of cold cases, but they haven't shown the pilot yet.

(May 26-19:42) animalspirits: Anna, that is so true. no manners anymore

(May 26-19:42) cetacean: I don't remember the Alamo...

(May 26-19:42) IDerJohnTrue: better an absurd smile than a Cheshire Cat smile XD

(May 26-19:42) Starfire_Tor: I will Anne. Webmaster Sharri and I are working on that very hard. In fact Sharri is here in this chat room

(May 26-19:42) Anna: Marla's awesome, I talked to her a couple of days out of the hospital, amazing insights

(May 26-19:42) Whitley_Strieber: Manners are gone with the wind, and it's too bad.

(May 26-19:42) Anne_Strieber: That's good, 'cause we lost.

(May 26-19:43) blue: sad day

(May 26-19:43) unfettered: there's a story i heard on poker after dark about some East Coast mobsters who sent agents to Texas. the results were less than satisfactory

(May 26-19:43) animalspirits: Whitley: how is the UnknownCountry website coming along?

(May 26-19:43) Mama_Shine: I have manners , most time...Southern upbringing

(May 26-19:43) Whitley_Strieber: I lost an ancestor at the Alamo, Lemuel Crawford.

(May 26-19:43) lorerainbow: HI Anne & Starfire & everyone :-)

(May 26-19:43) BearingTheDark: What happened to the East-Coast mobsters, unfettered?

(May 26-19:43) animalspirits: Mama, you do indeed have great Southern Lady manners.

(May 26-19:43) huff: He did, i also find it rude when men wear hats inside, why is that?

(May 26-19:43) 47patriot: Anne and Whitley ... any comment about my analysis of the background voices, using Adobe Audition 3?

(May 26-19:43) Whitley_Strieber: Hi lorerainbow.

(May 26-19:43) IDerJohnTrue: Starfire Tor's site was part of the large group of sites hacked by that one "Pakistani site" hacker

(May 26-19:43) cetacean: I lived in Japan for a decade. Got used to good manners. Hard back in America.

(May 26-19:43) Starfire_Tor: Hi Sharri. See I got you to post

(May 26-19:43) Anne_Strieber: The Mafia tried to infiltrate Texas, but the Mexicans have their own Mafia and they wouldn't stand for it. The Italians ended up dead in a car trunk.

(May 26-19:43) Mama_Shine: Anne S, Thank you.

(May 26-19:43) animalspirits: John: grrrrrrr!!!

(May 26-19:44) BearingTheDark: yes, we have problems with the Mexican Mafia here...some are ex-Mexican Military.

(May 26-19:44) chesserw: Hi! Lore

(May 26-19:44) Whitley_Strieber: I wonder why it just popped in like that right at the end 47P?

(May 26-19:44) unfettered: it apparently involved hefty cutting instruments

(May 26-19:44) animalspirits: Anne: LOL

(May 26-19:44) Pharaoh: Hi Everyone.. Just came in... have we discussed the horrible oil spill? I am sick over the destruction of our oceans/planet.

(May 26-19:44) blue: oh yeah

(May 26-19:44) Whitley_Strieber: You're probably right on the money, but what is odd is that it comes in so abruptly.

(May 26-19:44) just_me: we have discussed the spill

(May 26-19:44) animalspirits: Pharaoh, yes we did.

(May 26-19:44) just_me: but it is on everyone' mind

(May 26-19:44) Pharaoh: haven't been here for a few weeks

(May 26-19:44) BearingTheDark: just yesterday they found live grenades in a home some miles from where I live. that is how messed up South Texas is now.

(May 26-19:44) Whitley_Strieber: You'd think that kind of interference wouldn't be that sudden.

(May 26-19:44) Anne_Strieber: The Mexican police and military are totally corrupt because they pay them too little. Mexico really should try to reform the police, because they are losing tourism.

(May 26-19:45) Mama_Shine: Pharaoh, yes we have been

(May 26-19:45) animalspirits: Neither have we. No chat last week

(May 26-19:45) Starfire_Tor: Regarding the Strieber's and my Time Slip at the Magic Castle. Once you experience something like that, and then you investigate it thoroughly, your brain grows a million miles

(May 26-19:45) Anna: I saw a show about moving to Mexico, sounded good on paper

(May 26-19:45) Whitley_Strieber: Boy, I would not go to Mexico now, it is just to hairy down there.

(May 26-19:45) just_me: I could use a little brain growth

(May 26-19:45) Madd_Matt: What recording were the voices in?

(May 26-19:45) BearingTheDark: I haven't been to Mexico since 2001.

(May 26-19:45) BearingTheDark: aint going back

(May 26-19:45) blue: no "big government" in Mexico . . .

(May 26-19:45) animalspirits: Anna, you don't want to do that. bad things happening down there everywhere

(May 26-19:45) unfettered: if you ain't got that do re me....

(May 26-19:45) Anna: It's all light and information

(May 26-19:45) Lakewood: I heard things on the Baja are a lot better than the "mainland" of Mexico. I have a sister spending 2 months down there and she loves it

(May 26-19:45) Anne_Strieber: It's a scientific fact that surreal experiences (like Time Slips) make the left hemisphere of your brain more logical.

(May 26-19:45) Whitley_Strieber: Starfire is right, once you are sensitized to these things, the world looks very different.

(May 26-19:45) cetacean: In order to deal with corruption of American government, we have to start paying officials really well, so good people will be attracted to the work and so they won't Need to be corrupt.

(May 26-19:46) veiledvisitor: Yeah I think I heard something about an EVP being caught on one of the chats which one was that

(May 26-19:46) Whitley_Strieber: Me too Lakewood. Baja is supposedly okay.

(May 26-19:46) Starfire_Tor: Whitley is going through some fantastic experiences

(May 26-19:46) Anna: As I don't want to live there myself. Florida maybe, but hubby says no

(May 26-19:46) Sanctorum: Whitley, and you can never go back

(May 26-19:46) blue: "good" people are not attracted to "work" because of the money

(May 26-19:46) animalspirits: Once you open up to other dimensions you can't go back, you only advance to the ability to experience more

(May 26-19:46) Sanctorum: I wish I was ignorant sometimes

(May 26-19:46) cetacean: Y'know, I've got temporal lobe epilepsy, yet I never get any bizarre experiences. I feel left out...

(May 26-19:46) Starfire_Tor: He's moving through Co-Existing Time Lines with full consciousness

(May 26-19:46) digi: Starfire: for ever I was concerned my boyfriend (bf) thought I was nuts and then about a month or so ago he had a Time Slip with me. Our Magic Bullet mixer just vanished from the kitchen counter top. I even pointed to the empty space and put my finger right down on the counter top. Next morning it was back.

(May 26-19:46) IDerJohnTrue: that's why Whitley's next book has to have good things happen in the end

(May 26-19:46) BearingTheDark: In Mexico, nothing is ever sure, worse if you're rich. You become a target for kidnappings, and even if your family pays the ransom, you'd still might end up in more than one piece.

(May 26-19:46) just_me: we have the old saying about doing something (or not doing) for love or money

(May 26-19:46) miaree9: It wasn't a chat, veiledvisitor. It was a subscriber interview.

(May 26-19:47) just_me: money could well become worthless

(May 26-19:47) veiledvisitor: I mean which of those

(May 26-19:47) IDerJohnTrue: then maybe it will happen in Real Time!

(May 26-19:47) just_me: then we will act on the basis of love ... I hope

(May 26-19:47) Starfire_Tor: a lot of poltergeist activity is actually due to Time Slips

(May 26-19:47) Pharaoh: I know a guy who was stopped by Santanistas in Baja. They rooted through his trunk and took what valuables they wanted. Thank goodness he wasn't kidnapped for ransom

(May 26-19:47) Anne_Strieber: I wonder if the missing mixer was a message to you? Spending too much time on household chores and not enough on....what?

(May 26-19:47) Anna: I had a friend playing with Matrix Energetics, went to the store, came back, and 1/2 of his front yard was mowed

(May 26-19:47) blue: we are moving through a very "rough" area in Time -- lots of Time Slips going on

(May 26-19:47) just_me: ah ... there are times when the veil grows thin ... it makes sense that Time Slips would be one of them

(May 26-19:47) Starfire_Tor: Many ghosts and hauntings are also Time Slip events

(May 26-19:48) cetacean: Money isn't the only answer to corruption. Citizen watchdogs... We need to clone an army of Ralph Naders and Noam Chomsky's

(May 26-19:48) blue: maybe "compressed" would be a better word

(May 26-19:48) Sanctorum: this year has been bad for me

(May 26-19:48) Anne_Strieber: He should have stayed away longer, gotten the whole job done and maybe weeds pulled in the garden as well.

(May 26-19:48) veiledvisitor: I know some people think our consciousness creates our reality but I don't see how we all ended up in the reality where all this is happening

(May 26-19:48) Sanctorum: either that or "challenging"

(May 26-19:48) Lakewood: Theres a hilarious video on YouTube called "cementerio" or something like that...looks like it was part of a TV comedy variety show...skeleton border patrol scares the beejeezis out of people by the wall.

(May 26-19:48) blue: very true, Starfire

(May 26-19:48) Sanctorum: like a rude awakening

(May 26-19:48) IDerJohnTrue: our brains run the software of Reality

(May 26-19:48) veiledvisitor: I know I would never choose any of this

(May 26-19:48) Anne_Strieber: Speaking of race, go see the movie "Mother and Child!" You'll never forget it.

(May 26-19:48) 47patriot: Whitley ... the software amplitude feature did not make the words crystal clear but I know that someone said "witness 34_ _ and another male voice said "phase in" and finally another said "your instrument"

(May 26-19:48) Anna: Anne, maybe. Odd things happen that you don't "target" with Matrix Energetics. A lump in my breast just vanished after 7 years

(May 26-19:48) Starfire_Tor: even some ghostly voices can actually be living people in a Co-Existing Time Line

(May 26-19:48) animalspirits: and many Time Slips events are ghosts and hauntings

(May 26-19:49) animalspirits: it is a two way door

(May 26-19:49) Whitley_Strieber: We were just discussing it, veiled. I think it is at the end of the Matt interview.

(May 26-19:49) Starfire_Tor: yes animalspitits

(May 26-19:49) chesserw: Anna, have started serious looking at Matrix Energetics. If it is what I think it is then an "end run" can be made around what is happening to the world.

(May 26-19:49) Anna: Starfire, I've had my wall bulge, like energy bleeding through

(May 26-19:49) cetacean: Veiled, a theory is that we live in a Time Stream, a consensual reality, woven of our individual awareness...

(May 26-19:49) digi: i have x-ay proof of a lump vanishing after a quantum healing session.

(May 26-19:49) Starfire_Tor: walls moving. absolutely

(May 26-19:50) Anna: chesserw, but which world

(May 26-19:50) Whitley_Strieber: I wonder what it might have meant, Matt. It sounds like some kind of bleed off the internet or somebody monitoring the interview. Not a ghost phenomenon, anyway. Somebody tapping the line, maybe?

(May 26-19:50) blue: my property is full of vortexes -- i have learned to tune out most of the stuff

(May 26-19:50) Anna: With Matrix Energetics you get a much bigger view

(May 26-19:50) Whitley_Strieber: say more digi

(May 26-19:50) Sanctorum: but it's a matter of perception

(May 26-19:50) Sanctorum: I don't know

(May 26-19:50) Anne_Strieber: Visitors have of ten been walking through walls.

(May 26-19:50) Whitley_Strieber: Where are you blue?

(May 26-19:50) chesserw: Our highest ideals maybe?

(May 26-19:50) blue: but they sure come in handy if someone who wants to mess with me shows up

(May 26-19:50) animalspirits: i have a portal in my backyard with a guard guarding it named Rex.

(May 26-19:50) Anna: I melted into one wall I was leaning against

(May 26-19:50) IDerJohnTrue: correlation does not prove causation, digi ... other things could have reduced the lump

(May 26-19:50) animalspirits: Anna, that is cool. what did it feel like?

(May 26-19:50) Starfire_Tor: our reality is sourced from the Core Matrix, which is like a hard drive. Our brains are the interface and wet bio software, and through the brain we assemble the reality and many Time Lines.

(May 26-19:51) Whitley_Strieber: How did you get out, Anna?

(May 26-19:51) Anna: the wall?

(May 26-19:51) Anne_Strieber: You mentioned this during our subscriber interview, Animal. That was great, I hope everyone listened to it.

(May 26-19:51) Anna: The wall morphed into softness and I was leaning on a person's shoulder. I was awake in the shower

(May 26-19:51) Starfire_Tor: new advance in special effects too

(May 26-19:51) animalspirits: He is very happy that it is nice outside and he doesn't have to sit in the willow chair. LOL

(May 26-19:51) Whitley_Strieber: We saw Mother and Child day before yesterday. Superb film.

(May 26-19:52) Anna: we talked then things normalized

(May 26-19:52) Anne_Strieber: I'm about to post a story about robots that talks about that, Starfire.

(May 26-19:52) Anna: you'de never guess who the person was?

(May 26-19:52) BearingTheDark: I liked an American Werewolf in Paris, only because Julie Delpy was in it. *sighs*

(May 26-19:52) animalspirits: Whitley: is it an independent movie or mainstream?

(May 26-19:52) blue: who?

(May 26-19:52) Whitley_Strieber: Who, Anna?

(May 26-19:52) veiledvisitor: Another you?

(May 26-19:52) Starfire_Tor: great Anne. can't wait to read it

(May 26-19:52) Whitley_Strieber: Indie

(May 26-19:52) IDerJohnTrue: new advanes in cameras too like the Genesis camera, and the 3D filming camera system by Cameron

(May 26-19:52) Anna: Richard Bartlett!

(May 26-19:52) digi: More... I had the yearly check up for females over 40 and they saw a lump in my upper left breast. They did another film to make sure it was really there. I was scheduled for another x-ray 6 months later to track it's growth. But I had gone to a quantum healer for my spin and when the next film of my chest was made the lump was gone. my neck was fixed too btw....

(May 26-19:52) veiledvisitor: The only person I would be talking to in the shower naked is another me

(May 26-19:52) Anna: which made sense!

(May 26-19:52) animalspirits: Ok. Will put in on my Netflix list

(May 26-19:52) chesserw: Cool! Anna

(May 26-19:53) Whitley_Strieber: I suppose I am, as usual, hopelessly uncool, but who is Richard Bartlett?

(May 26-19:53) Starfire_Tor: I love the movie the Ghost and Mrs Muir

(May 26-19:53) veiledvisitor: I love that

(May 26-19:53) blue: me too -- i was afraid to ask

(May 26-19:53) Mama_Shine: Me too, Starfire

(May 26-19:53) Starfire_Tor: I love the original The Day The Earth Stood Still

(May 26-19:53) veiledvisitor: That and the one with Christopher Reeves

(May 26-19:53) Madd_Matt: Just listened to the end of my interview with Anne, there doesn't seem to be any extra voices there, must have been another interview

(May 26-19:53) IDerJohnTrue: the movie Avatar was amazing, had a lot in it!

(May 26-19:53) veiledvisitor: A moment in time

(May 26-19:53) miaree9: Matrix Energetics is Richard's creation.

(May 26-19:53) Anna: good, but strange

(May 26-19:53) cetacean: I would be happy to talk naked in the shower with any number of Hollywood starlets...

(May 26-19:53) animalspirits: Anna, that doesn't surprise me given you close association with him and the energy involved

(May 26-19:53) Whitley_Strieber: Good, just me, I'm 'in' at last!

(May 26-19:53) Anne_Strieber: I'm glad you went to the doc too, Digi. I'm glad you were healed but you can't always rely on that, and catching that stuff early makes it easier to cure, no matter how you do it. I think doctors are our modern shamans.

(May 26-19:53) unfettered: is this real?

(May 26-19:53) Anna: Mia, Richard would say he and Mark Dunn

(May 26-19:54) veiledvisitor: I saw a few of the more modern of the Twilight Zones the ones from the 80's

(May 26-19:54) miaree9: You are right, Anna.

(May 26-19:54) Anna: I've worked with Mark too, he's amazing

(May 26-19:54) veiledvisitor: they had a whole marathon of them on the chiller channel

(May 26-19:54) Whitley_Strieber: Oh, yeah, Matrix Energetics!

(May 26-19:54) Starfire_Tor: I love the original Ressurection

(May 26-19:54) veiledvisitor: there was one called "A Message From Charity"

(May 26-19:54) digi: Yes Anne! I'm a big fan of check-ups now.

(May 26-19:54) veiledvisitor: It was really good

(May 26-19:54) Anna: I loved that movie!

(May 26-19:54) veiledvisitor: kind of like a Time Slip

(May 26-19:54) Anna: Ellen Burtsyn

(May 26-19:54) Whitley_Strieber: that was a terrific interview Marla did of him. How can I be so dense?

(May 26-19:54) IDerJohnTrue: Starfire, what is the original Ressurection?

(May 26-19:54) Mama_Shine: I loved the original "The Thing"

(May 26-19:54) Anna: and Sam Shepard

(May 26-19:54) miaree9: Resurrection was a wonderful movie!

(May 26-19:55) Starfire_Tor: just "Ressurection"

(May 26-19:55) veiledvisitor: If you can YouTube that or find it, it is the 1980's Twilight Zone a message from Charity

(May 26-19:55) Anne_Strieber: Marla is going to the Monroe Institute and I'm going to interview her about it when she comes back. She'll learn more about going OBE--something she started learning to do when she took the internet course from Robert Bruce.

(May 26-19:55) animalspirits: Mama, me too! That is one of my favorite movies

(May 26-19:55) Sanctorum: can't decide if I want to watch Disneys Black Hole of Eiger Sanction

(May 26-19:55) Anna: Whitley, you're in Multiple Realities, it's ok!

(May 26-19:55) Starfire_Tor: Shepard and Burstyn yes

(May 26-19:55) IDerJohnTrue: I don't think I've heard of it ...

(May 26-19:55) Whitley_Strieber: I guess so, Anna!

(May 26-19:55) 47patriot: It Was Anne's Interview With Steve From Ohio!

(May 26-19:55) Sanctorum: maybe Logan's Run

(May 26-19:55) blue: yeah, Whitley is the world's eighth wonder

(May 26-19:55) Whitley_Strieber: That's right 47, thank you!

(May 26-19:55) Starfire_Tor: We all exist in Multiple Co-Existing Time Lines. Some are aware. Most aren't

(May 26-19:56) miaree9: Sanctorum, you're naming some good ones.

(May 26-19:56) Sanctorum: thanks

(May 26-19:56) Anna: someone took a photo of Richard laying on a platform at a seminar and it was covered with orbs, everywhere!

(May 26-19:56) blue: but Whitley seems to have a special relationship with Time Lines

(May 26-19:56) Anne_Strieber: We're posting my interview with Tim this weekend. Is "veiled" still here? Tim says he's an autistic.

(May 26-19:56) Whitley_Strieber: She has another this week with "Thomas." And if you've had Close Encounters and want to interview, send a message to us

(May 26-19:56) animalspirits: yes, i am living on a different planet at the same time i am here.

(May 26-19:56) cetacean: Starfire, could you say something about how you distinguish guesses from precognitions please?

(May 26-19:56) veiledvisitor: I never left
(May 26-19:56) veiledvisitor: LOL I think

(May 26-19:56) Whitley_Strieber: I don't think so, blue. I think it's a matter of noticing.

(May 26-19:56) digi: I had a huge Time Slip here at our condo building. I once had a neighbor who was little old lady, retired nurse. then one day, all of as sudden that neighbot is gone, a old man lives in her place and no one here knows who I'm talking about when I mention the old lady.

(May 26-19:56) just_me: Starfire_Tor, I sometimes have a sense of a big self, projecting out my back

(May 26-19:56) Anne_Strieber: I'd Love to interview some of you! Include a few paragraphs about your experiences.

(May 26-19:56) just_me: I wonder if that big self can speak to other selves in the timelines

(May 26-19:57) unfettered: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jumping+alien+grey&aq=f

(May 26-19:57) animalspirits: just me: yes

(May 26-19:57) Anna: I think we're also accessing Bigger energy fields more too

(May 26-19:57) Sanctorum: my precognitions come like a flow, if I force it, it doesn't seem to work unless it's kind of half conscious and I use a command that isn't really focused

(May 26-19:57) Anne_Strieber: Interesting! I wonder if the old lady was a ghost. We saw a ghost old lady when we first moved into this building (see my diary "ghosts").

(May 26-19:57) just_me: thanks for the affirmation, animalspirits

(May 26-19:57) Starfire_Tor: precognition are manifestation hits. Guesses are a game that fake psychics use in the hopes of fooling people into thinking they have psi powers. Like saying there will be a quake or a plane crash, without a firm date or specifics. Of course those 2 things will happen.

(May 26-19:58) digi: thanks Anne! I love your diary! awesome stuff like no where else..

(May 26-19:58) Anne_Strieber: Sanc, I think you're describing getting into your right brain, which means "switching off" the left side (or at least not letting it dominate).

(May 26-19:58) cetacean: Thanks Starfire.

(May 26-19:58) IDerJohnTrue: I have a documented plane crash precog on ID about a Blue Angel plane crashing

(May 26-19:58) Starfire_Tor: I dream half of my precogs. The others I'm awake and aware.

(May 26-19:58) Sanctorum: Anne, I think so

(May 26-19:58) huff: how do you put a link on here

(May 26-19:58) Whitley_Strieber: I think this is what you're trying to send us a link to, unfettered. http://tinyurl.com/2ve8zyu Hoax or not? Certainly it moves like a visitor.

(May 26-19:58) animalspirits: i never have been worried about what to call my abilities. i just had them and use them to help others as i can. the less i question, the more She teaches me

(May 26-19:58) cetacean: What do you mean by "manifestation hits" please?

(May 26-19:58) blue: i noticed multiple Time Lines long before i visited this site -- i even emailed once about an Alternate Time Lines being the reason the bullets didn't kill the animal on that weird ranch that has a lot of UFO sighting and other weird stuff ... can't remember where Idaho or Utah maybe? at any rate -- best i can figure -- there is definitely something very special about you and your abilities

(May 26-19:58) IDerJohnTrue: I dreamed it!

(May 26-19:58) digi: Ghost Hunter is a huge hit as a TV show. we all should have thought of it ... LOL

(May 26-19:59) blue: to traverse Times Lines, i mean, Whitley

(May 26-19:59) Starfire_Tor: yes John you do. My list is a great place to publish precogs

(May 26-19:59) Anna: Starfire, can you ever "read" an individuals energy as far as "seeing" potential outcomes, etc???

(May 26-19:59) Sanctorum: but when I meditate and focus my body becomes really sensitive and it's overwhelming

(May 26-19:59) Anne_Strieber: I think you're right not to name things, Animal. That does tend to "switch it off." Again, I think, due to the left/right brain thing.

(May 26-19:59) IDerJohnTrue: Starfire found many hits on it to show that it was a precog not a hoax

(May 26-19:59) Starfire_Tor: I read people all the time. I just don't let them know

(May 26-19:59) Anne_Strieber: If anyone wants to learn how to meditate, get a copy of Whitley's book "The Path."

(May 26-20:00) veiledvisitor: I saw a YouTube video once of a stick man. I guess you could call it that. At first it looked like just a bush and then part of it like just, grew legs and walked away. But it was just a stick. Has anyone seen anything like that. I can't remember what the video was called.

(May 26-20:00) Sanctorum: I lost that one in the fire, but I have the Key for some reason

(May 26-20:00) Sanctorum: and some John Mack books

(May 26-20:00) Sanctorum: funny those survived

(May 26-20:00) animalspirits: i also rarely put out what I see coming as it is up to everyone to walk their paths without interference. they need to make their own decisions.

(May 26-20:00) Anna: Anne, that something Richard teaches too, not to get caught up in "figuring it out" but playing with energy

(May 26-20:00) Whitley_Strieber: the thing that tips it as a probable hoax is the way it ends. People seeing something real like that tend to keep taping. Zoom in. Try to find it again. But not here.

(May 26-20:00) Anne_Strieber: The Key sticks with you!

(May 26-20:00) animalspirits: interference....am tired geez

(May 26-20:00) Starfire_Tor: Whitley has much to teach and share

(May 26-20:00) Starfire_Tor: Anne has beautiful insights

(May 26-20:00) unfettered: so it does move right. that's what i was wondering about. innerstin'

(May 26-20:00) digi: OMG.. guys, i had a lucid dream in which i dreamed I died, ... then i was in the after live, talk about needing a map....

(May 26-20:01) Anne_Strieber: I sure do miss John Mack. Jacques Vallee was at the Esalen conference--we hadn't seen him in Ages!

(May 26-20:01) animalspirits: Starfire: oh yes. much, much more and he will when he feels the time is right

(May 26-20:01) Whitley_Strieber: Boy, am I tired tonight. We really had a terrific time at Esalen, but we are both bushed!

(May 26-20:01) just_me: what was it like, digi?

(May 26-20:01) chesserw: Agreed Starfire

(May 26-20:01) IDerJohnTrue: *nods* I have learned and gotten so much from you, Whitley! The paper back of Communion opened doors for me

(May 26-20:01) Anne_Strieber: His wife died in Dec. and I sent him the Green Man Message.

(May 26-20:01) cetacean: I agree. The Path is entirely worthwhile, and genuinely novel, so far as I can see. Yet it is self-verifying if you do look carefully at the lay of The Path - who is moaning???

(May 26-20:01) Starfire_Tor: I was working with John Mack before he died

(May 26-20:01) Whitley_Strieber: Thanks John True.

(May 26-20:01) digi: it was confusing, Just. I could not figure out if I was dead or alive.

(May 26-20:01) IDerJohnTrue: and more since then. I'd say Whitley and Starfire have done the most for me

(May 26-20:01) Sanctorum: Starfire, I was getting involved with P.E.E.R.

(May 26-20:01) Anne_Strieber: Enlightenment can be enervating (that would be a good tee shirt motto).

(May 26-20:01) huff: John Mack rocks

(May 26-20:02) IDerJohnTrue: I mean it, Whitley

(May 26-20:02) Whitley_Strieber: The Path is the real thing, and it is unique. It is the real secret of the deck.

(May 26-20:02) chesserw: Lol Anne

(May 26-20:02) Starfire_Tor: thanks John

(May 26-20:02) animalspirits: Anne, do one and sell it on the UnknownCountry site

(May 26-20:02) Sanctorum: too bad he had to leave

(May 26-20:02) Anna: I wish I could have been regressed by Mack

(May 26-20:02) IDerJohnTrue: I mean it with you as well, Starfire

(May 26-20:02) Anne_Strieber: Wow, Starfire, what a duo you two would have been.

(May 26-20:02) Sanctorum: I could have used his help

(May 26-20:02) Starfire_Tor: you can't get that many words on a T-shirt

(May 26-20:02) cetacean: The Path seems to be the lay around which the tarot deck was created.

(May 26-20:03) Anna: Enlightenment can be entangling!

(May 26-20:03) Anne_Strieber: Whitley used the tarot cards to create it.

(May 26-20:03) Whitley_Strieber: Lost for a very long time, and never before appearing in any public context. It was apparently a great secret, known to only a few. But it is so rich. The Tarot is a machinery for helping oneself to evolve to a higher level.

(May 26-20:03) Starfire_Tor: I'm hoping to publish the work one day. Important for abductees

(May 26-20:03) chesserw: Good one, Anna

(May 26-20:03) cetacean: If you lay it out, you see particular characters on particular cards looking directly at others on other cards in a significant way..

(May 26-20:03) unfettered: i always have a hissing sound coming from the center of my head. after deep meditation it gets louder and more tone like. would anyone like to comment about that?

(May 26-20:03) Whitley_Strieber: I didn't create the path, I found it.

(May 26-20:03) animalspirits: Whitley: I suspect it found you

(May 26-20:03) Whitley_Strieber: I have one coming from my left ear.

(May 26-20:04) Whitley_Strieber: No doubt, AnimalS

(May 26-20:04) miaree9: AnneS, I was just about to say that!

(May 26-20:04) cetacean: Gurdjieff called the Tarot "a philosophical machine" yet there is no evidence I know that he knew of The Path.

(May 26-20:04) 47patriot: Another Wonderful Chat All ... good night!

(May 26-20:04) huff: sod it, I'll put the link on Whits FB page

(May 26-20:04) unfettered: left ear only? all the time, or just some times?

(May 26-20:04) Anna: unfettered, sounds like the "hum" some people get, I can get high pitched tones too. Ask what's this for? when it happens...

(May 26-20:04) blue: Tarot contains all the concepts needed to do/make anything

(May 26-20:04) animalspirits: miaree: great mind think alike. LOL

(May 26-20:04) Whitley_Strieber: thanks for that interesting stuff about the EVP, 47!

(May 26-20:04) Madd_Matt: Unfettered, sounds like you're hearing an auditory manifestation of whatever energy it is you're interacting with. Resonance, resonance...

(May 26-20:04) cetacean: Animal: really, it found W...

(May 26-20:04) Anne_Strieber: People sometimes hear buzzing when the Visitors are around. They smell sulfur too, which may be the origin of all the "fire and brimstone" stories about Satanic things--people who encountered the Visitors and decided they were evil, because they didn't understand them.

(May 26-20:04) miaree9: So true.

(May 26-20:04) IDerJohnTrue: if we knew more about our true history we would have known about the Tarot even sooner.

(May 26-20:05) Anna: I hear buzzing a lot and my ears are fine

(May 26-20:05) Anna: go figure

(May 26-20:05) unfettered: the bumble bee sound....

(May 26-20:05) Anna: or they play with my hair

(May 26-20:05) Sanctorum: Anne, I thought it was from all the loud music I listened to heh

(May 26-20:05) digi: we use to smell rotten eggs as kids out playing in the woods, trail riding and all

(May 26-20:05) Anne_Strieber: It's either tinnitus or Visitors.

(May 26-20:05) blue: it was created to save the concepts (the Tarot)

(May 26-20:05) animalspirits: I have a very subtle vibration in my implant

(May 26-20:05) just_me: sometimes when I am on the verge of sleep, I will hear a buzz like a TV set being turned on (the older types)

(May 26-20:05) Anna: no tinnitus

(May 26-20:05) Mama_Shine: I hear like sand falling

(May 26-20:05) huff: haha Anne

(May 26-20:05) Anne_Strieber: Interesting, digi!

(May 26-20:05) unfettered: like one hell of a muscular bumble bee-or twenty--whizzing past your head

(May 26-20:05) Sanctorum: and I would feel like someone touch me or start to vibrate

(May 26-20:05) IDerJohnTrue: I was lucky to go to Egypt, and they have these holes you put your head in and you hear a particular sound, it's fascinating!

(May 26-20:05) Whitley_Strieber: No doubt, John True, but we have forgotten everything that might lead us out of the labyrinth, all except for a lucky few of us. So very few, and so very %%%% lucky!

(May 26-20:06) animalspirits: Mama, you ever feel connected to Egypt?

(May 26-20:06) Whitley_Strieber: All of us have a chance to step off the wheel of life and ascend.

(May 26-20:06) Anna: the few, the brave, the Subscribers!

(May 26-20:06) digi: Anne, yes, we also had a corn crop circle before anyone knew about crop circles

(May 26-20:06) IDerJohnTrue: You are one of those lucky few, Whitley and Starfire

(May 26-20:06) Whitley_Strieber: Ha ha, Anna, but true.

(May 26-20:06) BearingTheDark: Kudos for Ascending.

(May 26-20:06) IDerJohnTrue: I just try to listen

(May 26-20:06) Mama_Shine: Anne S...not sure

(May 26-20:06) Whitley_Strieber: You too, John T.

(May 26-20:06) Anne_Strieber: J.True, I never heard about that--I'll have to ask William Henry about it. With all the Egyptian tours he does, he's bound to know about this.

(May 26-20:06) blue: i make a point of ignoring the buzzing and the whining, whistling, and what weird sounds appear in my head

(May 26-20:06) Whitley_Strieber: All of us.

(May 26-20:06) miaree9: Whitley, I think some of us have turned down the chance.

(May 26-20:06) cetacean: That's so cool Whitley...

(May 26-20:06) BearingTheDark: I can leave my vengeance behind...it's so 2005 for me anyway...

(May 26-20:07) IDerJohnTrue: I was on a William Henry Egypt trip ! 2006

(May 26-20:07) digi: i miss the magical things that seem to happen in the forests, away from civilizations.

(May 26-20:07) Sanctorum: I love Williams Egypt talks

(May 26-20:07) Anna: blue ask "what's this for?"

(May 26-20:07) Anna: maybe you'll get an answer? do you have a dog?

(May 26-20:07) cetacean: Lucky you Ider! Do tell!

(May 26-20:07) Mama_Shine: digi...me too

(May 26-20:07) Anna: Blue, do you have a dog?

(May 26-20:07) unfettered: it occurs to me that the bee sound may be connected to the Hindu image of the thousand petaled lotus atop the head

(May 26-20:07) digi: yeah, Mama I feel ya.

(May 26-20:07) blue: no, Anna. why?

(May 26-20:07) animalspirits: digi, mama: me too. i love quiet

(May 26-20:08) Anne_Strieber: You can read about Whitley's dog dream in "I was an Angel for Easter."

(May 26-20:08) Anna: It just came to mind, that you had a dog

(May 26-20:08) Anne_Strieber: Unfettered, that's fascinating.

(May 26-20:08) Mama_Shine: I want to play piano in a beautiful forest

(May 26-20:08) Whitley_Strieber: Many people have turned down the chance. That's why the old lady on the cover of communion said "not all" when I asked her if human beings had souls. You can kill yourself before you are dead. Lots of people do. You have to have love and compassion, they are the food and drink of the soul. Otherwise, your physical reality may be very pleasant, but your chance at eternal reality is lost.

(May 26-20:08) blue: mama_shine -- a beautiful thought -- me2.

(May 26-20:08) digi: really, Whit had a dog dream, cause i sent Whit a message via FB about a dream i had about the both of you and a dog... and some water and a herd of dairy cattle. i know laugh ... but it was so lucid

(May 26-20:08) Mama_Shine: blue, a duet

(May 26-20:09) animalspirits: Whitley, that is so true

(May 26-20:09) cetacean: Unfettered, the bee sound thing reminds me of the many faces of Shiva...moving so fast that he's out of time

(May 26-20:09) blue: mama_shine -- have you ever listened to my composition of New Orleans?

(May 26-20:09) BearingTheDark: http://tinyurl.com/355nusa Seriously now, how wrong is this...

(May 26-20:09) just_me: great perspective, Whitley

(May 26-20:09) huff: wise words Whitley

(May 26-20:09) Anne_Strieber: Wow, it's late, gotta go! I've Loved talking to you all! And remember, just because we can't chat, it doesn't mean that You can't!

(May 26-20:09) Anne_Strieber has left.

(May 26-20:09) Anne_Strieber has left.

(May 26-20:09) just_me: night Anne

(May 26-20:09) Mama_Shine: Yes blue...very beautiful

(May 26-20:09) Starfire_Tor: Our souls exist in multiple time lines

(May 26-20:09) unfettered: Jung says the number one thing interfering with individuation, as he calls it, is career success

(May 26-20:09) Whitley_Strieber: Me, too Sanctorum, goodnight all. A blessed chat this week. Remember, next week it's Thursday!

(May 26-20:09) BearingTheDark: night Anne.

(May 26-20:09) Anna: yep!

(May 26-20:09) Whitley_Strieber has left.

(May 26-20:09) Whitley_Strieber has left.

(May 26-20:09) BearingTheDark: night Whitley

(May 26-20:09) veiledvisitor: If you have ever had a pet for a few years, especially one that climbs in the bed, you know what that feels like. The other night I think the spirit of my cat visited me. I felt it jump on the bed and it's paws and then I felt it lay down. It was so real. It has happened a few times.

(May 26-20:10) Starfire_Tor: Also Bye and thanks to all for the chat

(May 26-20:10) blue: thanks (blush)

(May 26-20:10) digi: time to get back to editing i guess... what a great chat

(May 26-20:10) animalspirits: night all!

(May 26-20:10) miaree9: Yes, I must go, too. Good night, dear hearts. I love you.

(May 26-20:10) just_me: night all

(May 26-20:10) animalspirits: see you next week

(May 26-20:10) BearingTheDark: bye Starfire

(May 26-20:10) Anna: Sweet dreams

(May 26-20:10) blue: thank you Starfire

(May 26-20:10) sandkoo: been a great chat thanks all good night

(May 26-20:10) just_me: you too, mairee9

(May 26-20:10) just_me: dear heart

(May 26-20:10) BearingTheDark: have fun with Time Shifts, Starfire

(May 26-20:10) cetacean: Bye Starfire...thanks for coming!

(May 26-20:10) Starfire_Tor has left.

Starfire Tor and Whitley Strieber Dreamland Chat, Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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