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with Starfire Tor and Whitley Strieber

on Saturday, September 16th 2006

Starfire Tor Sorry, I didn't relate to this question. Fear isn't an issue for me.

admin Obviously, a question went out of the moderation system. Sorry about that, could you resubmit "I had a sense of moving ahead of my body"?

Whitley Strieber Went to get tea. Back.

fontaine Hi Starfire - I had a recent time slip with a digital clock moving back one minute. It turned out that at the very minute, someone of great importance to me was leaving me a phone message (also of great importance). Do you find a relationship between these events and people in your life something that should be paid attention to?

Starfire Tor This sounds like something special to you, in the way of psi relationships that you have with people. I'd go with your feeling on it.

anna John Titor, a supposed time traveler, what did you think of his posts, if you read them?

Starfire Tor I'm aware of the material, but don't relate to it.

kl91 To the admin: Is there a slow down of your system or very few questions?

admin Plenty of questions. Starfire is not a fast typist, but she's speeding up!

anna I had sense of moving ahead of my "body" several feet a few years back. Would this be the start of what you talking about? At the time I wasn't sure what happened. Being an "experiencer" has included a lot of various paranormal experiences. Would this generally make us more open to "time" travel then most or not

Starfire Tor Different people experience Time Shifts differently. What you have described is something I have read other people have experienced. You should also log any shifting realities around you at the time. That's a big key that a TS has happened.

JimWill I tend to space out when driving quite often. Usually I see a tunnel that I am entering or a pyramid that I am approaching. Occasionally I will find myself in a room of people that I can hear talking very plainly, but can't remember what they said when I shake myself back to (hopefully) this reality. Any comments? Also do sliders qualify in this area? (street light affects)?

Starfire Tor My first comment is to say that one should not be in this state while driving. You may have put yourself into a road hypnosis and are having a hypnogogic event.

anna Whitley, did you read the sample of "I Am Here"? Thumbs up or down? And you seemed really relaxed on Craig's show

Whitley Strieber "I Am Here?"

Sen Often what you mention seems to be a function of sliding around a point or branch of frequency. As our tuning fluctuates, do we naturally bounce between similar streams? Could this have something to do with the tone/pule that I for one feel during or before a certain type of encounter? And all that said, what is it that you hope for/would like to see happen as we become more aware of these realities/way of viewing the universe. Is it to "do" something in the way of "the peace corps" or "billionaire boys club", or is it an evolutionary step that moves us away from all that we perceive as being of importance in this manifestation?

Starfire Tor Time Shifts are a function of frequencies, as is so much in the multi dimensional world. My hope is that all the world's people learn about Time Shifts and become involved in bettering the world.

skywriter Have you ever had a time slip when you were in a possibly dangerous situation?

Starfire Tor I call time slips 'time line anomalies'. I have experienced them under many circumstances, including times of danger. It was very helpful.

poppy I believe our realities ,or dimensions are merging, why we are seeing more things now , your thoughts on this

Starfire Tor There are untold numbers of co-existing time lines. I think we are seeing more of them because our awareness has grown ... like through what I teach and the info given in the interviews. Awareness equals enlightenment.

JimWill another question (I know your swamped with them!) on time slips while driving. Is there any way you know to stop or prevent them from happening at that time (maybe delay them)?

Starfire Tor If you are having this experience while driving, and it is a legit Time Shift event, this is because your brain is interfacing with the Time Shift program. Right now the only thing you can do is pull over safely and get oriented. Later, you should program your own brain to anchor a reality that keeps you safe on the road.

admin I didn't introduce myself, btw. I'm Al Harlow, aka the store and subsec admin. Normally, Daniel Stegall does this, but he's busy today. If you have any questions for Whitley, post them and I will send them to him.

admin Starfire has loads of questions, and will post her replies as she types.

kl91 Starfire, Would you talk about the peace prayer on your ID list?

Starfire Tor You are talking about the Vortex Peace Prayer, which is a Reality Shift protocol and is launching September 22, 2006 on the annular solar eclipse. You can read how and why it works on my web site at http://www.starfiretor.com , or come onto my Inter-Dimension list at Yahoo groups.

Kismet Whitley, Any chance CBS would let you post a clip of the show on your site?

Whitley Strieber Absolutely. It will be up probably this week.

Gary Hi Starfire and Whitley! Great to have you both here. Years ago I had what I now realize was a very dramatic alternate universe experience and now since hearing you recently on Whitley's program I've had several more dramatic time shift like experiences. One of them was witnessed by my wife. Would you be interested in hearing about them in more detail thru' email to you Starfire and/or Whitley?

Starfire Tor Anyone who would like to talk about their TS and RS experiences are invited to do so on my list. I generally don't engaged on off list chat. Join my list and you'll find like minded people who would love to hear from you.

Carol in Phx Do you believe the large cat sighting and sonic booms happening in New Zealand are TS related?

Starfire Tor I have not glanced at these reports, but incidents like this always catch my attention. Some sonic boom sounds are indeed interdimensional in origin. Others could be stealth craft of human origin, possibly black ops. Sorry I can't comment more, but I need to study it first.

fontaine whitley - are you planning to promote The Grays here in Toronto?

Whitley Strieber No plans to go to Toronto, unfortunately.

greg manoni Starfire, I was wondering if you have had any past life memories? Thanks.

Starfire Tor I do have what would be considered past life memories. However, I have now grown to learn that this may be myself in other time lines. I've OBE'd to other time lines, where I left messages for myself across time. These episodes can be found on my Inter-Dimension list.

dm5 The most recent Dreamland discusses some experiments with light. My own summary is as follows: Light was passed through "slits." When both slits were open, the electrons would pass through both at the same time, and yet with one open some areas of the screen would get more light then when both were open. Some simply believe that this is due to particle-wave duality. However, others seem to think the possibilities of what the light could do was affecting the outcome. Do you think this phenomenon is related to "time shifts"?

Starfire Tor This description can be found - in an easy to understand format - in Dean Radin's book "Entangled Minds. Going beyond that, I'm not sure that the split light theory has any great relevance to Time Shifts. Frequencies, light, and color are related to how Time Shifts function, but my research goes beyond conventional quantum mechanics.

poppy thank you al , this is for whit .have u and anne gone into this future time zone , with starfire ,or did ya'll just have timeslips together?

Whitley Strieber Anne and I started having timeslips--or rather, noticing them--after we met Starfire. We had one with her, which we've both addressed in journals/diaries and in site news items. Two things of additional interest: first, I began having big time-related experiences about a month BEFORE meeting Starfire. Second, the most concrete and astonishing one Anne and I have had so far involved me reading something from the LA Times Calendar Section about a movie by Claude Chabrol that was not there when I picked it up later that day. Then, two weeks later, the Chabrol movie appears...

fontaine Starfire - when I become friends with someone new, they invariably comment that they are suddenly having a lot of psi experiences. As you are extremely advanced in this area, do you find your friends have more intense experiences as a result of being around you?

Starfire Tor Read what happened to the Striebers when they met me Yes, my friends are always having unusual psi experiences around me.

4chows833 Whitley, were you happy with your appearance on
Craig's show. Was it what you expected?

Whitley Strieber It was fun. But when he went to Uranus, I knew that his next stop would be mine, so I took us to Pluto instead.

4chows833 Whitley, were you happy with your appearance on Craig's show. Was it what you expected?

Whitley Strieber That will only make sense to those of you who saw the show...

Midnight Blue Sometimes people will have an event that completely changes their lifes. Could they be slipping into a different timeline? And can we learn to do this? How?

Starfire Tor I teach a function of Time Shifts called "Reality Shift Manifestation". You can learn how on my Inter-Dimension list. But basically, because of Time Shifts, the planet is shifting from co-existing time line to co-existing time line. It's all about how people are aware of the dominant time line of the moment.

darleneg I am interested to know if anyone else in the chat room has experienced and been aware of time shifts besides Starfire? Anyone? I know I have! admin Bring this one up after the moderated chat is over. Sounds interesting!

Sara Here's my theory about why people start experiencing more time shifts the more closer they become connected with you, as Anne and Whitley did. I think of it like a 2-D grid, where the intersection points represent people. When you (Starfire) move into the third axis of the grid (normally represented as the Z axis of space, but for now visualizing it as (time), the other points near you move along also. From the 2-D perspective, the grid gets skewed into looking more like a spider web. Those closest to you "skew" time the most. Those further away are unaffected. Does this make any sense"?

Starfire Tor I do move about the co-existing time lines quite a bit. However, I wouldn't dscribe things as you have. People near me are more aware of these events because those near me are educated in some aspect of it. It's the awareness level that counts most.

anna Whitley, what's the general response of people about the book assuming they've read it? Any openings to more experiences?

Whitley Strieber I'm getting a good deal of reaction that the 'triggers' are working. These are points in the book designed to evoke specific emotional responses in people who have had the close encounter experience and don't consciously remember.

Carol in Phx I know you are very busy with the VPP, but wondering if you have astral tagged any of the Bilderburg Group, so that we should be aware?

Starfire Tor Astral Tagging does not tag people. Astral Tagging targets events. If an event I'm tagging involves that group, it will become known.

poppy are u an experiencer with the grays , or another species , starfire ? also are they in your time travels?

Starfire Tor I have not had experiences like Whitley's. However, I have met Gray ETs in another capacity. They are multi-Dimensional travelers, so yes I have seen them under those conditions.

Palisades StarFire, What do you think of Davd Icke's research?

admin She sent me a private note that she's aware of it to an extent but is following her own process. This is to save time. There are a lot of questions.

darleneg Starfire, is it possible that we have all been caught in a time loop and that we are now becoming conscious of it, resulting in the experiencing of time shifts?

Starfire Tor Time Loops are a symptom of Time Shifts, where we appear to repeat periods of time. The time loop is actually us moving our awareness from one co-existing time line to another. Once you are aware that TS exist, your awareness level goes way up. It's empowering.

Graham Hello Starfire. Its been inspirational listening to you on Dreamland and learning of your interaction with Whitley and Anne. For those of us of a seemingly a humdrum nature - not aware of experiencing any thing out of the ordinary, iIs there something simple we might look out for evidence of TS?

Starfire Tor We all experience Time Shifts. It's global. What you are looking for is to have a retained memory of the symptoms of a Time Shift. You will, because you are now aware that TS exist.

parvo Whitley, have you had any desire to meet the Master of the Keys again? If so what question would you ask of him?

Whitley Strieber I have so many questions for him. What is 2012 really about, if anything? Can whole nations sin, and if so, what is the level of individual repsonsibility of those who disagreed with the sinful act? What would be the trigger that would cause open contact with nonhuman beings, and are they aliens or what? The list is very long, my friend, and so are the nights.

greg manoni I was reading on Starfire's website about her Body Of Light OBE Technique. Do either Whitley or Starfire have any interesting OBE experiences they would like to share?

Starfire Tor I OBE all the time, as this is how I was able to psi see all my documented future event precogs. I OBE through time, and co-existing time lines as well. You can read more about my OBE adventures on my Inter-Dimension list.

Sen Whitley can i ask you a question that's related to the guest today in my perception? It seems that i have seen and experienced since i was young, but as a result i moved the opposite direction becoming almost fanatic looking to prove the "truth" of the world as presented and desperate because it wasn't working. It wasn't until i somehow made a connection or lost it, stood under the stars not thinking but yearning from below the mind, staring at a star for hours that the interaction became teaching and not something outside my ability to process. Is this sort of non mind based asking somehow a necessary first step for all of this?

Whitley Strieber Being at rest in the question is the key that you are looking for, I suspect. Let the question remain alive in you, without forcing an answer. The urgency of this is where real growth lies.

Carol in Phx Whitley, I finished reading Skinwalkers (very unsettling) after listening to your show and just received my copy of the Grays, its most enjoyable!

Whitley Strieber Colm Kellher is a very interesting man. A grounded scientist who is too much of a scientist to deny the unknown when it confronts him. Bob Bigelow chose very wisely when he got Dr. Kellher on his team. And thanks for the comment about the Grays!

JohnTrue Starfire, thanks for your info and your list, it's helped me so much. I am wondering if the Vortex Peace Prayer may not stick because the "dark sorcerers" may find a loop hole that allows them to control the outcome. As in they could say "well, we need somebody to make sure these things happen, which means rules regulations and authority, so we'll volunteer to make sure animals are treated humanely" but then they don't do it. WOAH! Synchronicity! the admin just asked you about VPP! Perhaps we should put in a Key that puts the control of things away from these dark sorcerers, those that would NOT allow the VPP to happen. I don't know, it's fresh in my head.

Starfire Tor Hi John. Nice to see you here. The Vortex Peace Prayer is a Reality Shift Manifestaio9n protocol, and by its very nature is not susceptible to dark force energy. Instead, the VPP allows dark force energy to transform into something more giving and useful on the planet.

fontaine Starfire - do you know of any sites in NYC where time slips are easier to experience? (you mentioned the shopping mall area in CA (?) in one of your interviews) - just wondering if you know of any "psi hot spots" in NYC

Starfire Tor The Empire State building is one, and the obelisk in Central Park is another.

anna Any classes/conferences you might do in the future for groups?

Starfire Tor At this moment, all my teaching happens on my mailng list. Come and join.

anna Whitley, what are your thoughts on the increase of animal mutilations worldwide? Any thoughts? Any links to???

Whitley Strieber Linda is working on this now. If you go to unknowncountry.com and click on "The Weeks News" in the left hand column, you will see a story about it with some links. They are following, too. There have been a number of particularly horrible cases recently that have involved conventional butchering, and also some using the classic super-sharp knives and blood draining that seems other-related. I had the creepy thought: aliens and hybrids working together?

greg manoni Starfire, are there any techniques for inducing timeline anomalies, for those of us interested in exploring this phenomena?

Starfire Tor I teach something called "Reality Shift Manifestation". However, although it will cause a time line anomaly, that is not the goal of the technique. I do not advise doing something just to mess with the time line.

darleneg Right about timelines and lifetimes, Starfire! I have come to this realization as well, but it took me a long time to figure it out. I've had past life memories for some time now, and I too have gotten messages from myself in the future (with a witness in one case, who still puzzles over it!)

Starfire Tor That sounds great. Yes, one of my pet projects is communicating with myself across the time lines. I think more people do this than they realize.

Thomas On Wednesday night, during an "ah-ha!" experience with a close friend while looking at old photos, we noticed that one of the photos was IMPOSSIBLE; in other words, his image in the photo seems CLEARLY REVERSED, while the rest of the photo appears normal. In your experience, do such "ah-ha!" experiences sometimes involve crossed timelines, such that this photo we have might actually BE from ANOTHER TIMELINE?

Starfire Tor Hi Thomas. 'd have to know more about the process the photo went throughy. But saying the3re has been no special effects added, then you may have hard evidence of a Time Shift event. Keep the photo safe.

chandra Starfire, If one can copy paste desirable elements from a co-existing timeline, what is there to prevent evil-minded people copy pasting undesirable elements?

Starfire Tor Chandra - sinister forces mess with the time lines all the time. That's the problem. What i discovered, and what I'm doing, helps to counter this.

anna Whitley, can you comment on why you moved out of the U.S. at this time? Just a preparation thing or?

Whitley Strieber I am part Mexican, and really feel at home there. But recently the south, where we have been living, has become startlingly lawless. The Federales really are just controlling their police stations, and they're not very reliable anyway, so we are in the US now. We didn't move out of the country, really, just wanted to be closer to some curaderos and such folks we know. But at the moment, we're stateside for a while, until things around Oaxaca settle down again, if they do.

dm5 Whitley, I didn't think you were going to do any book signings this time around, however, I noticed that you have done some on the West Coast and I was wondering if you might be coming to the East Coast any time?

Whitley Strieber I was not planning to, but then they set up a couple. I MIGHT do the Tattered Cover in Denver also, but that will be it, as far as I know. This publisher is more into radio tours and such.

joe1219 Whitely will you ever have Richard Hoagland on your show again?

Whitley Strieber I would love to! And, oddly, Anne and I were just talking about that yesterday.

mr88 Since joining the ID group, there have been a number of significant times shifts this year that were documented and clear to many. If they are purposeful, possibly affected by what you refer to as "TimeShift Game Masters", what are your feelings on the overall direction and purpose of what is being done currently? From my point of view it at least appears that many terrible events have been stopped, or lessened in some way that still retains a residual reference back to the 'original' event.

Starfire Tor Yes, you are correct. Please keep in mind that there is more than one faction involved in what I call "Time Wars". Some will be doing things that I would consider unhealthy for the planet. others would be trying to counter the sinister ones. However, it's tough all around.

Kismet Is it possible to willfully shift to another time line with better outcomes and stay there?

Starfire Tor No. The best you can do is learn how to perform Reality Shift Manifestations, which copy paste elements from other time lines into your localized world. However, RS aren't about wish fulfillment. You can't RS something that doesn't already exist in a co-existing time line somewhere.

fontaine whitley - do you ever miss having contact? (the way one misses an old friend you may have lost touch with?)

Whitley Strieber I miss it! We've seriously discussed going back to the Woodstock area and just rolling up the rug to the world. The visitors would soon return, we both feel sure. Why they do NOT come around when we are elsewhere is a mystery to me.

markwaldron Whitley, would you and Anne be interested in starting a special prayer circle with the intention of helping bring rain to the Amazon Basin? You could just post an announcement on UC.com about it....if we all prayed simultaneously for this to happen, surely it would be of help, and in any case it couldn't hurt. You've both seen up close how powerful prayer can be.

Whitley Strieber This is in the works. It will be a meditation group, and we are in the late planning stages. It will replace the old prayer group with prayer and group meditation.

darleneg Starfire, you mention the Gray's as being time traveler's (even space travel IS time travel). My gut feeling about the Gray's, ever since I read Communion so many years ago, was that they are a part of us, or ARE us---what we (d)evolve into. Could this be the basis of how they overwhelm us---with our own fear of what we could become?

Starfire Tor This is a complex question, and I don't have the same "Gray" experiences as Whitley has had. There are more than one type of Gray, and each type has a purpose. I do not see them as the superior beings interacting with humans. There are others more advanced, and even more invested in our planet. This goes back to the original ETs who came to this planet and mucked around with the planet's genetics.

anna Starfire, which mall in Ca? I'm from S. Ca. originally....

Starfire Tor There isn't one place in California where my research vortex is. The vortex is over a 100 square mile area, and it moves.

flyingwolf are a lot of hybrids here on earth, if so what are they doing to support themselves? are the greys supporting them?

Whitley Strieber I have had a few encounters with hybrids. One kind, born here of human parents, lives entirely in our context, I think. I know a hybrid who lives in Mexico. She is a lovely, brilliant woman. Others, though, who seem to me to have been raised elsewhere and come here are not so comfortable. The ones I have encountered have seemed quite frantic, smoked constantly, been sort of crazed by their ability to hear thought, and been living like hoboes, with no social or economic skills at all. And agonized by being close to people. Also quite terrifying to see and try to interact with. Like people possessed, but the devil is on the outside, the person hidden within.

Midnight Blue Starfire, is there a way to use lucid dreaming to explore timelines?

Starfire Tor Yes. It's something discussed on my Inter-Dimension list. Because you're talking about lucid dreaming, it is possible to program your brain to interface with the Core Matrix and its many co-existing time lines.

darleneg One of the most empowering experiences I ever had was one where I somehow went to a place where I encountered all of my past life selves as children---including myself in this timeline. They all gathered around me, laughing and being children and I embraced and loved every one of them---this still brings me to tears thinking about it.

Starfire Tor Great experience

admin We are at the end of our time with Starfire and Whitley. The chat will be posted either today or tomorrow. Thanks everybody for the wonderful questions! This is my first time as moderator, and it was FUN! Starfire's website is http://www.starfiretor.com and to join her Yahoo Group, go to Yahoo Groups, put Inter-Dimension into the search box, and you'll get directly to her group.

darleneg How much do our dreams play into time shifts, and do they have an effect?

Starfire Tor Dreams don't cause Time Shifts, but they can reveal information that a TS has happened. The dreaming brain can see "future events". When you dream, your brain is actually picking up streaming data - which are co-existing time lines Core Matrix programs.

admin She has a few more answers! We'll stay in moderation for another 10 mins.

admin Next week, at 9AM Pacific, Peter Levenda!

anna Starfire, and how do you function in what I would call your normal/here reality? Is that really hard to balance both?

Starfire Tor It's not always easy, but like anyone else the key is finding friends and associates who respect and care about you. I'm no different. I care about people, animals, and the planet. That is what anchors me and helps me to relate to people. Otherwise I'd be too cerebral and aloof.

Sara Whitley, I hope that you and Anne are healthy and well, and that you're not wanting to be closer to curanderos because of any specific dis-ease.

Whitley Strieber We're in great shape! There is a lot going on in the native communities in Mexico that we are privy to because of the visitor contacts. But they are very secretive due to their fear of their government, so we keep a low profile.

anna Starfire, are there a limited number of time lines or???

Starfire Tor No.

admin Thanks to both Starfire and Whitley. Turning off moderation now.

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