The Philadelphia Experiment Hoax Report

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Starfire Tor Report: Exposing The Lies and Repairing The Damage

The Beginning: The Carl Allen - Carlos Allende Letters to MK Jessup

The USS Eldridge DE-173 History and Statistics

The USS Eldridge DE-173 Photos

Biographies and Photo Gallery

Starfire Tor, Whitley Strieber, and Anne Strieber, finished principle photography on a new Discovery Channel Show featuring their Time Slip adventure at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Starting this Saturday, March 20, 2010, Starfire Tor is interviewed by Whitley Strieber on a new installment of Dreamland. Listen, as Whitley and Starfire discuss their Discovery Channel Show, the importance of the Magic Castle Time Slip, and a powerful segment on time travel info and disinfo.


Starfire Tor Philadelphia Experiment Interview
With Whitley Strieber on


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