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I am the discoverer of Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi. By extension, part of my area of expertise involves research into Time Travel – both temporal and physical. My pioneering research is legendary, and my investigation of the group experienced Magic Castle Time Slip is recognized as the only documented, investigated, proven, and published case of an authentic Time Slip event.

As you may imagine, I have a deep interest in anyone or any group claiming to have knowledge of Time Travel, or even to be Time Travelers. My research indicates that Time Travel, in any number of forms, is viable and probable. Because of the nature of Co-Existing Time Lines, and their primary involvement with Time Travel capabilities, I have developed a simple theory. I believe, that at some time, in some Co-Existing Time Line, Time Travel has been discovered and utilized. Therefore, Time Travelers have either been here, will be here, or are here now.

When I first heard about the Philadelphia Experiment, I was understandably drawn toward the possibility of the claims. I was the same as so many others. It drew me to it, in the beginning. I threw myself into research mode. If The Philadelphia Experiment were true, it would mean that I could study the event and the science and be able to expand my research based on this all important inter-related info. But if The Philadelphia Experiment never happened, meaning that the personal claims were a hoax, then I'd have to be forever dealing with misinformed people trying to figure out how my Time Shift and Core Matrix research linked into the "science" of The Philadelphia Experiment. It happens all the time. Therefore, getting to the bottom of the claims of The Philadelphia Experiment was important.

When it comes to Time Travel claims and information, I’m only interested in the real deal. Over the years I have developed protocols and criteria, that weed out the untrue and the insincere. My job gets harder, when unscrupulous people hijack the subject matter of Time Travel, only to lure people into their world of fantasy and fraud. I spend an inordinate amount of time educating people about Time Travel related hoaxes, because I view such an education as a weapon against fraud and the damage hoaxes can do. Authentic knowledge, and how to discern the truth, are my power tools. I want them to be your power tools, too. I’ve written this report for you.

The promoters of The Philadelphia Experiment claim, that in 1943 the USS Eldridge DE-173 was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia and back. It was even claimed that the USS Eldridge DE-173 time traveled, and hapless crew members suffered horrific after effects, such as teleporting, freezing, igniting, and molecularly embedding into the boat’s bulkhead.

There are a number of people, who have made claims about being connected to The Philadelphia Experiment. Some of them have built up a business and a following. This would only bother me if the business were based on a hoax. Various people have claimed to have been crew members, on the USS Eldridge DE-173, who were flung through time and space as a result of The Philadelphia Experiment. They used this story to explain their time traveling leap into the past, the future, and even another body. Others claim another type of connection to The Philadelphia Experiment, with the inclusion of a black ops program involving time travel, alternate dimensions, mind control, and extended locations. And then there are those who endorse the Philadelphia Experiment as advertised, while claiming that they are Time Travel researchers, experts, or even actual Time Travelers.

Have any of these people really had the experiences they claim, or the knowledge they claim? Or are they nothing more than opportunist tricksters and con artists working the crowd?

There are many challenges in determining what, if anything, is true about the Philadelphia Experiment. This includes the 1950s connection between Morris K. Jessup and Carl M. Allen, the involvement of the US Navy, the USS Eldridge DE-173 and her crew, various well known scientists, and various other people who claim to be connected. The many parts of the story need to be broken up into segments, because while one segment might be true, it doesn't mean that another part is true. Hoaxers know that the most believable lies sandwich the lie in between two truths. Here is a broad stroke of the segments, needing to be researched.

1. Who is Morris K. Jessup and what is his connection to Carlos Allende, Carl Meredith Allen, and the Philadelphia Experiment?

2. Was Morris K. Jessup’s death really a suicide or murder?

3. Who is Carl Meredith Allen, is he also Carlos Allende, and what is his connection to the Philadelphia Experiment and Morris K. Jessup?

4. Can any of Carl Meredith Allen’s many claims, about the Philadelphia Experiment, be verified?

5. Did the US Navy get involved in Carl Meredith Allen’s Philadelphia Experiment claims?

6. Was the USS Eldridge DE-173 used in a secret project that caused the ship and crew to become invisible?

7. Was the USS Eldridge DE-173 used in a secret project that caused the ship and crew to teleport from one location to another?

8. Was the USS Eldridge DE-173 used in a secret project that caused the ship and crew to Time Travel?

9. Were members of the USS Eldridge DE-173 crew subjected to on board experiments that left them either dead, molecularly merged with the ship, molecularly unstable, teleported to another location, or flung somewhere in time?

10. Did the US Navy engage well known scientists to work on The Philadelphia Experiment, and was it done under Project Rainbow?

11. If The Philadelphia Experiment is true then are any of the people, claiming a connection to the project actually connected to the project?

12. If The Philadelphia Experiment is not true then what are the people, claiming a connection to the project, really up to?

Getting down, to the bottom of these questions, is of course important to the investigation and the truth. But just as important is a working knowledge of hoaxing and hoaxers. Without this knowledge, particularly in an investigation like this, researchers can miss critical evidence.

A hoax is a deliberate effort, by a con artist or trickster, to deceive a person or group into believing that a fabricated story or circumstance is real, when the con artist knows that the information is false. Such deliberate trickery is always intended to gain some sort of an advantage for the hoaxer, at the expense of those who have fallen for the hoax.

Hoaxes do more damage, to important cutting edge topics like time travel, UFOs, the paranormal, earth anomalies, ancient history, and suppressed knowledge than any organized disinformation campaign could ever do. Hoaxes act as Trojan infiltration systems, viruses, and memes that corrupt and destroy authentic efforts to solve the world’s mysteries. Since solving the world’s mysteries, has the potential to bring us together as a wise, compassionate, and strongly united planet, any hoax presents the potential for a planet-wide dumbing down. Therefore, identifying a hoax, and repairing the damage done by that hoax, is an essential and positive step toward achieving planet-wide unity and peace through the strength of authentic and universal truth. These are my words, my insights, and what I stand for and believe.

As this report unfolds, you will learn that The Philadelphia Experiment is a hoax, and always was a hoax. The inescapable conclusions came from two main areas of research: 1. Assessing the integrity, actions, and motives of Carl Meredith Allen aka Carlos Allende and 2. Tracking the activities of the USS Eldridge DE-173.

The Philadelphia Experiment hoax was created by Carl Meredith Allen aka Carlos Allende. He worked alone. The Philadelphia Experiment hoax went viral in 1956. It was let loose, by Allen, in a scheming, dishonest and manipulative bid to feed his need for self aggrandizing and sensation based publicity. He desperately wanted to be recognized, not for who he truly was, but as the fictional character that he created out of delusional thinking and intentional lies. He wanted to be recognized and respected as an elite scientific genius, who had insider knowledge of secret experiments involving invisibility, teleportation, time travel, and the unified field theory. He even claimed to have been taught by Albert Einstein, as well as being an intellectual equal of Albert Einstein.

Since none of Carl M. Allen’s grand and sensational claims were true, he knew that he could only get the attention he coveted by promoting a web of lies. He saw his opening, after reading the 1955 book “The Case For The UFO” by Morris K. Jessup.

Morris Jessup was born in 1900, and died in 1959. He grew up to become an amateur astronomer, a modest scholar and explorer, a car parts salesman, and an author with an intellectual interest in ancient history, space travel, UFOs, and related sciences. “The Case For The UFO” was a logical extension of his life’s interests. It was a mild success with UFO enthusiasts, where there was already a growing climate of interest in UFOs. Some of the higher profile cases included the 1947 Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting, the 1947 Roswell UFO event, and the 1952 UFO event over Washington, DC. The 1950s also saw the rise of the UFO contactee and space brother era, as well as solidifying the image of the disc shaped flying saucer and the cigar shaped mother ship.

Real or not, flying saucers, spacemen, spaceflight, robots, aliens, lost continents, and secret scientific experiments where good business for the movie, TV, and book industries. In the 1950s, one of the most memorable and influential flying saucer-spaceman movies was the 1952 masterpiece “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Add to this a number of great 1950s and earlier science fiction books, including those by Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Robert A. Heinlein. The point is, Carl Allen didn’t create the Philadelphia Experiment hoax out of thin air. He had plenty of stimulus and material to work from.

Jessup promoted his book by touring and lecturing. In “The Case For The UFO”, Jessup theorized about the means of propulsion that various shaped UFOs might utilize. He speculated about a number of different possibilities, most based on the flight characteristics of historical and contemporary UFO cases that he had studied. His top theories involved anti-gravity and electromagnetism, and he felt that rocket propulsion was a dead end science compared to what his top theories could bring to space flight. Not all of Jessup’s theories were as feasible as his propulsion theories, with many of his other theories sounding more like bad science fiction rather than possible future science. Because Jessup had an open-minded view, toward out of the box concepts, this made him a soft target for Carl Allen’s Philadelphia Experiment hoax.

Carl Meredith Allen was born in 1925, and died in 1994. Starting in 1956 he wrote a number of letters to Jessup, in response to the publication of Jessup’s “The Case For The UFO” book. Allen first introduced himself to Jessup as Carlos Allende. These letters, to Jessup, are the source for the Philadelphia Experiment hoax. Yet most of the people, who believe that the Philadelphia Experiment is a true story – thereby carrying the hoax forward, have never read Allen’s letters to Jessup, or Jessup’s book “The Case For The UFO”. Failure to do so, especially Allen’s letters to Jessup, is what has led so many to accept and promote a hoax as truth.

As part of this report, I have made several Carl M. Allen letters available for reading. They send up red warning flags, that are so alarming, that even the most open minded of researchers – either from the 1950s or from today - would not and should not go one step further with Allen or his claims. Rejecting Allen’s claims, of a Navy destroyer that could cloak, teleport, and time travel, has nothing to do with the topic of whether cloaking devices, teleportation, or time travel was a viable US Navy science – even a secret black ops science - in 1943. This has everything to do with the lack of credibility of Carl Allen, based on the content of those letters. He comes across exactly as he was, a mentally unsound person whose imagination and ego are in charge. Remember, these are the letters, and the man, that created and launched the Philadelphia Experiment hoax.

Morris Jessup gave Carl Allen the chance to come across with usable information, which he hoped might shed some light on the credibility of any of Allen’s claims. When Allen failed to do so, Jessup distanced himself from the hoaxer. Having been rejected by Jessup, Carl Allen concocted another way to use Jessup without Jessup’s awareness or consent. Allen sent a copy of Jessup’s book to the Navy, complete with annotations that he tried to pass off as three different mystery people with knowledge of extraterrestrials. The Navy called in Jessup, which is how Jessup learned how Allen was using and abusing his work.

Jessup concluded that there was only one person behind the annotations and the false claims, written in a copy of his book that was sent to the Navy, and that person was Carl M. Allen. It wasn’t hard to determine, that the handwriting in the book matched Allen’s writing in correspondence to Jessup. The author kept his distance from the manipulative and dishonest Allen, but the way that Allen had used him sent Jessup into a depression. But Jessup had a dream for himself, so in 1956 he published “UFOs and the Bible” and “The UFO Annual”. In 1957 his book “Expanding The Case For The UFO” was published. None of the three books garnered much interest, and Jessup was deeply disappointed that his planned career as an author and scientist wasn’t working out as hoped. He did not want to be associated with Carl Allen or his lies. In 1958, Jessup’s wife left him. This threw him into another bout of depression. Then in 1959, alone and in a deeply despondent state of mind, Morris K. Jessup took his own life. There is no conspiracy and no mystery. Like so many, who have committed suicide, Jessup believed that he had nowhere and no one to turn to, and no way to heal from the many wrong turns he thought his life had taken.

Carl M. Allen certainly played a role in Jessup’s death, but it wasn’t because the Philadelphia Experiment was real. It was because the Philadelphia Experiment was a hoax, and Allen had used Jessup and made a mockery of his book. Allen’s manipulative deceit helped to kill Jessup’s dream career, and that in turn added to the depression that eventually led to the author’s suicide.

In the August 22, 1986 edition of "The News of Colorado Centennial Country", there was an article that featured the Philadelphia Experiment hoax confession by Carl Meredith Allen. He admitted that the Philadelphia Experiment was a hoax, wholly perpetrated by him. Depending on his mood and mental state, Allen would confess to the hoax, retract the confession, and then confess again. His last public spin was to confess the hoax, which he stuck to until his dying day in 1994. But by then, few even knew his name or that he had ever been the source of the Philadelphia Experiment hoax. In the same article, Allen claimed that he was one of only four people who understood the Unified Field Theory because he was taught it by Albert Einstein.

Even after Carl Allen’s death, the Philadelphia Experiment hoax continues through generations of under-informed believers, willful hoaxers, and intentional disinformationists who use the Philadelphia Experiment brand as a personal marketing tool. The Philadelphia Experiment hoax has caused severe and prolonged damage to authentic Time Travel research. It has also created a misdirection of information, that has the potential to shield those who may utilize and guard authentic time travel knowledge … secrets that have nothing to do with the story and myth of the Philadelphia Experiment hoax.

I tracked the USS Eldridge DE-173 down years ago, because I believed that this research might be the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding the Philadelphia Experiment claims. It turned out that I was right. Even if the Carl M. Allen research hadn’t of been so revealing, the info on the USS Eldridge DE-173 would have revealed the key to determining that a hoax had been committed. The USS Eldridge DE-173 turned out to be the greatest witness of all.

I tracked the history of the USS Eldridge DE-173, and discovered something very interesting and telling. According to Naval records, The USS Eldridge DE-173 was a Cannon class destroyer escort that was laid down on February 22, 1943, and launched on July 25, 1943 by the Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company of Newark, New Jersey. She was commissioned on August 27, 1943 at the New York Navy Shipyard, and was assigned to escort duties in the Atlantic until May 1945, when she was assigned to service in the Pacific.

After the USS Eldridge DE-173 was commissioned, she stayed in New York Long Island Sound until September 16, 1943. She sailed to Bermuda on September 18, 1943, and stayed near Bermuda while undergoing sea trials and training. On October 15, 1943, as part of a convoy, she left the Bermuda area for New York. The convoy arrived, in New York harbor, on October 18, 1943. The USS Eldridge DE-173 remained in New York harbor until November 1, 1943, when it was part of the escort for Convoy UGS-23 New York Section. On November 2, 1943, the convoy entered the Naval Operating Base at Norfolk, Virginia. On November 3, 1943, the same convoy departed for Casablanca, where it arrived on November 22, 1943. On November 29, 1943, the USS Eldridge DE-173 departed Norfolk as one of the escorts for Convoy GUS-22, headed for New York Harbor. This convoy arrived at New York harbor on December 17, 1943. The USS Eldridge DE-173 remained in New York waters, engaged in training exercises, until December 31, 1943, when it sailed to Norfolk with four other ships. During this time frame, the USS Eldridge DE-173 was never in Philadelphia.

The USS Eldridge DE-173 was decommissioned on June 17, 1946 at Green Cove Springs, Florida, and was placed in the Reserve Fleet. On January 15, 1951, in a ceremony at the Boston, Massachusetts Naval Shipyard, she was transferred to the Greek Royal Hellenic Navy, along with three other Cannon Class destroyer escorts. They were the USS Slater DE-766, the USS Ebert DE-768, and the USS Garfield Thomas DE-193. These transfers were made under the provisions of the U.S. Mutual Defense Assistance Program.

The HNS Leon D-54 – formerly the USS Eldridge DE-173 - served in the Greek Hellenic Royal Navy from January 15, 1951 until she was decommissioned on November 15, 1992. She was then used as a training hulk, until being laid up in Souda Bay Crete in Terminal Reserve. On November 11, 1999, she was sold for disassembling and scrap to the V&J Scrap Metal Trading Ltd at Peiraia, Greece.

Let me explain why this information is so critical, to uncovering the truth about The Philadelphia Experiment. If the USS Eldridge DE-173 had been involved in an experiment, as described in The Philadelphia Experiment lore, the US government and Navy would have never let this destroyer out of their possession. They would have kept her in some form of containment, by the very nature of what she allegedly was involved in. But that is not what the US government did. They sent her over to the Greek government. This transfer, to a foreign country, would never have happened had the USS Eldridge DE-173 really been involved in teleporting, moving through time, or had crew members molecularly merged with the boat.

Take a moment to think about this information, and let the logic sink in. The historical records, of the USS Eldridge DE-173 were created long before The Philadelphia Experiment hoax was created in 1956. These Naval records, which include deck logs, decommissioning orders, and the transfer to Greece stand the test of time.

Then there is the matter of degaussing, which some Philadelphia Experiment researchers believe might be what Carl Allen witnessed and mistook for something of a science fiction nature. Some also believe, that parts of Allen’s claims might be explained by his ignorance of Naval procedures and ships movements. I must disagree. Allen’s claims, which include incidents off of the USS Eldridge DE-173, other locations, and Allen side by side with Albert Einstein cannot be explained by a mistaken degaussing or other Navy related ignorance. BTW, degaussing is a process involving electrical cables that run the circumference of a ship's hull. An electrical current is passed through these cables, which cancels out the ship's magnetic field. Once done, magnetic mines would not be able to attach to the ship’s hull. The ship could pass through a magnetic mine field, and remain 'invisible' to the magnetic mines. It goes without saying that the actual ship would not be invisible.

For this report, I have provided pages containing more information and photos about the USS Eldridge DE-173, Morris K. Jessup, and Carl M. Allen aka Carlos Agenda.

The USS Eldridge DE-173 has provided historical testimony, that she was never involved in The Philadelphia Experiment. Without the USS Eldridge DE-173, there is no Philadelphia Experimen. No Philadelphia Experiment means no Project Rainbow. So, what does this revelation do to all of those people with all of those claims, about being part of or linked to The Philadelphia Experiment? It means that every single one of them have been perpetrating a hoax. They could not possibly have been involved with something that never happened. Therefore: Let the Philadelphia Experiment hoax be an important criteria, for discerning whether someone can be trusted when they make claims about their involvement, interest, or expertise in Time Travel. This isn’t the only criteria, but it’s one that is very reliable.

If you are someone who believed that the Philadelphia Experiment was real, and you are now questioning your instincts at being drawn to the topic of Time Travel and teleportation, here is something I want you to know. Keep being drawn toward the elements of the topic of Time Travel and teleportation. Retain the personal core memory, that drew you to the story to begin with. Your core feelings are genuine, and are there for a reason. Just be careful of hoaxes and hoaxers, because they use your vulnerability to pull you into their web of lies. Use the discernment tools I’ve given you to keep you interest in TimeTravel healthy and integrity driven. That’s the best way to begin healing yourself and the planet, from the harm that the Philadelphia Experiment hoax has done. Your continued interest in Time Travel, and related topics, needs to grow and thrive, so that the ultimate truth about Time Travel, and co-existing time lines, can be understood without being corrupted by a hoax.

Just because The Philadelphia Experiment is a hoax, doesn’t mean that there are no black ops projects involving exotic forward thinking science and technology. Of course there are, and this type of clandestine activity has been around throughout military and civilian history. The very technology, that you use today, was in development, or use in the military or private industrial sector, at least 30 years before you saw or heard about it. The military, and private industry, have long been engaged in developing war machines so stealthy, that they are invisible to radar, sonar, scans of all sorts, and even visually. There are optical elements that can make a soldier, plane, tank, convoy, or boat literally become invisible right before your eyes. Research on molecular teleportation and transformation has been in the works for awhile. Radio wave technology was tested on many defensive, offensive, and communications applications, utilizing different arrays and frequencies. And publically, the notion of Time Travel and multiple time lines has gone from science fiction to theoretical science fact. So, if the theoretics of multiple time lines and Time Travel is now publically acknowledged by mainsteam science, just imagine what technology and science is really going on behind the scenes.

As for The Philadelphia Experiment, being a black ops project from 1943 … it never happened.

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