The Secret Submarine
Psi Data Download
Saving The World From The BP Oil Disaster

Experienced April 20, 2010
Reported May 26, 2010

© Researched and Written By Starfire Tor

I have decided to write and publish this psi data download piece of intel because I am convinced that the Secret Submarine that I have psi seen is not only real, it can put an end to the BP oil gusher disaster. The intel I’m sharing is intended to be read and acted upon by the Secret Submarine owners and handlers, President Barack Obama, the first wave of people, animals, land, and environment negatively impacted by the disaster, and planet Earth as a whole. Make no mistake, the BP oil disaster is globally catastrophic. No one is immune, no matter how far you live from the disaster site or the Gulf of Mexico.

In order for you to understand, and take seriously what I report, you must come up to speed on two important factors. Once you do come up to speed, you won’t be asking yourself whether my psi data download intel is real or imaginary … you’ll be confident that my intel gathering capabilities have a high degree of accuracy and trustworthiness.

Factor One: I have been accurately gathering and reporting psi data download intel for years. This includes the 9-11-01 attacks, the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, the crash of United Airlines Flt 232 in 1989, the crash of TWA flt 800 in 1996, the sinking of the submarine Kursk in 2000, the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia, the crash of the Concorde in 2000, and many more. And six months into 2010, 85% of my 2010 predictions have come to pass.

I made these reports, not to say “hey look at me I see future events and pick up suppressed and secret info”, but as an active part of honing my understanding of my Core Matrix related precognition research, and because I use the intel and research in an effort to save lives. Some of my work can be experienced on my Inter-Dimension list. You can read about my psi data downloads and precog work on my website.

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Factor Two: Just because you are not aware, of the existence of certain advanced technology, doesn’t mean that a certain advanced technology doesn’t exist. All high tech advanced things begin in the world of secrecy, where they remain for years. Some of these advanced technology items eventually go public. Others never do. When they do it’s called “black ops technology realized” or a BOTR item. A case in point is the B-2 stealth bomber, which is a fine example of a BOTR item.

The B-2 stealth bomber is a well known and popular advanced flying wing aircraft. Besides doing its stealth bomber thing during wartime, many people have experienced the B-2 at air shows and at parade flyovers. But 30 years ago, the B-2 began life as a black ops project. That means it was a secret, until it made its public debut in 1988. It reached initial operational capability in 1997, and had its combat debut in 1999. So as you can see, what was once a secret black ops item is now a public example of US air superiority.

There’s something else that is interesting about the B-2 stealth bomber, which manifested during its years as a secret black ops project. At certain flight angles, the B-2 literally looks like a flying saucer. Because the public knew nothing about this secret flying wing, the flight of the B-2 sometimes generated UFO reports.

So there you have it. Just because you have no knowledge, of an advanced craft or technology, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist somewhere beyond the window of your world. That’s the way it is with the Secret Submarine I’m talking about. Just because you never heard of it, or never encountered it as a USO [Unidentified Submersible Object], doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Check out my “Black Ops Technology Realized” photo section, which I’ve compiled especially for this report. There are some very interesting items you won’t want to miss.

Now that Factor One and Factor Two have brought you up to speed, I can continue with my psi data download report on how the Secret Submarine can stop the BP oil spill gushers.

You’ve all downloaded something to your computer, whether it’s a photo, music, or information. So you know what the term ‘download’ means. When I use the phrase ‘psi data download’ – which is a phrase I coined – I’m referring to psychically or temporally perceived information that I download into my brain and consciousness. Sometimes the psi data download is spontaneous, and other times it happens as part of a protocol that I developed for intel gathering.

The Secret Submarine isn’t something I psi-saw, for the first time, after the BP oil spill disaster. I’ve psi-seen the submarine for years. This includes its technological evolution and capabilities. I have never publically talked about it until now. The only reason, I am breaking my silence, is because I believe that the Secret Submarine is the only way to effectively stop the flow of oil from the BP, Halliburton, Transocean Deepwater Horizon disaster. On top of this disaster, there are other oil leaks that must be stopped. Also, I believe that at least one other oil platform is in serious danger right now. One rig I’m concerned about is called Atlantis.

I first brought up the existence of the Secret Submarine on May 26, 2010 in Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country chat room http://www.unknowncountry.com where I was the featured guest. The conversation turned to the BP oil spill disaster, and then questions as to whether I could perform a Reality Shift Manifestation [RSM] protocol to shut down the flow of oil. RSM is a protocol I developed, based on my understanding of the Core Matrix and co-existing time lines – two interrelated quantum conditions that I discovered. I usually work RSM privately, but on August 31, 2009 I publically demonstrated the value and wonder of humanitarian based Reality Shift Manifestation. This led to a number of interviews, which struck a chord with millions of people around the world. Many had asked me, if I could stop the BP oil spill with a Reality Shift Manifestation, and I was asked again in the chat room. Here is a bit of what I wrote, in response to questions about an RSM.

May 26, 2010: Yes I have considered a Reality Shift Manifestation concerning the oil disaster. There are many challenges to it because of so many people involved in deep corruption. What I did psi see was an incredible submarine that's currently black ops. It can stop the gushing. That's what I hoped would arrive. It's not been called in. But I can see it. I wonder if Obama knows about the sub I speak of. This black ops sub I saw can use lasers and terra-forming to stop the gushing. It has an incredible crush depth well below anything publicly known.”

Later I wrote on my Facebook page:

April 29, 2010: Grave concern: BP's uncapped & uncontained gushing oil is destroying sea life in a horrific environmental disaster. Hundreds of species of fish, birds, porpoise & other wildlife are threatened along the Gulf Coast. Worse than Exxon Valdez disaster. Here is the April 27, 2010 NASA Earth Observatory satellite photo of the catastrophic BP oil spill & continuing gusher endangering hundreds of species of fish, birds, porpoise, & other wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. Short of a massive quake & reverse tsunami is there anything that can stop this oil from its destructive course?

April 30, 2010: Fact - BP filed a 2009 exploration plan and environmental impact analysis for this well. They claimed it was "unlikely or virtually impossible for an accident to occur that would lead to a giant crude oil spill and serious damage to beaches, fish and mammals." Despite evidence and common sense to the contrary, of BP's assertion, BP was permitted to drill without back-up safety mechanics or a realistic plan to stop & contain a catastrophic blow out and gusher. BP & those who green lighted BP are to blame for this disaster. More will emerge about what BP did and didn't do that either caused or contributed to this disaster. They have a track record of disasters. More will emerge about those who allowed BP to carry on with the drilling project, despite BP's ludicrous & false claims about safety.”

May 29, 2010: BP's latest attempt to stop their oil gusher has failed. It's time to bring in the super secret advanced submarine. The one that has been spotted as a USO. The one with extraordinary crush depth capabilities, that has lasers & other tech that can cut tunnels thru rock, & can bury the many gushers through ocean floor terraforming. The save is worth the reveal.”

On my Inter-Dimension list I posted:

May 29, 2010: “BP Fails/Secret Submarine Can Stop BP Oil Gushers
Folks –
BP's latest attempt to stop their gulf oil gushers has failed.
It's time to bring in the super secret advanced submarine.
The one that I have psi seen many times, and so know exists.
The one that has been spotted as a USO [underwater UFO].
The one with extraordinary crush depth capabilities
The one that has lasers & other tech that can cut tunnels thru rock.
The one that can bury the many gushers through ocean floor terraforming.
The save is worth the reveal.
Make it so. Do it.”

Now I will tell you more about the Secret Submarine, and the technology it can use to shut down this and other oil gushers. There is an inherent problem, with the way the BP oil disaster has been handled, by the people and companies who control the power over the disaster. The inherent problem has to do with agendas and integrity. Their primary agenda has never included a serious actionable plan to protect people, animals, sea life, the eco-system, or the planet. That’s obvious in the post disaster behavior we’ve seen, but also in the pre disaster behavior we are now learning about. Honest and caring people don’t allow others to suffer and die, while they feed their self interest. When words, actions, and behavior don’t make sense, that’s a red flag warning.

Their primary agenda has always been to preserve the drill site, and retrieve the oil. I get that, and if doing that was based on a pre-established, proven, and ready plan I’d say do it. But they had no proven disaster plan, because they misled others into believing that the danger wasn’t there. If the danger isn’t there, then there’s no reason why they would have to go to the time and expense of creating and implementing that plan.

When the Deepwater Horizon went up in flames, and 11 men lost their lives, the piped shaft driven through the sea floor had no cap or way to control the gushing of tremendous amounts of oil. The piped shaft goes down miles below the sea floor. The pressure put upon that oil now had an outlet – BP’s manmade shaft. With that pipe in place, even the earth itself couldn’t close that shaft off. And only the closing of that shaft can stop the furthering of the gushing oil, and this global disaster. As all the world saw in BP’s “top kill” attempt, trying to shove mud and debris down that deep pipe couldn’t stop the gushing oil.

BP claims that they need to drill relief shafts, which will help lessen the pressure while they eventually retrieve the oil. Again, this is their primary agenda still in place. As long as their primary agenda, is in place, we are all in danger. And so I’ve decided to tell you all about a different agenda, which primarily stops that flow of oil regardless of whether it can ever be retrieved again.

It’s very simple. If you change the agenda you change the tactics.

The pipe in the shaft needs to be removed, so that the earth can be closed in on the shaft to shut off the flow of oil. Then a mountain needs to be built on top of the fissure, with a weight that will counter any pressure that may remain or try to become reinvigorated. The Secret Submarine has the ability to remove that pipe and close the fissure. It has incredible crush depth capabilities, because of the fantastic element incorporated into the very structure of the submarine at a molecular level. Simply put, this element can both absorb and push back on things that are heavier than it. This includes the weight of sea water on the Secret Submarine. It can do this while allowing part of it to deform, while still maintaining the submarine’s hull and interior integrity. Part of the outer structure design is based on shark skin. Another part is literally nanotechnology

The Secret Submarine has tunnel boring and molding capabilities. It also has powerful lasers and sonic technology with acoustic capabilities that can move large and small objects. It has more than one kind of power source, including the ability to use the water as an electromagnetic power source. It is shielded from EM blasts. It has vectored thrust, when needed. It can do more than that. So the Secret Submarine can use the sea floor to close off the gushing oil. It can also go to the other, even deeper gushers, and close them off too.

Go to all of my photo pages, as well as the web pages I suggested. Take a look at the dying and suffering, at the hands of this oil disaster. We all need the Secret Submarine to come to the rescue.

Photo Gallery Page 1: Key Players and Dead Men

Photo Gallery Page 2: The Deepwater Horizon and BP Oil Disaster

Photo Gallery Page 3: The Destruction, The Dead, And The Endangered

Photo Gallery Page 4: Black Ops Technology Realized

To the owners and handlers of the Secret Submarine:


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