The Secret Submarine
Saving The World From
The BP Oil Disaster
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The Destruction, The Dead, And The Endangered
Photo Gallery Page 3

Gulf of Mexico dolphins swim through the oil contaminated waters after the BP oil spill disaster.

After the BP oil spill disaster dolphins die in the sea and near the shore.

After the BP oil spill disaster herons, segulls, gannets, and pelicans lay dead and dying. It is the nesting season, and the oil covered pelican eggs are doomed.

After the BP oil spill disaster turtles, crabs, fish, Portuguese man-o-war, and even dragonflies are either killed by or covered in the oil.

Low rise retention booms were inadequate in keeping the oil from LA shorelines and marshes, as workers and Governor Jindal discover. Photos: Dave Martin, John Moore, and Patrick Semanky.

Photo Gallery Page 1: Key Players and Dead Men

Photo Gallery Page 2: The Deepwater Horizon and BP Oil Disaster

Photo Gallery Page 3: The Destruction, The Dead, And The Endangered

Photo Gallery Page 4: Black Ops Technology Realized

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