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Truth is the enemy of deception.

To the unaware and the unenlightened, truth is invisible.

You protect yourself from deception by rising above the influence of deception.

In order to protect against deception, you must insure that you are not deceiving yourself.

Knowing who and what to trust can oftimes be very challenging. If it were easy, the world wouldn't be historically filled with a never ending source of manipulating deceivers and their victims. Deception is everywhere, in every culture, in every belief system, in every country, and in every level of business and politics. Even the spirit realm is filled with deceivers, where some lower astral entities get away with posing as enlightened masters, religious figures, historical figures, angels, spirit guides, extraterrestrials, and deceased loved ones.

No one can be 100% armed against deception, mainly because humans aren't born with a "truth" gene. And as much as some people like to believe that they can always tell truth from lie, the condition of the world says otherwise. This is why people have to develop tools to help them sort through the many veils of illusion, encountered on a daily basis.

When it comes to protecting yourself from an act of deception, your top resources are knowledge, wisdom, and a code of ethics. Both involve a desire to rise above the influence of those who engage in deceit and illusion. And both come from life's experience, study, asking questions, pursuing answers, and throwing out the ego and a closed mind. Once instilled with knowledge, and a code of ethics, seeking truth becomes a way of life. Living with integrity not only becomes possible, but the more who live with integrity, the better chances our planet has to mature into a harmonious cosmic island of wise caretakers.

The number of people, fooled by Shelley Yates, were taken in - mainly - because they didn't bother asking core questions or pursuing the answers. When some of the best defenses against deception are knowledge and wisdom, skipping the question and answer part is the same as throwing away your greatest asset. The excuses can be anything from the following reasons, but are not limited to them:

1. You tried your best to uncover the truth, but lacked experience to get it done.
2. You wanted to know the truth, but you had no time to pursue it.
3. Your ego gets in the way of your being able to pursue and recognize truth.
4. You're indifferent to deception, especially if you don't think it affects you.
5. You have no code of ethics.
6. You're too lazy to do the work necessary to pursue and recognize truth.
7. Your poor self esteem keeps you from believing you have something to contribute.
8. You have no common sense, which keeps truth illusive and invisible.
9. You have a herd mentality, and pursuing truth isn't where the herd is going.
10. You are fantasy prone, gravitating to whatever story appeals to your fantasies.
11. You have a deceptive agenda, and will go with whatever story feeds that agenda.
12. You have a closed mind, but are in denial that it is closed.
13. You see truth as an inconvenience, and a threat to your way of life.

Deception can get helped along by what are called "third party deceivers". These people aren't the source of the deception, nor do they intentionally mean to deceive. But due to their behavior, they help to sow the seeds of deception, with the goal of quieting the voice of dissent and reason. The number one way that this is done on the internet, can be observed when someone in a group questions what the deceiver is promoting. The question may be unpopular, if the deceiver has a following that is strong in that group. There will usually be someone to respond, and this is when the peer pressure is applied. Although the one applying peer pressure hasn't done the work necessary to know whether who or what they are promoting is telling the truth or not, this person will attempt to intimidate the questioner into abandoning the questioning.

An act of intimidation isn't always about flaming someone. Some of the most effective acts of intimidation are delivered in messages that are dismissive or condescending or finding fault with the questioner for daring to challenge what is being promoted. This type of peer pressure was evident, when it came to Shelley Yates and 'Fire The Grid'. This behavior seemed to be standard operating procedure, If someone in a group questioned Yates's sincerity. The retort would often be an attempt to make the questioner feel as if asking questions showed some fault or deficiency in them. Or someone might ridicule someone for caring whether or not Yates's was telling the truth, and remarking that putting an hour of prayer time in wasn't going to do any harm. I could continue with examples of this behavior, but the point is made. Such disrespect, for the pursuit of truth, is not acceptable from anyone ... no less someone claiming to care about the welfare of the planet.

Why anyone would try and squelch a quest for truth, has everything to do with that person's character and lack of a code of ethics ... not to mention a misguided agenda and sense of self. A seeker of truth should never back down in the face of ignorance or peer pressure. Neither should the seeker get into a fight. That would only be a misdirection of your time and energy, and you need that to go after the truth. Instead, the seeker should let the intimidator know that he or she may be okay with a disregard for the truth, and following along with the herd ... but you are not. And when that person can provide information of value, and not only an opinion based on a lack of insight and knowledge, you would be happy to chat.

The above scenarios have been played out all over the internet, and this is one of the reasons why some people have backed away from asking the hard questions about Shelley Yates and her claims. People, who don't even know Yates, have been running interference on behalf of her deception. These aren't necessarily bad people, or even people who know about the deception. They are doing it for reasons that they need to come face to face with, and then change their behavior so that truth takes a priority over whatever is driving them now.

Deception can be addicting, because too often it is rewarded when honesty is not. Whenever possible, truth seekers should help non truth seekers to see the value of truth, and the benefits that the pursuit of truth can bring to themselves and to the planet. You help protect others against deception, by being a shining example who lives above the influence of deception.

The attainment of truth is a journey of discovery, and the journey is what teaches a person how to recognize and understand truth when it crosses their path. The journey is an education, and that education can transform a seeker into an enlightened being of experience and wisdom. In the human experience, we are immortal souls connected through a Core Matrix, and in a relationship with physical bodies that co-exist in multiple dimensions and time lines. There is a whole lot more going on than most people are aware of in their conscious mind. But aware or not, truth exists regardless of either human conscious awareness or even human approval.

Because of this relationship, where a person's body, mind, and soul must co-exist in multiple realms of existence, recognizing truth cannot be the lone domain of a single part of that relationship. Yet all too often, that is exactly how a person decides whether something is true or false. It's not a good idea to make decisions that only rely on your gut feelings, or what your soul is telling you, or what your emotions are telling you, or what your intellect is telling you. Truth will out when you make the effort to combine all of your senses and intellectual skills, and put them into play as a whole. It takes an effort, but the end result makes you a better detector of what is truth and what is false.

Anytime that faith and unseen forces are involved in a belief system, whatever it may be, proof often becomes something that is discarded as either unattainable or undesired. Truth does not always accommodate a person's comfort zone. Proof of truth is never unattainable, at least for those who desire to know truth without fear or compromise.

You defend against deception by using your code of ethics as both a shield, and as a map to light your way. Your code of ethics is your life philosophy, which is based on your desire to pursue and honor integrity in all aspects of your life.

If you want to guard against deception, learn the truth. If you want to know how best to utilize the truth, turn knowledge into wisdom. Anyone who makes the effort can learn how to ask the right questions, and figure out how to pursue and understand the answers. In the case of Shelley Yates and her 'Fire The Grid' scheme, this investigation has proven the value of asking the right questions.

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