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Starfire Tor is the discoverer and chief researcher of Time Shifts, a term she coined to describe an astounding phenomenon in which our reality and current time line is constantly being edited and restructured.



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Starfire Tor

(This article originally appeared in Quest Magazine April/May 1999)
(on News Stands: March 1999)

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Most speculation on the existence of Time Travel has been brought into the public arena,not by scientists, but by the Publishing and Motion Picture industries. From books like"The Time Machine" to Television series like "Dr. Who," "Star Trek", and "Quantum Leap" to Motion Pictures like "Back To The Future" and "Somewhere In Time" people have learned to think and speak the language of Time Travel. Actual Time Travel concepts like the quantum physics of black holes, Einstein’s theories of relativity, Tesla’s inventions, the space-time continuum, parallel universes, and alternate timelines are now a part of our everyday vocabulary. Therefore, the notion that Time Travelers have the potential ability to enter any timeline and change the events of our world is alive and well.

But is Time Travel merely the brainchild of creative minds, or could there be a hidden reality fueling the public’s proven interest in the subject? When we look at the sudden acceleration of our own working science from steam engines to computer chips, is it so impossible to consider that Time Travelers from the future may be technologically seeding our world in an effort to change it? The truth is, if Time Travel is viable and has been accomplished in any timeline, then it’s already here and has impacted our world. Aside from these Time Trekkers publicly announcing their itinerary, how can we know whether the ability to move through time and space is mere speculation or undeniable fact. The answer is simple, Time Travelers have left behind hard core physical evidence.

The first and foremost piece of evidence can be found in unearthed archeological oddities like manufactured metal objects, devices, and tools found encased in rock millions of years old. And then there are the human-like footprints found in dinosaur territory. But the most pervasive evidence that someone of something is continually altering our world, and therefore the fabric of our reality, is an event called a Time Shift.

A Time Shift, also known as an Event Horizon Shift or a Reality Shift, is defined as an altering, reconstruction, and reassignment of our reality/space-time continuum. This under reported global phenomenon is most noticeable when the absolutely familiar, suddenly becomes the completely unfamiliar, and then usually becomes familiar again. As incredibly mysterious, obvious, and significant as these Time Shift events are, more incredible is the reason why this subject has been overlooked as a collective, historical event. How can anyone study what they don’t even remember as existing at all? Along with the anomalous altering event itself, the human brain is somehow programmed to forget the Time Shift anomaly and accept a new reality that has imprinted itself over the old reality.

Historically, there are millions of examples of the effect of Time Shifts on our planet. Some of that experienced phenomenon includes missing or altered time, temporary disorientation and loss of recognition of familiar objects and places, buildings and roads that suddenly appear, planes that vanish in mid flight, familiar objects that change shape and color, actions that repeat themselves, and someone seen in two different locations at the same time. The following cases are typical of the personal experiences that represent a scientific pattern of Time Shift cause and effect.

Larsen Cottrell is a businessman who designs and builds audio and video facilities in California. His expertise is reflected in the complex and technical material that he works with. That is why his brush with a Time Shift is a perfect example of the mind attempting to adjust to a reality reassignment.It was 1997 when Larsen drove a business associate to his in-home office. Larsen’s home was one of many in a row of traditional unassuming houses built on a quiet street that both associates had traveled many times before. But on their approach, a mind-boggling sight greeted them. Just two houses down from Larsen’s now stood two barn-like houses that had never been there before. Not only did these buildings suddenly appear, but their design was unlike any of the other homes around it.

"I was shocked to see that they were suddenlythere because they hadn’t been when I left myhouse in the morning. There is no doubt in myMind about this. That’s the thought I have tohold onto because on the second day, my mindbegan to doubt my experience as if I’d made amistake in perception. After a week, I wastotally confused and began to think that thebarns had always been there but had been hiddenby a big tree, which is not the truth."

Unlike Larsen’s case, where a new reality tried to imprint itself over the old one, Laura Lane’s* experience represents what can happen when a Time Shift occurs but a reality reassignment doesn’t impose itself. Her case involves a repeat action called a time hiccup or time rewind. Laura, who is a businesswoman, has no memory of the physical actions she would have had to do in order to perform a repeat action, and can’t account for the extra twelve minutes her trip took.

"I took my regular route to the store. It’s a winding, rural road that I have traveled a hundred times before. As I drove past these cows, who were grazing in a pasture under imposing high tension wires, the radio news announced the time on the hour. Suddenly, I was jolted by classical music playing on the radio and thought how strange that the news was over. That’s when I saw the same cows in the same pasture as I drove by again. I felt lightheaded, disoriented, disconnected, the air seemed to be dull and sharp at the same time. I looked at the digital car clock, which said that twelve minutes had passed. I picked up my cell phone, which reflected the same twelve minutes. Every time I pass that stretch of road, I remember the experience."

But Time Shift occurrences , as one would expect, are not limited to modern day. This is revealed in a turn of the century true-life adventure. In 1901, two Englishwomen visited the palace of Versailles in Paris. The women decided to follow an old path and soon found themselves, not in 1901, but about one hundred years in the past. Not realizing it at the time, they continued on, meeting people who dressed oddly and spoke in an unfamiliar dialect. Deciding to return to the palace, the ladies followed a man walking in that direction. As they neared the palace grounds they suddenly found themselves transported forward in time and smack into the middle of a wedding party circa 1901.

Further examples of encountering a Time Shift are illustrated in the following cases as well. In 1970, a father and son piloted their own small plane on a daytime trip from Florida to the Bahamas. After flying into a cloud-like tunnel, they emerged to discover that they had traveled through one hundred miles of air space in only three minutes. In 1988, an Englishman rode his motorcycle on a familiar highway. Halfway through his journey he stopped to get coffee at a roadside cafe. He was dismayed to discover that a one hour trip had somehow taken two hours, with no memory of the missing time. In 1969, a couple in Norway awoke from an uneventful night’s sleep to discover that their bedroom bureau had changed from a light colored pine to a dark colored mahogany. In 1980, a Canadian woman and her office associates were startled when the blouse the woman was wearing suddenly changed colors from beige to blue. In 1971, a Boston college student was seen playing piano in the recreation room while, at the same time, was dining with friends more than a mile away.

I first became aware of, and then interested in, the science surrounding Time Shifts when I had my own personal and amazing experience. What makes my encounter stand out is that, not only are there witnesses, but some of the Time Shift was captured on film and in photographs. I was on location filming a music video in California. One scene called for me to ride my horse away from the camera and crew, gallop over a short field and around an oak tree. The actual ride would take less than a minute. When the director yelled ‘action’ I took off, leaving the crew and tons of equipment behind me. When I rounded the tree I halted the horse and turned around to look back, but there was no one and nothing there. To move all of that equipment would have taken at least thirty minutes, but it had been done in less than a minute – the length of my horseback ride.

Confused and disoriented I rode my horse around until I located the main set, a location I should have known well. There, I met up with the people and equipment I had ‘lost’. No one seemed to remember where I had been after the scene, or the particulars of how they appeared to transport from one location to another in one minute’s time.

The next day, behind the scenes location photos were delivered to me. One of these pictures was taken at the time I rejoined the crew and cast and told them of my strange experience. The photo was a group shot of the crew, other actors, and myself on horseback. But this was no ordinary picture. The left side of the photo was filled with an anomaly that looked like an otherworldly doorway or energy vortex. Part of the vortex was positioned behind the horse. Did the photograph capture the image of the energy involved in a Time Shift? I believe it did. Weeks later, the set photographer presented me with the only verified photograph that she had taken of that fateful horseback ride. Normally, the set photographer’s job is to shoot an abundance of photos that both document the scene and can be used as publicity. But on this one scene, there is a scarcity of photos. What happened to the photographer, the crew, and the equipment while I was riding away from them on my black steed? A Time Shift.

The force that causes a Time Shift has not conclusively been identified as yet. It seems reasonable to consider that the phenomenon is either caused by something naturally occurring on the planet, or something unnatural that is interfering with the planet’s course of events. If the Time Shift anomaly is caused by nature, then there is an entire undiscovered and untapped energy source that demands scientific investigation. If the source of the Time Shift proves to be unnatural, like Time Travelers, then we need to discover who and what is dabbling with our world and recreating our reality. The mere thought that some power might be intentionally using a Time Shift science as a means to change the events on our planet is intriguing, disturbing, and threatening. The Time Shift enigma may possibly be the greatest unrecognized riddle on the planet. Will we ever solve it? Only the measure of human awareness and time will tell.

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