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The Starfire Vortex

This is the only documented photograph, of a Time Shifts vortex, in existence. It was taken during the actual occurrence of a Time Shifts event. The vortex can be seen on the left of the frame behind the white horse. Notice how the swirl of the vortex goes behind the horse and has a transparent quality to it. The landscape can be seen through the vortex. Starfire Tor is on the black horse in the center of the photo. This photo was taken moments after she 'found' the film crew after being 'lost' during the Time Shifts event. For more details about this Time Shifts event, read the Starfire Tor article "Time Shifts: The Evidence For Time Travel".

The Time Shifts Starfire Vortex photo is the copyrighted property of Starfire Tor, and may not be used anywhere without her express permission.

Starfire and Phantom

This photo of Starfire Tor, riding Phantom, was taken just before the Time Shifts event occurred. It is the only photo taken at this particular time, although the photographer would have normally taken many continuity photos of this scene. This ride lasted less than a minute, after which the entire film crew and all of the equipment 'vanished - leaving the horse and rider alone in this wilderness setting in California'.

Under normal circumstances, it would have taken the film crew more than 30 minutes to move all of that equipment. Starfire Tor wandered, on horseback, for a long time before 'locating' the crew just over the hill - an area that she continuously rode over in search of the 'lost' film crew. No member of the film crew, nor the photographer, has any memory of how they moved from one location to the next. They noticed that Starfire Tor and the horse were missing, but could not find her anywhere on the outdoor set. Everyone had a unsettling feeling of disorientation, which is a symptom of a Time Shifts anomaly.

All 'Starfire' photos are the copyrighted property of Starfire Tor, and may not be used anywhere without her express permission.


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