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The Barn Houses

These two houses, which look like two barns standing side-by-side, appeared on this well traveled street within the span of two hours. As you can see, they don't look anything like the other houses on the street, nor do they have the look of a typical house at all. They stand out, in a very obvious way. For Larsen Cottrell, who lived two houses down at the time of this Time Shifts event, the sudden appearance of these buildings was not possible to ignore.

Another important part of this Time Shifts event was that Larsen wasn't the only witness to it. Starfire Tor, the author and researcher of Time Shifts and related Reality Shifts, was present at the time. Read "Time Shifts: The Evidence For Time Travel" for more details.

Larsen Cotrell And The Barn Houses

Larsen Cotrell stands in front of the Barn Houses, which suddednly appeared on the street where he lived. Read "Time Shifts: The Evidence For Time Travel" for more details.

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