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Starfire Tor is the discoverer and chief researcher of The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing Time Lines, which are terms she coined to describe astounding interconnected phenomenon in which our reality and dominant current time line is constantly being edited and restructured. As an extension of her pioneering research, Starfire Tor has become a leading authority on time travel and time anomalies.


The Time Shift Living Dead [TSLD] phenomena is an important part of my Time Shift discoveries and research. The phenomena itself has been historically reported as long as mankind has existed in the co-existing time line programs set up through the Core Matrix. But until my discovery of Time Shifts and the Core Matrix, the phenomena was not properly understood nor given the importance it should have been given. I coined the phrase "Time Shift Living Dead" to remind people that TSLD are connected to Time Shift events.

Here is some essential TSLD info:

1. TSLD phenomena is a symptom of a Time Shift. A person or animal who died in one co-existing time line can suddenly reappear alive in a post Time Shift time line. These are two different, yet co-existing time lines. Events that are altered from a pre-TS time line, create a cause and effect phenomena in the newly dominant post TS time line. These altered events can and do effect the life and death of people and animals.

2. TSLD phenomena is based on the same understanding of Time Shifts, which cause sudden and inexplicable changes in reality. Such changes can be experienced as buildings that suddenly appear where there were none, familiar roads that suddenly change, personal items that suddenly alter, and experienced events of which all physical evidence has either vanished or altered.

3. TSLD phenomena produce dual or multiple time line memory conflicts. This happens when a person retains a memory of a pre-TS co-existing time line, where a certain person or animal has died. In the post TS co-existing dominant time line, that same person or animal can be alive or dead. Different co-existing time lines can and do have different event outcomes, which effect life and death in that time line. This retained co-existing time line memory is what produces the memory conflict, about whether a person or animal is remembered as being alive or dead. Both memories are correct, both memories are significant, but only one reflects the current events in the dominant co-existing time line.

4. TSLD phenomena can be experienced by anyone. Whether a person has a TSLD dual time line conflict is not dependent on a person's IQ or intelligence, spirituality, or belief systems. TSLD are experienced when a person's brain is not totally assimilated into the Core Matrix Time Shift programming, which suppresses the brain's memory of the many co-existing time lines it has experienced and recorded. TS brain assimilation allows the brain to recognize only the post TS dominant time line, and accept that as reality.

5. TSLD phenomena involve the life and death of people and animals of all types in all co-existing time lines. However, most TSLD reports involve well known people and animals, rather than those who are not known by the masses. This happens because there are potentially millions of brains which recognize and follow the life and death of the well known, as well as there being available news reports of the well known. The more people who are aware of a single person or animal, the greater the likelihood that TSLD retained memories involving them will be retained.

6. TSLD phenomena can be experienced in the dream state, where the brain's interface with other co-existing time lines is open and active. This most often occurs with personal TSLD, such as when someone has experienced the death of a private and personal person or animal Upon awakening from a TSLD dream, the experiencer first believes that the animal or person is alive. It is only upon orientation of the waking current co-existing time line that the dreamer realizes that the dream did not reflect the dominant time line's reality programming.

7. TSLD phenomena produces living people and animals in the current dominant time line, who have died in other co-existing time lines. Most of these TSLD life and death events will have been determined by other events outside the control of those TSLD people and animals effected. However, the soul and human will may play a role in whether and how some people and animals are 'revived' in other co-existing time lines.


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