Time Line Anomaly At The Magic Castle
Experienced 7-15-06

Anne, Whitley, Brandon, & Starfire's Excellent Adventure

Researched and Written By Starfire Tor

On Saturday, July 15, 2006, Anne and Whitley Strieber and I went to see Brandon Scott perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. The Striebers were in town on business, with a busy schedule that involves the August release of Whitley's new book "The Grays". So it was great to get together for some social time, a little story swapping, and having great fun at Brandon's quantum themed magic show.

Something exciting and mind boggling happened on this night, and it had nothing to do with a planned act of stage magic or stage illusion. We experienced what I will call a time line anomaly at the Magic Castle. Anne Strieber has written up the experience in her 'Diary' section on Unknown Country, and this is my contribution to describing and researching the time line anomaly we experienced.

The Magic Castle is a Victorian mansion and private club that houses the Academy of Magical Arts, where top notch stage magicians and illusionists perform. The mansion has three stories and a basement, with almost every inch of it is either decorated with memorabilia, or rigged to amuse and amaze club members and their guests. There are portrait paintings with eyes that follow you, a telephone booth where a skeleton appears in the glass, a table where your drinks revolve, and a piano played by a fake ghost named Irma.

The point about the Magic Castle is, the place is geared toward creating illusion and not genuine paranormal experiences. When paranormal phenomena does happen, it takes an extra research effort to determine whether the experience was genuine or an illusion, courtesy of the Magic Castle. To determine the authenticity of the time line anomaly we experienced, it was necessary to not only reenact the experience and interview witnesses, but to study the architectural history of the Magic Castle itself. The time line anomaly itself is simple to describe, but it is not so simple to understand the how and why.

Anne, Whitley, Brandon, and I had dinner at the Magic Castle before Brandon's show. Brandon had arranged for us to get VIP seating, which meant we needed to be in front of the Parlor stage door at a certain time. Since it was a good idea to use the restroom facilities beforehand, we timed ourselves with that in mind.

Brandon had already left to prepare for his show, when Anne, Whitley, and I left the dining room in search of the restrooms. Nearby, the men's restroom was at the top of the staircase on the same floor as the dining room, and the ladies restroom was at the bottom of the staircase on the same floor as the Parlor. Anne and I entered the small ladies room, which was only big enough for two stalls and two side-by-side sinks. There was no room for furniture, and only one door in and out. The walls and stalls were covered with a collage of old time magazine ads.

When Anne and I entered the ladies room, we immediately saw that no one else was inside. We checked the two stalls, remarked that they were empty, and went in each to her own. Anne left first and said she would be right outside. I replied that I was only a moment behind her. I heard Anne leave. The door was only a few feet away from the stalls, basically the length of two sinks, so anyone coming or going was audible from inside the stall. Moments after Anne left, I exited the stall and made a left turn for the sink to wash my hands. That's when I nearly collided with a woman. How it was that this happened I didn't know, because I apparently didn't hear or see her enter. My attention was more on the fact that I had almost crashed into the woman, and that made me feel a little embarrassed about how I could be so careless and clumsy. Whatever had brought this woman into the ladies room I didn't know, because she immediately left by the door without having done anything that I was aware of. My moment of curiosity was over in seconds, and I soon put it out of my mind as I opened the ladies room door to leave.

Anne Strieber quickly approached me and said with some excitement "A woman came out of the ladies room but she didn't go in!". I asked her to repeat that, and she did. I asked her several questions, as well as the two of us doing a reenactment, and I was satisfied that Anne was accurately describing the situation. This is also when I had my memory jarred about my near collision with the woman in the ladies room. It now dawned on me why I had that near collision ... that woman had appeared from out of nowhere and right into my path.

If Anne had not observed the woman coming out, but not going in - and remembered the event, I would never have known how unusual my near collision with the woman truly was. I would have forgotten it and never returned to the memory. But once the sequence of the event was understood, I recognized it as a time line anomaly. What category of time line anomaly I wouldn't know without a further investigation, but I already knew I would pursue it. I knew that Brandon, Whitley, and I have all experienced sudden 'appearances' of people from seemingly out of nowhere, and soon learned that this was Anne's first experience of this kind. I was very pleased with the way Anne handled the situation. She didn't allow herself to get caught up in the drama and emotion of the moment, but immediately began to dissect the event in the same way I do. Anne, like myself, wanted to know if what we experienced was some sort of time line anomaly ... or an illusion caused by the way the Magic Castle is rigged and constructed. Whatever the truth, we wanted to know the answer.

Anne was the one to inform Whitley about what was going on, and he was asked about what he might have observed from his perch at the top of the staircase. Brandon was in the Parlor preparing for his 10:30 PM show, so was not at the location when the time line anomaly occurred. While Whitley's attention was not on whether a mystery woman was going to come out of a ladies room that she had not entered, he was keeping a caring eye on his wife. In doing so, he does not recall seeing a woman enter the ladies room, in the time frame she would have had to enter in order to exit as she did.

I later learned that Anne had described the mystery woman to Whitley, as a way to preserve an independent identification of the woman - if she could be found. This worked out well because the woman was found, identified, and interviewed. After a brief search, I saw the mystery woman walking through the Magic Castle and I followed her. She walked right past were Anne and Whitely were standing, and through an employees only door. Since we were waiting for Brandon's show to begin, we had to postpone a pursuit of this woman until the show was over. Afterwards, Brandon helped to locate the woman and introduced her.

I have a way of interviewing witnesses of time line aberrations, and I quickly let Anne, Whitely, and Brandon in on how I was going to do it. Above all, the key is to get answers without front loading the witness or leading them. It was a brief and friendly exchange, in which I was able to confirm that the woman remembered almost colliding with me in the ladies room. This was the marker that absolutely identified her as the woman that both Anne and I recalled being a part of the time line anomaly. Also important, the woman has no memory of anything unusual happening. She remembers entering the ladies room through the one and only door, and exiting through that same door. I asked, and she said there were no hidden doorways into that ladies room. However, the woman could not remember what she did in the ladies room other than enter through the door, almost collide with me, and exit through the door.

The information gleaned from this woman was invaluable. It clearly showed that Anne and I were the ones consciously aware that something was happening with the time line, and that it resembled a glitch or an odd edit with a piece of the time line missing. The missing piece, or missing scene, was of when the woman enters the ladies room through the ladies room door. It's no different than if a film is poorly edited, and then spliced together without caring about whether the film sequences have continuity. The event also caused something that I call a dual time line memory conflict. This is when different people have different memories of a single event, because the event was experienced in different co-existing time lines. I've written about this phenomena as part of my research on Time Shifts, the Core Matrix, Reality Shifts, and co-existing time lines.

When it comes to the editing and merging of co-existing time lines, it's important to understand that all co-existing time lines are thinly separated by their individual frequencies and harmonics. These co-existing time lines aren't running parallel to one another, but instead exist in the near same space separated only by their individual frequencies. I believe that the synchronizing and merging of time line frequencies played a large part in the Magic Castle experience. But what caused that odd time line edit is a deeper mystery. Was it the after effect of a Time Shift, where Anne and I experienced and were aware of two co-existing time lines merging? Was it caused by an intentional contact by time travelers, where our frequencies were readjusted to attune to a single time line? Whitley had some interesting things to say about an individual person's ability, natural or otherwise, to be out of phase with the frequency of a time line.

I have experienced people, animals, and objects appearing and disappearing all my life. I've had the experience while alone, and also with others. However, I want to make it very clear that not all appearances and disappearances have the same source or the same explanation. Each and every appearance and disappearance event must be viewed individually, and with all factors considered. As an example, Brandon and I are involved in an ongoing investigation involving the appearance of a little boy and his mother. The little boy appeared before my eyes, on a narrow moving escalator in a public place, and clinging to Brandon's leg. Yet nothing about this case, and the time line anomaly experienced at the Magic Castle, are the same. The woman from the ladies room belonged in that time line, and in that location at the Magic Castle. That was clear after interviewing her. She was a regular person caught in a time line anomaly. The boy and his mother from the other investigation, on the other hand, showed signs of being completely out of time and place. Their point of origin, and method of appearance, are very different than that of the woman at the Magic Castle. This may be a case of time travel.

Regardless of my knowledge and experience with co-existing time lines, it still needed to be determined whether or not that ladies room had a secret doorway by which the woman entered unseen. Regardless of the woman saying there wasn't a secret passageway, it was necessary for me to discover the truth independently. For this I turned to Brandon, who was more than happy to put in the time with the Magic Castle research I requested. With Brandon's help, and my own journey into the history of the Magic Castle through various sources, I was able to settle the question about the structure of the ladies room and whether it had a secret door.

The Magic Castle had its grand opening in January of 1963, two years after the Larsen brothers took over the refurbishing of the old dilapidated Lane mansion. The Lane mansion was built in 1908, and was a mirror image of the 1897 Kimberly mansion in Redlands, California. The Lane family moved away in the 1940s, and the mansion fell on hard times. From there it went through many incarnations, ending up as a multi-family home, a home for the elderly, and finally an apartment house. Along came the Larsen brothers and the rest is history.

"Milt Larsen's Magic Castle Tour", a book written and photographed by Carol Marie, explores the origins of every nook, hall, room and corner. Along with photographs and text, Brandon and I discovered that the ladies room didn't exist until a new wing was built in 1976. Before that, the area where the ladies room is now was nothing but open space and outdoor air. That ladies room was built without secret doorways. Therefore, I can say with certainty that there was only one way for the woman to enter that ladies restroom, and that was through the one and only door. Brandon added something interesting to this area of the mansion. He noted, that of all the rooms and walls in the Magic Castle, this one section - in front of that ladies room - changes more than any other one. Posters change, statues come and go, and railings change color. Considering the time line anomaly recently experienced, he wonders just exactly how these changes came to be. Did someone at the Magic Castle choose that one area to alter, time and time again? Or does is change so often because that area is prone to the shifting of reality due to time line anomalies? 

There was never a time that either Brandon, Anne, Whitley, or I thought that the woman in the ladies restroom was a ghost. While I have explained that the Magic Castle is dedicated to stage illusions, and not genuine paranormal activity, that does not mean that paranormal activity doesn't occur. There are a number of haunted buildings where ghost activity is prominent in a restroom. The Magic Castle, beginning as the Lane mansion, is almost one hundred years old. Many people have come and gone, including magicians who made the Magic Castle their home away from home. This type of life attachment is usually one way in which ghosts become attached to buildings after death. Although ghosts are not a part of this reported time line anomaly, I would be remiss if I did not mention a piece of little known Magic Castle history. In the very room that Brandon was performing in, a magician died while waiting for his show to begin. He was sitting in one of the theater chairs when his life light when out. It is said that he has been seen in that room, watching other magicians perform ... perhaps even getting in on the performance.

I've put together a photo gallery, with research pictures at the Magic Castle that relate to the time line anomaly. You'll be able to see the interior and exterior of that ladies room, as well as that room under construction and much more. You should also read Anne Strieber's account of the experience in her 'Diary' on unknown country.


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