Time Line Anomaly At The Magic Castle
Experience 7-15-06

Starfire Tor Field Investigation

July 25, 2006

Magic and Illusion Consultant: Brandon Scott

© Researched and Written By Starfire Tor

This field investigation is part of my in-depth research into the July 15, 2006 Time Line Anomaly at the Magic Castle. The goal of this investigation is to determine what exactly was experienced, by those involved, as it regards the sudden appearance--seemingly out of thin air--by a mystery woman in the ladies room at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

I have determined that there are four potential explainations for this event, and the goal of the investigation is to determine which of these potential explainations is the accurate explaination. Here are the four potential:

1. All of the witnesses were mistaken about the elements of the experience, and nothing unusual happened.

2. Unknown to the witnesses there is a secret passageway into the ladies room. The mysteriously appearing lady used one of these passageways to gain entry into the ladies room, which is why she was not seen entering through the front door.

3. The mysterious woman who suddenly appeared in the ladies room, seemingly from out of thin air, was actually a full-body appariton or ghost. Some ghosts and hauntings are actually generated by Time Slip or Time Shift Events.

4. The entire event, which included the sudden appearance of a woman from seemingly from out of thin air, was the result of a Time Shift generated Time Slip. The Time Slip, which is a glitch in the continiuity of the Time Line, resulted in which two or more Co-Existing Time Lines were edited and merged to form a single dominant Time Line.

At the time that the anomaly by myself, Anne Strieber, and Whitley Strieber, Brandon Scott was backstage preparing for his magic show. Although, he did not witness the anomalous event, he did help to locate the mystery woman who suddenly appeared in the ladies restroom. And upon my request and direction he assisted me with the research on the history of the Magic Castle, and with field investigation to determine whether the ladies room did or did not have hidden passageways.

Interior Overview
The interior of this ladies restroom, where the time line anomaly occurred, is a small rectangular room about 12 ft by 10 ft. Filling more than half of this area are two narrow stalls with one toilet each, two side-by-side sinks, and a trash basket. There is no furniture, and little free space to move around. The restroom door swings open into the room, taking up valuable space between the stalls and the sinks.

Walls, Stalls, and Sinks
Most of the walls, the stalls, and the stall doors are covered with a collage of magazine cut outs. The collage design has no detectable seams where a door would slide open. None of the wall surfaces have a hidden door. The two sinks wer checked, and the basin they are seated in, for any mechanisms that would allow the sinks to slide away from the wall revealing a door. There are no such mechanisms and no hidden door behind or under the sinks. The stall toilets were checked for sliding mechanisms, and there are none. There are no hidden doors in the stalls. The wall lighting sconces were checked, as well as a lone wooden shelf, and other hanging wall items and did not find any mechanisms which would reveal a hidden door as there is no hidden door.

The flooring is made of 12 inch squares tiles. None of the tiles, when examined, triggered a hidden door in the floor or elsewhere in the room. The floor has no hidden doors.

The ceiling has three different heights. The two lower parts are over the sinks and where the front door opens. These lower ceilings contain no vents and no trap doors. The highest part of the ceiling is over the two stalls, and is about 15 ft high. A small chandelier hangs over the outer edge of the stalls near the stall doors. There is a small, square, grated air vent over the stalls, more to the far upper left at the ceiling's highest point. The air vent is too high to be reached without a ladder, cannot be reached by a person standing on the toilet or stall dividers, and is too far from the chandelier for the lighting fixture to be used as a step down. It could seen that the air vent was dusty and undisturbed, indicating that it had not been removed for a long time. Because of the air vent size, height, and location, the woman did not enter the ladies restroom by descending through the ceiling air vent.

Besides the logistics, the woman and her clothing would have shown signs of having squeezed through a very small opening after crawling through ductwork. By all accounts, the woman was dressed in a skirt, shirt, and high heels that did not show signs of being dirty, dusty, or damaged. A fine layer of dust on the chandelier was not disturbed, which it would have been had someone touched it. Nor were there any signs of how she would have descended from that height, without the help of a ladder or rope. No rope or ladder was visible at the time the woman was seen in and leaving the ladies restroom. Had the woman descended from the small vent, she would have needed a helper up in the ductwork to pull the rope or ladder back up and out of sight. It was concluded that this did not happen, because the vent screws were on the inside of the ladies room. No one in the vent would have been able to pull the ladder back up, and then screw the vent closed from inside the ductwork - especially without disturbing the dust on the vent. Besides, I was in the restroom when the woman appeared and did not witness the woman dropping down from the ceiling, which I would have witnessed had it happened. Therefore, the small vent is an air vent and nothing more.

Adjoining Walls
The walls of any room or corridore, that adjoins the ladies restroom, were inspected. This was undertaken to confirm that there is no other entrance, even an older one, that was sealed. There is no outer adjoining wall with a secondary or hidden door leading into that ladies restroom.

The obvious way into the ladies restroom is by a wooden door, which is accessed from the main corridor that leads from the dining room staircase to the bar and stage doors beyond. The door is normal size, and pushes open into the ladies restroom. The door is a few feet from the bottom of the staircase, where the stair railing ends in a 3 ft tall post with a flat square wooden top. That position has a good vantage point. It is possible to stand by this post and see who enters and leaves the ladies room, plus see who is standing at the top of the stairs and who is down the corridor.

It was noted, that once the ladies restroom door is opened, it is slow to close. This is due to a controlled closing of the door by a common, hydraulic mechanism fixed at the top of the door. When anyone opens the door, either to enter or exit, the door will slowly inch it's way closed. Anne Strieber would have seen the woman already in the ladies restroom near the sink, or entering the room as she herself exited via the only restroom door. But Anne Strieber was only aware that I was the sole remaining person in that small ladies restroom. Therefore, there should have been no other person exiting the ladies room before I did, yet, that is exactly what was witnessed.

Even if Anne Strieber had been positioned outside the door, and diverted her attention for a few seconds, and someone had slipped into the ladies restroom past her position, Anne would have seen the door ajar and slowly inching its way to closing. This would have alerted Anne that someone had opened the door. Furthermore, because the door would have been ajar, Anne would have been able to see the woman standing inside the ladies restroom. At the very least she would have seen me still inside, or possibly even seen the near collision between that woman and myself. Inside or outside of the room, Anne Strieber didn't witness any of these things. From her position she didn't see the woman entering the ladies restroom, and she didn't see the door to the ladies room ajar.

Anne Strieber might have missed one element of the woman's passage through the door, but from her position she would not have missed all of the visual markers. Whitley Strieber would have also seen slowly inching it's way closed if the woman had walked through the restroom door at that time, but he didn't. From inside the ladies restroom, I might have missed some of the visual markers, but I would not have missed the biggest marker of all ... the woman standing in the ladies restroom only feet away from me.

The investigation dertermined that the anomaly was not caused by any of the first three potentials that might have explained what the witnessed experienced. This means that the experience was not caused by a misinterperetation of the experience by the witnesses, was not the result of the mystery woman entering the restroom through a secret passageway, nor was the mystery woman a full-bodied appearation or ghost. This leaves the fourth potential--a Time Slip--as the remaining, and only logical cause, of the anomalous experience. Therefore, the July 15, 2006 Magic Castle Time Anomaly was caused by a Time Shift genetated Time Slip.

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