Meet Some Of The Sea People
Whales And Dolphins With Their Family and Friends




Bottlenose Dolphins Tucuxi Dolphin

Boto Amazon River Dolphin

Finless Porpoise

All whales and dolphins are intelligent, playful, curious, loving, family and friend oriented, and caring protective parents. They are interested in everything in their world, above and below the waves. Dolphins are known to have saved many humans from shark attack and drowning, and in some cases have risked their lives to do so.


Narwhal Pod

Dusky Dolphin Pod

Clymene Dolphin Pod

Spinner Dolphin Pod

Beluga Whale Pod Humpback Whale Pod

Orca Killer Whale Pod

Whales and dolphins are social sea people who live in communities called pods. Although the dynamics and language of a pod can change from cetacean group to cetacean group, they all have one thing in common: pods provide community structure through companionship, protection, playmates, lovers, and organized feeding.


Pink Dolphin Mother and Baby

Blue Whale Mother and Baby

Southern Right Whale Mother and Baby

Sei Whale Mother and Baby

Beluga Whale Mother and Baby

Bowhead Whale Mother and Baby

Bottlenose Dolphin Mother and Baby

Chinese White Dolphin Mother And Baby

Humpback Whale Mother and Baby

Melon Headed Whale Mother and Baby

Pilot Whale Mother and Baby

Sperm Whale Mother, Dad and Baby

Whales and dolphins are loving and protective parents, who nurture and teach their children everything they know. Here you see a mom and child blue whale, southern right whale, beluga whale, pink coastal dolphin, bowhead whale, bottlenose dolphin, humpback whale, pilot whale, sperm whale, and sei whale.


Humpback Whale Spy Hopping

Irrawaddy Dolphin
Spy Hopping
Sperm Whale Spy Hopping Bottlenose Whale
Spy Hopping
Pilot Whale Spy Hopping Narwhal Spy Hopping

Gray Whale Spy Hopping Orca Killer Whale Spy Hopping

Beluga Whale Spy Hopping Porpoise Spy Hopping

Amazon River Dolphin Spy Hopping


Spy hopping is a way that whales and dolphins get their eyes above the surface to have a look around. Their wise soulful eyes reflect their intelligence. Some whales and dolphins have been known to come up to people filled boats, or people in the water, just to see what's going on and to say hello. They have the ability to recognize, and seek out, specific people and animals.


Brydes Whale Breaching Humpback Whale Breaching
Bottlenose Whale Breaching Orca Killer Whale Breaching

Sperm Whale Breaching

Pacific Whitesided Dolphin Breaching Rissos Dolphin Breaching
Southern Right Whale Breaching Short Finned Pilot Whale Breaching
Minke Whale Breaching Beaked Whale Breaching
Common Dolphins Breaching Boji Dolphin Breaching
Spinner Dolphin Breaching Irrawaddy Dolphin Breaching


Whales and Dolphins love to interact and play together, often expressing themselves by breaching the surface. A breaching can signal community and personal messages to other pod members


Antarctic Minke Whale Blue Whale
Bowhead Whale Humpback Whale
Sperm Whale Fin Whale

Whales have their own method of communicating, including bioacoustics and the use of a bio sonar for navigation, and a complex vocalizing language that is expressly theirs. Their language can differ from pod to pod, for some of the same reasons that there are different human languages around the world. In effect, this makes these cetaceans composers as well as singers. Essentially they use various forms of clicking, whistles, squeals, and tones of various pitch and longevity. Some vocalization happens above the water and into the air. Other vocalization happens under the water, where sound travels farther and differently than in the air. Some whales, such as the humpback, communicate through song. Like other cetacean vocal languages, these songs differ from pod to pod. The bottom line is that whales and dolphins have their own language, both vocal and physical. Some cetaceans, that are known for their underwater songs are the humpback whale, blue whale, fin whales, minke whales, bowhead whale, and sperm whales.

photo credits: Save the Whales, Sea Pics, National Aquarium in Baltimore, NOAA, Rueters, Randy Morse, Dan McSweeney, Darren Roberts, Annie Douglas, and Hicker Photo.

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