Starfire Tor's Road To Recovery

I am reaching out because my life depends on the generosity of others to fund my road to recovery. One day I was perfectly fine. Then, on November 4, 2014, I was suddenly stricken with a brain seizure of unknown origin. I've never had a brain seizure in my life. I was hospitalized for a long time, followed by months of debilitating suffering due to the medications that I was given. I’ve been on 24/7 home care ever since. My huge medical bills have drained my life savings, and there are more medical expenses to come. I need the money from this fundraising campaign to make sure that my road to recovery can continue and I can be well again. Please help me recover by donating to my “Starfire Tor’s Road To Recovery” campaign fund. Please click on the link and donate. And please share my fundraising campaign with all of your friends and associates on social media and please encourage them to donate too. 

Much Love and Thanks,
Starfire Tor


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