Starfire Tor's Discovery Channel Time Slip Show
Premiers Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Starfire Tor is a psi researcher, time anomaly expert, scholar, and experiencer who discovered The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi. As an extension of her pioneering discoveries and research, Starfire Tor has solved the mystery of the dreaming brain, found the source mechanism of time slips and paranormal events, has developed applied Reality Shift Manifestation, and is well known for her accurate future event precognition abilities.

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For the first time on television, Starfire Tor, Whitley Strieber, and Anne Strieber recount their documented and historical 2006 Magic Castle Time Slip experience for The Discovery Channel’s new series “Weird Or What?”.

A time slip is a paranatural physical experience, which extends from a Time Shift event. Both Time Shifts and time slips involve astounding phenomenon, in which our reality and current time line is constantly being edited and restructured. The Magic Castle time slip event, featured in The Discovery Channel show, is historically and scientifically important because it is the first and only time that a time slip was experienced by a group of people and then publicly documented, investigated, and published.

The Discovery Channel "Weird Or What?" episode is titled “Grim Reapers”, and first airs in the USA on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 8PM. Check your local listings for airing schedules.

Later in the year, the episode will air on The History Channel in Canada, and then worldwide in "Amazing Stories" with host William Shatner.

Schedule for "Weird Or What?" on The Discovery Channel

Along with The Discovery Channel and The History Channel TV episodes, you can learn more about the Magic Castle time slip, and Starfire Tor’s in-depth investigation, by listening to her recent interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland, and by reading the Magic Castle time slip event investigation on her website.

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