Marie D. Jones interviewed Starfire Tor for her 2012 book ďThis Book Is From The Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Wormholes, and Other Adventures In Time TravelĒ by Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman. In this wide ranging interview, Starfire Tor talks about Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, Reality Shifts, and the impact that these items have on people and the planet. Starfire Tor also talks about Time Travel, and explains how to tell the difference between authentic Time Travel claims, and Time Travel hoaxes. 

Marie D. Jones

What is your bio?

Starfire Tor

It reads: Starfire Tor is a respected time anomaly and paranormal phenomena expert who discovered The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi.  Starfire Tor is also a Scholar; Writer; Producer; Lecturer; Composer, and Television and Radio Personality whose acclaimed research also includes Reality Shifts, Time Travel. Earth Enigmas, Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, UFOs, ETs, Ancient Astronauts, Angels, Precognition, The Dreaming Brain, Psychic Events, Out-Of Body Experiences, Apports, Poltergeists, Ghosts, Supernatural Beings, Miracles, The Occult, Mythology, Hidden History, Suppressed Science, and Cetaceans.  Starfire Tor is the CEO of Starfire Communications and the founder of The Whale And Dolphin People Project.

Marie D. Jones

How did you become involved in this research?

Starfire Tor

From the time that I was a child I experienced many different types of paranormal, psychic, and time anomaly phenomena.  This included accurate precognition of future events, some of which ended up saving lives.  Even as a child I sought out the answers as to what was behind the abundance of authentic phenomena I was experiencing.  But there were no tangible scientific answers to the phenomena from either mainstream science, advanced cutting edge science, fringe science, or from people promoting spiritual and new age beliefs.

And so it was, as a child, that I began my quest to uncover and understand the core science that would explain how all of these paranormal, psychic, precognition, and time anomaly experiences were possible.

Over the years the depth and complexity of my research grew, and I discovered that the type of experiences I was having were not unique.  Both historically, and present day, millions of people have had similar authentic experiences.  This made my research mission even more important because it wasnít just about solving a multitude of personal paranormal and anomalous events.  My quest had evolved into a search to uncover the all encompassing, cohesive, and scientifically incorruptible unified field

theory that would explain the source and mechanism of all of the events.  It was on this quest that I discovered The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi.

Marie D. Jones

You discovered The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing Time Lines.  Can you explain them in simple terms?  How do time anomalies and time travel fit in?  Are Co-Existing Time Lines and parallel time lines the same thing?  Are Time Shifts and Reality Shifts the same thing?

Starfire Tor

The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing Time Lines are the greatest secret that no one knew existed until I discovered them.  By design, they function as integrated information collectives and repositories that create, stream, edit, and conceal the many time lines, realities, and dimensions that make up our true existence.  They work in concert to create the illusion that we live in a world where the space-time continuum is linear, and that it flows unchanged from the past to the present and into the future within a single time line.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Using simple analogies: The Core Matrix is like the hard drive in a computer whereby all data, programs, and hardware are stored so that they can be used when needed.  This means that all of the software, hardware, elements, and data needed to stream every Co-Existing Time Line is stored in and accessed from The Core Matrix.  Co-Existing Time Lines are like multiple saved versions of the same word document, with each being different because elements in the word document were changed through editing.  The newest revised version of the word document is likened to the post Time Shift revised new dominant time line.  The older versions of the word document, while not actively being used, are kept intact and in existence by saving them to the hard drive where they are ready to be accessed should any part of an older document be needed.  Time Shifts are akin to the keystroke action, which creates the edits in the word document that makes them different from all other versions of the same document.

Our brains are the interface to The Core Matrix, as well as being the transceiver through which our perception of reality, space, and time are formed.  Therefore, it is through our brain and Core Matrix interface that the Time Shift program is able to conceal its time line changing activities.  As confounding as this stealth activity is, the same mechanism that makes the activity undetectable to the conscious brain is the same mechanism that can locate and exploit glitches in its stealth program.  These glitches create situations in which the brain is not totally assimilated into accepting the new dominant time line as if it is the only time line in existence.  The lack of total assimilation creates a situation where the brain retains two conscious memories of the same elements and scenarios, but in two different Co-Existing Time Lines.  This situation creates a condition that I call dual Co-Existing Time Line memory conflict.  Itís a condition that millions of people have experienced.  Itís also a basic way in which time anomalies, many of which are the result of time line edits, are experienced and remembered.

In a dual Co-Existing Time Line memory conflict, which is a marker of Time Shift time line editing activity, a person can clearly remember two events that should not exist in the same time line at the same time.  There are many variations of this, with the most encountered one being something that I call The Time Shift Living Dead Phenomena.  The TSLD phenomena are identified as such when someone has a clear memory that someone who they absolutely know has died is suddenly alive again.  The reverse can be true as well, when a person recalled as being currently very much alive is suddenly discovered to have died a long time ago.  My Time Shift living Dead Phenomena article explains more about the experience and the science behind it:

Sometimes dual co-existing time line memory conflicts stand alone without physical documentation, while other times the Time Shift glitch provides both a dual Co-Existing Time Line memory conflict and the physical evidence that backs it up.  My big breakthrough, in confirming the validity of my discovery of Co-Existing Time Lines, came when I was able to acquire the physical documentation that proved that more than one time line was at play.  Since then Iíve been able to gather many pieces of physical evidence proving the existence of Co-Existing Time Lines.  One involves irrefutable multiple source documentation showing that the same person was in two different places at the same time thousands of miles apart.  The same type of documentation, with one being a mainstream large circulation newspaper reporting the unique event, showed the same unique event happening in two distinctly different years.

I coined the phrase Co-Existing Time Lines to create a more accurate understanding of the existence and creation of multiple time lines.  Some time travel and quantum mechanics theorists, as well as a number of Science Fiction books, films, and television shows have promoted the idea that there are parallel time lines.  By parallel that would mean existing side by side like railroad tracks that run next to each other.  What I discovered is that time lines do not exist as parallel items.  Instead, all time lines co-exist in the same space and are separated only by their individual frequencies.  I coined the phrase Time Shift to describe the action and outcome in which our conscious reality, which our brain is programmed to perceive as the one and only time line existing and experienced, is constantly being physically and temporally edited and restructured.  All Co-Existing Time Lines and unstructured time line elements, whether consciously realized or not, continue to stream from The Core Matrix.  The brain constantly accesses this streaming data while awake and asleep.

Marie D. Jones

Are Time Shifts and Reality Shifts the same thing?

Starfire Tor

As I explained, our brains interface with The Core Matrix.  Because of this weíre plugged into, and entangled with, the Time Shift mechanism and elements streaming in Co-Existing Times.  Yet whether singularly or collectively, humans cannot trigger Time Shifts nor cause time line edits that create new time lines.  What humans can do is create a Reality Shift, which is a natural human ability whether people are consciously aware of it or not.  It works by copying desired elements from Co-Existing Time Lines and pasting them into the current dominant time line.  Because itís a copy paste technique, much like the copy paste feature on a computer, Reality Shifts do not destroy the elements that they copy and the manifestation itself does not create a new time line.  Time Shifts can create Reality Shifts but Reality Shifts cannot create Time Shifts.  Reality Shifts are a natural part of being human, whether a person is consciously aware of it or not.  While I did not discover the existence of Reality Shifts, I did solve the mystery of what they are and how they work.  Based on this I created the psience protocols I named Reality Shift Manifestation and Reality Shift Healing, which are both personal and group help tools.  I also created the global collective Reality Shift based protocol The Vortex Peace Prayer.

Marie D. Jones

How does a Time Shift affect us in a global and a personal sense?

Starfire Tor

Due to the brainís interface with The Core Matrix, humans are entangled with the Time Shift process.  However, whether singularly or all together, humans cannot trigger or control the activity of Time Shifts and the time line edits that they bring.  One of the power sources that trigger a Time Shift is a specific type of solar activity that affects Earthís magnetosphere, such as coronal mass ejections, solar flares, and solar winds. People may not be able to trigger and control Time Shifts, but it doesnít mean weíre helpless.  Because of the brainís interface with The Core Matrix and Co-Existing Time Lines, our ability to access and utilize meaningful information and skills is near limitless.  Anyone can choose to lift the veil of illusion and evolve into a person, and a united people, whose relationship with the cosmos and each other is free of disinformation and the pettiness that keeps us shackled to the illusion.  But to do this you must learn about our authentic existence and how it really works, and that means learning about The Core Matrix, Time Shifts,  Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi..

Another perk of Time Shifts is that thereís no need to wonder if we survive 2012.  We do.  Time Shifts involve time looping, and time looping involves a repeat of time line elements.  Therefore, weíve been through versions of 2012 a number of times and weíre still here regardless of what dangers may come.

Time Shifts donít just edit time lines.  As a by-product, the mechanics of time line editing can trigger devastating Earth changes.  Due to frequency changes, associated with Time Shifts and the nature of Co-Existing Time Lines, the time line restructuring process can result in the imperfect synchronization and alignment of the edited elements that make up a time line.  Earth has its own global electromagnetic resonance, which when disturbed can cause releases of uncontrolled energy.  When a Time Shift process results in imperfect editing synchronization and alignment, the imperfection creates space-time and physical time line disturbances that can trigger earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano blows, geophysical stresses, unusual and dangerous weather, and even whale, dolphin, and porpoise stranding.

Two examples of Time Shift entangled global disasters are the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States and the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Both of these deadly events occurred during a Time Shift Alert, which was activated in part by solar activity hitting Earthís magnetic field.  Before each of these disasters struck I posted warnings specific to those events.  FYI: Solar activity does not directly cause earthquakes, some solar activity triggers Time Shifts, some Time Shifts trigger earthquakes, but not all earthquakes are triggered by Time Shifts.

Due to the mechanism involved in time lined editing, Time Shift activity can create and amplify psychic, paranormal, and precognitive experiences.  Besides the Time Shift information that I was releasing prior to September 11, 2001, shortly before the attacks I had a series of vivid and upsetting precognitive psi data downloads.  On September 10, 2001 I shared a compilation of them online.  I wrote about airplanes and danger to the World Trade Center, danger to US military buildings, a coming war, devastation in the finance community, and more.  I also sold my stocks. On September 11, 2001 the attacks killed thousands and changed the world forever.  Practically unremembered on September 11, 2001 is Hurricane Erin the category 3 storm heading toward New York and the East Coast.  Time Shift time line edit, and it changed course leaving clear blue skies over New York and New England.  Had Hurricane Erin hit New York the weather would have prevented the devastation at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the Shanksville crash, and maybe stopped it from happening on any day.  My September 11, 2001 premonition can be accessed in my Starfire Tor Future Event Precognition section:

For years Iíve been releasing Time Shift Alerts.  Part of the criteria involves the emergence of the type of solar activity Iíve already described.  There are other criteria.  At the same time that I release a Time Shift Alert I release a Whale, Dolphin, and Porpoise Stranding Alert, although in different arenas.  This is because the same solar activity, that can trigger a Time Shift, also causes a disturbance in Earthís magnetic field that can disrupt the bio navigation and communication abilities of cetaceans.  This can cause them to strand and engage in wrong way travel.  When it came to the March 11, 2001 Japan disaster, elements of both provided the information that I needed to release earthquake warnings.

Here is the sequence of events   February 24, 2011 I released a Time Shift Alert, in part, because an M3 class solar flare had erupted.  The energy was due to hit Earth between March 3 and 4, 2011.  Ultraviolet radiation was involved, radio frequency signals were disturbed, and from a separate solar event a solar wind was expected.  I also released a cetacean stranding alert.  March 1, 2011 I updated both alerts when an unexpected solar wind stream hit Earth causing a magnetic storm.  March 3, 2011 the originally expected solar wind arrived.  March 4, 2011 a large pod of melon-headed whales stranded on the shores of Japan, while a high-speed solar wind stream buffeted Earth's magnetic field.  Since these are not the whale or dolphin species that Japan usually slaughters, which is an unacceptable barbaric activity that must end now, 22 of the stranded whales were rescued.  March 5, 2011 I updated both alerts because a coronal mass ejection would hit Earth on March 6, 2011.  I updated the Time Shift Alert to a Time Shift Cluster and extended the stranding alert.  March 7, 2011 an X2 class CME erupted, and is expected to hit Earth causing a geomagnetic storm March 9 or 10, 2011.

A review of the data, along with the whale stranding in Japan during the Time Shift Alert, caused me to believe that Japan was in danger of being hit with a massive earthquake during the Time Shift Alert window.  Iíve seen the pattern before.  March 9, 2011 Earth-orbiting satellites detect an X1-class solar flare and that the March 7, 2011 solar flare is traveling faster than any other solar flare since September 2005.  The energy from both flares may hit Earth on March 9-10, 2011.  I update my Time Shift Alert and Stranding Alert and warn that Japan is in imminent danger of experiencing a massive Time Shift triggered earthquake between March 9-12, 2011.  I implore the Japanese to stop killing cetaceans & release the dolphins in the Taiji cove before the earthquake hits.  March 10, 2011 I report that the expected CME hit Earthís magnetic field.  March 11, 2011 Earth's magnetic field is still reverberating from that CME strike, and then a magnitude 9.0 undersea mega-thrust earthquake erupts off the coast of Japan. Itís the most powerful earthquake known to have hit Japan, and triggers a devastating  tsunami.  The event changed the shape of Japanís land mass and moved it 8ft.  NASA reported that the Earthís axis may have shifted and the length of days may have shortened.

Marie D. Jones

What is a time slip?  Do you have a personal experience you can share?

Starfire Tor

A time slip is the product of a Time Shift.  All Time Shift activity causes time slips, but most time slips are never consciously realized or remembered.  A Time Shift involves time line editing, the creation of a new dominant time line, and the relegating of the pre-Time Shift dominant time line to the status of lesser Co-Existing Time Line.  All Co-Existing Time Lines exist in the same space and are only separated by their individual frequencies.  Regardless of how many Co-Existing Time Lines there are, or how similar in content many of them may be, no two Co-Existing Time Lines run in perfect sync.  Therefore, even the smallest time line edit between two nearly identical Co-Existing Time Lines will cause a jump edit effect.  Such jump edit effects are not intended to be consciously realized or recalled, and when they are the reason is usually a glitch in the Time Shift program.

Iíve investigated many time slip events and the jump edit effect is by far the most amazing and physically undeniable.  In one case a jump edit caused people to leave an area hours before they originally entered the area.  In another case a jump edit caused a car, driver, and passenger to suddenly be driving on one road, and in the blink of an eye find themselves miles away on a completely different road.  In these cases sometimes missing time is experienced and sometimes time has appeared to go backwards.

I am pleased to say that along with Whitley Strieber, Anne Strieber, and Brandon Scott I was involved in what turned out to be the best documented and best researched time slip in history.  It happened in 2006 when Whitley, Anne, and I went to The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, to have dinner and catch Brandonís magic act.  Between finishing eating, and going to the theater Brandon was performing in, we took a stop in our respective rest rooms.  It was during this seemingly ordinary activity that an amazing jump edit time slip took place involving the sudden manifestation of a mystery woman who somehow appeared in a small windowless one door room without going through the normal route of walking through the door to enter the room.

The entire incident and report can be read on my website, which include links to individual special reports by Whitley and Anne.  After a thorough investigation, which included tracking down and interviewing the mystery women, accessing blueprints of the room to insure that there were no secret doorways into the room, and much more the investigation was conclusive: The mystery woman, Anne, and I had been consciously involved in a time slip that merged elements of two time lines into a single event.  Different time line sequences merged in a near collision involving same space occupation, a calamity that was narrowly averted.  Watching it all go down, from a birdís eye view of the only door in and out of the room, was Whitley.

Besides my published investigation, the time slip event was featured on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Coast to Coast AM appearances on separate shows with hosts George Noory, Art Bell, and Whitley Strieber and several appearances on Whitley Strieberís Dreamland show and Anne Strieberís Subscriber Show.  The Time Line Anomaly At The Magic Castle investigation can be accessed here:

Marie D. Jones

Do your discoveries resolve the grandfather paradox in time travel?

Starfire Tor

My discovery of Co-Existing Time Lines not only solves the riddle of the grandfather paradox, it removes it entirely from consideration as a valid time travel topic.  The grandfather paradox has been a staple of Science Fiction writers, as well as quantum mechanics theorists, for decades.  The paradox sets up an intriguing time travel brainteaser:  What would happen if a person travels back in time and kills his own biological grandfather before the grandfather ever met the time traveler's grandmother?  This would imply that one of the time traveler's parents would never have been conceived, and by extension the time traveler would never have been conceived.  Since the time traveler is alive and did manage to go back in time and kill his biological grandfather, how could such an act be possible?

The grandfather paradox is based on the assumption that there is only a single time line, and that it is within this single time line that a time traveler can move backwards and forwards in time.  My Co-Existing Time Line discovery proved that not only are there an untold number of time lines that co-exist in the same space, separated only by their individual frequencies, but that the very act of time travel causes the time traveler to switch to another Co-Existing Time Line.  The true mechanics of time travel make it impossible for anyone or anything to time travel within the time line from which they began their time travel journey.  Since no Co-Existing Time Lines, including who inhabits them, are exactly the same it possible for a time traveler to shoot his biological grandfather in a Co-Existing Time Line.  Since it would be unknown who this Co-Existing Time Line grandfather might have married and conceived, had he not been killed, it cannot be determined whether the time traveler was ever conceived in the Co-Existing Time Line in which the grandfather was killed.

To learn more about how different Co-Existing Time Lines work, and how the people who inhabit them can be born and die at different times in different Co-Existing Time Lines, read my article The Time Shift Living Dead Phenomena

Marie D. Jones

How does dreaming tie into time anomalies and time travel?

Starfire Tor

Part of my discoveries, by extension of learning about The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing Time Lines, was to learn the truth about how and why we dream.  You can forget about most of what mainstream dream experts claim about dreams being the brain working out the day's problems through some interior process. The truth is, the brain is the interface to The Core Matrix and its wealth of streaming data.  Most dreams are an offshoot of the brain interfacing, accessing, and sometimes downloading this streaming data.  Because so much of that data is raw, and is not cohesively connected to a well programmed streaming Co-Existing Time line, the brain has a hard time creating a logical and linear story from the data fragments.  This is why so many dreams appear to be so odd, weird, and fragmented.  However, there are people who have brain interfacing capabilities that are more adept at accessing tangible Co-Existing Time Line data.  It is at these times that such people can access information which will prove to be precognitive, and even access Co-Existing Time Lines in a manner that constitutes a form of brain interfacing time travel.  Accurate precognition, using this mechanism, would be a type of time travel that has the potential to involve physical aspects beyond a brain interface.

Iíve been blessed to be a person with precognitive skills, which have not only saved lives but have given me insights into the science of the dreaming brain and the many things that it can do.  To learn more please visit the Starfire Tor Future Event Precognition section of my website:

Marie D. Jones

There are people who have publicly claimed that they were or are either time travelers, part of a time travel program, or associated with something that involves time travel.  What do you think about these claims and how can someone tell if a time travel claim is authentic or a hoax?  You did in-depth research into whether The Philadelphia Experiment is fact or fiction, and you did the same for The Aerial Drone mystery.  What did you discover and how can people access your investigations?

Starfire Tor

Time travel is one of those topics that have captured the imagination of the world for a very long time.  Itís an appealing, adventurous, and romantic notion whose popularity is reflected in the wealth of time travel themed books, movies, television shows, documentaries, personal stories, and conspiracies.  But our attraction to time travel may not be solely rooted in our imaginations alone.  Our attraction to time travel may actually be rooted in a Core Matrix memory of Co-Existing Time Lines and time travel itself.  Consider this: Based on my own research, which has demonstrated that our brains are the interface with Co-Existing Time Line data that streams from The Core Matrix, I believe that at some point in some Co-Existing Time Line, time travel has already been developed and utilized.  Therefore, it is logical to consider that time travel already exists,  and that we have already encountered it somewhere in time.

Because the notion of time travel is so deeply rooted in our conscious and unconscious brain, a time travel hoaxer can find a ready-made audience willing to believe the most illogical and untruthful of claims.  As the discoverer of Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, and The Unified Field Theory Of Psi I am in a unique position to be able to determine when a time travel claim is sincere, when a time travel claim is an intentional hoax, and when a time travel claim is a lie that stems from the delusional mind of the person making the claim.  Time travel hoaxes, for whatever dishonest reason that they are perpetrated, are nothing more than attention seeking unsponsored disinformation that undermines the integrity of authentic public time travel discourse.  Although time travel hoaxes do not negatively impact authentic time travel based projects, the disinformation can attract and misdirect the energy and belief systems of well intentioned but gullible people.  Since hoaxers are without ethics, they have no qualms about tricking susceptible people into promoting their lies and personal agendas.

Therefore, having tools of discernment are about more than protecting the integrity of the subject matter.  They are about protecting honest well meaning people from being used and abused by hoaxers and their self serving personal agenda.  I could easily generate a list of hoaxers by name.  Instead Iím going to share some of the master keys of discernment, which consist of a list of warning signs that you need to watch for with every time travel claim.

For the most part, time travel hoaxes contain claims that are so illogical, and counter-intuitive, that you would have to throw out your common sense to believe them.  But not all time travel hoaxes are so obvious, with The Philadelphia Experiment being at the top of that list.  Like so many, I was attracted to the basic story because there was a sense of plausibility about it.  Not the stories of those who latched onto the myth, but the myth itself.  I wanted to know the truth because the myth was so interwoven into time travel belief systems, and it permeated the time travel researcher and enthusiast community.  I tracked down the truth and broke the story many years ago.  The Philadelphia Experiment never happened.  My research revealed that what appeared as plausible was actually the illusion of plausibility.

I recommend reading my entire investigation to get the full impact of what I uncovered, including documents and photographs: The Philadelphia Experiment Hoax Report

The Philadelphia Experiment:  In brief, it was claimed that in 1943 The USS Eldridge DE-173 was involved in an experiment to render it invisible.  In a US port it was rigged with an invisibility device.  When the device was activated the boat became unstable and went phasing through space and time to various locations.  A version of the myth claims that the boat time traveled, and so did some of the crew.  When it was finally retrieved some of the crew were molecularly embedded into the boatís structure, and some later burst into flame.

With common sense, my research, and information about US military procedures you donít have to have an advanced degree in science to understand that itís a hoax.   If the Eldridge had been involved in an experiment as claimed, and given the outcome as claimed, the boat would have been pulled from military service, it would have been relocated to a secure site where it could be contained and studied, and under no circumstances would it ever be allowed to leave US custody.  But thatís not what happened.  My research proved that the USS Eldridge DE-173 did serve after the claimed experiment, was eventually decommissioned and sold to Greece where per regulations it was given a new name and number.  Common sense dictates, that with this real world history the Eldridge could not have possibly been involved in the experiment as claimed.  Conclusion: Hoax.

ďThe Aerial DroneĒ mystery, which gained momentum through the internet, is also a hoax.  I recommend reading my entire investigation to get the full impact of what I uncovered, including documents and photographs: The Truth About The Aerial Drone Claims

The aerial drones came on the scene in 2007, and with pushes from several directions it went viral.  Both physical and digital images were involved, as was detailed nonsense data claiming ET reverse engineering, a claimed alien alphabet, possible time or dimensional travel, and alleged witnesses.  Some people did their best to seriously investigate the mystery, while others seemed to be more interested in promoting themselves through the mystery rather than seriously investigate the mystery.  I put in time and brains and eventually broke the case wide open.  

Hereís the bottom line: I tracked the hoax down to a Dell Computer owned Alienware promotion for their Area-51 laptops.  The contest was advertised as ĎDecipher the Alien Message and Win a Trip to New York Cityí.  It featured the same character symbols as those found on the aerial drone and anti-gravity generator hoax items.  Some of the alien letters were even stamped into the computer cases.  Conclusion: Hoax.  Unfortunately, a short lived television series called The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which was a spin off from the time travel themed Terminator movies, inserted similar looking aerial drones into a plot line.  It just confused people all over again.

I could list other time travel hoaxes, but Iíve rather give people the tools to discern what disinformation is and what true information is.  The first step is to read my Philadelphia Experiment and Aerial Drone hoax investigations.  Itís not just about the conclusions.  Itís about the methodology I applied that solved the mysteries.  And keep this in mind: Like all knowledge of value, some of the key discernments require research while other key discernments require little more than applying common sense.  Some of the truest experiences can contain the most far reaching of concepts.  Yet even the most truthful, and far reaching experiences, contain a thread of recognizable common sense that is tangible and relatable.  Here are some of the top rules for ferreting out time travel related hoaxes and disinformation.

1. If someone claims that the aerial drones and related claims are real, even that they are an insider or a witness, you now know that is not true.

2. If someone claims to have been a part of The Philadelphia Experiment, you now know that is not true.

3. If someone claims that a project they were part of was an extension of, or associated with The Philadelphia Experiment, you now know that it is not true.

4. If someone tries to get around the fact that The Philadelphia Experiment is a hoax,

by claiming that the USS Eldridge wasnít the real boat involved, thatís either a person not willing to face the truth or someone trying to salvage their own game of disinformation.

5. If someone claims to be a time travel authority and researcher, and they endorse and promote The Philadelphia Experiment or the Aerial Drones, then this is not someone who is able to discern which time travel info is real and which is untrue.

6. If someoneís time travel claim contains story elements from a time travel themed Science Fiction film, television show, or book then the chances are very high that this is the actual origin of the claim.  Most time travel themed entertainment vehicles do not have story lines that incorporate authentic information on time travel science Ė no matter how good the shows are.  This includes Back To The Future, Terminator, Quantum Leap, Somewhere In Time, The Time Machine, Stargate: SG1, and some Twilight Zone episodes.

7. If elements from someoneís time travel story has changed, or been omitted, the chances are very high that the changes were made to create a more believable story with a more believable scientific view of time travel.  Watch out for time travel claims where time travel adventures consist of traveling forwards and/or backwards within a single time line.  The act of time travel involves shifting to Co-Existing Time Lines because itís not possible to time travel within the Co-Existing time line from which you began your time travel journey.  Hoaxers who change their single time line story, by newly incorporating multiple time lines, can be found out.

8. If elements from someoneís time travel story includes specific information about his or her past, which is claimed to be our near future, and upon reaching the dates none of the information comes to pass then.  Chances are very high that the time travel claims are not true.

9.  If a person claims to have been part of a US Government time travel program, and has gone public with the story, chances are very high that this person has no such history.  It must be considered, that should such a program exist, the caliber and character of the participants would feel honor and duty bound to keep the team secret.  A time travel mission would be too globally important and delicate an asset to risk with anyone of less commitment.  Also, breaking the silence would expose a participant to fines and prison.  

10. If a time travel claim involves publicly dropping the names of powerful people or organizations and daring them to come forward, the chances are very high that the person is engaged in a calculated publicity stunt.  The person probably knows that no one powerful will allow themselves to be used in a publicity stunt.  So the person can continue their game without the worry of immediate consequences.

11. If a time travel story teller connects his or her story to a known hoaxerís time travel story, then chances are extremely high that the secondary time travel story is also a hoax.  Just because more than one person claimís to be part of the same time travel experience does not mean that the claim is true.

12. If someone claims that itís possible to jump from one time line to another, to better your life or for whatever reason, donít believe it.  That is not the true mechanism of how Co-Existing Time Lines or Reality Shifts work, nor is it the interfaced relationship that we have with The Core Matrix.  Some of the people making this claim are hoaxers whose agenda is to get your money into their pocket.  Others are genuinely sincere in their belief, and have no plans to take any money for sharing what they believe to be true.  Whether a fraud or sincere, both are spreading disinformation.

Marie D. Jones

How can people find your research and contact you?

Starfire Tor

Go to my website, which is a portal to information about my discoveries, updates, publications, research reports, investigations, lectures, interviews, appearances, contact info, ďThe Whale And Dolphin People ProjectĒ, and my FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter pages:

Time Line Anomaly At The Magic Castle Experienced 7-15-06



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