Attacks On The United States Of America
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As the world now knows, a coordinated group of terrorists hijacked four American passenger jets on September 11, 2001. One jet was flown into the south tower of The World Trade Center, one jet was flown into the north tower of The World Trade Center, one jet was flown into the Pentagon, and one jet was flown into the ground in a field in Pennsylvania. Thousands lost their lives. Countless millions mourn in a state of shock. The US financial community has come to a near standstill. The United States finds itself at war with those who masterminded the attacks, and those who actively support them. The world is forever changed. There is no doubt that these terrorist attacks are a realization of what I was picking up over the months, and what I wrote in my September 10, 2001 e-mail. I hope to be able to review months of research, phenomena, and psi data downloads in order to learn more about how everything is connected.

As I reported, I sold all of my stock investments on 9/10/2001 because of all the doom and gloom psi data downloads I was picking up. Everything I was feeling, which had reached a very high level of anxiety, seemed to reach a peak on 9/10/2001. My stock broker thought my sell order to be foolhardy and
financially damaging. Now it seems, considering what happened to the stock market and US finances as a direct result of the terrorist attacks, that my actions actually saved my assets. While I would never weigh the gravity of the events of 9/11/2001, against my singular personal exposure to any financial losses, it's still a fact that these were my actions and I would be remiss if I didn't mention them.

Starfire Tor


News reports of these terrorist attacks dominate the news, and will for years to come. I may include some news reports at a later date, but felt it wasn't necessary to do so now.


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