Attacks On The United States Of America
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Terrorists fly American Airlines Flight 11
into the north tower of the World Trade Center

Terrorists fly United Airlines Flight 175
into the south tower of the World Trade Center

Thousands of people trapped and doomed
to die in the World Trade Center Towers

The World Trade Center twin towers fall,
with thousands killed

Terrorists fly American Airlines Flight 77
into the Pentagon, Washington DC USA

The aftermath of death and destruction at the
Pentagon, where hundreds of people died.

A Fireball rises over the main crash site where terrorists fly United Airlines Flight 93 into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania USA. Passengers try to take back control of the plane, ultimately causing the terrorists to veer from their original target in Washington DC. Everyone on the plane was killed.

All that is left of Flight 93 is a burned hole in the ground.

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Photo Gallery

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