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A TWA Boeing 747.

These two still frames, from a computer simulation of the crash, show the break-up of the doomed 747 in mid air.

The flaming ocean debris field of the downed 747.

The crash map.

Reconstruction of the recovered pieces of the 747.

. . . .

The photo on the left was taken by Linda Cabot at a party she was attending, near where the plane went down in flames. In the outlined box is what some people think is a missile in flight. The photo, next to it, is a blow-up of that image. The photo on the right, also taken at the time and in the vicinity of the plane crash, was taken by a man named Kreiger. Some people claim that this is the vapor trail left by a missile. I've added these important photos, not because I OBE saw a missile, but because I OBE saw an aircraft that emitted a heated column of light that struck the plane. Something else was sharing the skies with that doomed plane, and I know what I OBE saw. I also believe that other people witnessed some aspect of what I OBE saw and that these photos might constitute evidence of war games going on.

The top two photos are of the X-24B aircraft. The one on the bottom is the X-20 aircraft. I've put them here to show you that my research revealed that there were X Planes that fit the design description of what I OBE saw shoot a column of heated light that hit the 747. I'm not saying that any one of these are the planes I OBE saw, because they are not - only that the X Plane design info I received in my OBE was correct.

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Photo Gallery

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