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One of the things I OBE saw, and couldn't figure out at the time, was why I viewed a superimposed image of two different planes. The answer came when news reports revealed that the SwissAir flight was carrying passengers from a Delta Airlines flight.

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Swiss Air Flight Crashes Off Nova Scotia,
Claiming theLives of All Aboard

UPDATED at 4:45 P.M. EDT -- A Swissair jetliner crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia Wednesday evening, claiming the lives of all 229 people aboard, airline officials reported.

Swissair Flight 111 was bound from New York to Geneva, Switzerland at the time of the accident. It took off from JFK International Airport at 8:18 p.m.
EDT and crashed an hour later, after disappearing from radar. The pilot reported smoke in the cockpit of the MD-11 jet before he lost communications with air traffic controllers. The plane attempted an emergency landing at Halifax International Airport, but fell from the sky before reaching that destination.

There were 215 passengers, including two infants, and 14 crew members aboard. There were 136 American passengers on board, 28 Swiss citizens and more than 30 French citizens, according to Swissair officials.

CNN reported that White House officials said there was no indication that terrorism is to blame for the crash.

The crash left a three-mile-long path of debris in the choppy waters near Peggy's Cove, a popular area among Nova Scotia's tourists. Military planes, coast guard ships and fishing boats spent last night and this morning searching for bodies and what clues they could find to explain the tragedy, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

At least 18 bodies had been found by Thursday morning. Parcels, seats and clothing, as well as life jackets also were retrieved from the ocean. The latter leads accident investigators to believe that the passengers and crew had some warning the plane would not safely make its emergency landing at the Halifax airport. The flight was shared by Delta Air Lines and originated in Atlanta. At least 53 Delta passengers were aboard the plane. Witnesses in coastal Nova Scotia described feeling vibrations and sounds of thunder when the plane came out of the sky. Pieces of the plane retrieved from the scene of the crash are quite small.


From the ERRI Watch Center

PEGGY'S COVE, NOVA SCOTIA (EmergencyNet News) - No survivors were found on Thursday after a Swissair plane with 229 passengers and crew crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Canada's coast. Both Swissair and the MD-11 aircraft type had exceptional safety records before the crash.

Sixteen bodies were picked up by fishing boats from the sea before dawn on Thursday while another two bodies washed up on shore. No survivors had been found in the cold North Atlantic waters. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) said the area where dozens of ships were searching was eerie with flares hanging over the water, where bodies, pieces of bodies, torn life rafts, life jackets and bits of the plane were floating. Emergency crews said increasingly rough seas and a gathering fog were hampering the grim search for survivors. A flotilla of boats -- a dozen military planes and helicopters, two warships and dozens of regular and auxiliary Canadian Coast Guard vessels and fishing boats -- combed through the oily debris field five nautical miles south of the town of Peggy's Cove as Hurricane Danielle neared Nova Scotia. Residents in the small town of Blandford said a very low-flying aircraft screamed overhead followed by a loud bang. The plane's pilot radioed Halifax traffic controllers at 2122 EDT (0122 GMT) to report smoke in the cabin and
that fuel was being dumped in preparation for an emergency landing in Halifax.

One Blandford area resident described: "I thought at first it was a helicopter, all I heard was a big boom like a sonic boom. The plane went right over head, it was very, very low. It sounded terrible."

Another resident said, "It wasn't the smooth sound of an airplane. I heard the crash and a clap of thunder that shook the house."

A third resident reported: "The motors were still going when the plane flew over, but it was the worst-sounding deep groan that I've ever heard."


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