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When I OBE saw the path this jet was taking I was concerned that, not only was it going to crash into a neighborhood, but that this neighborhood was near where a friend lives. I contacted her about my OBE, because she's one of the people I know who has asked me to inform them of any OBE experiences I have that relate to them. As it turns out, the jet crashed near her home.

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F-14 crashes into neighborhood, kills five

January 29, 1996

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (CNN) -- A Navy F-14 fighter jet crashed into a residential neighborhood moments after takeoff Monday, exploding into flames and killing at least five people. Police and the mayor's office said those killed were the two crew members and three people on the ground. At least three homes were engulfed in flames.

The plane took off on a training mission from Nashville International Airport shortly before 10 a.m. It crashed moments later about 2.5 miles from the runway which is shared by the Tennessee Air National Guard. "It took off, went straight up and straight down," said Martha Bradley, a spokeswoman for the airport. Fire Department Lt. Wayne Renardson said it exploded into a "huge ball of flame."

Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen told reporters at the scene that emergency workers recovered the bodies of the two-man crew. The Navy identified the pilot as Lt. Cmdr. John Stacy Bates, 33, of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The radar intercept officer was identified as Lt. Graham Alden Higgins, 28, of Dover - Foxcroft, Maine. Two of the people killed on the ground were identified as Elmer Newsom, 66, and his wife Ada, 63 who were in one of the homes destroyed by fire. Another unidentified man was found dead in the Newsom's home. The bodies were burned beyond recognition according to firefighter James Dean. "One guy was just sitting in his couch. He never had a chance," Dean said. Local television coverage showed three homes on fire 30 minutes after the plane went down. A plume of black smoke could be seen for miles.

Several people witnessed the plane crash.

Don Isert, who was driving near the airport, said, "It was moving so fast I couldn't even tell what shape it was, and then this huge fireball erupted and the heat came through the glass of my car." Tammy Burgess, who was driving to a restaurant at the time of the crash, said she saw the plane flying low over homes. "I saw the plane go down so fast," she said. "In the blink of an eye, it exploded. It was terrible. Witnesses in the Luna Heights subdivision told of seeing the plane crash into the roof of a home. They said some houses were demolished. "It just tore the house into shreds," said witness Rick Seele. "There's jet parts all over the place."

In Washington, Navy officials confirmed the plane was an F-14 Navy Tomcat jet, a supersonic, twin-engine fighter, based at Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego. It had flown into Nashville Sunday to refuel. The F-14 Tomcat is designed to attack enemy aircraft in all weather conditions and at night.

String of accidents plagues F-14 Squadron grounded during crash probe

January 30, 1996

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (CNN) -- The pilot of the Navy fighter jet that crashed and killed him and four other people Monday was at the controls of another plane that went down in April.

Lieutenant Commander John Stacy Bates, 33, was flying the F-14 fighter jet last year that crashed at sea, said a naval spokesman at the Mirimar Naval Air Station near San Diego, where Bates was based. Monday's crash in a Nashville neighborhood also killed a crew member and three residents.

The F-14 has had an "unusual number of mishaps" Vice Admiral Brent Bennitt, U.S. Navy spokesperson said. Bates' VF 213 fighter squadron, the "Fighting Blacklions," was grounded Monday for at least 24 hours as the military investigated the crash. The squadron has had four accidents in the last 16 months, said Vice Admiral Brent Bennitt, the Navy's commander for Pacific Fleet aviation units. But other F-14's were not being grounded, Bennitt said, despite "an unusual number of mishaps."

Monday's crash was the 30th for an F-14 since 1991. One of those accidents was the October 1994 crash that killed Lieutenant Kara Hultgreen, one of the first women to qualify for a Navy combat aviation assignment. But Bennitt said the Navy's primary air-to-air combat plane has a lower accident rate when compared to other older Navy aircraft. The F-14, built by Grumman, was introduced in the Navy in the 1970s and is no longer being manufactured.

Crash at sea

In the April incident, Bates was on maneuvers involving the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln when he lost control of his F-14 and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. He and the radar intercept officer ejected. The aircraft was lost. After a review, Bates was recommended fully qualified for return to flight status, said Commander Gregg Hartung, a Navy spokesman. On Monday, Bates's jet went down 2.5 miles south of Nashville International Airport, just minutes after taking off for Miramar on a training mission. The Navy said the plane was not carrying any missiles, rockets or bombs.

Elmer Newsom, 66, his wife, Ada, 63, and a friend, Ewing T. Wair, 53, were killed when the plane hit their house in the Luna Heights subdivision. Its fuel turned the house into a huge fireball, and flames engulfed vacant homes on both sides. Also killed was radar interceptor officer Lieutenant Graham Alden Higgins, 28, originally from Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. A naval investigative team was combing through charred wreckage. "The plane is in parts all over the place," one man said. "You can't even make out a whole plane."


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