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Posted December 31, 2009



December 21, 2012 isn't the most relevant near date in time, which means that many current December 21, 2012 scenarios are flawed. However, there is significant relevance regarding the current Time Shift time arc beginning New Years Eve December 31, 2009 through the Winter Solstice December 21, 2010.

It involves the Core Matrix, the first recognized Time Shift, a wormhole, rare lunar eclipses, solar activity, geomagnetic lines of force, a significant uptick in Time Shift generated earthquakes and Time Shift events, & other paranatural phenomena.

Despite the hype about December 21, 2012 being an all important date heralding either planetary spiritual change [soft version] or planetary physical doomsday [hard version], depending on whose modern belief and spin you lean toward, it is not the most relevant date in near time. That date would be from today - December 31, 2009 through December 21, 2010. This is a very active Time Shift arc, where continuous time line editing will determine the course of future co-existing time lines. Therefore, whatever may or may not happen on December 31, 2012 is being determined during this current Time Shift arc.

If you are only looking to December 21, 2012 for a "shift", and are skipping over time line changes that are happening now, or believe that events happening now are solely 2012 related - you are giving away your power to others who know how to use and manipulate the information I'm sharing with you. This is the reason I'm sharing the information, because aware minds are stronger minds, and are less able to be fooled and manipulated.

You might wonder what I mean, by being fooled and manipulated, aside from what I've just written. If you have read my work, listened to my many interviews, or watched a lecture then you know that one of my skills involves precognitive abilities. Read the Future Event Precognition section on my website, and you will not only read about many of my precog hits, but you will learn that precognition is an extension of Time Shift caused dual co-existing time line memories.

In order to further show you, that my knowledge is accurate and should be heeded, I've decided to write some specific Time Shift related predictions for 2010. Only as 2010 unfolds, will my predictions be proven true ... or duds. I'm willing to put myself out there for the greater good, which in this case is knowledge of Time Shifts and their life altering impact.

Before I get into my 2010 predictions, here is brief version of important Time Shift information that you need to have in order to fully understand the significance of my predictions.

We live in a realm of ever changing reality, which includes existing in an unknown number of co-existing time lines. Time Shifts are the main cause of shifting realities, and co-existing time line creation. When a Time Shift occurs, the dominant co-existing time line undergoes an editing process. This editing process creates a new dominant co-existing time line. This process continues, every time there is a Time Shift.

All co-existing time lines exist in the same space, separated only by their individual frequencies. Under certain criteria, some Time Shifts are created and/or aided by solar activity and related earthbound geomagnetic storms. Under certain criteria, some earthquakes are caused by the energy mechanism of a Time Shift, as new co-existing time lines are formed. The Time Shift time line editing, combined with the Time Shift co-existing time line frequencies, are what trigger what I call Time Shift earthquakes. Earthquakes do not cause Time Shifts. The same process, that can cause a Time Shift earthquake, can also trigger volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and changes in climate and atmospheric conditions including global warming and global cooler.

Given this information, my first prediction involves earthquakes and solar activity. The rest of the predictions involve significant 2010 events, which I will specifically name. I can do this because I can psi view entire co-existing time line landscapes, as well as isolated events. I get "psi data downloads" of information, by understanding and nurturing how my brain interfaces with streaming data from the Core Matrix. This is a main way that I get relevant information.

If my predictions are accurate, which I believe they are, then perhaps you will consider the value of my knowledge and skills. My goal is to help this planet, and the best way I know how is to break the spell of illusion we have all been forced and tricked into living.

2010 Prediction #1.
It is well known that earthquake scientists are not able to predict earthquakes with any accuracy. They readily admit this, because the earthquake science they work with doesn't come with enough useful information to form predictive capabilities. I am confident that my knowledge of Time Shift science can predict earthquakes in a way, and in a window of time, that scientists can't. Based on this December 31, 2009 to December 21, 2010 Time Shift arc, I've determined that there will be a significant uptick in earthquakes during this time. I'm in California, so I know that the earthquake uptick in California will be many times greater than usual. Earthquake scientists will admit this, but only guess at why this is. Major killer earthquakes will ravage the planet, and they will erupt in clusters. Activity on the sun will power up and at least one powerful geomagnetic storm will be entangled with a Time Shift, and powerful Time Shift created quakes. I can only hope that earthquake scientists will someday recognize that knowledge of Time Shifts - including Time Shifts and solar activity and geomagnetic storms - gives them essential knowledge about some earthquakes. Otherwise, these scientists will forever be left without much needed tools to protect and serve.

2010 Prediction #2.
Watch the health care bill battle very closely. You will see this battle unfold in some very mind boggling and troubling ways. Just when you think that the health care bill is down and out, it will suddenly be resurrected in ways that leave many people baffled, angry, and helpless. This includes the news media and political pundits. But the health care bill will pass no matter who or what is in its way. Because I know this, the health care bill situation is nothing more than scripted political theater with a known ending. To anyone paying attention, this dead again-alive again health care bill's passage in 2010 will look like what it was - a series of 'jump shot' 'what the ...' time line edits. This in no way implies that the Obama administration has anything to do with Time Shifts. What I can say, is that the Obama Administration health care bill agenda was met under the flag of a series of Time Shifts - whether the Obama administration knows it or not.

2010 Prediction #3.
The health care bill passes [see Prediction 3], on top of the already in motion and questionable stimulus package, which sets up a political climate of grave concern in the US. The climate has the ability to make the Bush administration's war in Iraq pale in comparison to the unrest I psi-see for 2010. This was all so preventable, save for the will of a few who held the power to move armies and politicians. A number of politicians will step down from their political positions, in relationship to the passing of the health care bill. Others will resign their posts, including people in the justice and legal system associated with Washington DC politics. Some pivotal politicians will die from disease and other means. Observe who they are. A relatively unknown politician will replace a long time politician, and this changes the balance of power as it regards the ruling parties and the health care bill. Through it all, the 'jump shot' time line edits continue, and the health care bill survives the political shake-up and passes. Regardless, that bill passes.

2010 Prediction #4.
The financial DOW will go above 11,000, and may even possibly go over the 12,000 mark. I absolutely psi perceived the 11,000 number but only caught a wisp of the 12,000 number. These numbers do not realistically reflect a financial recovery for the innocent victims of financial devastation, brought on by the corruption and greed of others. While this is happening, a main ex bank - possibly Washington Mutual and another - is outed as engaging in major fraud involving its dealings with sub prime rates and loans. This evidence can either lead to the cleaning out of bank corruption, making sure it can never happen again, and getting lost finances back into the hands of the victims - or justice will not be served and the victims will experience more loss. Two roads for the Obama administration to choose. One leads to the road to financial recovery and stability, and the other doesn't and angers the people even more. Keep an eye on the Goldman Sachs situation and evidence of fraud. There are others.

2010 Prediction #5.
Sadly, I have a track record of psi-seeing plane crashes, as well as shuttle disasters. This time I saw a world leader in a plane crash. It was a big plane and not a smaller executive jet. It wasn't easy making out what airline it was because I came upon it after the crash. Same for those who died. As of this writing I didn't catch who the leader was. I couldn't recognize any of them. But I don't believe that the plane was a US airliner. Important people died, is the best I can say about who the victims were - or as of this writing will be in 2010. I believe this leader was loved and cared about, because I saw the streets of a city paved in flowers as part of the mourning.

2010 Prediction #6.
This one is about the icepack. I'm aware, that as I write this, the ice pack and ice bergs are melting and receding. It's more than about the loss of polar bear habitat, although that is very serious. The ice pack helps to stabilize the earth's climate, at the very least by reflecting heat away from the planet. But when I psi connect to other co-existing time lines, sometimes I see the ice pack regaining ground in 2010. Sometimes all I see is more receding. I'm not exactly sure I know which is best for the earth, except it seems that regaining the ice pack puts us in a knowledge and comfort zone that people can work with. It would give people more time to mend what they broke, on the planet, and extend our lives in a very healthy way.

2010 Prediction #7.
This also has to do with the ice pack, but also the flow of magma beneath the ice pack. I psi saw a volcano under the ice, and I saw how the heat of the volcano was melting parts of the ice pack. Is it possible that magma is a contributing cause of the receding ice pack and not some other thing that creates global warming? I psi saw this under the ice volcano exploding through the ice and into the atmosphere. The sky was filled with volcano and this affects the planet. I believe this event happens in concert with the earthquakes I psi saw, making this volcano-ice-atmosphere event associated with the same Time Shift related energy as the earthquakes.

2010 Prediction #8.
This has to do with Toyota cars. As I write this, on December 31, 2009, Toyota has recalled some of its cars because of what they claim are problem floor mats that cause gas pedal sticking. Back in October 2009, when I was lecturing in Joshua Tree at Whitley Strieber's Dreamland Stargate Experience conference, I had the opportunity to ride in a Toyota Prius. That's when I picked up psi data download information about Toyota. 2010 is going to see Toyota inundated with problems and complaints, well beyond the initial cars and complaints that publicly exist to date. I psi saw electrical and shielding problems. This is so serious and dangerous, that the loss of confidence in Toyota is going to give a financial boost to some American car makers in 2010. It's also going to put other car makers on notice, because Toyota is not alone when it comes to design problems and the internal policies and machinations that hide potentially annoying and/or dangerous problems from the public. Car companies who get the message will promote how safe and well made their cars are, as well as how fuel and/or power efficient they are.

2010 Prediction #9.
How about a good news prediction? The good news, is that I have psi seen many 2010 co-existing time lines that contain positive advances in realistic financial and physical recovery for all manner of people and businesses that were seriously harmed by the corruption, greed, and negligence of others. Here's the catch: This can only work if the Obama administration changes tact and utilizes its powers to pursue and achieve actual and tangible justice for the victims. For example: fraud has been rampant in many financial institutions, whether they fell or received stimulus money. Out the fraud, hold the guilty responsible, and get the money back into the hands of the victims. In turn, the people will have a good and realistic reason for renewed hope. Regardless of political spin to the contrary, the masses in general do not view the stimulus package and the health care bill as helpful to them or their ability to recover. It's a burden that they are helpless to lessen or deal with. History will view it in an even harsher light. Therefore, the actual justice I psi see is the real and true catalyst for genuine and positive change. If the Obama administration brings this real and true justice to the people, then people from all walks of life will envision and carry out ingenious plans that refresh the economy and work force. The spirit is also refreshed, as is hope for the future. People, who haven't worked in years or who lost their business, now have a job and/or a business - and one that they are proud to be a part of. Most of these many ingenious ideas work at the community level in ways never before seen - but are long overdue. I have psi seen how many of them successfully work. In fact, many of these plans can work in any country in the world. It's a great way to bring the world together. If the rest - or majority - of my 2010 predictions come to pass, then I would like the respect and opportunity to put what I saw in motion.

Here is the link to my Future Event Precognition section

There is a lot going on globally, of course, and I could fill this space with an encyclopedia of info that I psi perceive through psi data downloads. Nuke and comet problems are in there, and have been a concern for a long time. I'll leave that to a different report, because of its complexity and immense impact - literally.

Back to the Mayans and 2012. December 21, 2012 only represents the end of a cycle, on a Mayan calendar, from the point of view of the ancient Mayans. The truth is, most Mayan knowledge was destroyed by European invaders. This left only a small percentage of Mayan knowledge to be studied today. Because most Mayan knowledge is missing or destroyed, it's not a good idea to point to a fragment of ancient data and promote it as the whole of a culture's information.

Another problem with depending on the Mayan calendar, as a future event predictor, is that the rescued Mayan calendars and codexes appear to deal only in linear time. Yet my research proved that, not only is time not linear, there are co-existing time lines that are in constant flux. As obsessed with time as the Mayans were, the fragment of knowledge that we have from them doesn't contain anything about co-existing time lines, the Core Matrix, or Time Shifts. Yet this time line flux condition existed back then as it does today. Perhaps they did have some knowledge about what I eventually discovered, but it's not reflected in the Mayan knowledge that survives today.

So when it comes to December 21, 2012 and the Mayan calendar, it's either that the Mayans didn't have a clue to the actual nature of Time Shifts and co-existing time lines, or that they did but that info didn't survive the destruction of the Europeans. If they didn't have a clue, then the December 21, 2012 end date only relates to a cycle ending and not the world ending. As a civilization, the Mayan were long gone prior to 2012. Where is their own demise, as a civilization, recorded in these calendars and codexes? Nowhere, in the limited Mayan data available. If they did have a clue about Time Shifts, then the December 21, 2012 might refer to a major life and planet changing Time Shift - a really big Time Shift generated time line edit.

There are other harbingers of a December 21, 2012 doomsday scenario - but not one single one of them takes Time Shift activity or co-existing time lines into account. Not all time passes in linear fashion, and not all co-existing time lines are the same.

While so many are promoting the December 21, 2012 date as being important, the world at large [except those who follow my research] have missed dates that are truly important and come before December 21, 2012. These are the dates that best align with the conditions present when the first known Time Shift was launched. I've been writing about this for years, having dubbed this important date "Winterfest". Why call it Winterfest? Because of its connection to the Winter Solstice, and because I liked the sound and image of the name.

Winterfest is the time when Time Shifts are usually at their heaviest and most noticeable, and when time can actually be experienced as looping or repeating. Incidents of the Time Shift Living Dead go up, and odd Time Shift events are noticed. Check my website for information about the Time Shift Living Dead.

Here is the link to my Time Shift Living Dead Report

Winterfest is the culmination of this time looping and time shifting, which usually begins shortly before October 31, and ends on the full moon closet to the Winter Solstice. My research determined that the first known Time Shift happened on a Winter Solstice during a total eclipse of the moon - followed days later by a solar eclipse. Geomagnetic lines of force were affected, and this could be seen in the sea, on the land, in the sky, and even in the cosmos. The Aurora Borealis and similar light displays were colorful, spectacular, and appeared globally. A wormhole was involved, which some ancients remembered as walking or dreaming through a circular tube or cave of dancing multi-colored lights. They entered this bridge of light on one end, and exited into the first co-existing time line on the other end.

This Winterfest is December 31,2009 - New Years Eve in my USA location. Not only is this New Years Eve Winterfest, but there is a partial eclipse of the moon. Adding to this, it's a blue moon event. This means that the time between full moons appears twice in a month. This month it's December 2009. Whether it's a blue moon or not doesn't add to the Winterfest or Time Shift science, only to the moon's mystique.

The next Winterfest happens on the Winter Solstice 2010 - December 21, 2010. It's also a total eclipse of the moon, with a solar eclipse only days away. The last total eclipse of the moon, on the Winter Solstice, happened in 1638 AD. It's quite a rare event. This is a very important statistic, when researching Time Shifts.

When you put this data together, it becomes clear that the more relevant date to resonate with is the time arc between December 31, 2009 and December 21, 2010. Whatever happens in 2012, is determined during this Time Shift arc. Watch 2010, as it unfolds, and check to see if my predictions are hits or misses.

Happy New Year and Happy Winterfest.

Starfire Tor

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