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Creating The 10-31-
06 Vortex Peace Prayer

Suppressed Knowledge, And Why Understanding
Key War Elements Leads To A Better
Understanding Of Key Peace Elements

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How To Use The Key War Elements to Develop Key Peace Elements: I recently posted a basics primer on the key elements of war, and explained that to understand peace you have to understand war. War isn't just about mindless violence. War is what defines humans on planet earth, and you need to understand why. Once you read why war dominates are planet - and think more about why I developed the first 8 Key Peace Elements to balance out some of the root causes of war, you'll understand more about why and how the VPP is a Reality Shift equation for peace.

Creating peace isn't about stopping war, because that will never work. It's unrealistic, and those who think they can wish away war - without dealing with the source of war - are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Those who claim to want a world at peace, yet do little to get educated on what peace really entails, do little more than go through the motions of participating in bringing about peace.

Never forget the Vortex Peace Prayer info what I have taught: Whatever peace the planet has ever known, has more than likely came about because a war was waged to gain that peace. War equals peace. War equals war. That's how the planet basically functions. The Vortex Peace Prayer seeks ways to tip the balance of power, in why planet earth is a planet engaged in perpetual war. The Vortex Peace Prayer creates a series of Reality Shifts, called Key Peace Elements, that introduce basic source elements that allow people to choose peaceful solutions by diminishing the elements that keep the world in perpetual conflict. Yet these Key Peace Elements do not create a weak planet, and instead seeks to bring on a planetary peace where peace is a strength in itself. In other words, these first 8 Vortex Peace Prayer Key Peace Elements affect how people relate to each other, the planet, and all life on the planet. By effecting people at this level, and giving them a more holistic and self-accountable view of the world, the Vortex Peace Prayer is reducing their desire for conflict because the Vortex Peace Prayer has reduced that which fuels the basics of war.

As I've written before, the first Vortex Peace Prayer 8 Key Peace Elements cannot - by themselves - sufficiently reduce the Key War Elements so that true peace can take dominance. There are too many other Key War Elements, in place, that the first Vortex Peace Prayer 8 Key Peace Elements don't touch upon. This is why a next set of Vortex Peace Prayer Key Peace Elements are needed, and in fact, have now been developed. Unlike the first Vortex Peace Prayer 8 Key Peace Elements, which dealt with attitudes and a holistic world view, the next set will target the heart of what keeps war in dominance on planet earth ... ignorance. Ignorance of the origins of humans, ignorance of the history of this planet, ignorance of our relationship with everything and everyone, ignorance about the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and the many co-existing time lines. The next level of the Vortex Peace Prayer aims to counter ignorance, by Reality Shifting the infusions of knowledge needed to lift the veil of ignorance.

This planet wide ignorance didn't come about all by itself. People, regardless of their origins and beliefs, have conspired to keep humans dumbed down. A dumbed down human is a human that is easy to manipulate. A great deal of human history and knowledge has been either destroyed or suppressed, and the void filled with false or incomplete information. History and knowledge has been systematically destroyed and suppressed, for a number of reasons that all relate to controlling humans. Whoever controls knowledge controls humans, and thereby controls the world. Humans, by nature, recognize that they are in the dark about many things. They see that the world they live on is, by nature itself, is a violent place to live. Humans have no true historical connection to their own origins, and that void can and has been filled by an elite handful of people who fabricated stories about the human history on planet earth. While these fictional origins were being created, and rules and rituals created to keep people in line and ignorant, actual human history was being destroyed and suppressed.

Even to this day, all knowledge is controlled, and ancient history - in conflict with fabricated history - is suppressed. In the name of this fabricated history, which includes the misrepresentation of our relationship with the cosmos - people and beliefs are pitted against each other in never ending conflict and war. Keeping the world in chaos and conflict plays a large role in keeping people dumbed down. It's very difficult for humans to do the work necessary to free themselves from a dumbed downed existence, when they have to struggle every day just to stay alive. This is a way that the historical fabricators, and suppressors of knowledge, control masses of people. They create the conditions, in which people are struggling to survive, and then provide various levels of survival solutions.

The world can never know peace, as long as real human history, plus planetary and cosmic knowledge is suppressed. Anyone who thinks that humans can keep supporting illusion, and also have a peaceful planet, is only fooling themselves. But then, humans embrace 'fooling themselves', and in doing so, give permission to being ignorant and dumbed down.

The antidote to ignorance is knowledge. The next level of Vortex Peace Prayer Key Peace Elements are designed to release suppressed and forgotten knowledge, which would reveal the origins of humans and the human relationship with the planet and the cosmos. This release of knowledge would happen in a number of ways. One way is to release all of the suppressed 'human origins' information ... wherever and whatever they may be.

If the information is suppressed and in some museum basement, or studied only by an elite few, set the info free. If the info is suppressed and in some government secret lab or project, set the info free. If the info is suppressed and was destroyed, set the info free. If the info has not yet been found, let it be found, shared with the people of the planet, and set the info free. If some real info is already public, let that be confirmed. If that confirmed real info is controlled, let that info be set free of that control. If some real and confirmed info has been used to bolster untruths, set the true info free and separate it from the untruths it was bound to. Whatever 'hall of records' there may be, let the hall of records be set free.

While the next level of the Vortex Peace Prayer Key Peace Elements, can greatly help to release this origins information, there is something that the Vortex Peace Prayer can never do ... make people embrace and integrate the new found information into their lives and the world in general. Being unified in knowledge, and on the same page as far as life philosophy goes, is not anything humans have ever been able to do. This is why humans are easy prey for manipulation ... whether by fellow humans, multi-dimensional beings, or extraterrestrial beings, and more. The Vortex Peace Prayer, being a series of Reality Shifts, can bring on the suppressed or unknown information ... but the Vortex Peace Prayer can't make people trade in illusion for truth. Take a close and objective look at humans and the earth. Where there should be a common holistic bonding, that makes humans strong and united, there is division of almost everything. People create false and conflicting divisions causing separation and fear through political beliefs, religious beliefs, skin color, gender, physical and spiritual health and wealth, elitism and a caste system, and more. The Vortex Peace Prayer is designed to remove these boundaries, as they are ignorance based divisions that create an environment of war and conflict. The Vortex Peace Prayer is designed to allow people to recognize which suppressed - or previously unknown - information is the road to a unification of the planet, rather as another tool to create yet more divisions.

As I've written before, humans do not come with a 'truth gene', so they will have to 'evolve' one. The Vortex Peace Prayer can help with this state of evolution, but only if humans choose this state of evolution to happen. The Vortex Peace Prayer, by releasing suppressed knowledge, opens the human brain to an awareness level it has never been exposed to collectively. Some have been exposed to it individually, but never as a collective planetary energy force and source. This is new territory for humans, which is why I call the Vortex Peace Prayer a step up in human evolution. Spiritual evolution cannot evolve, not even the collective consciousness, without a full compliment of knowledge that is also evolving and interacting. The Vortex Peace Prayer helps people to live above the influence of suppressed knowledge, and to live above the influence of the agenda that suppressed information supports.


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