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Reality Shift Manifestation
Research, Protocols, and Psi Missions
Part I

Totally Envisioned, Realized,
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The ability to Reality Shift Manifest [RSM] is something that every one does, whether they are aware of it or not. This RSM human ability has been associated with many different disciplines and theories, over the years. So as far as the existence of Reality Shifting, I was not the first to discover the phenomena, introduce the idea, nor did I coin the phrase "Reality Shift" [RS]. However, this phrase is only the latest in a historical line of phrases and descriptives that refer to a human's ability to alter their personal world, or at least to be aware of the illusory nature of the world and its ever-changing or shifting realities. Even the existence of many worlds and many time lines is a concept long used by both metaphysicians, folklorists, and science fiction writers. The many worlds - many time lines theme endures because it is a large and essential part of our hidden truth as to who we are, how we function, and how we relate to everything and everyone.

I first realized that Reality Shifts existed, not because someone told me about it or taught me how to do it, but through personal observations of my own experiences from childhood onward. Along with my own RS experiences, I began to seek out any information I could find that could explain the RS phenomena. Basically, I puzzled at how something physical could suddenly alter, appear, or disappear - which seemed to defy the accepted and promoted modern day laws of physics and nature. The existence of RS not only presented me with a mystery of profound magnitude, the mystery was further deepened because the existence of Reality Shifts was being ignored by main stream science.

There was more to my Reality Shift experiences than just experiencing objects changing, appearing, and disappearing. I also noticed that sometimes I could concentrate on a task, one as simple as finding an item on a shelf in a store, when a thorough search of the store shelf showed that the item I sought wasn't there. Then suddenly, the very item I sought would be right there on the shelf where it hadn't been a second before. First It's not there, then it is there. The first few times this happened, I didn't understand exactly what had happened. In fact, I questioned whether I had somehow just missed seeing the item to begin with - regardless of what my eyes and my brain were telling me. A part of my brain knew that an item had materialized from seemingly nowhere. Yet another part of my brain held onto the belief that what I had experienced could not have happened, so therefore it had not happened.

These types of Reality Shift experiences were putting me in an intellectual conflict with myself, with no immediate resolution presenting itself. As these RS experiences continued, I could either choose to convince myself that I was misinterpreting the experiences, and that nothing odd was going on. Or I could refuse to dumb myself down, and accept the experience at face value. I chose the latter, which meant I would have to create research guidelines and criteria by which the validity of the RS experiences could be determined. This meant ruling out any factors which might unintentionally cause me - or anyone else whose RS claims I investigated - to think that an item had changed, appeared, or disappeared. This criteria included, but was not limited to, a witness's inattention to detail; mental and physical fatigue; natural and man-made illusions; misrepresentation of facts; ignorance of facts; delusion; and intentional fraud.

As my own Reality Shift experiences grew, I began to notice a pattern. While some physical changes, appearances, and disappearances seemed to be random and without purpose, others seemed to be intelligently controlled and inter-connected to my everyday life. Other RS experiencers, whom I investigated, made similar observations about themselves. Was it possible that some RS experiences were intelligently controlled, or at least part of an organized plan? Or was I reading more into some of the RS experiences than I should? I've lost count of how many times I've concentrated on an item, or piece of information I was searching for, only to have it come into my life very quickly - sometimes immediately. I searched for any plausible answers, even wondering if I had an unseen and unidentified helper or meddler. Were RS strictly natural, or were there unseen hands at work - human or otherwise?

This line of thought developed into a scholarly search that incorporated the elements related to my many Reality Shift experiences, including my many RS theories. I also included elements from the RS cases I was investigating, searching for common threads and cross referenced elements. Some of these research topics included poltergeists, hauntings, aports; spirit guides, angels, extraterrestrials; ancient and mythical creatures and characters; folklore, religions, philosophies, magic and sorcery; telekinesis, levitation, mind power; precognition of future events; psychic dreaming, astral travel and OBEs; time travel and time travelers, altered time lines; mainstream science, suppressed science, and ancient and esoteric teachings.

The more educated I became, in my quest to understand my own personal Reality Shift and psi experiences, and the RS and psi experiences of others, the more I realized that there was no unified understanding and teaching that satisfactorily explained any RS experiences - whether mine or others that I came across. Because I wasn't the only one experiencing RS phenomena, I knew that I wasn't looking for answers that only related to myself. To include only my RS experiences would have limited the scope of my research, and seriously handicapped my ability to find RS source solutions. I needed to find a "unified field theory of psi" that could rationally explain everyone's Reality Shifts. Most RS experiencers had no clue as to the science behind what they had experienced, while others had formed beliefs based on whatever made sense to them. Some RS explanations seemed to tap into partial pieces of the RS puzzle, mainly those that included aspects of the human mind and intent. But no one could definitively define the actual science of Reality Shifts.

So I studied all of the RS related belief systems that others claimed contained answers, in an effort to gain an understanding of how they believed RS worked. It's not that anyone used the phrase "Reality Shifts", when I first started my RS investigation, because different belief systems had phrasings of their own. There were as many different descriptive phrases as there were belief systems. To my disappointment, no belief system had a complete and functional understanding of RS, which included prayers, rituals, and personal empowerment techniques. Many claimed to understand how RS worked and why it existed and was experienced, but even the most intelligent sounding of the lot fell short of explaining the source of RS. Many times I had to dig beneath the cultural layers of dogma and new age thinking, where the remnants of RS truth might be found. I found myself assembling the pieces of an ancient and scattered jigsaw puzzle, whose reconstructed image - I hoped - would revealed Reality Shift science in its entirety.

I began to realize how important my own personal RS experiences were to discovering the source and science of RS. Unlike others RS experiencers, whom I had read about or interviewed, my RS experiences were constant and varied. So not only did my RS experiences happen frequently, but my psi experiences weren't limited to one or two types. These personal RS and psi experiences allowed me to become something of a living RS and psi laboratory, which expanded my research data and ability to analyze that data.

One of the more interesting psi experiences I have is the ability to psi see future events, before they happen. Many of these future event insights come through personal psi data downloads, dreaming, astral travel, and OBEs. This brings in the question as to the scientific mechanisms of seeing future events. I wasn't satisfied to call something 'psychic', and then leave it at that. I needed to know how I, or anyone else who genuinely does it, can accurately experience a future event. Is it a form of physical time travel where we are in a future time line, see an event, then physically travel back in time while retaining a disconnected memory of the event?. Is it a form of temporal time travel, where our brains are somehow picking up bytes of a data stream containing the future event - except outside of our linear concept of time? Could it be a combination of both? My research indicates that this is the case, and that the ability to see future events is directly connected to the phenomena of Reality Shifts. They are both an extension of the source science of Reality Shifts.

Sometimes I'd dream about something, like an item, only to have it appear in my home upon awakening. These psi experiences were all clues to RS, and I was determined to get to the bottom of what RS was and how it worked.

My RS research breakthrough happened when I discovered, and documented, the existence of Time Shifts [TS], the Core Matrix [CM], and co-existing time lines [CET]. Through my own RS research and personal psi experiences, I figured out what I believe to be the unified field theory of psi. As my understanding of my own discoveries deepened, it became clear to me that without knowing that TS, CM, and CET exist, and without understanding how they function and inter-relate with the human experience, it would be impossible for anyone to fully explain the origins and functionality of Reality Shifts.

Through years of research, I began to formulate and test theories on how Reality Shift Manifestation, the Core Matrix, and co-existing time lines were related. One of my expanded RS theories explored the possibility that the RS phenomena of changing, appearing, and disappearing items were an extension of the way co-existing time lines were formed. The Core Matrix acts as a computer hard drive, where programs - or elements and versions of time lines - are stored and utilized. The Core Matrix Operating system is connected to, and expressed through, the brain - where our world manifests in the form of a "Virtual Reality World" [VRW]. But don't mistake our many VR Worlds as only illusions created in a software program that streams out from the Core Matrix and through our brains and souls, because it is so much more than that.

At its most basic level, a Reality Shift happens when a brain is able to access the Core Matrix program that stores and runs our VR World. Even without understanding the true how and why of their own RS Manifestation abilities, a person can "wish" or "prayer" "determine" for something and have a version of that something manifest. This is because of the relationship between the brain and the Core Matrix. The person, determining to change something around them or in their life, actually uses their brain and soul to inter-connect to a co-existing time line where elements of what they desire already exists. Continuing the RS, a person then copy pastes co-existing time line elements into their current time line. The RS, in only doing a copy paste from another co-existing time line, leaves that other co-existing time as it was found. It is only the RS experiencer's VR World that has been edited.

Reality Shifting is a natural condition that people engage in, whether they know it our not or want to or not. And then there are those who are more aware of their own RS capabilities and utilize them as they see fit, to help or to harm. My goal was not only to discover how RS worked, including where it sourced from, but how to utilize it for the betterment of all the co-existing VR Worlds. This is how I developed my Reality Shift Manifestation protocols psi-ence and science. This means, that by following the RS protocols - either as one alone or with a group on an RSM mission - that the outcome will be the same. It's the basis of scientific evidence that a theory is a fact, and that a scientific equation is correct. If a protocol is created to achieve an end result, and by following the protocol you get the same result again and again, that theory becomes a scientific fact.

Understanding and utilizing my RSM protocols, as used in a successful RS Manifestation psi mission, is a responsibility where knowledge, integrity, morals, and ethics must always be part of the mission criteria. A RSM psi mission can be an enormously useful tool in helping those in need, including saving lives and helping to bring peace and harmony to the planet. Besides understanding my RSM protocols, such RSM psi missions demand an understanding of human nature, the human condition, and true history. A RSM psi mission should never be about service to self, but should be about service to others.

End Of Part I

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