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The Genesis Of The Vortex Peace Prayer
And Why Usual Peace Prayers Don't Work As

The Vortex Peace Prayer was developed from my Reality Shift research, and the Reality Shift Manifestation protocols that I have developed over the years. The First Vortex Peace Prayer launched on 10-31-01. The information in this article has been revised and updated to accommodate the 10-31-06 and onward Vortex Peace Prayer Reality Shift Missions.

I envisioned and realized The Vortex Peace Prayer because of the ongoing conflicts and wars that plague the planet like a march to doomsday. I also created the Vortex Peace Prayer in response to a mystery that I had been studying for years, namely, with the millions of people who pray for peace year after year ... why are we still a planet engaged in never ending war? I have no doubt that the power of the mind is a very great force, and the power of collective minds should be an even more amplified force when focused on the same intent. Then why don't usual peace prayers work as intended? With all of that peace prayer energy being generated, how could it possibly fail? But the usual peace prayers do fail, and that's a historical fact. Where does all the usual peace prayer energy go, if not delivering the intent of the peace prayer? And why do people continue to repeat these usual peace prayers, when it is so obvious that they fail to meet the intent of the prayer?

What the history of usual peace prayers shows, is that they don't stop people from hating and killing. They don't resolve territorial differences. They don't stop the rampant abuse of life and liberty. They don't stop intolerance, and the ignorance and fear that fuels it. They don't stop the greed and lust for power that ignites aggression and conflict. They don't counter the service to self mind set that permeates society. And they don't bring the wisdom necessary for the usual peace prayer participants to realize that repeating the same pattern will get you the same result .... a misdirection and misuse of the human potential, and a continuation of conflict and war.

In reviewing the general trend of usual peace prayers, it was clear that the usual peace prayer crafters and participants did not understand the science of how and why desire can be transformed into manifested reality. It was also clear that the usual peace prayer crafters and participants did not take into account, nor apparently understand, the dynamics of the world nor the symbiotic relationship between war and peace. They most certainly had no awareness or comprehension of the Core Matrix, which I discovered along with Time Shifts and co-existing time lines. Without an understanding of the existence and workings of the Core Matrix and co-existing time lines, the key to the science of manifesting cannot be fully understood nor applied. And what is a prayer, if not a desire transformed into a manifested reality?

As I pondered and researched this mystery, about the failure of usual peace prayers to deliver peace as intended, I amassed a great deal of information on the many beliefs about the power of prayer. I was able to chart how and why prayers were used, who were promoting and using prayers, whose prayers failed to deliver the desired results, and whose prayers seemed to deliver the desired results. This turned into a study into belief systems, religions, history, folk lore, rituals, quantum mechanics, bio-genetics, the brain, and the psi factor. I had already discovered the existence of Reality Shifts, long before I embarked on the prayer research. But the prayer research was helpful in developing my understanding of Reality Shifts, which later lead to developing my Reality Shift Manifestation protocols. It is these Reality Shift Manifestation protocols that are the foundation mechanism of the Vortex Peace Prayer.

After many years of intensive research, I solved the mystery of why usual peace prayers fail. Failed peace prayer energy, like any energy, doesn't just vanish into nothingness. Energy leaves a trail. It must go somewhere, even if it is transformed into an energy other than its original form and intent. Since there is currently no device that can measure and track the actual energy of a prayer, tracking failed peace prayer energy can only be done by observing peace prayer and warfare cause and effect. In other words, what happens in the world after these usual peace prayers are launched. What reaction, if any, would the usual peace prayer have on the more current elements of war? What reaction, if any, would the usual peace prayer have on the historic elements of war? The history of conflict and warfare, aligned with the efforts of usual peace prayers, gave the clearest view of the cause and effect situation. I discovered that usual peace prayer energy not only went somewhere and did something, but how it transformed and functioned was an astounding find. You see, there is a symbiotic connection between the energy of war and the energy of peace. Historically speaking, any peace that the planet has ever known has come about by an act of conflict and/or war. That's the way our societies are conditioned to respond to problems. Therefore, when you engage in the usual peace prayer, you are actually bringing about the conflict or war intended to bring about peace. The usual longstanding peace prayer manifests war because peace is historically a product of war.

I developed The Vortex Peace Prayer as a solution to the usual peace prayer failure problem. The Vortex Peace Prayer, by its very design of utilizing my Reality Shift Manifestation protocols, bypasses the failure trap that usual peace prayers encounter. The Vortex Peace Prayer works, not only because of the Reality Shift factor, but because the elements being copy/pasted into the dominant time line deal with changing global human awareness, responsibilities, and attitudes as a support system of peace. The Vortex Peace Prayer does not target any one group or their beliefs, nor does it support any cause or belief as being right or wrong. The Vortex Peace Prayer, using Reality Shift protocols and vital Key Peace Elements, seeks to heal the root of the warfare and conflict problem at the source. Once the Key Peace Elements are copy/pasted into the dominant time line, as well as needy co-exiting time lines and the Core Matrix, people around the world will have the basic support tools they need to reform a world that chooses peace over war. The Vortex Peace Prayer helps the planet evolve toward a lasting and realistic peace, by consensus.

You are going to have to wrap your brain around what I've revealed, come to terms with the reality of the facts about the failure of ordinary peace prayers, and up your learning curve on The Vortex Peace Prayer. Once you understand the basic science of manifesting through a Reality Shift, you will see how logical The Vortex Peace Prayer is, and how genuinely natural it is to work with. The ability to Reality Shift is a natural part of being human. Whether or not you're aware of it, you engage in Reality Shifting all the time. Even a simple wish has the ability to engage the mechanism of Reality Shifting. What I've done is to not only develop Reality Shift protocols that work under controlled conditions, I've found the Key Peace Elements that make the Vortex Peace Prayer an effective and natural tool for peace.

The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, and Reality Shifts

Our world is actually made up of co-existing time lines that stream from the Core Matrix, which functions something like the hard drive on a computer. The Core Matrix stores all of the data needed to run time line programs. Our brains act as an interface with the Core Matrix, and the many co-existing time lines, as well as being energy generators and transceivers. Each co-existing time line, and the individual data that the time lines are comprised of, are separated only by subtle differences in frequencies. If you think about radio, and how different radio stations can broadcast simultaneously, yet be picked up separately on a radio, you'll understand more about how different frequencies can allow different transmissions to co-exist in the same space and time. You can choose which radio broadcast you wish to listen to by tuning into the frequency of that broadcast, through the use of a radio receiver. Just because you are tuning in to only one radio broadcast doesn't mean that all other transmitting broadcasts have stopped broadcasting. In fact, all of the radio stations are co-broadcasting regardless of whether you are aware of them or not.

The brain has the ability to tune in to co-existing time lines. This is a natural psi function. But even more remarkably, the brain acts as an interface to the Core Matrix and co-existing time line data and time line programs. The brain, with its interface, also has the ability to download and utilize Core Matrix data. Furthermore, through this interface, the brain can copy data from other co-existing time lines, then paste that data into one or more other co-existing time lines ... most notably the dominant time line as distinguished by the person's conscious awareness - or awareness level of attunement. This act is called a controlled Reality Shift, for which I have developed psi protocols.

When a person's soul joins the brain in this Reality Shift protocol, the Reality Shift results are strengthened and amplified. Therefore, the inclusion of the soul is a very important ingredient to insure the best Reality Shift results. And while the brain is the bio interface with the Core Matrix and co-existing time lines, the soul is part of the Core Matrix itself.

The Vortex Peace Prayer psience is based on my Reality Shift protocols. The data being copied from co-existing time lines, and pasted into our dominant ever warring time line, are the Key Peace Elements that are abundant in peaceful time lines and in short supply in our warring time line. These Key Peace Elements were chosen because they are the foundation elements by which people naturally choose peace and harmony, without sacrificing the ability to be strong and free. When these natural foundation elements of peace are in short supply in a time line, the affected world is constantly embroiled in the problems that drive conflict and war. When the Key Peace Elements are copy and pasted into the needy time lines, it is like an immediate infusion of intelligent light. The newly altered co-existing time lines are saved to the Core Matrix 'hard drive', where the altered time lines are 'write protected'. This means that the copy/paste time line infusion of Key Peace Elements cannot be deleted or corrupted. Every co-existing time line will benefit from the write protected Vortex Peace Prayer, as needed to live in a world of true and lasting peace and harmony.

While Reality Shifts are instantaneous, and results can be tracked, it is unwise to think that a single Vortex Peace Prayer Reality Shift mission can bring complete peace and harmony immediately. From the copy/paste infusion of Key Peace Elements, the planet and time line must adjust to and evolve with the new Key Peace Elements. It will also be necessary to add more Key Peace Elements, in future Vortex Peace Prayers, as a way of building and evolving the Reality Shifting support system to peace and harmony. The Vortex Peace Prayer is a commitment of intent, time, and energy.

The Key Peace Elements

The Vortex Peace Prayer, with its 8 Key Peace Elements Reality Shifted into our dominant time line, and write protected in the Core Matrix, is a pro-active psi mission that positively alters the way people think and relate to each other and everything that is planet earth. Here are the 8 Key Peace Elements, and why they were chosen as foundation elements of a true, sensible, and lasting peace.

THE FIRST KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where both men and women live in mutual harmony and respect for one another. Regardless of one's gender, age, race, or color, each person is honored as a precious life-force and is encouraged to become the best person that they can be.

The 1st Key Peace Element Explained:

The 1st Key Peace Element involves equality and freedom for woman. Not only will women cease to be oppressed, abused, and treated like property, but many women themselves will be freed from viewing themselves as inferior. This goes for those backwards and oppressive attitudes, not only in countries and religions, but in the work place and family structure as well. This gender equality and freedom must be embraced as a natural state of being, which I know it was in the long ago and other co-existing time lines. This means that abusive, oppressive, and demeaning anti-female concepts will cease to be. It also means that women cannot abuse men in the same way that men abused them. It must come to pass that future generations will look back upon history and wonder how anyone could have been so backwards, harmful, and unenlightened.

Once this new attitude and enlightenment takes hold, the negative behavior stops. Look at the main problem areas in the world and how these locations and societies abuse the rights of women. Their warring and violent mindset, and abuse of women's rights, go hand in hand. Look at most of the conflicts and wars ever fought in any country at any time. You'll see that violence and war was mostly generated, and supported, by men living in a society that does not view woman as having equal rights and voices. If the oppressive attitudes of these people changed, and they no longer abused or oppressed women, the rest of their mindset would change for the better. It would have to, as a natural course of social evolution. Even the more liberal countries are only as good as their treatment of its women. Everybody would improve with this 1st Key Peace Element in place.

THE SECOND KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where all people respect and embrace the life force and well being of all animals and creatures of the earth. People treat the animals and creatures of the earth with a compassion and affection born of desire, knowledge, consideration, awareness, and wisdom.

The 2nd Key Peace Element Explained:

The 2nd Key Peace Element involves compassion and kindness to all creatures. My research revealed that people who abuse and kill people, begin by abusing and killing animals. Every child who has killed people, started off by torturing and killing animals. All countries and people, who wage war, use animals to test their killing weapons and chemicals. Many religions and societies started off by incorporating the sacrificing of people and animals as tributes to their god/gods, and as part of their prayers. While using human sacrifices has waned, animal sacrifices abound. The connection between animal cruelty and crimes against humanity go hand in hand. There is a mentality attitude adjustment needed here, and making us the true compassionate caretakers of all creatures will go a long way to making us all better and kinder people. And this is a major ingredient in the attitude of people who can live in peace.

THE THIRD KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where people treat the earth with respect, and with a wisdom that supports the planet's health and longevity. The air and the water are kept clean and pure, and the forests, fields, beaches, and mountains are cherished, embraced, and protected as an all important life supporting life force.

The 3rd Key Peace Element Explained:

The 3rd Key Peace Element involves being the responsible caretakers of our planet. Too many people only care about what the planet can give them while they are alive, and they care nothing for those who come generations after them. Planetary caretakers cherish the earth, whether they physically walk the planet or not. My motto is "Abuse the earth, you'll lose the earth." This attitude adjustment is very far-reaching into every business, and belief system, and way of life and is certainly a key support ingredient to peace.

THE FOURTH KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where Justice and Fairness permeates every aspect of our lives, both individually and as a global community. Our world is a place of personal and global truth, honor, and inborn common sense that is free from self interest, ignorance, and prejudice. It is a harmonious world where the shared established wisdom teaches that to be Just and Fair is preferred and equal to being physically, emotionally, and spiritually powerful.

The 4th Key Peace Element Explained:

The 4th Key Peace Element involves being Just and Fair. Just and Fair does not mean being weak, even though this is what people are conditioned to believe through the actions of others. People are taught that life is un-Fair and that only the powerful will benefit from their manipulation of whatever Truth, Justice, and Fairness systems are in place ... which are systems that these service to self elite control. Whether an individual or a group, everyone has experienced being wronged by the controllers of un-Truths. These types make sure that people who have been wronged will remain powerless to un-do the wrongs and make things right.

Living in a world of Justice and Fairness should not have to be a battle, but it is. In truth, a world that is Just and Fair is a strong world ... and much stronger than an un-Fair and un-Just world could ever be. Why? Because the wasted human resources that go into battling this Justice and Fairness control issue, can then be spent on better things that support our planet's evolution toward a realistic peace. Those who control Justice and Fairness, where the wronged have little to no voices, are also those who control the issues of war, famine, disease, prejudice, greed, and the other negative elements that support a planet at war.

THE FIFTH KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where kindness, good deeds, compassionate hearts, wise souls, and service to others is desired, valued, appreciated, respected, and nurtured as the standard of excellence upon which our world survives and thrives.

The 5th Key Peace Element Explained:

The 5th Key Peace Element involves the need to correct one of the largest human based flaws on the planet. This flaw is so pervasive and self perpetuating, that it single-handedly insures that truth, ethics, and goodness have little chance of becoming a dominant human force in the world. Without truth, ethics, and honesty as the dominant force - peace cannot survive and thrive. This flaw is found at every level of life in every country, from the top leadership and right down through the ranks to the every day masses.

The flaw exists because the collective human race has decided, in its self serving view of what it values, that the only thing that matters are the results that deliver power, money, and prestige. Who or what a country, group, company, or person destroys, defrauds, or defames has no weight when judged against what that action can bring into the coffers. This acceptance, of unacceptable behavior, has become the norm in our global society. And being so, it has left honest folks and truth seekers at the mercy of a system which does not value ethics and truth. This flaw creates a world were the good are left to fend for themselves in a David and Goliath world that is stacked against a positive outcome. For too long, truth and honesty have been the underdog, and those standing up for it have constantly been victimized.

The 5th Key Peace Element can help create a world where truth and honesty become the standard of excellence. Only in this type of environment can peace have a chance. Editing in the 5th VPP Element does not mean creating a weak world, although those who benefit through deceit and fraud would want you to believe that. Editing in this 5th element means setting the global stage for the overcoming of ignorance. It is this state of ignorance that keeps humans in thrall to those who dominate the world.

THE SIXTH KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where truthful knowledge of our physical, spiritual, and virtual origins - as well as our history on planet earth and elsewhere - is known, understood, embraced, and forever integrated into the core of our being. Should any of this truthful knowledge be suppressed information, whether by deliberate intent or ignorance, set this knowledge free to become forever part of our core being. Should any of this truthful knowledge be information not yet known, bring this knowledge into the light where it becomes forever part our core being. If truthful knowledge, of our origins and history, is suppressed and in the hands of an elite few, set the information free to become forever part of our core being. If truthful knowledge, of our origins and history, is suppressed by any government or group or belief system, set the information free to become forever part of our core being. If truthful knowledge was destroyed, by whatever means and for whatever reason, set the information free to become forever part of our core being . If truthful knowledge was used to promote untruths, separate truth from lie and set the information free to become forever part of our core being . Whatever truthful Hall Of Records there may be, set the information free to become forever part of our core being.

The 6th Key Peace Element Explained:

The 6th Key Peace Element targets the heart of what keeps war in dominance on planet earth ... ignorance. Ignorance of the origins of humans, ignorance of the history of this planet, ignorance of science, and ignorance of our relationship with everything. The world can never know peace, as long as real and truthful human history and planetary and cosmic knowledge is suppressed. This is why it is necessary to release suppressed information, as far as these origins, history, and science are concerned. Anyone who thinks that humans can keep supporting illusion, and also have a peaceful planet, is only fooling themselves.

THE SEVENTH KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where truthful knowledge of our core being is known, understood, embraced, and forever integrated into our awareness of all existence in all worlds, all dimensions, all realms, all realities, and all time lines. Make this a dominant world and time line in which our core being is aware of the existence and interaction between our soul, mind, body, and virtual self. Make this a dominant world and time line in which our core being is aware of the existence of, and interaction with, other beings, entities, and energies. Make this a dominant world and time line in which we can discern between those entities, beings, and energies who have and share truthful knowledge, and those beings, entities, and energies who suppress truthful knowledge and promote untruths. Make this a dominant world and time line in which truthful knowledge, revealing the existence and importance of the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Reality Shifts, co-existing time lines, and the Cosmos beyond is no longer suppressed information - but is information that our core being and collective consciousness acknowledge, understand, and embrace.

The 7th Key Peace Element Explained:

The 7th Key Peace Element is an extension of the 6th Key Peace Element, where vital suppressed information is set free as a means of combating the ignorance that allows war and conflict to thrive. The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Reality Shifts, and co-existing time lines are the greatest secret bar none. And through revealing this greatest secret, there is also the reveal of a Time Wars that has been going on for thousands of years. Remember, in order to understand peace, one has to understand war ... and that especially means a Time Wars, that most people on earth know nothing about.

THE EIGTH KEY PEACE ELEMENT creates a dominant world and time line where The Vortex Peace Prayer, and those who participate in the Vortex Peace Prayer, are respected, encouraged, and protected in the past, the present, the future, in all dimensions and co-existing time lines now and forever. Also protected, respected, and encouraged are the seekers and revealers of the truthful knowledge of our physical, spiritual, and virtual origins - as well as our history on planet earth and elsewhere - whether in the past, the present, the future, in all dimensions, and in all co-existing time lines now and forever.

The 8th Key Peace Element Explained:

Good deeds, and good people, need to be protected in a world that supports the darker side and suppresses truthful knowledge. It's the right thing to do.

Participating In The Vortex Peace Prayer

The Vortex Peace Prayer, with its 8 Key Peace Elements Reality Shifted into our dominant time line, is a pro-active program that positively helps people make the positive life changes that alter the way they think and relate to each other and everything that is planet earth. This is not done through mind control or a force of will, but by bringing elements into the time line that support a realistic, healthy, and lasting peace. The current 8 Key Peace Elements were chosen as the foundation elements of a true, sensible, and lasting peace.

The Vortex Peace Prayer can be initiated by any sincere person who follows my Vortex Peace Prayer Reality Shift protocols to the letter. No other special psi skills are required, although honed psi skills can enhance your level of participation. The Vortex Peace Prayer does not favor any religion, belief system, society, or country so it's best to completely leave your beliefs and pre-conceived notions out of the energy you invest in the Vortex Peace Prayer. Bringing your own beliefs and notions into the mix doesn't harm the effectiveness of the Vortex Peace Prayer, it just removes your energy from the equation. This is because there is a problem in invoking aspects of any belief, religion, or preconceived notion because all of these involve some level of unhealthy behavior that enables conflict and war.

It's fine to join your energy with other positive multi dimensional beings, as long as they support all aspects of the Vortex Peace prayer as designed. Launching the Vortex Peace Prayer, from the higher Astral Realm, is recommended for those who can. Beings who are apt to join in the Vortex Peace Prayer energy are genuine Angels, Spirit Guides, Astral Guardians, Totems, and Elementals ... as long as no part of them has been abusive to any of the 8 Key Peace Elements. Or you can just go with your own soul and brain as the primary connectors and facilitators of your Vortex Peace Prayer participation.

All 8 Key Peace Elements work together synergistically, and all those who participate become part of the synergy. Hopefully, each individual who participates will also choose to continue, over the years, as a "Vortex Peace Prayer Guardian". The more people participating in The Vortex Peace prayer, the more powerful the influence of the Reality Shift will be. The actual Vortex Peace Prayer is the Reality Shift template by which you launch your personal part of the Vortex Peace prayer.

Finding Your Personal Vortex To Amplify Your Participation

I attached the word 'vortex' to this Reality Shift peace prayer because I personally launch my individual Vortex Peace Prayer from an actual energy vortex. I find that when I launch from within the energy vortex, my contribution is amplified and I'm better able to link up with all of the other Vortex Peace prayer participants.

Not everyone has access to a real vortex, either one that is well known or one that is little known and personal. If you don't have access to this type of vortex, don't be concerned. You yourself are a vortex, and your brain and soul are directly interfaced with the Core Matrix and co-existing time lines. Therefore, where ever you are you are within a personal vortex. Under these circumstances, it's best to create a personal space where you can gather and raise your own energy and launch the Vortex Peace Prayer without distraction. Do create an environment that is conducive to raising your personal power, whether it involves lighting, sound, color, clothing, objects, and smells. As long as the environment you create is compatible with the intent and protocols of the Vortex Peace Prayer and the 8 Key Peace Elements, you'll be fine.

I recommend repeating the Vortex Peace Prayer every day that the mission launch window is open. I recommend joining the Vortex Peace Prayer for every future Vortex Peace Prayer mission, as your ability to contribute will grow more powerful with every effort.


Whenever engaging in any type of psi work, it is imperative that you take steps to protect yourself against unwanted elements who might want to intrude upon your psi work. I recommend using your brain and soul to form a stealth firewall of energy around yourself, and program it to extend into all dimensions and co-existing time lines. Remember, your brain is a natural interface with multiple dimensions and co-existing time lines, so once you consciously program the firewall the interface will take over from there. Your personal energy firewall will not only keep unwanted energy out, regardless of its origins and/or intent, but like all good firewalls it makes you undetectable to negative energy.

The Vortex Peace prayer, because of how and why it exists, has certain built in protection. This protection extends to every single person and being who participates. There are many levels to how this protection works. At its most basic level, this protection works because of the high Astral Realm level the Vortex Peace Prayer launches from and exists in. This is a place where Vortex Peace prayer participants natural work at, simply because they are participating in the Vortex peace prayer. This is also a level where negative energy and intent cannot go and cannot exist. The Vortex Peace Prayer itself has a built in 'write protect' to it, which extends protection to the participants.

What I have shared about Reality Shift Manifestation, whether here or elsewhere, is only a portion of what I know. I have purposefully limited my sharing to the positive applications of Reality Shift Manifestation. I will probably never share all that I know, at least until such time that I am convinced that the majority of people are freely and joyously living a life that promotes service to others instead of service to self. It is that service to self attitude and lifestyle which supports the breeding ground of conflict and war. It would be unwise for anyone to think that they can use my Reality Shift Manifestation protocols - or any psi protocol - to interfere with the launching and implementation of The Vortex Peace Prayer. There are untouchable safeguards built into the Vortex Peace Prayer, that not only neutralize such bad behavior, but will mark such a person and attempt with the unshakable Astral Tag of Justice. Just strive to be a wise and ethical caretaker of the knowledge I have shared.

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