March 24, 2009
San Fer
nando Valley, California

© Witnessed, Researched and Written
By Starfire Tor



Photo Gallery

Enlargements and Focus Crops

Read the instructions and report on page 1, for best results at understanding and analyzing the photos. Report your photo analysis to Starfire Tor.

If you have witnessed and/or photographed or video captured this 3-24-09 UFO-fighter jet activity, or similar activity elsewhere on any date, please report it to Starfire Tor.


All of the photo enlargements, and focus crops of the UFO and fighter jet with contrail, are of photo #2. The enlargements were created and uploaded by the starfiretor.com webmaster Sharri Lorraine. The enlargements were made using IrfanView. The photo #2 enlargements are supplied for your convenience, and to help the casual viewer see that the unidentified flying object/UFO is a solid object in the daylight sky. I suggest that any photo analysis be done with the un-enlarged original jpeg provided, and that analysts make their own enlargements from this. Aside from the enlargements, and enlarged focus crops, there has been no manipulation of the photos. As the enlargements grew in size, some of the photo image perimeter had to be cropped so that the photos could be uploaded.

Photo #2 at 600%

Photo #2 focus crops at 600%

Photo #2 focus crops at

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 1st Reports Photo Intro

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 UFO Photo

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos and Graphic

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos Enlarged 1

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos Enlarged 2

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos Enlarged 3


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