March 24, 2009
San Fernando Valley, California

© Witnessed, Researched and Written
By Starfire Tor



This report was updated in July 2009, and includes Starfire Tor's remarkable photo of the reported UFO.

If you have witnessed and/or photographed or video captured this 3-24-09 UFO-fighter jet activity, or similar activity elsewhere on any date, please report it to Starfire Tor.

Report your photo analysis to Starfire Tor.


Initial reports of the March 24, 2009 UFO - Fighter Jets
sightings over the San Fernando Valley in Southern California

On March 24, 2009, at about 5:50PM PDT, I was in Burbank, California in the San Fernando Valley. I had just finished a business meeting and had stepped outside of the building to get better reception on cell phone calls I needed to make. As I stood on a sidewalk facing NNW, I absent-mindedly stared into the cloudless blue sky as I called and spoke with Brandon Scott on my cell phone. I happened to have been mentioning the "Time Shifts" time slip I had experienced with Whitley and Anne Strieber at the Magic Castle where Brandon was performing back in 2006. Because Brandon Scott was scheduled to perform at the Magic Castle again soon, this brought up the memory we had of the "Time Shifts" time slip.

At that exact moment, far away in the sky at 10 o'clock high, there was a super bright flash of light. The flash of light was so bright that it startled me into taking a defensive step back, while exclaiming something like "OH!" Even though I have seen bright lights in the daylight sky before, my rational mind thought that the light must be from landing lights of a plane coming in for a landing at Burbank Airport. Burbank Airport was about five miles North of my position.

In the next second, any thought that this bright flash of light came from a plane was removed. The thought was removed because, in the next moment, the bright light dimmed enough for me to see a solid object either above or within this light. The solid object that had no resemblance to any publicly known aircraft. In another instant, the light flared out again, and the bright light and the object zipped straight up into the blue sky and was gone.

Brandon Scott was still on the phone with me, and I exclaimed to him, "It's a UFO! It's a UFO! I just saw a UFO!", or something to that effect. From the time I witnessed the first bright flash of light, then witnessed the solid object when the light dimmed, then saw the object flair out straight up at an incredible speed, this entire activity took all of two to three seconds. After I experienced the first flair of light, I looked at my wrist watch, the time was 5:53PM PDT.

As I was describing my unidentified flying object/UFO experience to Brandon,the first fighter jet entered the area flying at a high altitude. The time elapse, from when the UFO zipped straight up into who knows where, until the first fighter jet arrived, was thirty seconds. I asked Brandon Scott where he was located, in case he was close enough to come to where I was standing and observing. I dared not move or take my eyes off of the sky.

But Brandon Scott was miles away in Sherman Oaks, California, where he was with a friend who witnessed what he witnessed. I had an idea, and asked him to look up into the sky from where he was. That fighter jet was flying at such a high altitude, that I thought he might be able to see it from where he was miles away. Brandon, still on the phone with me, did look up and saw the fighter jet flying North at high altitude. Then 45 seconds after the first fighter jet appeared, a second fighter jet followed, and Brandon Scott saw that one as well. Shortly thereafter, two more fighter jets appeared, also in high altitude and flying either North or South or East or West in what looked like a large box-shaped search grid pattern.

All the while the jets were up there, I continued to see the UFO appear and disappear many times, seemingly within this huge box or grid pattern that the fighter jets were making. I could see the UFO, as both an object and a light. It would appear and disappear, never reappearing in the same place twice. The places that it would disappear from, and then reappear in, were less than a split-second apart. Yet, the UFO appeared to disappear and reappear over vast distances near instantaneously. To me it looked like an aerial cat and mouse game between the UFO and the fighter jets. In fact, I could not say how many UFOs might have been present, because of the multiple appearances and disappearances. Was it just one UFO in those impressive aerial acrobatics, or was it more than one UFO engaged in those aerial maneuvers? My thought was I was watching one UFO doing incredible aerial maneuvers.

I witnessed the UFO blinking in and out in various locations in the sky, from 5:53PM to 6PM PDT. The fighter jets stayed in the area, performing their grid pattern, for a maximum of two more minutes and then flew out of sight.

I did not have a camera on me, except the camera on the cell phone I was using. Because I was still on the phone with Brandon Scott, I thought it was more important to coordinate the witnessing of the event than anything else. Because I knew that Brandon usually traveled with photo and video cameras, I asked him to take photos of the fighter jets and the UFO while I tried a photo capture on my cell phone. I knew that Brandon could see the fighter jets, but I didn't know if he could see the UFO from his position. Regardless, I encouraged him to take photos of the fighter jets if that was all he could see. I knew that some cameras could capture some images that the human eye might miss. Somewhere during this time, while talking on the phone with Brandon, or taking photos with my cell phone, and while keeping my eye on the action in the sky, I placed a call to my friend, webmaster, and co-moderator of the Inter-Dimension list, Sharri Lorraine. She wasn't home, so I left a voicemail, which was a blow by blow description of what I was witnessing. Sharri kept the voicemail and made a verbatim transcript. Here is that transcript:

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 14:32:46 -0700 (PDT) - 02:32 PM 3/27/2009
To: Inter-Dimension@yahoogroups.com
From: Starfire Tor <[edited out]>
Subject: [Inter-Dimension] UFO/Fighter Jet Report Recorded On Voice Mail/Starfire To Sharri/3-24-09 UFO-Fighter Jet Incident

Folks - While I was witnessing the 3-24-09 UFO/fighter jet incident, I called Sharri Lorraine and left important info on her answering service. Sharri kept that message and transcribed it. Below is that transcribed message. I have edited out certain personal info, for security reasons, and indicate where the edits are in the transcript. However, the unedited version is on record.

Starfire Tor Reported On Recorded Voice Mail 3-24-09:

"Starfire. Mark this! At 7 minutes of 6, tonight, March 24 I'm in Burbank at [edited out]. I just talked to you. I looked up into the sky, blue sky. I saw a UFO. I called Brandon. He's in another city not too far away. He looked up. Then a military jet is in pursuit. Now I'm looking at a second military jet. Brandon has a camera phone, so, hopefully, he's getting this. Umm, so, just mark this, mark this, because I haven't had a chance to write it down. I'm literally watching it! The UFO came out like a bright, bright light, as a laser effect. My eyes are a little funny, how they-they are seeing all these black spots from it. It's way up in the sky -- 10 o'clock high -- and then, umm, it zipped up -- it went "zoop" straight up! And now this is the second military jet in -- in pursuit. I don't know what they ... think they see because I can't see anything. They must, they must be getting target readings from radar and perhaps even visual. It's really, really high up there! I can just see the contrail of the jet. And I'm in Burbank. Brandon is in Sherman Oaks and he can see ... the ... These pursuit jets are so high that he can see them from a city miles away.
So, OK, I've marked it .... Bye."

Starfire Tor
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This next post is the initial report I posted on the Inter-Dimension list, on March 24, 2009.

Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 23:51:43 -0700 (PDT) - 11:51 PM 3/24/2009
To: Inter-Dimension@yahoogroups.com
From: Starfire Tor <[edited out]>
Subject: [Inter-Dimension] I Witnessed A UFO Today 3-24-09

Folks - Today 3-24-09, at 5:53 PM PDT in Burbank CA, I witnessed UFOs and fighter jets cat and mousing high in the blue daylight sky. Brandon Scott witnessed part of this, because I called him and he was already outside miles away.

I'll be writing up a more complete report. If anyone would like to help me do some UFO research on this, post back and I'll post a list of the info needed to better understand what I witnessed.

Starfire Tor
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In the message to Sharri I mentioned these black spots before my eyes, and it is important to explain further. Right after witnessing the initial burst of bright light, I thought that a swarm of little gnats was flying around my head and I kept swatting at them. It didn't take seconds for me to realize that these were not gnats. These were imprints on my retina, just as if a flash from a camera had gone off in my face and left an imprint of the flash bulb in my field of vision. This experience was very, very odd, to say the least. When I saw the initial flash of light, it looked to me like a single flash of light. If such a flash of light were to create an imprint on my retina, I would have thought that the imprint would have been a solid dark spot in my field of vision. Instead, I saw what looked like little dark or brownish gnats, which moved when my eyes moved, which gave me the impression that they were flying all around me. I have to do mysterious research phenomena, but I believe that my retina recorded a more accurate version of what that bright flaring light was. what my brain saw as one bright flair, may have been something else. The spots before my eyes went away within a minute. But shortly thereafter and for the next 24 hours or so, I felt pain in my eyes. I do have eyes that are sensitive to the light, but as usual, when I am outside in daylight, I am wearing a special pair of dark polarized sunglasses. So, while the flaring light and spots before my eyes is a mystery that needs solving, how this happened with my special polarized sunglasses on deepens the mystery. Even thought the UFO flared again before zipping up and away, I did not re-experience the spots before my eyes.

UFO - Fighter Jets Photo Information

My photographs of the March 24, 2009 incidents have not been uploaded yet from my cell phone. This is due to a technical difficulties which I expect to resolve in the near future. However, Brandon Scott was able to provide two clear photographs of what he and his friend witnessed. Brandon remembers taking more than two photos, but only two seem to be captured on his cell phone. Measures are being taken to discover where these other cell photos may have gone.

The two photos that Brandon was able to save provides visual evidence of a high altitude fighter jet and an unidentified flying object/UFO in the same frame. Photo #1 does not show the jet fighter or the UFO, but is valuable as an establishing shot that shows the geography that is a match to the "golden photo". Photo #2 is the photograph that has the fighter jet and the UFO in the same frame.

Brandon Scott's cell camera is an LG Sprint 350, digital, LX350 V13 H-W version 1.0

Photo #1 was taken at 5:56PM PDT on 3-24-09
Photo #2 was taken at 6:00PM PDT on 3-24-09

On the following pages you will find that the first page is devoted to photo #1 and photo #2. Sharri Lorraine received the unaltered JPEGs from Brandon Scott, downloaded them to her hard drive unaltered, and uploaded them to the internet unaltered.

Photo #1 should be used as an establishing shot, because it was taken by Brandon from the same position in the same direction at nearly the same angle as photo #2. Photo #1 was taken four minutes before photo #2 and yet does not show the UFO nor fighter jet. In photo #1 the fighter jet maybe just outside the top of the frame, which is why it is not in the shot. But the UFO cannot be seen in photo #1, even though that expanse of sky is even more visible than in photo #1. Here is a good way to determine this. Photo #1 shows a very distinctive pine tree just right of center. Also in the shot are telephone wires and a road sign and a hilly terrain with houses. Photo #2 clearly shows the upper tip of that distinctive pine tree from photo #1. You can also match that up with the electric wires strung above. Photo #2, if you look at the tip of the distinctive pine tree, and then look to the left of the photo you will see the UFO.

I am making this remarkable UFO - fighter jet photograph available to the public, so that people with appropriate software and photographic expertise can analyze the photographs. Those who do thoughtfully analyze these photographs, will discover that the photos themselves are authentic, with no layering, no CGI, no photoshopping, no altering of the contrast or brightness, and no sharpening. There are two main visible aerial objects in the photo, which I'd like to point out. The first aerial object is what looks a streak of white high in the blue sky. This is actually one of the fighter jets with its twin contrail. On the lower left of the frame is a dark object. The white streak is a contrail of one of the fighter jets. It was traveling in a Northerly direction, which is also the direction of Edwards Air Force Base. In the lower left corner of the frame is what looks like a small dark object. That is the UFO, and it's size and shape is one of the things I hope the photo analysis can determine. I also hope that the photo analysis can help to determine what type of fighter jet is in the photo, or at least extrapolate its basic shape. You will see some power lines in the frame. You will see parts of trees on the right side of the frame and the bottom. The dark blur on the bottom of the frame is the tip of Brandon's finger. Note that there is not a cloud in the blue sky.

There is a third image to view and investigate, and this is the graphic that Brandon Scott drew of the orange "pontoon things" that he and his friend witnessed on the undercarriage of the fighter jet as it passed over his head. I have done some research on what these items might be, to date I have found out that some external missiles, tanks, and pods might be painted orange for purposes of testing these items. But without knowing being able to identify which fighter jets were in the sky that day, it may be difficult to impossible to get to the bottom of what they were. If anyone has any information that would shed some light on this part of the mystery please contact me through this website.

I have made these photographs available with the high hopes that someone in the world can help identify the UFO in photo #2, and any other piece of information that brings clarity to the UFO - fighter jet incident. Following the page with the two unaltered photos are pages which contain enlargements and crops of the two photos. The enlargements and crops are for your convenience. However, experts know that the digital investigation is best done utilizing the unaltered photographs.

On March 26, 2009, two days after the March 24, 2009 UFO - fighter jet incident, in the San Fernando Valley, California, a UFO and fighter jets returned. The fighter jets filled the skies for over two hours, while the UFO performed the same elusive aerial maneuvers. More on this, with photos, will be forthcoming.

UPDATE: July 2009 - Some of my own 3-24-09 UFO/fighter jet photos have now been rescued from my cell phone camera. Because my cell phone is an older Samsung model it doesn't have a USB hub with which to make a direct download to my hard drive. With the help of some tech savvy people I was finally able to get the photos out of my camera and onto the web. It wasn't until I saw the photos on a full-sized monitor that I fully realized that I had captured a remarkable image of the UFO that I saw and reported.

The best photo shows the UFO just as it recloaked and zipped straight up into the sky and out of sight. What you see is a disk-shaped object, covered in a bright cloud-like energy, and what looks like a misty cloud-like substance beneath the UFO. Because I witnessed the UFO's behavior, I know that the misty cloud-like substance beneath the UFO was the place in the clear blue sky where the UFO first appeared. As I originally reported, and as Brandon Scott's photos show, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

I asked Sharri Lorraine to use her IrfanView image editing tool to present my UFO photo in a number of ways. Just like with Brandon Scott's photos, Sharri has uploaded my original UFO photo without any image enhancement. She then enlarged the photo several times, as well as cropping and enlarging a section showing only the UFO. She then put the photo through various image effects, including negative, sepia, solarize, and metallic. These image effects help to isolate and showcase the UFO's disk shape, as well as the sphere-shape found at the center of the energy below the UFO. Also, the original image shows what looks like left and right up-swept flanges attached to the disk. However, in person these flange-like appendages With the image effects Sharri provided, it appears that these misty looking flanges are not part of the craft. This is especially made clear in the image effects called metallic. Note that there are no contrails connected with the disk UFO.

The remainder of my photos appear to be various shots of the same jet contrails that Brandon shot, but from my position. I will be sharing these in the near future. I was very lucky to get a photo of the disk UFO at all. I got the shot only because I was on the cell phone at the time, and it was just a matter of pointing the cell phone camera up and clicking. That's how quickly the UFO was there and gone. All of my other photos were taken after this UFO photo. Go here to view my remarkable UFO photo.

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 1st Reports Photo Intro

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 UFO Photo

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos and Graphic

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos Enlarged 1

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos Enlarged 2

UFO - Fighter Jets Incident 3-24-09 Photos Enlarged 3


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