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I was especially upset when I saw that news report on top of the astral, because it gave me no time to warn anyone. This crash was one of the few times I knew just what plane it was and exactly where it crashed. Unlike so many planes that look the same, the Concorde is very distinctive. Plus, I saw the Eiffel Tower, and then a sign on the building it hit actually said "Hotel". It was a stand alone marquee. If I hadn't seen that sign, I wouldn't have recognized the building as a hotel at all. It looked like a big house.

I view a lot of death and destruction, when I view future events. One of the things that makes it bearable is that I know that viewing the future means that I have a chance to save the lives that I see maimed or destroyed. But in the case of this particular future event, I viewed it either as it happened or only seconds before - no time to effect a rescue in the real time world. As I can sometimes do, in future events that I view, I tried to use my own psi energy to help out - in this case keeping the Concorde from crashing into a town. I was viewing the disaster from above, and basically saw a terrible fire trailing from the left wing. The inside of the cabin was not on fire, so I figured everyone was alive at that moment. This all happened very quickly, because as I attempted to extend a psi field around the craft, in an effort to land it in a field, I saw the Concorde go nose up, roll, and crash on it's back. My attempt to save this plane, and the people below, was futile. The last things I saw was the Concorde crashing into a hotel next to a field. I knew it was a hotel because I saw a sign that said "hotel".

Lastly: I rarely know what airlines I'm looking at, which is a major problem for me. If the plane is still whole when I see what it looks like and can figure out the model. But most of the time I don't see the company name. Sometimes this is due to the angle I view from, sometimes because it's night, and sometimes because I arrive after the plane has crashed and there's nothing left of an identifying mark. But because the Concorde is such a unique looking aircraft I knew what I was looking at. And because I saw the Eiffel Tower, I figured this was a flight taking off from a Paris airport.

Below are some of the actual news reports of the crash of Air France's Concorde, so that you can review the matching elements between my future event report and the actual real time event. I've also put together a photo gallery to show you what I saw when I viewed this event.

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Concorde Crashes in France
All 109 Aboard, 4 on Ground Killed.

(Andras Kisgely/Reuters)

G O N E S S E, France, July 25— An Air France Concorde jetliner en route to New York slammed into a hotel outside Paris today shortly after takeoff, killing all 109 people aboard and four more people on the ground.

The charter flight burst into flames on impact in the first-ever crash of the needle-nosed supersonic jet. The passengers, mostly German tourists, were headed to New York to catch a luxury cruise to South America. Air France said there were 100 passengers aboard, including an American, and nine crew members. State Department sources identified the American as Christopher Behrens, an Air France retiree living in Germany. The passenger list also included 96 Germans, two Danes and an Austrian. France’s LCI television on Wednesday identified those killed at the hotel as a British tourist, French woman and two Poles.

Charred Wreckage, Billowing Smoke Chartered by a German tour company, Flight AF4590 was en route from Paris to New York when it went down in the town of Gonesse, hitting a 72-room hotel and a nearby restaurant. At least a dozen other people were injured on the ground, where the hotel and the restaurant were in flames, but in good condition, French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin said. Eight hours after the crash, thick billowing white smoke still rose some 100 feet into the air, and the smell of burning wreckage was perceptible from 700 yards away, where reporters and onlookers gathered behind French police officers. The wreckage left a swath of charred metal, singed trees and smoldering ruins. There was no immediate word on what might have caused the crash of the jet, though experts say investigators would likely focus on engine trouble after seeing a photograph which appeared to show flames spewing from at least one of the engines. The plane had been in service since 1980 and had just had a mechanical checkup on Friday. The aircraft’s so-called black boxes — the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder — were found at the scene, French officials told ABCNEWS. French Interior Ministry sources said sabotage was not suspected and Justice Ministry sources said anti-terrorism investigators would not be involved in the inquiry. As a safety precaution, France’s transport minister called for the grounding of Air France’s five remaining Concordes. British Airways, which owns the other seven Concordes, canceled its two remaining Concorde flights scheduled for this evening.

‘A Desperate Situation’

The crash took place at 4:44 p.m. local time, shortly after the plane took off from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport. Julian Pryke, a witness on the ground, said the plane was obviously in trouble before the crash. "It was no more than 500 feet from the ground," Pryke said. "From the right wing there was perhaps 20 to 30 feet of flames pouring back. The situation was desperate." Other witnesses said the jet was not able to gain sufficient altitude moments before the crash. French radio said the plane appeared to be trying to bank and turn back toward the airport when it flipped and landed on its back. An amateur photographer, a tourist from Hungary, captured the aircraft spewing flames seconds before it plunged to the earth.

Gregory Jerejean, the director of Golf de Gonesse, a golf course a little more than a half-mile from the crash site, said his clients were on the course when they saw the plane rising and then heard the sputtering of motors, as if the plane was stopping and starting. "When the plane was about 1 kilometer (.6 mile) into the sky there was a huge flame and then the crash. We heard the boom from here," he said.

‘A Sickening Sight’

A Federal Express pilot who witnessed the crash from 2 miles away said the Concorde pilot tried desperately to gain height and avoid the hotel. The plane’s nose went up, it rose to an almost vertical position, then began to roll over and came sliding back down and crashed into the hotel. He said he saw smoke pouring from one of the plane’s two left engines. It was not after-burner flame, as is usual on a Concorde on takeoff. "It was a sickening sight," the FedEx pilot said. Blake Kemper, an art and antiques dealer from Shaker Heights, Ohio, watched the doomed plane fly over Charles de Gaulle airport engulfed in flames. The pilot appeared to be dumping fuel from the jet, Kemper said, which at first seemed to be preparing for an emergency landing on a runway. "Then it looked like [the pilot] pulled it away from the airport," he said. In its wake, the burning plane left a black cloud and the stench of smoldering fuel, Kemper said. The crash site was not visible from the airport, so people there did not see the Concorde go down. But they realized it was in trouble. Silence fell over the airport, Kemper added, as people came outside to try to see what happened to the jet. "Everybody froze, everything stopped," he said.

The engines suddenly fell silent. "We hear all the planes that pass overhead," said the 43-year-old resident of Gonesse, where the supersonic jet went down today in flames, hitting a hotel and killing all 109 aboard, as well as four on the ground. "Then there was nothing. I looked up. It was like an atomic bomb, a mushroom cloud in the sky." Samir Hossein, a 15-year- old student, was playing tennis when he and four friends saw the plane fly by, fire pouring from the rear. "It chopped off the tops of those trees and headed to the ground. The pilot tried to bank but the plane rolled over and smacked into the hotel, nose first and then turned over," he said.

Passengers Met in Paris

The Concorde’s passengers were on their way to New York to meet up with about 400 others for a cruise to Florida, through the Gulf of Mexico, then sail through the Panama Canal to Ecuador in what was billed as a "Dream Ship Cruise."

Concorde: A Luxury Ride

The Concorde has been considered among the world’s safest planes. In 1979, one of the tires of a British Airways Concorde burst on landing. The incident led to adesign modification. It flies above turbulence at nearly 60,000 feet, crossing the Atlantic in about 3 1/2 hours, less than half the flying time of regular jetliners. The jets reach a speed of Mach 2, or 1,370 miles per hour. The first Concorde plane flew in 1969. Now, 13 of the supersonic jets are operated by Air France and British Airways. One British Airways plane was taken out of service Monday after cracks were discovered in the wings.

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