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June 18, 2015 Report

Earlier today June 18, 2015, I reported that I had what I consider to be a precognition dream. I have had a chance to think about the dream, which as I said involved a nuclear danger. But there was a lot more to the dream than that, and I found it to be so compelling and worrisome, that I have decided to share it with you. What I dreamed about impacts everyone.

As a rule, I do not write about or publicly talk about politics. I cannot tolerate the dark games of politics, and for that reason do not belong to any political party. I am independent in my thinking, and cannot be swayed by political games and lies. But because of what I dreamed, I am making an exception to my own rule. Even though, this report will contain some political information, this report is actually about saving the world from a time looping planet ending nuclear catastrophe. It matters, who becomes the next US President. Why? Because, depending on who wins will dictate whether the nuclear devastation manifests or does not manifest.

Please do not use my report to voice your own political opinions – whatever they may be. Right now, the only thing that matters is the information that I am sharing in this report. You must have this information. I am putting my career and reputation, on the line, by sharing this information. We will all know, in a little over a year, just how right or wrong I am.

You should all know by now, if you have followed my career, that I have a near 100% accuracy rate when it comes to my precognition and psi data download abilities. The little percent, that I cannot claim accuracy on, is only because I did not have access to confirming information – and not that the event that I psi-saw did not happen. Many, of my precognition hits have been parked on my website for years. I go bold, share my precog with the public, and then wait for the event to manifest. The dream and information, that I am sharing in this report, is like that. I am telling you the future – and it will manifest just as I report it to you today.

On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump announced that he was running for the US Presidency. This was a joke to many in the press, the public, and all of the US political parties. After all, the man has no political experience, and is best known for being a real estate tycoon and the host of the reality TV series “The Apprentice”. He is running on the Republican Party ticket, where there will be some heavy hitter contenders like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. On the Democratic side there is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders - and some others that I don’t know and that I don’t think will stick around for very long with Clinton running again.

In my future event dream of June 18, 2015, which is what I call a precognition dream where I psi-see the future, I psi-saw that Trump became the 45th US President. Folks, this is going to happen on November 8, 2016 when the voting polls close. This is absolutely what is going to happen. I psi-saw that Clinton was favored up until the last minute. People are going to be in shock when he wins. Let me tell you this: He won fair and square. Some will try and say otherwise, but it will not be true.

There is a reason, why Trump won. Forget the politics. This is really about the Core Matrix Prime Directive and a very life threatening time looping planet ending nuclear holocaust. I am not sure why yet, but Trump winning is what saves the planet. None of the other candidates, running in the primaries, can do what Trump can do. I don’t know the ins and outs quite yet. But I will keep you in the loop, as I discover more about the situation. This means, that I have to figure out what is going on with the Core Matrix and its Prime Directive.

There is one more thing, and it’s very serious. There is already a dark scheme to stop Trump from winning the primary. It is dirty, ugly, a lie and Trump and his loyal people do not understand the danger. Some people around him are in on the plan to get rid of him. When he wins in November 2016, these schemers have already planned to get him impeached or get him to quit. Impeachment will be their rallying cry. He won’t quit. He’s going to do some oddly remarkable things as President, but this won’t matter to the schemers who want their political power back. They will do anything and say anything to get their way. This goes very deep within the government and associated allies. Ultimately, they will fail. But when their schemes are seriously interfering with his ability to lead as President, the nuclear threat will grow stronger and more dangerous. In effect, those who want to get rid of Trump are really putting the entire world in danger.

Stay tuned for more information, as I get it.

Starfire Tor 

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