Experienced and Reported on July 22, 2013
Researched and Written By Starfire Tor


Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Flight #345 Crash at La Guardia Airport July 22, 2013
Train Car Incident at Saitama, Japan train station July 22, 2013
Renfe Train Crash In North-West, Spain July 24, 2013
Canyon Coach Lines Bus Crash In Northern Arizona July 28, 2013
Tour Bus Crash In Avellino Province, Italy July 28, 2013


New York Wedding Party Tragedy In Hudson River July 26, 2013
Train Crash Near Granges-pres-Marnand, Switzerland Station July 29, 2013

Initial Precognition Event Report July 22, 2013

Folks - I had an unusual dreamscape experience, shortly before awakening today July 22, 2013. Because the dream involved time travel scenes, as well as events that might involve precognition, I've decided to share what I can remember of the dream.This was the type of dream experience that was so real, in the way that it looked and felt, that I believe this dream also involved an OBE [out-of-body experience]. Many OBE start off from the dream state, because essentially both dreams and OBE source from streaming data from Core Matrix time line programs. This is also where precognition sources from, as I've explained before and which you can read about in the precognition section of my website. 

This dream/OBE consisted of many different scenarios that all took place in relationship to a train station connected to time travel. Different train cars were in different solid colors including - but not limited to - silver, black, red, and green. I could not see any numbers or letters on any of the cars. Some of the solid colored trains had visible tracks, while others had no visible tracks. I suspect that the technology of the invisible tracks made the tracks invisible, as well as having the ability to go over terrain that regular train tracks could never go. Depending on which color train a person got onto determined where in time that person would travel. This seemed to be quite normal.  Some of the train cars sometimes seemed to be buses, although why this was I'm not sure. There was some physical morphing going on with these trains.

A recurring theme about these trains involved one or more of the train cars rolling over and trapping people inside. This happened many times during the course of the dream/OBE, with other scenarios playing out between the rollover incidents. I was inside every train car aka bus car when it rolled over, with these rollovers taking place in many different eras in time. The fact that I was inside was the factor that saved everyone inside. The first train car or bus car that I recall rolling over and over was a solid silver one. I do not know why it rolled, but I seemed to know that it would before it happened. Because of this I was able to tell the others inside to prepare for the rollover.  This rollover almost went into - or maybe did a bit - go into water. When the train car/bus car came to rest it had landed on its doors so that this exit was blocked. Window exists on that side were blocked too. There was an immediate urgency to get people out of there in seconds or there would be loss of life. So what I did was - with powers I have in dreams - I caused the train/bus car to roll back so that the exit doors were now in a position so that people could exit and get away from the danger. Variations on this accident happened in other colored train/bus cars. Some rollovers were not so bad and others were quite bad. Yet in all of them I used my dream brain powers to save everyone.

When a train/bus car rolled over, it was jarred off of whatever time line it was running in. This means that where ever the roll over stopped would be a different era in time.  After the first accident all of the passengers, including myself, found ourselves at a wedding in what seemed to be a hotel convention room. None of the passengers knew the wedding couple, of course, so some of us took advantage of wedding food and then left in search of a time travel train to get us "back on track". The train that eventually got us back on track was colored all in black, and was one of the ones without visible rails.

Before the black train came I went back to the wedding reception and got some soft serve ice cream. Interestingly, just walking out and turning back and walking into the wedding reception caused time to advance in that place - at least for me. People from the wedding were gone, and the soft ice cream machine was shut down. A young man was in there securing the place, and I asked him if I could still get some ice cream from the machine. He did not know how, but said if I did know how I could have some. I got some ice cream and took it back onto the black train/bus car which took us back to the time travel station.

I got on a red bus/train car heading to a very interesting place that is only accessible by this red train. It was like a vacation spot with beautiful nature all around. The trees and flora were odd but very scenic. I was only there for a short while when I saw a woman walk up to the edge of a very steep cliff and try to jump off. Her face was entirely painted in a peacock colored iridescent make-up of some sort. I prevented her from ju7mnping to her death. Then I noticed that there were many other people lounging around that area, and they too had the same unique make-up on. Then one of these tried to jump to their death. I prevented that as well. It seemed to me that everyone who had that make-up on was intending to kill themselves. I wondered if the makeup was just what people wore in this place, which seemed futuristic, if the make-up was something a person wore before killing themselves, or whether the make-up itself caused people to want to kill themselves. I never got that answer. As beautiful as the place was there was something spooky about that suicide cliff. So before I left - and using my dream powers - I built a fence that prevented anyone from falling or jumping off that cliff. I don't think they liked that I had done this, but that was just too bad. They needed some serious un-mind control and before I left I saw that they received it. The suicide thing did turn out to be a form of mind control for reasons that I did not stick around to find out.

When I got back to the time travel station there were a lot of people milling around. The trains had been delayed, so I thought about getting a room at the hotel at the station.  Others had the same thought. Then I got on another train/bus car and this one also did a roll over. Like before, I saved everyone by using my dream powers of the mind to move the bus to safety and providing an escape route. Once again, when we got out, we were in a time line and era that known of us had wanted to go. It was in a past era that looked a bit Celtic in look and feel. And again there was another wedding, which was different than the more modern wedding. The place and time was interesting, so I went on a hike and took it in. I had more adventures, as well as picking up some clothes from that time period. They were just to my liking. Then I headed back to get the same black train/bus car that had taken us back to the time travel station before.

The time travel train takes us to an airport where I see that a jet is trying to land without its front wheel down. I turned to the others, who were strangers but fellow travelers, that I had helped in a situation just like this one before when a jet needed to land but its front wheel was turned sideways [Note: this actually happened and is in the ID archives].

So I flew over to the troubled jet [I can fly in my dreams] and held up its nose so that it could land without killing everyone on board. It worked out ok, even though when I put the nose down on the runway it created an awful sound and loads of sparks. O made sure that there was no fire. Then I woke up and mused about the entire dream/OBE experience.

I am sure that there are parts of this dream/OBE that I have forgotten, and so are not in this sharing. I've done my best, and as yet have no idea what this experience was all about. Maybe I was only picking up things that I downloaded from the Core matrix while I was sleeping, and in the scheme of things they mean nothing real. Maybe parts of it will turn out to be precognition. Maybe I will never know the answer. But what is with that time travel station? Where did that come from? BTW, in past dream/OBE experiences, where I saved people and animals while seeming to be there with them, I'm usually not exactly there. So if there does turn out to be these rollover events, it does not mean that I will be physically in the rollover itself as a physical person. It would relate to either precognition, or even bi-location where I'm actually saving these people. 

We'll see.

Starfire Tor



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