Experienced and Reported on July 22, 2013
Researched and Written By Starfire Tor

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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Flight #345 Crash at La Guardia Airport July 22, 2013


The above 4 photos are stills taken from a video camera at La Guardia Airport in New York on July 22, 2013. It shows a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, flight # 345, making a hard skid landing due to the front nose wheel touching down before the back wheels touched down. Since the nose gear alone cannot bear the wight of the plane, the nose gear collapsed and was destroyed. Part of the nose gear was torn off, while some of the nose gear was pushed up into the electrical system underneath the flight deck. The bright orange flame under the jet, near where the nose wheel should be, was caused by the front underbelly of the plane scraping along the runway after the nose wheel collapsed. Once the nose gear collapses, even when the back wheels finally touch down onto the runway, the nose of the plane cannot rise up again unless a catastrophic event occurs such as the plane cartwheeling. This plane did not cartwheel. And yet, as can be seen in these photos, the nose of the plane does rise after the nose gear has collapsed. It rose up just long enough for the rear wheels to touch down safely, upon which the front of the plane - without the nosegear - is in contact with the runway as it skids until stopping without further problems. Video from La Guardia Airport. 

The 5th photo shows the jet after it has come to rest, with the nose gear completely gone and the back wheels supporting the back end of the plane. The plane is angled down because the nose gear is no longer in place where it should be. Photo by AP 

The 6th photo shows the way this plane should look just prior to landing, with all wheels down. Photo by Southwest Airlines. 

The 7th photo shows the way this plane should look after a successful landing. Photo by Southwest Airlines.  

The 8th photo shows the electrical compartment, under the flight deck, heavily damaged when the nose gear was rammed up into it when landing nose gear first. Photo by NTSB 


Train Car Incident at Saitama, Japan train station July 22, 2013


On July 22, 2013 a woman feel between a train and a train platform at the JR Minami-Urawa station in Japan. Using sheer strength and conviction, witnesses tilted the 32 ton silver train car until the victim could be lifted out. The woman survived.  Photo by AP


Renfe Train Crash In North-West, Spain July 24, 2013


On July 25, 2013 the driver of a Renfetrain in Spain took a curve at almost twice the safe speed, resulting in a terrible crash that killed 80 people. Others lived. Note that this train had silver cars that were rolled over.  Photos by Reuters


Canyon Coach Lines Bus Crash In Northern Arizona July 28, 2013


On July 28, 2013 a Canyon Coach tour bus crashed and landed on its side, partly in an Arizona river of water. This accident could have claimed many lives. Everyone survived.  Photo by AP


Tour Bus Crash In Avellino Province, Italy July 28, 2013


On July 28, 2013 38 people died when a charter bus swerved off of an Italian aquaduct road and fell to the ground below. 10 people survived. When it hit the ground, the silver bus rolled onto its side. Photo by Reuters.


New York Wedding Party Tragedy In Hudson River July 26, 2013

1_Hudson River Boat AccidentWashingtonPost

On July 26, 2013 members of a wedding party were killed when the boat that they were in crashed into a construction barge on the Hudson River. This is a synchronicity, instead of a confirmed precognition, because the criteria of the rollover condition was not met. However, this incident does involve people from a wedding, and people from a wedding were part of the reported precog experience,  Photos by Washington Post


Train Crash Near Granges-pres-Marnand, Switzerland Station July 29, 2013

On July 29, 2013 2 trains collided in Switzerland head on. The driver died, but all of the passengers survived. This is a synchronicity, instead of a confirmed precognition, because the criteria of the rollover condition and the color of the train was not met. This train has many colors.  Photos by Reuters



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