Mission Statement

The Psi Search To Save Lives

I am looking for people, like myself, who can accurately 'Dream', 'Astral Travel', 'OBE - Out-of-Body-Experience', and 'Remote View' future events. The mission goal is to form a "Dream Team" that can collect enough useful psi data, of Negative Outcome Future Events (NOFE), in order to alter these events before the negative outcome can be realized. I know for a fact, from my own interactive psi experiences, that this goal can be achieved. The future is not fixed. To underscore this notion, I've compiled some of my own Astral and OBE psi experiences to prove my contention that the future can be viewed, and at times, altered. There is even the very real possibility that some forms of Future Event Viewing (FEV) may be a form of Time Travel (TT) or Time Event Manipulation (TEM). Related to this is a personal discovery, that I've coined and researched, called Time Shifts (TS). You can read more about my Time Shifts, Reality Shifts (RS), and Event Horizons Shifts (EHS) research on both my personal web site and the web site of The Earthlights Foundation.

Before you launch into reading my FEV and FEV updates, I'd like to make something very clear about the way I view myself. My ability to view the future is an ability I've had since childhood. I even remember the first FEV dream I had when I was three years old. I'm not sure of the origins of this ability, but I personally think it's a combination of my brain genetics and my soul's journey. Beyond this, I study my psi experiences as a science with myself as a living laboratory. At no time have I ever considered myself to be a prophet, a seer, or any other title that conveys this. Stating this doesn't negate the fact that I have, while in these altered psi states, interacted with entities representing themselves as Angels, Spirits, and Enlightened Beings. I accept them in the context of how I encounter them, assess them for their information accuracy, but do not engage in any form of spirit worship, spirit channeling, or delusions of grandeur. Although I have been humbled, while in the presence of a few, these Astral Entities have never asked me to engage in anything beyond saving lives - and to recognize that this world has many more dimensions and levels of existence than are realized in the five sense world.

For your review and comprehension of what I seek in others, I have compiled a number of my own FEV experiences, complete with FEV updates (updates are always a work in progress). Along with FEV, I've included the Astral-OBE Viewing of places and objects known to exist, some of which are historical mysteries and some of which are scientific mysteries. Most of the latter 'mystery' viewing was done as a group effort, which I coordinated, for the Inter Dimension list on Spirit Web. Of the FEV material, I'd like to single out one in particular, namely, the 7/19/89 plane crash of Flight 232 in Sioux City, Iowa.

Although I had experienced hundreds of FEV prior to Flight 232, it was this particular FEV that profoundly changed my belief about how these psi experiences work. Prior to this FEV, I had always believed that I was separate from what I viewed. This means that I remained where I originated from, in the current time, and only viewed future events from there. It's akin to viewing a 3D movie, except I've left my body in the audience and my soul has projected into the future event scene as an observer. Although there had been times when I'd seem to become part of what I was viewing, I always thought that OBE experience to be an expression of the viewing dynamics and not something that I was actually doing in the future event. When I viewed the Sioux City plane crash of Flight 232, I appeared to become part of the rescue effort - which isn't unusual for me. In the OBE, from my viewing position just above the scene, I could see dazed survivors lost in a corn field. The corn was so high that they couldn't see how close they were to the tarmac and help. I flew just above some of these people and spoke to them, helping to guide them out of the corn field. Then I see a small child, who had become separated from his parents. I helped to lift that child into the arms of a rescuer. When this plane crash manifested, a few days later, I followed the story as I usually do those events which I future view. I was beyond amazed when I read survivor stories, because a couple of them related accounts that included me and the deeds that I had done in my OBE. Incredibly, I had somehow interacted with a future event, from my position in the present. I had made myself known, not in name - although one thought I was an Angel, but in word and deed. I had interacted with a future event, in another time line. Because of this profound revelation, I have been dedicated to discovering the science behind it, and then applying what I learn for the greater good. It is this FEV that has nurtured my "Dream Team" mission.

But I need help in saving lives. As on target as my FEV can be, they often fall short in giving me all the information needed to intervene before disaster strikes. As an example I have FEV over fifty plane crashes, but rarely do I know the name of the airline and the day and time of the flight. Aside from those which look distinctly different, like the Concorde or an F-14 Fighter, I usually view these crashes after the fact. By the time I view the plane, it's almost unrecognizable and identification has been obliterated. At other times, I see the crash from the start but still don't know the kind of specifics needed for intervention. The few times I have gotten that info I have been able to intervene successfully, with the exception of the Concorde. I usually have anywhere from 12 hours to 2 weeks advance viewing notice, before a disaster. But in the case of the Concorde, I was viewing it almost as it was happening - with zero time to intervene. I need to find people, like myself, who view the same disasters but have slightly different viewing experiences. Hopefully, if enough of us view the same future event, we can compile the varied info and piece together the specifics of the event. Different accurate viewers strengths and weaknesses can be balanced out with the combined "Dream Team" effort.

If you are confident that your FEV skills are on par with mine (read FEV examples on The Dream Team page), and have a deep desire to save lives, I invite you to prove that to me. All you have to do is send me your FEV, prior to the manifested event. Then follow that up with a news account when the event manifests. If the FEV and manifested event have already happened, I need to see appropriate documentation. Specifics count, which means that generic, sweeping, and non-specific predictions of disasters (earthquakes, plane crashes, floods, weather, etc.) do not count because these disasters will always occur at some point. So unless you have specifics, and an accuracy track record, generic FEV reports are all but useless. I am also wary of channeled information, as I have never encountered anyone who could provide channeled information that was accurate and useful in saving lives in the here and now. Time lines matter. It's more useful if your accurate FEV manifests within hours to weeks of the viewing, instead of months or years. The longer time line doesn't invalidate things, it just makes it less useful for immediate Dream Team response and intervention. If your FEV are strictly personal in nature, meaning that they only involve things in your life, you need to send me appropriate documentation of the original FEV and the manifested aftermath. Not everyone is predisposed to future viewing global events, but the FEV skill is still present and can be nurtured in some people.

You can contact me through The Earthlights Foundation. Or you're welcome to join me on The Inter Dimension list at Spirit Web, which is a list dedicated to the exploration and sharing of Dreams, OBE, Astral Travel, Inter Dimensional Experiences, Time Travel, Time Shifts, and Psi Factor Experiences. The ID list is a great place to post your FEV experiences, where the atmosphere is friendly, and the members are thoughtful, and ready to share and give feedback.

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