March, 2016    TIME SHIFT  ALERT

Starfire Tor is the discoverer and chief researcher of Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, and Co-Existing Time Lines.  These are terms she coined to describe astounding interconnected phenomenon in which our reality and dominant current time line is constantly being edited and restructured.

The ancient origin of the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing time lines involves a black hole, matter, anti-matter, and other exotic elements.  Despite the immense, and symbiotic cosmic powers that brought the Time Shift mechanism into being, the continuation of this mechanism's function requires a source of power capable of triggering the Core Matrix's prime directive.  The sun is one of those power sources.
This is why some Time Shifts are triggered by certain types of solar activity impacting and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.   Whether from the Earth's magnetic field being hit with solar winds, solar flares, or CMEs the effect sets into motion the Time Shift mechanism which involves the altering of  frequencies which are the foundation of all  Core Matrix Co-Existing time line programs. The above graphic illustrates the flow of energy between the Sun and the Earth. 

To learn more about this ground breaking work please listen to Starfire Tor's many interviews, including the ones with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland and her many appearances on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory and Whitley Strieber.


The Time Shift Alerts presented by Starfire Tor do not represent all Time Shifts or Time Shift Alerts.  Nor does this Time Shift information present all Time Shift science or scientific results.  The purpose of sharing this sampling is to educate people about the science of Time Shifts.  Part of this Time Shift Alert education involves historical events including the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S., the December 26, 2004 earthquake and tsunami in the Sumatra-Indonesia region, and the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.



Very soon I will be posting Time Shift related information that will - once again - blow your minds. It's related to my previous mind blowing post from February 13 and 16, 2016. It's about a special Time Shift event, the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, and an extremely serious time line edit that you all probably do not know has happened. So, watch for this post.


Mind Blowing Time Shift Information
The Missing Presidential Candidate
Time Shift Time Line Edits
Affecting People, Events, History, and The World
March 3, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

On February 13, 2016 I reported about a Time Shift phenomena, that is exclusive to February 13. Please re-read that post, as well as all related posts since then. Within that series of posts, I wrote that I had Time Shift information that was going to blow your minds - again. This is that mind blowing information.

NOTE: This report involves Time Shift activity, and the time line edits that have removed a very important Presidential candidate - without anyone knowing that this person ever existed. This time line removed candidate would have been the next President of the US. Now, this once and future leader is not here to step into his or her destiny - and this is an extremely harmful turn of events for the US and the World.

NOTE: This report is not a political opinion piece. Please do not reply, to this report with your political opinions including any opinions on specific candidates, political parties, or US domestic or foreign policies and activities. Such replies will be deleted. This report, and Time Shift situation, is not about any single person or group. The situation affects everyone and everything on a multi-layered. multi-time line, multi-dimensional, and worldwide level.

NOTE: Time Shifts, and time line edits, are not controlled by any person, group, or sentient beings. As I have taught, many times, Time Shifts and time line edits are a product of the Core Matrix Prime Directive. The Core Matrix is not a sentient being, or group of beings. The Core Matrix is a cosmic-like hard drive that has pulled together the remnants of a universe that we used to exist in, but long ago was absorbed and torn apart my black hole activity. The Core Matrix began as the ergosphere around a black hole. The ergosphere is distorted energy that drags space and time around the black hole. The ergosphere has the ability to capture physical elements, before those elements are completely swallowed by the black hole. Our existence is solely based on our being the remnants of the universe that we were once part of, prior to being swallowed by the black hole. These remnants were collected, sorted, and rebooted in the ergosphere around that black hole. This action begat the Core Matrix. The Core Matrix stores and streams all co-existing time lines, as well as the elements contained in all co-existing time lines. In an effort, to re-recreate the original universe - which is the Core Matrix's Prime Directive, which in turn is driven by the original spark of life programming - the Core Matrix tries out various editing actions in an effort to re-create a perfect match. Because the Core Matrix only has remnants to work with, re-creating a perfect copy of our original universe is not possible. Because the Core Matrix is driven by the spark of life programming, it does not recognize that recreating the original universe is impossible. So it continues trying for a perfection that can never be. This is why we will always experience Time Shifts, and time line edits.

In order for you all to understand the significance and gravity of this mind blowing information, it's important that you all become aware of the US Presidential campaigns that are underway right now. Even if you are not US citizens, this Time Shift information impacts you as well. It impacts the entire world. Why? Because Time Shift time line edits have edited out the actual candidate that was to become the next US President - and this male or female candidate is not anyone who is campaigning for President in this current time line. This missing candidate may have never been born, in this co-existing time line. This missing candidate may have lived and died, before being able to enter the campaign in this co-existing time line. Or perhaps this missing candidate never achieved a life position that enabled him or her to even consider running for President. One thing is for sure: In previous co-existing time lines, this missing candidate became President. More importantly, this missing candidate was the person the US and the world needed to be the US president at this time in history.

How can I possibly know this? It's simpler than you think. In fact, I believe that many of you already suspect that something is very 'off' about the current presidential campaign. If you have been paying attention, you have seen - historically speaking - some of the wildest, wackiest, and most dangerous campaigning ever seen before. It is so bizarre - and getting more bizarre with every passing hour - that the news media, politicians, and people in general simply can't wrap their heads around it. They makes excuses, to explain the bizarre antics and situations, but none of these insights hits the mark beyond a superficial level. They can't, because they do not know that the entire campaign weirdness is fueled by a series of Time Shift generated time line edits that have removed the Alpha Candidate. With the Alpha Candidate removed, a gaping political hole was created that naturally had to be filled. When there is this kind of a edit, something will be edited in to try and fill the gaping hole. This, then, creates an alternative time line that is vastly different than the co-existing time lines that preceded it. Since none of the current or dropped candidates, can compare to the missing Alpha candidate, this opens the time line door for strangeness and chaos to surface and dominate. This is what you are all witnessing, with this current Presidential campaigning and election.

The hardest part, about Time Shift research - besides my initial discovery of Time Shifts et al, is determining what exactly has been edited in and out of various co-existing time lines. This isn't easy, beyond an understanding of the Time Shift markers that herald that a time line edit has occurred. Among Time Shift markers, there is one that rises in significance above the rest. This is the marker that indicates that there is an 'invisible' force acting upon people, events, and history itself. You see, in the world of science, many discoveries have been made by simply observing actions that have seemingly invisible triggers. For example, the wind isn't something that can be seen. Yet, we know that the wind exists because we can see the actionable effect that it has on physical objects that we can see - such as blowing leaves around. Planets and moons, have been discovered, because other objects around them were seen behaving in an unusual way.

The weird strangeness, of this current Presidential election, is no different than any other scientific observation concerning an unseen force acting upon a seen object. There is only one reason, why this Presidential election has entered the Twilight Zone of politics, and that is because something stabilizing is no longer around. There is only one thing, that could have happened to cause this destabilization, and that is a missing candidate. Furthermore, this candidate - by virtue of the historically strange behavior of all of the existing candidates - identifies as an Alpha candidate who would have become President. Keep in mind that not one single existing candidate has escaped some aspect of the bizarre nature of the campaign. Each and every one of them, if elected, will present a serious weakness that will hurt the US, its people, and the world in general. This means that not one of them is an acceptable replacement Alpha candidate. Not one of them. Whether male or female, Republican or Democrat - or even independent, not one of them should become the next President of the US.

So who was this Alpha candidate, and can this Alpha candidate be found and 'resurrected' in time to take his or her rightful place? I do not know. I can glean very little, except in general terms. Much depends on whether this person is alive, well, and in a position to step forward from out of the shadows. This is likely someone who has never run for President before. He or she may be a politician, but again may not be. It really doesn't matter, because if this Alpha candidate is alive and steps forward, he or she will be the obvious choice of the majority. But it's difficult, because of the complex way in which US Presidents are elected. A candidate can get the majority of popular votes, but still lose by not having the majority of delegate votes. Therefore, this Alpha candidate - if he or she is alive and viable - must step into the spotlight within days, and most certainly before more caucus voting is done. I can tell you all one more thing, about the Alpha candidate, and it is that he or she is not a Democrat. Why? Because the Alpha candidate needs to fix many of the serious problems brought about by the current administration, which is Democrat. Only a non-Democrat would even consider shaking up the party to which they owe their allegiance. This does not mean that one party is better than another, because they are not. The party is only as good as the candidate is good which means wise to all things domestic and foreign, smart and successful in handling it all, being an excellent leader for both civilian and military, and not putting their ego or political agenda ahead of properly taking care of real issues great and small. A great Alpha candidate and President would stand for and deliver Truth, Justice, Security, Transparency, Strength, and Freedom.

Most importantly, the Core Matrix does not focus on or care about the politics of our world. The Alpha candidate was not edited out, of the current time line, for any reason other than he or she was caught up in an unrelated time line edit. Such edits happens all the time, but are rarely noticed in such an extreme way as this missing Alpha candidate.

I hope you can all appreciate what I have shared here. Perhaps, simply by sharing this information, the reveal can help to bring forth the missing Alpha candidate - should he or she be alive and viable as a candidate.

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Starfire Tor


I'm still working on the mind blowing post that I promised. It's such a big topic, that just putting it together is a project in itself. Plus, elements of it change by the minute. So please be patient.

The Missing Presidential Candidate
Time Shift Time Line Edits
Affecting People, Events, History, and The World
March 4, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

In my original report, yesterday, I advised that no one should be replying with the name of a person that they believe is the missing Alpha candidate. There is a very good reason for this, which i explained clearly in my report. Yet, despite my request, some people replied to my post by promoting the names of people who they either think might be or who are the missing Alpha candidate. As promised, those political advertisements were deleted.

I will repeat this, for those who think they know who the missing Alpha candidate is. Please re-read what I wrote in my report. Some of you may not fully understand the significance of the information that I shared. There is a lot of info to take in, so do read it more than once.

Bottom line: You do not know the name of the missing Alpha candidate. You do not even know whether this person is alive in this time line. If you think or suspect that you know this missing Alpha candidate's name, then that person is not the Alpha candidate of which I speak. The real missing Alpha candidate, if alive, is not in your conscious memory. So please do not reply with the name of someone who you are promoting or wondering about, in reference to that missing candidate. None of them meets the criteria. In fact, if any of them did decide to run - as futile as that would be - they would only be adding to the problem and not presenting a solution.

NancyRegan.jpg  K-index_2016-03_March-06_2130.png

Time Shift and Time Line Edits In Progress
Worldwide Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
More On Missing Presidential Candidate Enigma
Time Shift Living Dead Time Shift Marker Nancy Reagan
March 6, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Earth is currently being hit with an expected solar wind, and this in turn has caused powerful worldwide geomagnetic storming ranging from a G3 to a G2 in intensity. This, in turn, has triggered Time Shift and time line edit activity. You can see the geomagnetic storm activity recorded in this NOAA k-index chart.

It's been awhile, since Earth has experienced a geomagnetic storm of this intensity, and in my view it comes at a very interesting time. Why? Just read my connective reports, starting February 13, 2016 with the February 13 Time Shift enigma. Then move on to the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and right through to my reports and comments on the missing Alpha Presidential candidate. Take a look at this K-index chart and the odd geomagnetic spike on March 3, 2013. There is no understood physical trigger for that brief G1 geomagnetic storm spike. Even more interesting, it happened at the time that I was writing and posting my report on the missing Alpha candidate. I can't say for sure what that means, except that all the world can see how much historically stranger the campaigning has become.
Since such spikes are generally an indicator, that the Core Matrix has engaged in some sort of time line editing, I'm thinking that the edit might be related to the the Core Matrix trying to make repairs related to the campaign and the missing Alpha candidate.

Now we have this whopper of a geomagnetic storm situation, and that means that the time line editing is going include multiple and sustained edits for a period of time - as we perceive time. Some of these edits might just be retained in the general consciousness of millions of people. If so, I'm looking forward to it happening in front of all of us. I am in no way am saying that the missing Alpha candidate will suddenly appear. You must keep in mind that this person, should he or she be alive in this current co-existing time line, is not in the memory of consciousness of anyone. In other words, if you think you know the name of someone you think is the missing candidate - that's not the missing candidate. So please do not promote any names or people in your replies. As I wrote before, in earlier reports, my missing candidate information is about Time Shift information, the changing history of our planet, and not about politics.

Time Shift activity is what brings about an enigma that I call "The Time Shift Living Dead" phenomena. It's a very powerful Time Shift marker, mainly because when someone experienced it for themselves, they have personal proof that Time Shift activity is real and happening in modern times. So, it should come as no surprise that there is a famous and politically connected person who is a Time Shift Living Dead person, It's Nancy Reagan, the wife of the late President Ronald Reagan, and she died today March 6, 2016. Mrs. Reagan wasn't just the First Lady. History views her as a presidential co-partner with her husband. She was a very forceful behind the scenes person when it came to what that president did and how he acted. This includes US policy. While Nancy Reagan is not any sort of missing candidate - she is viewed as the invisible president. Just let that sink in. I've included a general release publicity photo of Nancy Reagan.

Of course, Time Shift markers are not confined to only one element. Here is a brief summary of what to watch for in Time Shift markers. Due to frequency and time line edit changes associated with Time Shifts there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events. Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand or swim wrong way. Auroras will form. Time Shifts create an amplification of paranormal activity, ghost activity, haunting activity, poltergeist activity, apports, synchronicity, psi abilities, time/word/object prompts, deja vu, psychic dreaming, precognition events, awareness of Time Shift Living Dead persons, altered time line events, time line looping, altered terrain, altered structures, altered world events and more. 


Geomagnetic Storm Continues
Time Shift and Time Line Edit Activity Continues
Auroras Light Up Earth's Skies
March 7, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

The intense worldwide geomagnetic storm, that I reported about yesterday, is still active. True to form It continues to trigger Time Shifts and time line edits. And like many intense geomagnetic storms, this one has triggered gorgeous auroras like this one in Alaskan skies. Photo by Marketa S Murray.

Read yesterday's report to find out more about this geomagnetic storm, and how it connects to the missing Alpha presidential candidate situation. 


Alert: Mass Awareness Time Shift Activity March 8, 2016
Time Shifts, Time Slips, Time Line Looping
March 9, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Yesterday, March 8, 2016, there was a very special kind of Time Shift activity. Many of you noticed it, because I have received thousands of reports about it. Although I have not yet been able to read everything – but I will – I can tell, by what I have read so far, that the reports point to a pattern and an event that isn’t usually remembered by so many people at the same time. In fact, those of you reading this report may have consciously experienced this particularly Time Shift activity.

What I’m talking about is a Time Shift event that I refer to as a time slip that involves time line looping. Both time slips and time line looping are products of Time Shift activity, which in turn involve time line editing and the creation of new co-existing time lines. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve written about the science/psience behind Time Shifts. So, please re-read my reports to learn about this information, if you haven’t already done this, or read it just refresh your knowledge.

In addition, to that information, a time slip experience happens when you are consciously aware that your physical and perceptual experience of time has been altered. An example of this is when you are driving some place you’ve been to many times, are familiar with, and know the route and the traffic conditions very well. You know how long it takes to get from point A to point Z. But suddenly you have made the journey either in way too short a period of time, or even a journey that has taken way too long. Often such situations create a fogginess, where you suddenly find that you have driven past a street or exit that you know by heart. Sometimes you find that you are driving past the same street in a repeat. Other times you may find yourself lost and confused, and in an area that is unfamiliar to you. In the extreme, you may find yourself in an area that may soon vanish from the dominant time line. If you’re not driving, you can still experience this in many other ways – even if you were at home or at work. Clocks become your evidence of this shifting of time. Time Line looping happens when you are consciously aware that you are repeating something that you know you already experienced only moments ago. In effect, to you it seems as if the time line has looped backward and then moved forward again as it repeats itself.

To learn more about what a Time Shift generated time slip is, please read my report on the Magic Castle time slip that I experienced with Whitley and Anne Strieber. This particular Time Slip is the most important time slip, ever reported, because it is the best documented time slip in history.
All time slips and time line looping experiences are Time Shift markers. This means that their existence is a herald or warning that Time Shift activity is in progress. It also means, that the Core Matrix - which is the thing that controls and triggers Time Shifts – is engaging in some very sloppy time line editing that has created a memory glitch in its programming. My research indicates that this type of Time Shift glitch may happen because the Core Matrix has engaged in some sort of major time line editing, which may have happened in response to something major which the Core Matrix deemed was in need of correcting in the time line. This could be anything, from a global disaster to something more mundane. Just remember this above all: The Core Matrix is not a sentient being, nor is it controlled by any other energy or beings. All Time Shifts are strictly related to the Core Matrix performing based on its prime directive. That prime directive involves recreating the world and universe that once existed – but that was mostly destroyed by a black hole interaction. The Core Matrix, itself, exists as part of the ergosphere that rotates around that same black hole area. In other words – do not look for a conspiracy involving Time Shifts and time line edits. No time line edit is intended, by the Core Matrix, to either target or benefit any person, group, government or what have you. I cannot stress this enough. 

Considering, what I have reported here, what did you all experience? 

Besides time slips and time line looping, here is a brief summary of what to watch for in Time Shift markers. Due to frequency and time line edit changes associated with Time Shifts there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events. Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand or swim wrong way. Auroras will form. Time Shifts create an amplification of paranormal activity, ghost activity, haunting activity, poltergeist activity, apports, synchronicity, psi abilities, time/word/object prompts, deja vu, psychic dreaming, precognition events, awareness of Time Shift Living Dead persons, altered time line events, time line looping, altered terrain, altered structures, altered world events and more.  


Unexpected Geomagnetic Storm Hits
Time Shift and Time Line Edit Activity In Progress
March 11, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

There was a surprise today, in the form of an unexpected geomagnetic storm that hit Earth. It triggered more Time Shift and time line edit activity. Although I had no idea, that certain solar energy had been re-routed to hit Earth instead of flying wide, I must say that I'm not surprised. Why? Because of the extraordinary time line edits that I've been reporting about as of late. This includes the missing Alpha presidential candidate, as well as the time slip and time line looping I wrote about on March 9, 2016. This surprise solar energy hit, and the geomagnetic storm that followed, would certainly be a result of the time line edits that we've been experiencing. It's all very interesting and exciting. Check out the NOAA k-index chart, to see how this surprise geomagnetic storm was recorded today.  


Man-Made Shift In Time: For those of you in regions, where Daylight Saving Time applies, be aware that DST begins at 2AM on Sunday March 13, 2016. Time will be adjusted by one hour, so that 2AM will become 3AM. Please do not report this, man-made shift in time, as a Core Matrix triggered Time Shift. It is not:)

Check out this incredible southern lights aurora photo from New Zealand, taken by Minoru Yoneto on March 12, 2016. The way that the photographer captured the land, the sea, the aurora, and the night sky is breath taking. Just imagine being there! 

The current re-emergence of geomagnetic storming has triggered more spectacular auroras. This many-colored aurora panorama was taken by Alan Dyer in Manitoba on March 14, 2016.


New Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Time Shift and Time Line Edit Activity In Progress
Time Shift Markers Expected
Geomagnetic Storm Hits
March 15, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Due to more co-rotating interaction [CIR] activity, Earth has been hit again with solar wind energy that has triggered geomagnetic storming and Time Shift time line editing. A CIR happens in space, when more than one solar wind release catches up to each other and forms a stronger combined solar wind. When this kind of solar wind combo heads to Earth, and Earth conditions are receptive, the result is a triggered geomagnetic storm. This is what we're experiencing. You can check out how this geomagnetic storming was recorded, on the NOAA k-index chart. As you can see, with this chart, the last geomagnetic storm was on March 11, 2016. 

I expect the current wave of Time Shift activity, which was triggered by the solar energy hit, to result in time line edits that may leave some very visible Time Shift markers. Many of these markers, as usual, will be personal to you and what you experience. But some of them, I suspect, will be global and/or far reaching in nature. Considering the connection, between time line edits and the missing Alpha US presidential candidate, It might also be a good idea to be aware of personal, local, national, and world events. If you want to know, about the missing Alpha presidential candidate and time line edits, then please read all of my related posts starting on February 13, 2016.  


March 16, 2016
The Search For Authentic Time Travelers
Time Travel Dream and Real Time Psychic Event
The Brain As Interface To The Core Matrix
Time Prompts, Synchronicity, Psi Awareness


If you are an authentic Time Traveler, who has access to an authentic Time Travel device - and is accessing this report, please contact me here or privately. Hoaxers should remain silent. I know who you are, and I have no patience for deceivers. Before anyone replies, by promoting someone who publicly claims to be a Time Traveler, please read my entire report. The information contained will show you how to determine who is and who is not engaged in a Time Travel hoax.

I believe that Time Travel exists, and that somewhere in time – in some co-existing time line – Time Travelers are engaged in whatever Time Travelers do. I believe, that in the past or the future, physical and brain activated Time Travel became viable. If my theory is confirmed, then it is possible for Time Travelers to be in our dominant co-existing time line right now. My belief is based on both a relational science, involving the Core Matrix and co-existing time lines, plus a wealth of circumstantial evidence. However, hard physical evidence has been elusive, and something that I dearly wish to have – even if I cannot make the knowledge public. As a scientist, I let the facts determine the outcome of my research – and that includes my extensive Time Travel research. Like any good scientist, I base my conclusions on all of the gathered facts – and not just those pieces of information which support a single belief system. This formula is the only road to truth. Because I am a pioneering scientist, who also has had many documented paranormal experiences, my ability to research and understand both mundane and extraordinary information is extensive. My report, which includes Time Travel, the Core Matrix, psi transference of information, and the dreaming brain reflects this.

Now and then I have posted some of my dreams, visions, and psi data downloads. In doing so, I have shown that I have precognitive abilities, that I can accurately psi see future events, and that I understand the science/psience behind these experiences. Early this morning I had a fascinating dream, followed by an incident in the dream that was later confirmed to be true. This, in itself, isn't a new experience for me – as I’ve indicated. But the experience this morning contained elements that elevated the experience, in ways that have me quite interested.

I happened to have been dreaming about visiting a Time Traveler on the job. As of this report, I don't want to describe anything more about what was said, seen, or heard regarding the Time Travel dream material. Withholding this information will safeguard my ability to possibly confirm if any of the experience had elements of truth. I have dreamed about Time Travelers before. Such dreams are few and far between. But aside from some very interesting aspects, to the dream, I was never able to get solid physical evidence that what I experienced could be found in the waking world.

This morning's dream is different, and it is this difference that has got my attention. In the midst, of my Time Travel dream experience, I heard a disembodied voice - which acted as an intrusion into the dream from an outside point - say something to me. I recognized the voice as someone that I knew, and who I expected to see later in the morning. The words that she spoke were "one one". Those spoken numbers were followed by the beginning of other non-number words. But because I woke up, when I heard her voice speak the numbers, I never heard the other words properly enough to identify them. The time, of this waking up, was shortly before 6:20 AM PDT. As an aside, in the past this same person has heard my voice in at least one of her dreams. Upon waking, she realized that it was a dream.

When this person and I did meet, later in the morning, I told her about my dream and hearing her voice speaking the numbers "one one". We were both gob smacked, when this very trustworthy person and friend told me the following: At around the time, that I indicated hearing her voice intruding into my dream with those numbers, she was at home and handing her Mom and her Mom's husband two identical items. In doing so, she literally handed out the items by saying the words "one" and "one" – meaning ‘one’ for you and ‘one’ for you. She did follow the "one one" words with a few other words, and these were the words that I missed because I woke up. BTW, I have never been to my friend’s home, I have never met anyone from her family, and I have nothing to do with the items that she passed out.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my friend was able to confirm that I actually did hear – in my dream - the words that she actually spoke in real time. This, in itself, is an incredible piece of evidence that further proves what the dreaming brain is capable of. I’ve done extensive research into the dreaming brain, and in fact discovered why and how the brain dreams. It’s related to the fact that the brain is the interface to the Core Matrix, and that the Core Matrix is the hard drive like element that stores and streams all co-existing time lines. All dreams source from what the Core Matrix streams. From that, our brains briefly retain some of the streaming data, and edit them into worlds and experiences of our own making. Hence, the dreaming. BTW, as yet, no other scientist has caught up to my dreaming brain discoveries. All other ideas, about why the brain dreams, just don’t make the grade. Without understanding, the brain’s interfacing relationship to the Core Matrix - and those streaming co-existing time lines, it would not be possible for anyone to correctly understand the science of why and how we dream. Unless there is some sort of damage to the brain, everyone dreams. Yet most people have no idea that some of their dreams might contain real world information. Those who suspect, that some of their dreams are real world accurate in nature, rarely get the opportunity to have their suspicions confirmed. Dream validation, based on actual evidence, is a wonderful and very important event – and very hard to come by.

Yes, I know that those numbers – one and one [11] - are well known time prompt numbers. I also know that the 11:11 time prompt numbers are Time Shift markers. The Core Matrix calibrates our brains, to the various frequencies of the many co-existing time line streams that we are exposed to, in an effort to better interface our brains with those many co-existing time lines. An 11:11 sequence is well recognized in computer programming, and if nothing else this Time Shift marker is a ‘tell’ that we are engaged with a cosmic computer program of sorts. Of course that is only an analogy, but it’s an understandable one. Since all co-existing time lines exist in the same space, are only separated by their individual frequencies, and are perceived through our brains, it’s necessary for the Core Matrix to run a program that maintains as tight a time sync calibration as it can muster. While time prompts are viewed by many as both personal and cosmic signs, it’s important to understand that those signs are only secondary expressions of what is really going on. Time prompts begin as a Core Matrix brain calibration program. Therefore, when you experience a time prompt – or even learn about a time prompt – you can be sure that a Core Matrix brain calibration session is in progress. It’s global and cosmic, and not just happening to you. Also, where there are time prompts there is synchronicity. Synchronicity is another tell of the same Core Matrix calibration program.

Back to what has me so scientifically excited. Once my friend was able to confirm, that I did indeed hear her speak in real time, this documentation begs the question: “Was anything about my Time Travel dream also true?” This is a reasonable question, since part of the dream was documented as being true. Is it possible, that I was actually and accurately psi seeing what some Time Travelers were up to? Did this experience somehow open up a psi channel to my friend, so that I heard what she was actually saying in real time? I have so many questions – and so few answers. FYI: I was expecting to meet up with my friend today. So, of course seeing her was something that was casually on my mind. However, I see her all the time, and I’ve never had this happen before – at least that I recall. Humans forget most of what they experience in a dream. The point is, the only thing that is different is the dream about the Time Travelers. The Time Travel dream, and the now confirmed psi event from the dream, appeared in the same dream session.

This is why I am not going to describe – at least for now – what I specifically experienced in the Time Travel dream. If any of it was actually happening, per my dream experience, and if the Time Travel person and/or people had an awareness of me in some way, then I want to reach out to them and make contact. The posting of this report is an attempt at contact. But how can I reach out to them, other than hope for the best in a follow-up dream? I’m not looking for a follow-up dream contact, although that would be interesting. As a scientist, I’m looking for the type of contact which is grounded in the actual physical world. I only want the truth.

Therefore, if my Time Travel dream experience did involve real Time Travelers– then perhaps these Time Travelers are already aware that I wrote this report in search of them. If they are real, then I want proof. The first line of proof will be for a person or persons to describe exactly what I experienced. I’ve already documented the information privately. Simply whisking me away, in a time machine, won’t be proof that the controllers of that time machine are what and who I saw in my dream. For all I know, there are more than one group of Time Travelers out there. One set may try to take advantage of the situation, when they themselves were not the ones I dreamed about. While I will accept contact with any legitimate Time Travel person or group – and by legit I mean prove it to my satisfaction – my main goal involves the brain perception part of the experience. After that, proof of actual Time Travel is just fine with me.

Perhaps some of you think you know who may be an authentic Time Traveler. If this person or group, has made themselves known publicly, then I’m sorry to say that you do not know an authentic Time Traveler. I wanted to say this, before anyone starts promoting people and groups that I know are engaging in a Time Travel hoax. So that you understand more about Time Travel hoaxes and hoaxers, as well as those who tell the truth, I’ve put together a bit of information for you to consider. In the meantime, let’s see if an authentic Time Traveler makes contact.


I have researched every public claim of Time Travel that has been made. This includes claims involving accidental round trips into another time line, claims of Time Travel through dreams or spiritual means, and claims of being part of a Time Travel group or mission through the intentional use of a Time Travel device. Let me be very clear about this: I am uniquely qualified to determine whether a Time Travel claim is authentic or not. This is due – in great part - to my discoveries of, and research into, Time Shifts, the Core Matrix, co-existing time lines, and the Unified Field Theory Of Psi. Time Travel science is a subset of these discoveries. An authentic Time Traveler would know all about the science of Time Travel, and that it involves knowing about and understanding the workings of Time Shifts, the Core Matrix, and co-existing time lines. An authentic Time Traveler would know, that you cannot Time Travel backward or forward within the time line from which you depart on your Time Travel journey. Because of this, an authentic Time Traveler would know that the Grandfather Paradox does not exist, and that it only exists in the realm of Science Fiction. Therefore, an authentic Time Traveler knows that it is not possible to go back in time to change the future to any affect. They can only make changes to a co-existing time line which is no longer dominant or relevant.

Some of those accidental Time Travel round trips survived my research, and so I was able to verify the honesty of the experiencer. Some of those claims come with physical proof, while others are only anecdotal. In those cases, it’s still possible to determine how truthful someone is being. In such honest experiences, as a researcher I was able to detect important scientific patterns in the various experiences. The same goes for Time Travel claims involving dreams or spiritual means. Some of these claims stand up to scrutiny, while others can be dismissed as either a real but misidentified experience, or even out and out hoaxing. BTW, there is no such thing as jumping time lines to better your life. We are all on the same co-existing time line ride, as controlled by the Core Matrix co-existing time line edit program. The Core Matrix determines which is to be the dominant time line, and by that programs all consciousness to exist in that dominant time line.

Then there are those who publicly claim to be actual intentional Time Travelers. Some claim to be lone Time Travelers, with their very own Time Travel device. Others claim to be part of various Time Travel groups or programs, and through this are involved in numerous Time Travel missions. To date, not one of these claims has held up under the scrutiny of my investigation. Not one. Based on the nature of their information, it’s clear that none of them believed that a criteria existed that could disprove their false claims. While all of these false claims contain elements that come across more like Science Fiction than Science fact, I did not base my conclusions on that element alone. A wild claim is not necessarily a false claim. The best scientists know this. The more important, investigative criteria, was based on their information regarding Time Travel science – as well as the Time Travel adventures that they claim to have had. Every one of these claims was tripped up at this stage, mainly because they failed to show that they understood authentic Time Travel science. Many of them also tripped up, when they associated their Time Travel situation with other Time Travel claims that involve proven hoaxes and hoaxers. Each and every Time Travel hoaxer depended on the public’s exposure to, and plausibility belief in, Time Travel scenarios depicted by Science Fiction.

Besides none of these physical Time Travel claimants knowing how Time Travel must work, almost all of them tripped up because of their promotion, and attachment to, the debunked Philadelphia Experiment. As part of my research, I was able to prove that the Philadelphia Experiment never happened. You can find my in depth research report on my website. It’s been there for a very long time. Some of these hoaxers, after realizing that my discoveries and research existed, tried to alter their material in order to make it look like they are authentic. This may fool some, but their original claims have been preserved all over the net. Go here to read my report on the Philadelphia Experiment

Let me be very clear. I consider all hoaxes and hoaxers to be very harmful to the existence of authentic information aka the truth. Hoaxes are illusions that present themselves as the real deal, when in fact they are nothing more than road blocks, misdirections, and tar pits that make it harder for authentic experiencers and researchers to get the respect that they deserve. For the most part, I have left Time Travel hoaxers alone because, IMO, they do not represent a clear and present danger to the planet. In fact, they have no discernable impact on the planet. That is why I have not mentioned any names specifically. I don’t need to, being that they all fall under the hoax category. I prefer to go after the root causes, of Time Travel hoaxes, and in doing so empower people with the tools that they need to determine who is hoaxing and who is not. My research into, and the eventual debunking of the Philadelphia Experiment, is a huge empowerment tool for truth – since most Time Travel hoaxes involve the Philadelphia Experiment. Once you understand about the existence of Time Shifts, the Core Matrix, and co-existing time lines – and why they are the key to understanding Time Travel science - you’ll have a good grasp on why these hoaxers have been tripped up and debunked. 

I’ve shared some very important knowledge here. Please use it kindly and wisely.

Starfire Tor

Check out my current Time Travel report. It :may be a long read for some, but it is packed with great information that you won't find anywhere else. Reading it, from top to bottom, will empower you - and I hope even amaze you. Enjoy the illumination.


Check out the on-going comments, and my answers, to my March 16, 2016 Time Travel post. You may find the answers to questions that you were thinking, but didn't ask. Of course, you first have to read my report before you can make comments or ask questions. My post is all about empowering you with the knowledge and ability to separate Time Travel truth from Time Travel fantasy, disinformation, and misinformation. Enjoy the read. 

Aurora_03-18_Alaska_byMarketaMurray  OrionBeltWarriorStarConstellation

What image do you see in this aurora? Marketa Murray has photographed another spectacular aurora show in the skies over Alaska. The photo was taken on March 18, 2018 during geomagnetic storm activity in the northern latitudes,

· March 22, 2016 
UFO Photos: When Nature Fools

My expertise is not limited to Time Shifts, the Core Matrix, co-existing time lines, time anomalies, psychic phenomena, and the paranormal. One of the others areas, that my expertise reaches into, is the UFO field. All of these topics are really tied into one another, and often researching one involves researching another. It's particularly impossible to research tim
e anomalies without getting into deep UFO and ET research. As you've become aware, in all of my research, my pursuit of truth is tenacious. That often means that my own initial theories might get tossed out, simply because the evidence doesn't support a theory. That's how you know, that when I present my knowledge, that knowledge became mine by virture of years unshakable and verified information.

A big part, of truth searching, has to do with dealing with misinformation, disinformation, and out and out hoaxing. The existence, of all that, creates roadblocks on the way to truth. But for many, those roadblocks aren't seen as roadblocks. They are embraced as the truth. This is a huge problem, because a very real topic can be shredded by false information and incorrect beliefs. Take the UFO topic. I've stated many times that there are actual flying vehicles - both ET and human - that meet the definition of a UFO. But how can you learn to separate real info from either false or misunderstood information? One of those ways is to learn what I already know, and that is to find out what is being promoted as either UFO or ET - and then see if there is a natural reason for whatever it is to exist. This is the first step, before even getting into questions about photoshopping and other deceit. Too many times, something natural has been promoted as a UFO - when it is not.

That's why I'm introducing you to lenticular cloud formations, like the one in this photo from Syria and credited to Gianandrea Sandri and Roberto Cavallini. Lenticular clouds, which are natural cloud formations, are often mistaken for UFOs by honest people who are under-informed about weather science. It gets worse when deceitful people use people's gullibility to promote their fake UFO and ET information. Lenticular cloud formations are the #1 weather phenomena that is mistaken for a flying saucer-like UFO. This is why, should you ever see one of these type clouds in the sky - regardless of the color - please understand that there is a 99% chance that you are witnessing a lenticular cloud. BTW, the orange-red coloring, in this lenticular cloud, was caused by the position of the Sun just below the horizon. This is no different than seeing this color cloud with a gorgeous sunset or sunrise.

So, why did I say 99% sure it's a lenticular cloud? Because some actual UFOs have been known to go stealth by using clouds for camouflage. It's doubtful that the camouflage would be a lenticular cloud, simply because that shape of cloud would defeat the purpose of seeking camouflage. Just think about that for a moment. That 1% possibility, that I allowed, is really for those 'not too bright' UFO pilots who think that a lenticular cloud makes for a clever disguise. 

So, the next time you catch someone trying to pass off a lenticular cloud as a UFO - remember what I've taught you, and then teach them. Actual seekers of truth will thank you for the information. People wrapped up in a less than truthful agenda will not thank you at all. Such is life. Such is the life of a truth teller. 

Precognition  ShanghaiBuildingThatFellOverAbout7yrsAgo

Possible Multiple Precognition Events
Groundhog Day Effect
Experienced March 23-24, 2016

Every now and then I publicly share dreams, visions, and psi data downloads that I believe might be precognition events. 99% of the time, these event experiences are proven to be precognitive in nature aka precogs. I have them almost every day. They can involve anything from previewing small seemingly inconsequential things, to witnessing local and global events. I make these public for a number of reasons, none of which are to prove that I can do it. I've already met that documented burden of proof long ago, and have a web section dedicated to that - and the science behind precognition, which I discovered. Go here to learn about precog science. It involves the brain’s interfacing with the Core Matrix and streaming co-existing time lines

The only reason I'm sharing my current experiences, is in the hope that what I psi saw might be prevented or lessened in intensity. Although most of what I psi see doesn't affect the saving of lives - some do. When people listen, the chance of saving lives goes up dramatically. If any of you are like me, then you know about the frustration that I’m talking about.

On to the possible precognition events: There are two of them, spanning the 24 hour period of yesterday and today March 23-24, 2016: Although the dreams featured different events, both of the events were experienced in dreams that had the precog signature ‘you are there / real world’ feel to them. If they prove to be precog, what appeared to be dreams may even turn out to include OBE [out of body] events. The science of OBE, which I also discovered, involves the same basic brain interface science as does precog experiences. Both of the dream experiences were about saving lives, and both dream events repeated multiple times. Repeats, of dream events, are an indicator that precogs are probably involved.

Dream #1: This involved a building falling over, and people not heeding my warning in the dream that the building was about to fall. On March 23, 2016 I had versions of this same dream three times. Like a Groundhog Day effect, with each dream repeat I improved upon how I warned people about the impending disaster. Today, March 24, 2016 I dreamed the same event again. That is four times in 24 hours. In the dream, I seem to be in a building where I am sitting in some type of eatery. Other people are there. Hanging from ceiling, very near or over my table, is a hanging fixture. I notice that the fixture has suddenly changed from being straight up and down to listing at an angle. Moments later, I realize that it isn’t the fixture that is listing – it’s the whole building. I knew that the building was about to fall, and so I went into action warning the people around me to get out of the building. I told everyone to call everyone they know, in the building, and tell them to escape before the building falls. No one paid any attention to me. I was the only survivor because I got out in time. Dream reboot 1: The same dream, except this time I learn from my last dream and this time show people the “listing” fixture as proof that the building was in danger of falling. But again, no one listened. I was the only survivor because I got out in time. Dream reboot 2: This dream ran the same as reboot 2, except for when it came time to explain about the “listing” fixture. I went further, and quickly explained the science behind what that “listing” fixture really meant. This should have gotten these people to go into evacuation mode – but they still ignored me. Like before, I was the only survivor. The dream added an extra scene, of my walking on the fallen building looking for anyone alive who might need help. Dream reboot 3: Everything in dream reboot 3 was the same, except that the last scene had an added feature. As I walked across the downed building, one bloodied man partially emerged from what was a window. I yelled to him, that I was on my way to help. For some reason I doubted he would survive for long. I yelled out for anyone else that might still be alive. In what remained, of the dream, I was met only with silence. BTW, parts of the outside of this building seemed to have, what looked like, stone or masonry elements to it.

Dream #2: I would not ordinarily post a dream like this, not because I think it’s not a possible precog, but because I do not remember most of the details at this time. What I do remember, is that I was working with others to save lives. Why or how I can’t say – unless a memory of the dream returns. What makes this dream, a possible precog, are the signature precog elements that came with the dream. The dream repeated three times, between March 23-24-2016. It happened during the same 24 hour period as the falling building possible precog. And like the many falling building dream reboots, this ‘saving lives with a team’ dream had Groundhog Day elements too. I just can’t remember who the other team members were, or what or who exactly we were saving. Whatever, I’m left with the feeling that we would be successful. Therefore, this second possible precog differs from the first possible precog in that way.

I want to make it very clear, that not all precogs involve historical events. Some precogs can involve watching a media event, in what would be one’s future. It can sometimes be impossible to tell the difference, between witnessing a real world scene verses an identical scene as watched in a fictional TV show or movie – or even something real in the news. All of these have happened to me a number of times. But make no mistake, that is still a precog event. So, right now I can’t say whether any of these possible precogs are of real world or fictional scenes. With the falling building, I can only hope that turns out to be in something fictional that I watch in the future. As for the rescue team, that is one that I hope turns out to be real. BTW, just because I am in the possible precog scene does not mean that I am actually part of the scene. It’s an immersion experience, that the brain interfacing engages in, as part of how the brain psi sees co-existing time lines. But sometimes I am there. Time will tell.

Has anyone else had an exact or very similar specific dream in the last couple of days?

Starfire Tor

Because what I dreamed was a building that had fallen over, I am researching buildings that have literally fallen over - and not just collapsed into rubble. There are not many of them. One that I found happened in Shanghai about 7 years ago. There is a reason why a many storied building would fall over instead just collapsing. In order for the building to just fall over, something has to be wrong with something in or near its foundation. It could be how the building was constructed, whether by technique of design or it being built on unstable ground. Or the ground could become unstable, due to an earthquake, tsunami, sinkhole, or other. The only way, I can narrow down my search, is to find these rare examples of buildings that have fallen over. Here's a photo of the Shanghai building that fell over. Now you know more about what I saw, generally. This building is not exactly the building design that I saw. Also, this doesn't mean that what I dream couldn't have been a building that had partly fallen over and partly collapsed. I only saw part of it in the dream.

There is a very interesting discussion, going on with my "precognition" post from yesterday. This includes further information and updates from me about these precogs. So, come on and read them - and join in on the discussion if you like. Millions and millions of people have precogs all the time. Maybe you're one of those millions. If yes, then feel free to share as part of the discussion on my "precognition" post from yesterday.


Update on Possible Precognition Events
More Info And A New Puzzle P33 or P38
Possible Precognition Hit
March 28, 2016

On March 24, 2016 I posted about two possible precognition events that I dreamed. It lead to a nice round of sharing. Since then, I've been trying to get my brain to get back to those dreams and learn more about what I originally psi saw. Today, March 28, 2016. I finally experienced a continuation of the second dream - the one where a group of 'us' are planning missions to save lives. In the original dream, after waking up, I could not remember the specifics of the situation. I could not remember who the other people were, nor could I recall what exactly we were planning in order to save lives.

Looking at real world events, that began to unfold the next day - which certainly acted to save possibly hundreds to thousands of lives, I now have an idea of what I was psi seeing in the planning stages. Those of you, who follow world events, should already know what I'm talking about. It was unprecedented in scope and success by law enforcement. I prefer not to openly discuss that particular topic here, beyond this disclosure. If that is what I dreamed, then I can tell you that I was merely an observer of events to come. This would be a precognition hit, if I'm on the mark about this - which I believe I am. The events, that followed the dream, are just too much of a coincidence to ignore. You see, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Coincidences are really linked events, where the information to recognize the link is not readily obvious. To further verify, that this is a precognition hit, would require the type of hard documentation that I will never be able to get beyond the coincidence between my dream and what began to unfold the next day.

This morning, in a new dream, I found myself on the phone with one of the members of that same planning group from the above mentioned precognition dream. It was in Los Angeles, and I was told that the group was meeting up at a certain eatery in town. The eatery was called “P38”, which is a name I had never heard. I said this, and was told that this was a new name for an older familiar eatery. No address was given, over the phone, because the whole group knew where the place was – including me. This would quickly change. In the dream, I got into my car and began heading toward “P38”. But then I could not remember where “38” was located. I could not remember the older name of the restaurant, and in fact, could not remember the name of anyone in the group I was supposed to have a meal and a meeting with. I drove around, a bit, hoping that the info would come back to me. It never did. At one point, I saw a location shoot for a football media event. It was a promotional TV commercial. I recognized the production company, and decided to stop in and ask for direction to “P38”. Since I’m in that industry too, I had no trouble getting onto the closed set. No matter who I asked, no one had ever heard of an eatery called “P38”.

This seriously worried me. Why couldn’t I remember where this eatery was, or who exactly I was meeting there? I worried about the state of my brain, at least for a few moments there. Then I realized, that because no one else had heard of it that something else must be going on. Somehow, the information about “P38” had been wiped from my memory. But when? Was it before I went there and had the meeting? Or was it to prevent me from having that meeting? I was a bit upset at the situation, and not knowing what to do. I decided to get into my car and drive. But when I tried to do this, I realized that the streets were filled with people celebrating the Easter Holiday. That’s when I decided to do something that I can do, in my dream. Fly. So, I flew above the crowds, as I began an aerial search for “P38”. If anyone noticed, a woman flying above their heads, no one indicated such.

I woke up, from this dream, and for the life of me could not fathom what “P38” was. The waking me also had no idea what it was. Some hours later, I got in some rest and had another related dream. It was like a micro dream, in which I realize that I had gotten the name of the eatery wrong. It was not “P38”. It was “P33”. I was telling myself, in this dream, that not only had the memory of the eatery been wiped from my memory – but so had the correct name been wiped. Over and over I repeated “P33” to myself, so that I hopefully would not forget. When I awoke I was even more confused. Which was the real name I was supposed to remember “P38” or “P33”? Could it be both? Was there even such an eatery or place by that name? Or was it some sort of code? Whatever is going on, it most definitely was connected to the original precognition dream. The search is on, to solve this riddle – and why most information about this group keeps getting wiped from my memory. Perhaps I wasn’t supposed to remember any of it – but I have remembered enough to ask questions. Will there be answers? Perhaps another dream will bring those answers. 

Starfire Tor  

Update On Precog Dreams
March 29, 2016 Report

I have so much to share with you, as it regards the precog dreams that I recently reported on. I am currently following up on the many leads provided by FB friends, as well as others and my own research. There is so much information being unearthed, that I really have to wrap my own brain around it before I can try to wrap your brains around it - intellectually speaking.

As a preview - Yes, there are eateries with the names "P33" and "P38". In fact, "P33" and "P38" have known meanings at many levels and on many topics. Yes, 2 buildings collapsed a short while after I posted my precog dream about a building collapse. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in. Please continue with any ideas and research that you have. Reply to this report, or place them on the original precog dream posts. I'll see them regardless. 


Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Time Shift and Time Line Edit Activity In Progress
Time Shift Markers
March 30, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Due to co-rotating interaction [CIR] activity, Earth has been hit with solar energy that has triggered geomagnetic storms today and yesterday March 29-30, 2016. A CIR happens in space, when more than one solar wind release catches up to each other and forms a stronger combined solar wind. When this kind of solar wind combo heads to Earth, and Earth conditions are receptive, the result is a triggered geomagnetic storm. The last geomagnetic storm happened a week ago, and was very brief - although it produced some spectacular auroras. You can check out how the latest geomagnetic storming was recorded, on this NOAA k-index chart.

This current wave, of Time Shift activity, has resulted in time line edits that have already left Time Shift markers. Many of these markers, including Time Shift Living Dead events, will be personal to you and what you experience. But some of them are public and/or global in nature. 

A word about those of you who contact me through a private FB message. I want you all to know that I read every single message that is sent to me. I care about what you have to say to me, whether you are sharing a personal story or have some research info for me. However, due to the fact that I get hundreds of private messages a month - in some months over a thousand, it is impossible for me to privately respond to them all. What I try to do is randomly pick 50 messages a week that I do respond to. This choice is totally random, because I view most of the private messages as being equally important in content. So, please do not be offended if you contact me privately - but do not get a response. Just know that I read every single message, and take note of the information. 

Your best chance, of getting a response from me, is if you join a FB wall chat. That way, when I respond to you, everyone has the chance to learn from your experience, research - and of course what I have to chime in with. It's about maximizing my ability to get the information to the people - and not to just a single person at a time. Sometimes, my response will be to click the 'like' icon to let you know that I've read your remarks. Other times I'll chime in, if I feel I have something to add. The most important thing, though, is that you will always know that I've read what you wrote. 

Learn more about Time Shifts:



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