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This is the post that lays out the science to effectively and successfully combat any type of personal astral disturbance, whether astral, dream, or psychological. Please read my related post about the types of disturbances that are out there, and the rarity of true psychic attacks. Lancer has also written a good post filled with a lot of truths.

But first, I want to address the thread talking about the faces that appear when some members close their eyes. Experiencing these faces is an absolutely normal part of the dream state and is called a hypnogogic image. They are directly related to your own internal brain processing, and are not the product of psychic attacks. These faces are generally random images that your dreaming brain projects at the start-up of the dream and sleep state. These hypnogogic images are usually leftovers from some other dream you had, although they can created by any number of psychological exposures of the day. People don't remember all of their dreams, as most fade away from conscious memory. So it's understandable that you might not recognize an image from a past dream. Those images that some see on their eyelids, like the symbols mentioned, are also related to the hypnogogic state and signals the brain moving into the dream/ sleep state. The important thing to understand is that these faces and symbols are nothing more than your own brain changing levels. No one else is influencing or controlling these images but your own brain.

Another thing I see that needs to be brought out is that, since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, one's emotions and brain have been in a constant state of anxiety. Some ID members even tried to astral to the sites of destruction in an effort to rescue victims. Remember? And some ended up in contact with the spirits of those who were murdered in these attacks. remember? Look at which members are having these problems now and who posted during the astral rescue attempts.

There's a match. Screaming faces? Faces flashing before you? Great fear? Is anyone surprised that a psychic/ sensitive might find themselves haunted by these images? I think that the effected members have forgotten to look at the whole psychic impact since 9/11.

This brings me to the first line of defense against the "astral" attacks and fears being posted about. There is a very high probability that these mutual experiences are actually being triggered by the 9/11 events and not some specific person launching an attack. I've seen this type of mutual experience happen when psychics begin to pick up mutual feelings and images, and then process them as psychic attacks ... which they are not. This is a case of a psychic opening up to an experience, especially a horrific one like on 9/11, and then not closing down properly. When a psychic/sensitive doesn't close down the psychic portals, that psychic is open to an internalizing of the horror ... and this can create personal disturbances in the astral. In short, afflicted psychics need to remove the unwanted and unhealthy programming and re-program for psychic health.

Whether psychic or not, millions of people in the global community have recognized that the 9/11 attacks were an act of evil. I posted about encountering this evil while searching for victims at the WTC. This wasn't just a psychological evil, but a very real evil that was unleashed into the world. This evil has been around since ancient times, and understanding the origins of this evil gives one power to defeat this evil. It is impossible for a psychic to tune into the 9/11 attacks and not encounter this evil. Even non-psychics have been terribly mentally affected by the 9/11 attacks. At an ordinary level, a person can get psychological counseling for post 9/11 traumatic stress. But it's hard for a psychic to deal with the stress, because there are no post 9/11 psychic traumatic stress counselors.

So you now have me <g>. You need to all go back and read Lancer's post where he shared my PEM to him on 9/10. Look at the high level of psychic anxiety that I'm suffering from. I've picked up, through the Core Matrix data stream, the impending attacks on 9/11 ... but I'm at a loss for how to process the information. Despite the fact that I had picked up on all of the elements, in the attacks that were almost upon us, the only action I could figure out to take was to remove my finances from the financial community ... which I felt was under attack. So I sold all of my stock less than 24 hours before the 9/11 attacks devastated thousands of lives, many buildings, and the financial industry. I saved my own portfolio, but not the thousands of lives I wish I could have if I could have processed the downloaded info properly.

Part of my processing problems was directly connected to the fact that there was no one else who could add to the data or help with the processing. It did no good for me to read about anyone else's alleged psi experiences, relating to the 9/11 attacks, if they weren't available before the attacks. This is why I created The Dream Team.

If there's anyone who knows about psychic stress ... it's me. Besides being exposed to the WTC astral rescue attempts, I've been psi experiencing death and destruction since I was a little girl. I see most of this in the form of future events, whether plane crashes, people drowning in cars underwater, and various acts of cruelty. I see it all and I deal with it all, psychologically as well as psychically, or risk losing my ability to contribute to saving lives. I had to learn how to handle the clearing of my psychic space from exposure to horrible scenes and the dark energies that exist there. I also had to learn how to protect myself from, not only the evil which abounds at many of these sites, but from other evil people and entities who don't like energy of the light ... which is how evil would see me.

There was no one to teach me how to protect myself in the astral, and there was no one to help me sort and process psi downloads. I read many books on psychic, and even magickal protection. While I could see how some things might work at very basic levels (I like the mirror one), I soon discovered that most of these so-called authorities didn't have a clue as to how to handle real psychic attacks and exposure to evil. There was nothing out there that could really teach a psychic warrior how to function, while remaining healthy.

I know about real psychic attacks because, years ago, I experienced it first hand. This was something intentional and was only able to reach me because I didn't know I had to protect myself against such things. This attack was so severe, that it lasted for days until I was able to get a handle on what was happening and fight back. I saw and experienced such horrific things that my hair literally turned white. This eventually grew out.

From this battle I became strong and smart, and over time developed a technique that successfully neutralizes any and all psychic attacks. But even better, the same technique also neutralizes astral disturbances that are self-generated and brought about by psychic stress and trauma. My technique can also allow you to view the source of all psychic disturbances, and learn the cause from a safe place. This way you can know whether someone or something is attacking you, or whether you are doing it to yourself because of open portals.

People and energies are always trying to make contact with me, in the astral and through psychic means, and this is something I simply do not allow. Uninvited energies are contained, tagged, viewed, and released back to the source. The tag allows me to recognize them should they try it again, and to read them through any barrier or disguise that they think they're hiding behind.

The tag is also a neon sign that other psychics can read, should this same person or energy try an assault on someone else. Once they are tagged, the tag cannot be removed.

Now onto the technique, which you'll come to understand is quite simple in its design. But don't let the simplicity of it be deceiving. My technique was developed to deal with the way your brain and astral space might be compromised.

Because regardless of what's going on, whether it's psychological or someone is trying to psychically assault you through whatever means, the technique handles them all. Whether you're under attack by a malicious spell, psychic remote influencing, an astral intimidator, or even a broadcast mind control program ... my technique defeats them all. This is because your brain can only be accessed by and through certain images and frequencies. My technique puts your brain's psychic and receiver portals into stealth mode ... just like a good computer fire wall can. And while you're in stealth mode, the problem energy is contained, tagged, viewed, and then released back to the source. If what you capture and tag are your own self-manifested fears, you'll recognize your own tag the next time it crops up in your life.

All psychic attacks work by creating fear-filled images and emotions. All psychological self-generated attacks work by creating fear-filled images and emotions. These things can then manifest in your world in nasty ways, such as like poltergeist activities or shadow thought forms. My technique allows you to create your very own "sleeper" guardian programs that activate when you are attacked. The activated programs launch their program by creating imagery and emotions that the attacker can not defeat. All psychic attackers are cowards, which is why they engage in acts of astral terrorism. The attacker plans to use your brain as a weapon against you, which the guardian program turns against the attacker.

Even if someone, who engages in astral and psychic attacks or even plain old mind games, should read my technique ... there is nothing that they can do to defeat it. Once they launch an attack it becomes a thought form that must adhere to the laws of astral and biological science. This thought form has no way to distinguish between reality and illusion, just in the way that it is programmed to alter your perception of illusion and reality.

There are other aspects to the tagging and repelling of psychic attackers, and one of them is that these attackers set themselves up as targets by astral energy hunters. These astral energy hunters are the shadow beings created by thought forms, which are created by people (intentionally and by accident). These shadow beings latch onto the psychic attacker, via that astral guardian tag, and never let go until the psychic attacker has lost all psychic energy capabilities. There is nothing that a psychic attacker can do to rid themselves of the hunters because of the guardian tag. Shadow beings can be repelled and neutralized very easily, but not when they are powered by your astral guardian tag program. It's the closest thing to astral justice that I know.

In order to create your very own sleeper guardian programs, you will need to engage in some create visualization. Make a list of 5 things that represent a force that evil doesn't have a chance against. It doesn't matter whether these things are really in your life or part of a fantasy. The great thing is, the attacker can't tell the difference in the astral. So your 5 scenes can be anything from a legion of Warrior Angels protecting you and destroying your attacker to the entire Star Trek Federation Fleet with weapons on kill. You work up these scenes and work on them every day. Literally take these powerful scenes and insert them into your brain by telling/programming your brain that should you be attacked, one or more of these guardian scenarios will activate and confront your attacker. Work on these scenes and programming so that you can go lucid in dreams and OBEs, and activate them should the need arise.

A psychic attacker expects to have an easy target, as they assault and attempt to dominate one person. A psychic attacker does not want to be caught or assaulted back. Such an astral attacker may try to psyche out their victim by making boastful claims that they can fight any guardian program, but the truth is they cannot. All they have left are their mind games, in which they hope you will believe their boasts and threats and come out of stealth mode. As long as you stay in touch with your guardian program, and don't fall for the ego-hype, your guardian program will grow stronger every day in every way.

Psychic attacks are very rare, as has been explained in my other post. Initiate my guardian technique to help yourself identify what's real and what's psychological. But there is a level of attack that goes well beyond a psychic attack, which attacks your astral space and peace of mind. This other attack is demonic and the goal is to separate your soul energy from the physical. My technique will help you to identify whether you are under demonic attack. Should that be the case, and it is very rare, then there are other steps you need to take for protection. However, demonic energy is also subject to what your mind is projecting. Demonic energy feeds off of fear, and other negative human deeds and emotions. But demonic energy may also feed off of energy that may be beyond your control ... like a haunted house or site. In this case, the place needs to be cleared of the energy in order to be rid of the demonic energy. So to get rid of demonic energy, you need to both program your astral guardians for defense, and clear the energy from the location.

You may need to call in a professional to clear the energy, but be wary of charlatans. Like any other service provided, you should review references and talk to other legitimate satisfied clients.

Some people already have astral guides and angels that they work with for protection, which is great. Most people will never encounter something negative in the astral, or psychic attacks. And most people are not psychics who have mis-identified the encounter. My advice is to always have these guardian programs in place, just in case. It's better to be prepared and never need it, then to need it and have no defense. My guardian programs are completely compatible with this and actually help to enhance your guide's ability to protect you. One should never go to sleep, astral travel, OBE, meditate, or RV without first activating a guardian protection program. This program is like the others, except it is in place to specifically create a safe astral space while you sleep or task. You can program those reverse mirrors in your mind (facing out and away from you in a circle, or use the original guardian program as described above.

I request that all Vortex Peace Prayer participants create and activate your own personal astral guardian programs. This will insure that any negatives, whether real or psychological, can't disturb your ability to participate in the mission. The Vortex Peace Prayer itself is already protected. Evil, whether human or not, cannot touch the Vortex Peace Prayer. Any attempt automatically tags them as an astral terrorist, and their fate is sealed.

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