In early June 2012 I wrote that I was dealing with a life or death family emergency. Zachariah, my beloved 16 year old cat son and companion, was that family emergency. Today, Saturday June 30, 2012 he died in my arms. He was in the best possible healing and care environment, where his death came in his own time after a valiant battle against an insidious illness.

We had a remarkable relationship, as so many people do with their animal companions. Zach the Cat, who I adopted from a cat rescue group when he was 6 weeks old - along with his late sister Kristabel who was born blind and who died 8 years ago - was half Siamese and half Himalayan and incredibly intelligent. He understood over 200 human words and gestures and I understood his many cat words and postures. Together we created a part cat part human language that allowed us to have actual brief conversations. But with his death this unique language has gone silent forever.

In 2011 I was seriously injured in a car crash and my car was totaled. I can honestly say that Zachariah is a big reason why I was able to carry on with my research - as well as posting information for you all despite debilitating injuries that kept me practically home bound for the 1st 4 months after the crash. One of the things he did was stretch out in front of my keyboard and monitor to receive some head and chin scritches. This scritching action acted as physical therapy for my damaged right hand. During this time I could only type with my left hand, and the cast on my right leg made it uncomfortable to sit at my desk for long periods of time. He got me to work thru the pain and be as productive as was possible.

I took this photo of Zachariah on June 19, 2012 as he sat between me and my computer monitor. As synchronicity would have it, I was able to snap a several photos just as my desk clock showed the 1111 time prompt. The 1111 Time Prompt is a synchronicity related to Time Shift activity.

In the future I'll have more to say about the life and death of Zachariah, his loving spirit and persona, and the remarkable contributions he made to my Time Shift research as well as my research into the ability of animals to communicate through telepathic imagery.

Thank you to everyone who read and responded to my tribute for Zachariah.  I know that many of you have suffered through the death of a beloved animal companion. This is why I knew that I could share my loss and pain and be understood.  I'm going thru stages, including second guessing every step I took in my effort to save his life.  I had saved his life in previous dire circumstances, over the years, but this time was different.  This time everything that I could do - which is considerable, and everything that the vets could do - which is considerable just wasn't enough.

Minutes before he died I told Zachariah that if he saw his sister Kristabel, who died 8 years ago, he should go with her.  Shortly afterward he took his last breath. I hope he went with Kristabel. This photo shows Kristabel and Zachariah at 2 1/2 months old when I first adopted them from a cat rescue outfit. Kristabel, who was blind, is at the top of the scratching post saying "I'm fearless and having fun". Zachariah is at the bottom saying "let's play".

Within the 24 hours after he died I heard his meow in various places around the house.  I have no other living cats. But I haven't seen him yet nor have I dreamed about him yet. I haven't been able to sleep much.  I find myself starting to look for him to ease my post death depression, only to abruptly remember that his death is the reason I feel so terrible.  Irony.  I also find myself passing the room where he ate and glancing down to see if he needs more food, or reaching out to pet him as I pass the place where he used sit high up on a favorite piece of furniture.  These are habits that will be hard to break.

On the day Zachariah died, which was Saturday, June 30, 2012, one second was officially added to the atomic clock. This was done to correct a time and space sync problem between the Earth and Sun.  The Sun erupted with multiple Earth directed solar flares including 2 M class flares. Solar winds also headed to Earth from multiple coronal holes. Earth's magnetic field experienced disturbances and auroras. Since this date the sun has erupted with 51 solar flares many of them M class and one nearly an X class.

Zachariah's sister Kristabel died on June 7, 2004.  Her death was a shock.  Over the years, since her death, there were times I thought that I saw and heard her.  Sometimes Zachariah and I would react to the same thing at the same time, whether it was a disembodied meow or the fleeting rush of something silver and grey out of the corner of my eye. The experiences were never scary, and Zachariah was never on edge about it.  In fact, there were times when it seemed that an invisible Kristabel was snuggled up next to Zachariah.  Shortly before Kristabel died I took Zachariah to visit her in the hospital.  I didn’t want him to think that his sister companion had vanished to nowhere.  Kristabel and Zachariah’s last time together was both loving and heart-wrenching, and I know I did the right thing for both of them. 

Shortly after Zachariah died, on June 30, 2012, I unexpectedly and amazingly got my answer to whether the ghost of Kristabel was still in my home.  I discovered, through irrefutable evidence, that not only was Kristabel a ghost cat in my home, Zachariah was now a ghost cat in my home too.  Go to my “Ghost Cat” page to find out more about the ghost cats in my home.


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