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In order to best understand and appreciate Kristabel and Zachariah’s ghost cat photos, it’s helpful to know something about who they were in life. This is because not only are the ghost cat photos amazing and profound, the ghost cat photos provide glimpses into the continued connection between Zachariah and Kristabel, between the cats and me, and the irrefutable proof that ghost animals can and do continue aspects of their physical life into the afterlife.

Because I discovered The Unified Field Theory Of Psi - which came about as an extension of my discoveries of The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing Time Lines - I intellectually understand the science of how Zachariah and Kristabel became ghost cats. The Unified Field Theory Of Psi explains the science behind everything paranormal and psychic, including the manifestation of ghosts. Yet, with all of my intellectual understanding of ghosts I’m still very emotionally and spiritually moved by the fact that Kristabel and Zachariah are still with me in ghost form.

Here is something else to consider. I am very upset about the collective veterinarian behavior that I encountered, which turned out to be a varying deadly combination of arrogance, fake caring, poor medical judgment, one-size-fits-all medical treatments, medical negligence, and greed masquerading as high end medical competence and care. My ghost cats are a reminder - a haunting reminder – that I must work to help shepherd in a new and better class of veterinarian, as well as more realistic laws that view animals and animal companions as more than just an object with few rights and little value. For those veterinarians whose unacceptable behavior caused harm to an animal – for them there must be a legal and spiritual reckoning. I am an animal rights advocate and always have been. I look forward to joining with other like-minded animal advocates to get the animal rights job done.  I am also the founder of “The Whale And Dolphin People Project”, and when I set my mind on a mission I see that mission through.

A Brief History Of Zachariah and Kristabel

On July 23, 1996 I adopted two kittens from a cat rescue faire.  It had been two years since I’d had any animal companions in my life. The brother and sister kittens were six weeks old. I named the boy Zachariah after the Angel Zachariah, and I named the girl Kristabel after the Fairy Queen Kristabel. The kittens were a mix breed from Siamese and Himalayan parents, with Zachariah having the look of a white and copper blush flame point and Kristabel having the look of a white and grey blush silver point.  Hours after I got the kittens home I discovered that Kristabel was blind. Yet she was adventurous and fearless, which I believe is why her condition went unnoticed in the first weeks of her life. At six weeks – in my care - she was the first kitten to climb to the top of the cat scratching pole, while Zachariah followed soon after. I made it a mission to raise Kristabel so that her “catness” and kitten needs weren’t stunted because she was blind.  I found cat toys that made an enticing sound that could be chased after by both kittens. This was an extra bonus for Zachariah because this type of play made it seem as if Kristabel was engaging him in kitten play, when in fact she couldn’t see him at all. With play interaction, which is a kitten’s learning time, kittens depend on sight more than any other sense.

I taught Kristabel how to navigate the house as a blind cat, as well as how to recognize when not to take dangerous steps that would cause her to fall through the slats in the staircase or off of table and chair surfaces. I spent the same amount of time with Zachariah.  Soon, Kristabel and Zachariah were running around the house together.  This was something the two of them worked out on their own. When Zachariah wanted to run, he would first touch his body to Kristabel’s body.  This was the cue for Kristabel to keep her face in Zachariah’s fur.  Then, as Zachariah ran she could run with him at whatever speeds he chose.  As long as she stayed in touch she could run with him without fear of crashing into a wall or furniture. As Kristabel grew she developed her hearing to act as sonar. She taught herself to swivel her ears for the best results.  Watching her navigate, and be all the cat that she could be, was amazing.

I also developed a special set of vocal commands for them, which were intended to assist Kristabel but which were also adopted by Zachariah. This language grew as the kittens grew, and over time I had a glossary of over two-hundred words, phrases, and vocalizations that they understood. As an example, one very important vocalization would stop Kristabel from moving into a dangerous situation that she couldn’t see.  When she heard me make that vocalization she would immediately freeze and wait for me to show her the safe way to navigate.

As a kitten, Zachariah had a slightly runny eye. I taught him how to do an extra cleaning on that eye with a few gentle swipes of his tongue dampened paw. Washing their faces this way is a natural function for cats. But washing their eyes this way isn’t something they normally do well. I took the natural face cleaning movement and extended it to his eye. After about a month I rarely had to clean his runny eye. Zachariah took care of the task himself every day.

Zachariah and Kristabel grew up to be very loving, very smart, and very large cats.  Their large sizes had nothing to do with being overweight because they weren’t. They were just big and tall cats, with Kristabel being slightly smaller than Zachariah. Over the years, I realized that both cats and I had a sort of image telepathy connection.  Without going into great detail at this time, both cats would respond to images, actions, and feelings that I formed in my brain that were messages intended for them. Suffice it to say I made some interesting discoveries about our relationship to animals and my relationship to them. Both Kristabel and Zachariah were pioneers in the field of animal-human communication.

Kristabel died June 7, 2004 at the age of eight. Zachariah died June 30, 2012 at the age of sixteen. Both of these deaths came too soon.  Shortly after Kristabel died, Zachariah began to adopt actions that were unique to her. As an example: Because she was blind, I taught Kristabel how to use the cat litter without sticking her hind end outside of the box and missing the cat litter. The key was to teach her how to enter the box and put her two front paws on the litter box edge while her hind feet had cat litter underneath them. This would insure that there were no accidents outside of the litter box.  After she used the litter box, she herself - without my teaching her - would meow and then bang the door near the litter box to let me know she was done. Zachariah had no need to learn how to use the litter box because he had full sight and always used the litter box without any accidents. He stood in the litter box with all four paws on the litter and got the job done. He never banged the door or meowed when he was finished. But shortly after Kristabel died, all on his own, Zachariah took up using the litter box exactly the way Kristabel had – front paws up on the litter box edge, back feet on the litter, and meowing and banging the door when he was done. I was absolutely astonished.  He did this behavior for the eight years that he lived after Kristabel’s death. He adopted other of her behaviors as well, even though his main personality remained Zachariah.

Days after Kristabel died, I saw and felt her on my bed and around the house. It’s not unusual to have a ghost appearance after a beloved animal companion has died. In some ways it helps the grieving process.  Over the years I believed that Kristabel’s spirit and ghost had remained with Zachariah and me. often both Zachariah and I would respond to the same fleeting image of Kristabel on the staircase or running across the living room. Because Zachariah and I responded the same way at the same time to the same unexpected ghost image, I knew that it wasn’t my imagination. And sometimes, just the way that Zachariah was curled up, grooming, or playing it seemed as if there was another cat with him. This became very apparent when Zachariah would focus on something I couldn’t see, and then follow the invisible ‘whatever’ with his head and eyes. A cat just simply would not do that if there was nothing there for the cat to see.  Zachariah never feared whatever he was seeing and interacting with, which I believed was Kristabel’s ghost.

Now that I have shared a brief background about Zachariah and Kristabel, and my relationship with them, you are better prepared to appreciate the Zachariah and Kristabel ghost photos presented here. There are two different ghost photos, both of which were taken only days after Zachariah’s death. One photo shows Kristabel manifesting as a ghost cat, and the other photo shows both Zachariah and Kristabel manifesting as ghost cats only feet apart from each other. Captions accompany these photos. Nothing has been done to alter or enhance either original ghost photo. I also made duplicates of the original photos and broke them down into labeled and then cropped photos for visual clarity. Other than this the duplicates have not been altered or enhanced. For further clarity and visual comparison, I’ve also included photos of Zachariah and Kristabel when they were alive.

PIX/Kristabel1.jpg     PIX/ZACHARIAHwatchingthinking.jpg


Kristabel and Zachariah at 3 years old:  Kristabel is in the upper left photo sitting on top of my bureau, and in the lower center photo playing with a favorite toy on my bed.  The prismatic halo in the top left photo is a lens effect created when the flash on my camera reflected back from the mirror behind Kristabel.  Zachariah is in the upper right photo, sitting on the floor while waiting to be fed.  Although they are brother and sister, it’s quite clear that Kristabel’s “silver tip” coloring and Zachariah’s “flame tip” coloring is completely different from each other.  Kristabel has long silver, grey, and white colored fur while Zachariah has long white, peach, and copper colored fur. 

PIX/KristabelZachariah1.jpg     PIX/ZACHARIAH1a.jpg


Kristabel and Zachariah at 2½ months old:  In the upper left photo Kristabel sits
confidently on top of their cat scratching post while Zachariah sits playfully at the bottom of their cat scratching post.  At the time we were living in a rental home while my own home was being renovated due to damage from Northridge earthquake. 

Zachariah at 8 years old:  In the upper right photo Zachariah sits on the floor in my living room with both white front legs and paws visible. The photo was taken months after Kristabel had died. 

Zachariah at 16 years old:  In the lower center photo, Zachariah sits in his special place in front of my computer keyboard and monitor. The clock reads 11:11.  Zachariah died 11 days after this photo was taken. 


I took this ghost cat photo on July 3, 2012, only days after Zachariah died on June 30, 2012.  Kristabel died on June 7, 2004.  I have done nothing to change or enhance the photo in any way. 

Coming from the room in which Zachariah ate and drank, shortly after he died, I
would hear what sounded like a cat lapping up water from the cat water bowl as well as a cat eating food from the cat food bowl. Even though the water and food bowls were no longer on the floor in that room, the sound of a cat eating and drinking was unmistakable.  The first few times it happened I froze in place, not wanting to disturb whatever was going on. Then I decided to keep the camera close, and when I heard the water bowl lapping sounds again I quickly took a photo in the direction of what I thought sounded like a meow just outside of the room.  Although I didn’t see anything unusual with my own eyes, the camera picked up the unmistakable image of a cat sitting exactly where I had heard the meow. 

The image of a partially formed, but very solid looking ghost cat can clearly be seen in the photo. Zachariah was the last of my living companion animals, so the cat in the photo could not be of a living animal.  At first look I thought the ghost cat was Zachariah.  But to my great surprise it wasn’t Zachariah at all. The ghost cat was Kristabel, distinguishable by her mainly grey and silver coloring.  Zachariah had mainly white coloring with peach and copper accents on his tail and ears, with a slight almost imperceptible blush of peach through parts of his white fur.  The ghost cat in this photo has unmistakable grey and silver markings on the front legs and paws, the bushy tail, and parts of the face.  It’s Kristabel. There’s no doubt. She had stayed with me for the 8 years since her death, and was still here even after Zachariah’s death. Now I knew that over the years I had caught glimpses of her in the house. So had Zachariah.  I now had the evidence. 

Ghost Kristabel’s left front leg and paw are unformed.  Where the left front leg and paw should be there is a black shadow. There is a small black shadow under the fully formed right front leg and paw. Black shadows, in various forms, have been reported and documented by a number of paranormal researchers including myself. Black shadows are rarely reported or documented transforming into a recognizable person, animal, being, or creature. Besides the fact that it is such an obvious ghost photo of Kristabel, and that such solid and authentic ghost photos are very rare, the unformed black shadow part of the ghost cat is what makes this cat ghost photo even more important and rare. 

Ghost Kristabel’s face is only partially formed, although recognizable as being her head and face and ears. This is not a case of motion blur.  Her face, jaw line, and ears are perfectly framed as if they had been outlined by a charcoal pencil. The framing is not blurred. The interior features of Kristabel’s beautiful face are what is missing.  It appears to be a feature of the way Kristabel manifests, as evidenced by the 2nd ghost photo of her taken hours later in a different part of the house.  Following this photo is that 2nd ghost photo of Kristabel, in which the ghost of Zachariah also manifests.  In the 2nd photo Kristabel’s facial features are also somewhat under-formed.  I wondered if this has anything to do with the fact that in life Kristabel was blind. It’s an intriguing thought, but I don’t have the answer at this time.  It may be that this was the best manifesting that she could muster at the time.  Because manifesting into a solid form takes energy, many ghosts have a problem with being able to fully manifest. This is why a ghost can appear as transparent instead of solid, or even as solid but missing parts of its body. 

There are 2 light sources in this photo. The first light is a narrow, small, and downturned 60 watt spot light beam a couple of feet behind me to the left and 7 feet high on the wall.  This light creates the visible straight down and back shadow created by the emergency plug in light and wall socket, as well as the almost unseen nearly straight back long shadow created by the air filter tower.  The second light comes from a 60 watt sconce on the wall in the room to the left, which is where the food and water bowls used to be. The covered sconce is 6 feet in from the door, around a corner, 7 feet high, and casts no shadow into the living room where the ghost cat has manifested. There is no interplay between the ghost cat and the shadows created by the room’s spot light.  In fact, the ghost cat appears to be sitting on top of the air filter tower’s shadow, and yet that shadow does not fall upon the ghost cat. If this was a living cat, the long and wide shadow from the air filter tower would have been seen on the cat.  But it’s not. 

The manifestation of Kristabel the ghost cat has altered the science of light and shadow acting upon a solid object. While this appears to bend the rules of physics, it does in fact reveal the existence of a different physics in play.  Revealed are the rules of the hidden physics that I discovered and which I call “The Unified Field Theory Of Psi”, and which explain the science behind everything paranormal and psi including hauntings, ghosts, psychic experiences, precognition, and related enigmas. The key to this discovery was my related discovery of The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and co-existing time lines. 


This is the exact same photo as the Kristabel cat ghost photo above, except that I have encircled and/or labeled the main features in the Kristabel ghost cat photo. 


This is a cropped blow up of the Kristabel ghost cat manifestation.  It shows a more detailed look at the ghost cat.  You can also clearly see that the ghost cat has manifested on top of the air filter tower’s long shadow, obscuring the shadow while staying untouched by the shadow.  The fully formed right front leg and paw have a small amount of ghost shadow formation underneath it.  This is a ghost manifestation physics that I discovered and call “The Unified Field Theory Of Psi”. 


I took this ghost cat photo on July 3, 2012, only days after Zachariah died on June 30, 2012. Kristabel died on June 7, 2004.  It was taken hours after the first ghost cat photo above.  I have done nothing to change or enhance the photo in any way.

I was sitting at my desk working when to the right of me, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Zachariah walk by from right to left.  Directly to my right was a closed door, and next to that a solid wall creating a narrow space to move around.  Because I had been having similar visual experiences I kept my camera close. The moment I saw what looked like white fur with a bushy peach tail walk by I quietly grabbed the camera.  I stayed seated, leaned far to my right with the camera in my right hand and pointed the camera where I believed the ghost cat had stopped.  I was sure I could see Zachariah’s face and I didn’t want to move further lest I startle the ghost cat into dematerializing.  I softly called his name, held the camera steady and clicked the photo.  Because I had extended my arm I could not frame the photo through the viewfinder. The above photo is what I captured.  Not only did the photo capture the ghost of Zachariah, but for the second time I had captured the image of Kristabel the ghost cat.  They were together about 4 feet apart.  I was so focused on Zachariah’s ghost that I never even saw Kristabel’s ghost until I uploaded the photo and reviewed it on my monitor.  I wasn’t just amazed.  I was overjoyed that Zachariah and Kristabel were together.  It energized my soul to know that their love for each other, and their love for me, was still alive.  While this cannot replace losing them to death, it is a wonder non-the-less.

The odd tilted angle of the photo was caused by the way I held the camera, which obviously put the lens at an angle.  My hand was as still as possible and neither my handling of the camera, nor the shutter speed, was the cause of the many streaks of light seen in the photo. There was no visible light source, either direct or reflected, that could account for the many light streaks as there would have to be if the phenomena was caused by a slow shutter speed or shaky camera. The only light source for this shot was the 60 watt small shaded lamp light to the upper left of my desk.  Many items stood between this lamp and where the streaks of light formed.  All doors and windows were closed, as were all blinds.  Although the photo was taken during the daytime, which created a soft indirect light in the room, no direct daylight entered the room. Sunlight was not the source of the streaks.

Both of the ghosts of Zachariah and Kristabel, the brother and sister cats, can be seen in this photo.  Zachariah is to the left, Kristabel is to the right. They appear to be about 4 feet apart.  The most distinct manifested feature of Zachariah’s is his face in a straight on shot.  His beautiful white face can be seen where I saw it with my own eyes, which was next to the end of my desk.  The majority of his body either hasn’t materialized, or it had but was in the process of dematerializing when I took the photo. To the right of Zachariah, about 4 feet away, is the unmistakable manifestation of Kristabel’s ghost.  Her body and tail is facing left, and her triangular silver and grey face is looking over her right shoulder directly at Zachariah.  Like the first ghost cat photo above, the detailed features of Kristabel’s face are not fully formed.  Could this have anything to do with the fact that she was blind when alive, or just something having to do with a shortage of energy needed to fully materialize?   I don’t have an answer to this ghost face mystery.

Paranormal researchers often come across potential paranormal evidence in the form of photographs that contain images reflected in mirrors, seen in windows, or embedded in other objects and images.  Sometimes the ghostly images can be verified as authentic.  But other times it turns out that the ghostly images are not authentic, but instead were formed by something called “matrixing” which is the brain's attempt to create recognizable shapes where none exists.  The ghost images of Zachariah and Kristabel are not caused by matrixing,

Even though the angle of the camera lens caused the end of my wood desk to take on a tilted appearance, the lines of my desk are clean and straight.  The light streaks traveling between Zachariah and Kristabel, as I explained above, were not caused by a shaky camera or slow shutter effect.  The color of the rug should be a deep vibrant rust color, as seen in the first ghost cat photo above, but in this photo is many shades lighter than it should be.  This lighter rug color appears to be due to the cloud like mist associated with the ghost cat manifestation phenomena.

Ghost cat Kristabel has manifested in what looks like a part of the room that has space.  However, where Kristabel has manifested is actually filled with cardboard boxes stacked above and beside each other.  There is no empty space there, and yet in the photo there is a space where Kristabel is sitting and watching.  Kristabel appears to be sitting in a large low sided tan box with thick straight white edging.  There is no such object in my home, nor have I ever seen that object anywhere.  Neither was Zachariah and Kristabel’s litter box was that color or design.  This Ghost cat manifestation appears to come with a whole other world.

The white and colored streaks of light, seen above and beside the ghost cats, do not come from anything that exists in my home.  What should have been in the picture is a large tall wooden cabinet that is only feet behind where the ghost cats have manifested.

Instead of the cabinet, and the wall it is part of, there is a burst of energized color that only the camera caught.  I never saw any of the streaks or colors with my own eyes. 


This is the exact same photo as the Zachariah and Kristabel cat ghost photo above, except that I have encircled and/or labeled the main features in the Zachariah and Kristabel ghost cat photo. 

PIX/GHOSTZACHARIAHKristabelJuly2012crop-Zface.jpg               GHOSTZachariahKRISTABELJuly2012crop-K

GHOSTZachariahJuly2012redcrop2       GHOSTZACHARIAHKristabelJuly2012crop2
The upper left photo and the 2 lower photos are a crop of Zachariah the ghost cat from the above photo.  The upper right photo is a crop of Kristabel the cat from the above photo.  The cropped images have been slightly enlarged for purposes of visual enhancement.  Other than the cropped and enlargements the images, the above photos have not been altered. 

GHOSTZachariahJuly2012EnergyTendrils1     GHOSTZachariahJuly2012EnergyTendrils2

GHOSTZachariahJuly2012EnergyTendrils3   GHOSTZachariahJuly2012EnergyTendrils4

These cropped images are from the 4 main areas of light streaks, as seen in the photo, and as reported and analyzed above.  The cropped images have been slightly enlarged for purposes of visual enhancement.  Other than the cropped enlargement, the cropped images have not been altered. 



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