On December 24, 2019 – directly after the “The Amazon Rainforest Mission” ended it’s successful psi work – Starfire Tor began to use her Reality Shift Manifestation weather modification psi skills and protocols on the deadly fires in Australia. With the new “Australia Rain Mission” group formed, by Starfire Tor and Karen Ellington, Starfire Tor helped guide hundreds of people in bringing rain to Australia and its many fires and drought plagued land. From the start, the mission group was able to manifest rain in Australia where no rain had been since the fires began. Within a week, more rain had begun to fall. Within two weeks, and now into 2020, even more rain was falling on the fires and the parched land. It was having an impact on the hot dry Australia weather, as well as the fires. By March 2020, having manifested ‘miracle rain’ all over Australia, all of the deadly fires in Australia were out. Nearly all water basins, damns, ponds, and rivers were once again filled to compacity. The remaining lesser number were filled to near capacity. The long hard drought was on the way to being over, and Australia is on the road to a true recovery. That was the mission plan. 

While still manifesting the last phase of rain solutions in Australia, Starfire Tor turned her attention to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Having achieved its mission goals, “The Australia Rain Mission” group is now closed to new members.



“The Amazon Rainforest Mission” was created by Starfire Tor and Karen Ellington in late August 2019. Using her Reality Shift Manifestation weather modification psi skills and protocols, Starfire Tor helped guide hundreds of people to immediately begin bringing rain to the Amazon Rainforest and its many fires. The mission lasted for four months, during which time rain continued to fall almost daily in the Amazon Rainforest and environs. These four months of rain, was manifested, during the Amazon Rainforest’s dry season and deadly widespread man-made fires. This mission manifested rain was able to reduce the number of fires by 35% - 55% within less than a month. More fire reduction was achieved, as the months progressed, and the ‘unexpected miracle rain’ continued to fall – despite more fires being started by humans. This manifested rain was completely unexpected by weather experts, who had forecast the dry weather to continue and the fires to get worse. “The Amazon Rainforest Mission” formally closed on December 24, 2019, when it was determined that the Amazon Rainforest had taken over the mission, and the Amazon Rainforest’s usual wet season had begun. That was the mission plan. Starfire Tor, then turned her attention, to the deadly fires in Australia. The “Amazon Rainforest Mission” group is now closed to new members.


Starfire Tor, brought attention to the deadly fires in the Amazon - as well as the work she was doing with the Amazon Rainforest mission group, in an interview with Whitley Strieber on his Dreamland show.



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