The Unethical Hijacking of Starfire Tor’s
Unique Discovery and Research
The Time Shift Effect and
The Time Shift Living Dead

Reported By Starfire Tor

Setting The Record Straight

I am a scientist, time anomaly expert, psi and enigma researcher, experiencer, visionary, scholar, and futurist. I discovered The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Co-Existing Time Lines, Time Line Edits, The Unified Field Theory of Psi, and a list of unique inter-related subject matter. In the course, of finding the best way to share my discoveries with the world, I created a new user friendly language. Besides giving names to my main discoveries, I have coined other essential phrases such as The Time Shift Effect, Time Shift Marker, The Time Shift Living Dead, Dual Co-Existing Time Line Memory Conflict aka Dual Time Line Memory Conflict, Reality Shift Manifestation, Reality Shift Healing, Psience, and so many more. My new language helps to make my work more understandable and accessible to the public. Along the way, my discoveries have been instrumental in solving many previously unsolved enigmas. Some of these enigmas include earth mysteries, paranormal events, ghosts, hauntings, psychic phenomena, time slips, alternate realities, reality shifts, spiritual experiences, otherworldly encounters, the dreaming brain, precognition, astral travel, OBE, NDE, reincarnation, and more.

Because of my unique Time Shift discoveries, and my ability to understand and apply this ground-breaking knowledge, I was able to establish the true science behind many mind boggling experiences and events. This is my life’s work. In fact, my discoveries and research are more than just my intellectual property and lifelong achievements. My discoveries and research are my personal legacy.

This important report, addresses the many questions and comments that I have received, concerning an undertaking called The Mandela Effect. The self promoting designer, of this meme and scheme, is a woman named Fiona Broome. According to Broome, she began her Mandela Effect website in 2010  Upon a review of this website’s content, a review of other essentially related information, a review of her stated claims and goals, and a review of a public exercise that tested her honesty and true intent, the comprehensive investigation has yielded conclusive results. The Mandela Effect meme and website was created for one main purpose: to promote and position Fiona Broome, so that she could advance her business profile, and in doing so could obtain a book and other business deals. Fiona Broome wrote: “So, I researched the concept and — with my publisher’s support — started this website for additional research. I thought it was an interesting fringe topic (and potential book topic) for my spare time.”

In order for Broome, to accomplish her personal business agenda, she needed to position herself as the primary persona behind a fascinating and globally buzz worthy paranormal themed topic. This plan, if it were accomplished honestly and well, would be a good one. But there was a hitch. Fiona Broome had no fascinating and globally buzz worthy paranormal themed topic of her own. In order for her plan to be realized, she would have to find the key elements outside of her own achievements.

Fiona Broome solved her product-less problem, by dishonest means, which entailed acquiring and promoting someone else’s fascinating and globally buzz worthy paranormal themed topic. Unfortunately, she set her sights on my Time Shift research. In particular, she latched onto and hijacked my Nelson Mandela Time Shift Living Dead enigma research, which I have been promoting for years. Not only did Fiona Broome hijack my intellectual property, and exploit it for her own personal gain, she corrupted it – and deceived the public - by editing me out of my own Nelson Mandela enigma discovery. Once she did this, she was free to edit herself in as the person at the center of investigating the Mandela alternate reality memory enigma. In Broome’s version of things, which bares no relationship to the truth, the Mandela enigma is an unsolved mystery. In truth, I solved the mystery many years ago, and have been teaching this new science to the public for years. But this very inconvenient truth wasn’t one that Fiona Broome could promote. After all, there is nothing for her to investigate if the enigma is already solved. And most certainly, her scheme is about creating a false importance for herself. She could never do that, with my discoveries and research, if the public knew the truth.

Fiona Broome’s behavior is ethically unacceptable, to say the least.

There are some very important pieces of information, about my Nelson Mandela alternate time line memory research, that I need to make absolutely clear. This includes secret information, which I have never released to the public unto now. I am revealing this secret, because the reveal shows that the Mandela Effect meme and scheme was based on false information. I created and inserted, the false information, to protect the integrity of my research. While the false information, does not alter the authenticity of the Mandela alternate reality event itself, it was in place to prevent false memory reports - or intentionally dishonest reports - from corrupting my research. Based on what Fiona Broome has done, and the deception that she has engaged in, this secret reveal – along with everything else that I have revealed – should do a great service to those seeking real information about authentic alternate reality events and authentic alternate reality memories. The Mandela Effect was created to dupe the public. In doing so, the scam was harming actual research into the alternate reality topic that caused a public interest in The Mandela Effect. It’s time that the public started using the original correct phrase, which is tied into the real science that explains how alternate time line memories and experiences work: “THE TIME SHIFT EFFECT”.

The following five areas, of information, will help the public understand more about the authentic Nelson Mandela alternate reality memory enigma, how and why it actually works, my connection to the information, and the fake information that I inserted in order to protect the integrity of the research.

1. Alternate realities, in the form of Time Shift triggered time line edits and co-existing time lines, are real and can produce countless numbers of dual time line memory conflicts. Dual time line memory conflicts include more, than just memories of the same person being alive and dead at the same time. The enigma includes geophysical changes, geological changes, infrastructure changes, the appearance and disappearance of buildings and other objects, personal changes, world historical changes, and so forth. The Nelson Mandela, dual time line memory conflict enigma, is a Time Shift Effect known as a Time Shift Living Dead event. A Time Shift Living Dead event refers to any person, animal, or living creature whose life and death status changes from one edited co-existing time line to another edited co-existing time line. The Nelson Mandela enigma is just one type of dual time line memory conflict. However, all dual time line memory conflicts can be explained with the same science – a science which I discovered.

Here is more information about The Time Shift Living Dead.

2. I was the person, who introduced the Nelson Mandela dual time line memory conflict enigma to the public. At the same time, I explained the cause and science behind the alternate time line memory conflict. The pioneering information is part of my unique Time Shift discoveries and research. An authentic alternate time line memory conflict happens, when the brain retains a memory of two different versions of the same time line. The cause, of the dual time line memory conflict, is a glitch in The Core Matrix program that dictates how our conscious brain handles and remembers the many co-existing time lines that we exist in and have knowledge of. The brain acts as an interface to The Core Matrix, which is the hard drive like system that stores and streams and edits all co-existing time lines and time line elements. Because of this brain/Core Matrix interface, which causes the brain to manage a cosmic sized mega burden of downloaded data, The Core Matrix has an assimilation program that causes the brain to maintain a conscious awareness of only one time line at a time. While the assimilation program keeps people sane, it also keeps them from realizing that our existence is made up of more than one time line. But now and then, there is a glitch in The Core Matrix assimilation program, and people remember different versions of the same time line. Sometimes, like with the Nelson Mandela enigma, a group of unrelated people can remember the same dual time line memories. At other times, the alternate memory experience is personal and unshared with others.

FYI:  We are all wired into The Core Matrix and its Time Shift programs. We are all on this journey together. People cannot jump into the time line of their own choosing, they cannot trigger Time Shifts, they cannot control Time Shifts, nor can they create new co-existing time lines. However, people can create personalized Reality Shifts, which can create alterations in the fabric of the dominant co-existing time line. The manifested alterations are time line localized, there are rules that govern these manifestations, and no Reality Shift can trigger the aforementioned Time Shift activity

FYI: We are not holograms, co-existing time lines are not holograms - nor are they parallel time lines. There are no parallel time lines or parallel worlds. I call these many edited times line, co-existing time lines, because every single one of them exists in the same space that is separated only by their individual frequencies.

3. I’ve been holding onto a secret, concerning the Nelson Mandela Time Shift Living Dead enigma, and I have been for a very long time. The only reason, that I am revealing this secret now, is because the reveal has the ability to expose and stop the Mandela Effect scam, and hopefully mitigate the damage that the scam has done.

When I introduced, my Nelson Mandela enigma information, I did more than just introduce an amazing dual time line memory conflict to the world. In doing so, I intentionally altered a detail, involving the Mandela dual time line memory itself. I had a good reason for doing so. While I wanted to share aspects of my research, with the public, I also needed to protect the integrity of my research. This meant, that I had to withhold the key information privately reported to me by alternate memory experiencers. Revealing the details, of those private reports, would make any future Mandela reports scientifically worthless. My Time Shift Living Dead research goes back decades.

What I did, was make up fake information about how Mandela died in a co-existing time. The fake information, that I used, was never contained, in any of the thousands of Mandela reports that I had previously received. I falsely said that Nelson Mandela had died in prison, in a co-existing time line, and that this was the alternate memory that people were reporting. This way, if anyone reported this fake information back to me – or generally in public - I would know that the report was not authentic. While the Nelson Mandela Time Shift Living Dead event, is an authentic dual time line memory conflict event, the dying in prison death detail that I gave is not true.

Therefore, anyone claiming to have an alternate memory of Mandela dying in prison, is either reporting an honestly believed false memory, or is purposely lying about having the memory. Fiona Broome is included, in the false memory/fake information scenario, because she claims to have a memory of Mandela dying in prison. The entire foundational concept, of The Mandela Effect, is based on a false memory that came from fake information that I introduced into the world. To that evidence, Fiona Broome wrote: “…like me - other people remembered Nelson Mandela’s tragic death in a South African prison prior to 2010 … before his loss on December 5th, 2013. That’s where the title of this website, The Mandela Effect, came from.”

BTW, a false memory does not mean that someone is intentionally lying about a memory. It just means that the memory is not an actual memory, no matter how real it seems to that person. In my upcoming book, I will explain more about the authentic Nelson Mandela Time Shift Living Dead enigma. This will include revealing the actual details of his alternate time line death.

4. I did not coin the term ‘The Mandela Effect’. Fiona Broome claims that either she, or possibly two other people, first came up with the term. Her connection, to that term, appeared in 2010 when she created and promoted the Mandela Effect website. But based on the way, that she hijacked my unique research for her own benefit, it appears that The Mandela Effect term is a riff on my term ‘The Time Shift Effect’.

5. There is nothing wrong with someone sharing information about my pioneering discoveries and research, as long as I am given proper credit, and that my intellectual property is accurately represented. Many people have shared my material the right way, including the showcasing of my work in books, magazines, news articles, documentaries, on TV, on social media, and on podcasts and broadcast radio. For decades, I have publically shared my discoveries and research so that I can teach what I know, continue with my investigations, and have a direct dialogue with the public.
However, this does not give any person or group the right to hijack and use my discoveries and research for their own personal benefit.

The investigation proved, that Fiona Broome knows exactly who I am. She knows about my unique Time Shift discoveries and research, particularly as it concerns the Nelson Mandela dual time line memory conflict enigma. She follows my research. She knows that I am a leading authority on alternate realities, and she knows that I solved the mystery of how and why people experience authentic alternate reality memories and incidents. She knows, that I introduced the Nelson Mandela dual time line memory conflict enigma to the world as part of my Time Shift research - but she does not know, at least prior to my revealing this, that I fabricated the details of the alternate time line memory. She knows that I call the phenomenon The Time Shift Living Dead, and that The Time Shift Living Dead is a Time Shift Effect. She knows that a Time Shift Living Dead event is a Time Shift marker. She knows, that when I introduced the Nelson Mandela Time Shift Living Dead phenomenon to the world, that I also revealed the science behind the phenomena. Fiona Broome knows all of this, because she was directly and publicly informed.

When I first heard about The Mandela Effect, and realized that it was based on the fake alternate Mandela memories that I had floated – in order to protect the integrity of my research, I was both dismayed and fascinated. I was dismayed, because the person behind The Mandela Effect had hijacked my research, and at the same time was mangling the subject matter. I was fascinated, because the ill conceived Mandela Effect meme and scheme, presented an opportunity to engage in an unplanned study in how false dual time line memories can be unintentionally seeded. The study helped me to tighten, my already strict false memory report filters. But mostly, what Fiona Broom was doing sent up red flag warnings. It didn’t help her case, that her Mandela Effect meme and scheme went up in 2010 - only months after my 2009 appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, where I talked about my Nelson Mandela enigma discovery. That show was so popular that it trended. The Coast 2 Coast AM website still has my 2009 appearance listed, with a reference to my Nelson Mandela research. This wasn’t my only Coast 2 Coast AM appearance. I’ve also talked about this on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland shows.

While there was no doubt, that Fiona Broome launched her Mandela Effect project based on my research – which included traceable fake details, I still wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt about her intent and integrity. With the help of friends, I devised a simple and fool proof test. One by one, over a period of time, my friends posted to her ‘Mandela Effect’ web. These posts were very friendly, as they informed Broome about me, my research, and my connection to the Nelson Mandela ‘Time Shift Living Dead’ information. I had other friends write posts to the same site, but neither I nor my research was mentioned in them. Every single post, which contained information about me or my work, was deleted shortly after they posted. Yet, all of the posts, in which there was no mention of me or my work, were allowed to remain on site for the public to read.

The outcome of this test is very clear, and cannot be denied. Fiona Broome had intentionally removed, any mention of my name or my research, from her ‘Mandela Effect’ site. She did not want the public to know the truth. Regardless of what she did or didn’t know about me, before these informative comments were posted to her site, because of them she now knew about me and my research. And yet, she never contacted me about my Nelson Mandela enigma discovery and research. An honest researcher, who was newly informed about me and my work, would have contacted me. A short while later, Broome stated that she closed her comments section because of “posts she didn't like and couldn't share”. No doubt. Not only does Broome, not want the public to know the truth about me and my research, it would seem that she wouldn’t want any possible publisher to know either. After all, her scheme is really about using my research to get herself a financial deal. That’s just not right, and is something that any publisher or producer should be alerted to.

The evidence, that she is aware of my Time Shift and Nelson Mandela enigma research, is abundant. Her attempts to alter, and then use some of my unique work - including my “Time Shift Effect” phrase - is evident. Another example concerns a well known phrase that I coined, and use regularly in my Time Shift reports. The phrase is “Time Shift markers”. A Time Shift marker is any Time Shift Effect, of which I provide a list in my reports, that when present acts as an alert that Time Shift activity is in progress. With Time Shifts come time line edits, and with time line edits comes the creation of co-existing time lines. With the creation, of co-existing time lines, comes the opportunity to experience dual time line memory conflicts.

Here is what Fiona Broome wrote on her Mandela Effect website: “What are “markers”? Short answer: At the moment, we’re using the term broadly. Markers seem to be indications of a reality shift. Other than that, we’re not sure. They could be deliberate signs (sometimes, literally) that indicate access points or portals to other realities. They could be coded messages.”

The rest of The Mandela Effect website, which claims to explore experiences with alternate realities, is a mix of disinformation and other people's posts, experiences, unconfirmed information - and some of my own Time Shift Living Dead list. Fiona Broome’s shoddy and clueless presentation, of the alternate reality topic, has opened up the genre to unnecessary ridicule and skepticism. In attracting and then duping the interested public, which includes denying them access to real information about alternate reality science and research, Fiona Broome is sending Mandela Effect enthusiasts down a dark rabbit hole to nowhere. Because Fiona Broome’s Mandela Effect campaign, was designed to deceive the public, it will always be a dysfunctional and corrupt venture that deals in false and deceitful information – with just a snippet of poorly reported truth thrown in. The Mandela Effect meme and scheme can never realistically enlighten a genuine seeker of truth. The real facts, about alternate reality memories and events, do exist – just not with Fiona Broome or her Mandela Effect meme and scheme. 

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