The Unethical Hijacking of Starfire Tor’s
Unique Discovery and Research
The Time Shift Effect and
The Time Shift Living Dead

Reported By Starfire Tor

I hope that many of you had the chance to listen to my 2 hour interview with Jay Pee yesterday. I did it during unusual weather conditions - it was hailing and thundering and lightning! The power went off, and this left me doing most of the interview without being able to see my notes. So, what you hear me say is right off the top of my head. Jay and I went through a lot of topics. In one I shared some of how I discovered Time Shifts. I thought you all might like to know that story. In another, I told the secret I promised I would reveal. Here is the interview's link on youtube. Along with the interview I provided Jay Pee with lots of photos, which he was clever enough to insert into the interview as we went along. 

THE BIG SECRET REVEALED: The Hidden Lie That Created The Mandela Effect Scam
Please share this information throughout your social media world. Doing so will help to mitigate the damage, done to so many well meaning people, by The Mandela Effect Scam.

I promised, that during my Sunday interview with Jay pee, i would be revealing a big secret that I have carried for years. I kept my promise. Even though I covered some of this secret, in the interview, there is much more to it than I had time to share. No worries. I wrote a very important detailed report, in which I reveal this secret. It involves The Mandela Effect Scam, which is something that I wrote about in January 2017. That report disclosed that The Mandela Effect had hijacked my Nelson Mandela Time Shift Living Dead discovery and research.

However, after much soul searching, I decided to revise that earlier report to include the revealing of the secret. This secret adds to the reason why and how The Mandela Effect is a scam, why and how that scam does a terrible disservice to Mandela Effect enthusiasts, why and how that scam harms the authentic topic of alternate realities, and why and how something that I said about Nelson Mandela's Time Shift Living Dead [TSLD] death became an unintentional false memory. It is that false memory - coupled with my hijacked Mandela TSLD discovery, upon which, The Nelson Mandela Effect meme and scheme was born. Not only did Fiona Broome, the person behind The Mandela Effect meme and scheme, hijack my TSLD work - she incorporated a 'lie detector' falsehood that I had implanted within the authentic Mandela TSLD information. I did it to protect the integrity of my research. While my intent was not to create a false memory, of an authentic TSLD event, that is exactly what happened when Fiona Broome fell into the trap and spread the false memory information through The Mandela Effect.

Read my revised "The Mandela Effect Scam" report to learn more about this secret. My report includes exactly what false information I introduced to the world, when I first introduced my unique Mandela TSLD research to the world. I also included information, about authentic alternate reality memories and events, as well as the science/psience behind The Time Shift Living Dead enigma. Once you understand the importance of the secret that I've revealed, as well as the evidence that points to my material being hijacked and used for someone else's gain, I can only hope that this will finally do something about mitigating the damage that the corrupting Mandela Effect meme and scheme has done to so many. 

The Mandela Effect Scam
Starfire Tor

2017-05-07 - Ever Beyond - Starfire Tor
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