The Vortex Rescue Party Photo Gallery

© Researched and Written By Starfire Tor

On May 28, 1999 volunteer members of the Inter Dimension List at Spirit Web undertook a mission to rescue a women who had vanished into a vortex in 1899. Fueled by an initial investigation conducted by Starfire Tor for The Earthlights Foundation, this determined group combined their skills and resources and devised a way to rescue 'The Lady In Green'.

The Rescue Party was a success.
On June 19, 1999 volunteer members from the same Inter Dimension List journeyed to the Sphinx in Egypt as a continuation of the Rescue Party. The mission was to discover what had become of Henrietta, uncover the identity of the Crone, and explore the mysterious origins of the Sphinx.
We did ~ utilizing focused energy, out-of-body travel, astral travel, remote viewing, psychic dreaming, meditation, and a group will to do good.

This 1899 photo is a view of the Boston street where Henrietta, 'The Lady In Green', lived and vanished into the vortex.

This amethyst crystal sphere was carried by Starfire to the Boston vortex. Henrietta, 'The Lady In Green', was transported from the vortex to the Sphinx inside the crystal. This is the actual size of the sphere.

This statue is a representation of the Egyptian god Anubis. Many members of the Sphinx Party encountered this image between the paws of the Sphinx. The statue was completely golden, had a wolf's head, a man's body, but was not clothed in the Egyptian style.

A modern day aerial view of Boston's Back Bay, the area where the vortex was encountered. The view looks east with the Charles River on the left.

This canopic jar, with a cat-shaped lid, is similar to a canopic jar that Henrietta's family brought back from a trip to Egypt. Other Egyptian artifacts were brought back as well and resided in their home. Shortly after the trip, Henrietta dispappeared into the vortex.

The Sphinx, in Egypt, is where the Crone (Hecuba) took Henrietta and the amethyst sphere after the rescue from the vortex.

The Sphinx Party focused on meeting between the paws of the Sphinx. Between the Sphinx's paws and against its chest is a carved stone tabletcalled 'The Dream Stella'. Many experiencers saw a golden statue of a wolf-headed person there instead of the stella.

When Starfire astraled back in time to the Sphinx, she saw that it originally had the head of a lion. Another member, Quint, remembered being told about a race of people called Paschcats and their relationship to cats. An investigation revealed that the original name of the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast was Pasch.

This 1899 photo is another view of the Boston street where Henrietta, 'The Lady In Green', lived and then vansished into the vortex.

Many experienced an intense light show coming from the vortex, which then moved into the amethyst crystal sphere. This Telsa orb provides a re-enactment of the electrical-type energy seen in the crystal sphere. It is believed that this light show was Henrietta escaping from her 100 year old vortex prison.

Cats were a continuing theme with both the Boston Rescue Party and the Sphinx trip. They were seen guarding the vortex and at the Sphinx.

Bast, the Egyptian Goddess of cats. Cats were a continuing theme in both the Boston vortex and Sphinx adventures. And like 'The Lady In Green', Bast wears clothing of green.

These events continue to be investigated. Participant's experiences are being cross-matched and researched for validation and illumination. To find out more about these extraordinary events including all of the background research, mission preparation, and individual participant's experiences, go to the links given below.


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